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Satellite Channels; Watching Satellite Channels; Satellite Channel List; Favourite Satellite Channels - Philips 42PFL6008 User Manual

6000 series smart led tv.
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Satellite channels


Watching satellite channels

To watch satellite channels, press h, select Satellite and
press OK. The TV tunes to the satellite channel you last
Change channel
To change channels, press CH+ or CH-. The TV will tune to
the next channel in the selected channel list. If you know the
channel number, you can use the number keys on the remote
control. To change back to the previously tuned channel, press
You can also tune to a channel directly from the Satellite
channel list.

Satellite channel list

About the channel list
When the satellite installation is completed, all satellite
channels are put in the channel list. You can view the list of all
channels or filter the list down to show the favourite channels
only or the radio stations only. Or, after a channel update, you
can find the newly added channels in the list of new channels.
From any list, you can directly tune to a channel. The list you
select in the channel list, determines the channels you tune to
with the CH+ and CH- keys.
You can only reorder channels in the list of favourite channels.
Select a channel list
The list you select in the channel list, determines the channels
you tune to with the CH+ and CH- keys.
To select a channel list . . .
1 - Press h, select Satellite and press OK.
2 - Press L LIST to open the channel list. The list appears
with the current channel selected.
3 - Navigate up to select All or a list filter Favourites, Radio,
TV or New.
The lists Radio or New are only shown when radio stations
are available or new channels were found with a channel
Tune from the channel list
To tune to a channel from the channel list . . .
1 - In the channel list, select t or Ò in the menu bar to
select the TV or Satellite channel list.
2 - Select a list - All, Favourites, Radio or New.
3 - Select a channel in any of the lists and press OK. The TV
will tune to the selected channel.
Channel list options
To view the channel list options on the current channel . . .
1 - With the All channels list on screen, select a channel and
press o OPTIONS.
2 - Select the option you want and press OK.
Available options for satellite channels . . .
• Satellite
Filter the channel list to only show the channels of a specific
satellite or show the channels of all satellites.
• Free/Scrambled
Filter the channel list to only show the free-to-air channels,
only the scrambled channels or both. Scrambled channels are
marked with a key K.
• Lock
You can lock a channel. First select a channel in the list, press
o OPTIONS and select Lock. You will have to enter the 4-
digit child lock code. A locked channel is marked with a lock
• Unlock
To unlock a locked channel. Select a locked channel in the list,
press o OPTIONS and and select Unlock. You will have to
enter the 4-digit child lock code.
Channel list copy
Channel list copy is intended for dealers and expert users.
With Channel list copy, you can copy the channels installed on
one TV onto another Philips TV of the same range. Channel
list copy will copy both terrestrial and satellite channels.
For more information on Channel list copy, press
look up Channel list copy.

Favourite satellite channels

Favourite channels
You can mark channels as favourite channels. Your favourite
satellite channels are collected in the Favourites list of the
satellite channel list.
Watching favourite channels
Set up a favourite channel list to easily switch between the
channels you want to watch. Only in this list, you can reorder
channels according to your preference.
To only switch between your favourite channels with CH+ and
CH-, select the Favourites list in the channel list and close the
channel list again.
Satellite channels / Favourite satellite channels
LIST and


Table of Contents

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