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Emerson EVC1700 User Manual

Digital video camera


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Summary of Contents for Emerson EVC1700

  • Page 1 EVC1700 User Guide...
  • Page 3 Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of this digital video camera. Before using the camera, please read this user manual carefully. The main purpose is to shoot videos. It is also equipped with a secondary still shot feature. Please note that this is not meant to replace a regular still shot or digital camera.
  • Page 4 3. When left idle for long periods, remove the battery from your digital video camera and store it in a dry and dark place. Miscellaneous: 1. When switching video output between LCD display and video devices, be sure to exit from the „play‟...
  • Page 5 Memories on TV 4 Software The below chart is the minimum system requirements for the Memories on TV 4 software which is also included in the giftbox: Operation System Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Intel Pentium II 300mHz or faster Memory 64 MB RAM (128 MB Preferred) Sound card and display card...
  • Page 6 Getting to know your camera 1. Appearance and Buttons...
  • Page 8 2. Basic operation 2.1 Installing the battery Press / slide down the battery cover and insert the included lithium battery. Align with correct polarity (+,-) of battery terminals. Close the battery cover. 2.2 Charging the battery 1. Power off the camera. 2.
  • Page 9 4. Charge the camera for about 3 hours to get maximum battery power. Battery lasts as long as 2 hours under normal usage. 2.3 Using a SD/MMC/SDHC card Turn your camcorder OFF before inserting / removing an SD Card. Insert a memory card into the SD/MMC/SDHC card slot. Push it down until the card stays latched.
  • Page 10 Your camera will automatically go to record mode after it is powered on. To record a video, press the shutter key to start video recording. While recording, press the shutter key again to stop recording. In video record mode,to change the resolution from 720p HD to VGA 640/480 and vice versa, press the right to get your desired setting.
  • Page 11 Still photos Press the Mode key to switch from playback mode to still photo mode (5MP). Press the left key to turn the Led light on or off. In still photo mode, press the shutter key to take a picture. Press the up or down key to zoom in or out of the image.
  • Page 12 record while the HDMI cable is connected). 2.10 Delete files In playback mode, press the Menu key to start menu-setup, and then choose the delete item to delete files. 3. Connect to PC Turn the camcorder on. Slide the USB switch up to extend the USB connector. 3.2 Insert the camera‟s USB connector into computer‟s USB port, or use the supplied USB extension cable to make the connection.
  • Page 13 4. Download files from the camera to PC After connecting to a computer, go to "My Computer” and open the "Removable Disk" icon. The videos or photos will be saved in the \DCIM\ 100DSCIM folder in the removable disk. Choose the desired file in the 100DSCIM folder and copy (drag with mouse) it into a folder of your choice on your computer.
  • Page 14 Erase all data on the installed memory card. Format Reset all user preferences to defaults. Reset All Light Frequency Do not change the frequency from 60 Hz (default) unless you are outside of the United States. To change the frequency, click the Menu button to see your setup options. Press the right button and scroll down to the Light Frequency option.
  • Page 15 Press the shutter key. Now you can set the date and time by scrolling up or down on the desired highlighted field. The camera will start with the year. Simply press right or left to change the highlighted field. When you are done setting the calendar, press the shutter key to set. To get out of the calendar screen, press the menu key again to return to the main menu and then again to return to record mode.
  • Page 16 Your USB is set to Computer mode. This means that your computer will recognize your digital video camera when you plug it into the USB port of your computer. To change from Computer Mode to Printer mode, press the Menu Key to see your setup options. Press the Right key and scroll down to the USB option.
  • Page 17 Application of attached Software 1. Introduction interface for software installation Put the CD into the CD-ROM of a computer, and then the following menu will appear:  If the above screen does not show up, click the autorun.exe program under the directory of the CD.
  • Page 19 After installation, please restart the computer. Run MediaImpression: icon on the desktop or follow “Start → Programs” to open: Double click the After starting MediaImpression, click “Import” to import the media.
  • Page 20 Choose the video camera storage and choose the output location.
  • Page 21 Choose a file and click import. The selected file will be stored in the output location. Click “Go to start page” to return to the main screen. Then click “Video” or “All media” to use the “You Tube” function.
  • Page 22 Choose a file and click the “upload to You Tube. Enter your username and password to login to You Tube to execute the upload.
  • Page 23 3. UEZ Link Introduction and Use UEZ Link can help you easily upload your videos or photos to . There are two ways to use the software: Ⅰ When connecting to a PC, UEZ link will pop-up automatically. Please make sure that your PC will not block any pop-up software.
  • Page 24 3.1 Load Files UEZ link will automatically load all the files in the DCIM folder . You can load the desired , and then choosing the files. Once the “Browse for files by clicking the button folder” window opens, choose “Computer” then the driver where the files are located. (This...
  • Page 25 should be a “removable disk”, such as D, E, F…) Then choose the files. 3.2 Upload to Choose the file, and then click the button to upload your files. Hold the Control key and click another file to choose multiple files to upload. Please make sure that you have registered and activated an account for YouTube to upload videos.
  • Page 26 3. 3 Upload to Choose the file, and then click the button to upload your files. Hold the Control key and click another file to choose multiple files to upload. Please make sure that you have registered and activated the account for facebook to upload files. Otherwise it will not work.
  • Page 27 3.4 Save on PC Choose the file, and then click the button to save on PC. Hold the Control key and click another file to choose multiple files to save.
  • Page 28 3.5 Delete Choose the file, and then click the button to delete the files. Hold the Control key and click another file to choose multiple files to delete.
  • Page 30 Product specifications Image sensor 1.3 Mega Pixels Function mode Record video, Record still photo, playback, mobile disk Lens F2.8,f=3.1mm Focus range 120cm~infinite Digital focusing 4× Shutter Electronic LCD display 2.0 inch TFT Display Video: HD(1280x720), VGA(640x480), Resolution Still photo: 5.0MP White balance Automatic/Manual Exposure...