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User Maintenance Instructions - GE WA8600R Use And Care Manual

Ge washer user manual
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WASHER IS NOISY I Make sure washer is level and firm to the floor with rubber foot pads in place
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The Tub. The porcelain is self-cleaning. Leave lid
open after washing to allow moisture to evaporate.
Do not use harsh or gritty cleansers.
The Exterior. Wipe off any spills of washing
compounds. Wipe or dust with damp cloth. Try
not to hit surface with sharp objects.
How to remove the agitator
To remove the agitator,
snap the cap off and remove ~ —
the screw. Then remove
the agitator extender (on
and the agitator.
To replace the agitator,
carefully lower it straight
down onto the shaft so
that it fits snugly into
place. Replace the agitator
extender (on models so
equipped), the screw
and front jam nuts tight. See your Installation Instructions.
A sharp, distinctive sound will be heard at the end of each spin period as the
motor stops and the spin brake inside the transmission "locks in." This sound
is normal.
Heavily unbalanced loads can cause the washer to vibrate excessively during
spin, and may cause it to move from its original position. In extreme cases
(usually occurs when washing a single, heavy item or a small load when water
level is set higher than necessary), the spin basket may strike the outer tub,
creating a loud but harmless noise. To correct, open the lid and redistribute the
load evenly about the wash basket. Close the lid and restart.
Washer normally pauses between washing steps... such as between wash and
— Agitator
(on some models)
(Appearance may vary)
/ 800.626.2000/ consumer information service
To Store Washer. Ask service technician to remove
water from drain pump and hoses to prevent freezing.
Do not store the washer where it will be exposed
to the weather.
For Long Vacations. Be sure water supply is shut off
at faucets and drain all water from hoses if weather
will be below freezing.
To remove limestone from Filter-Flo pan
Soak filter pan in a preheated 160°F. (71 'C.)
solution of half vinegar and half water for 15
minutes. Then brush each side of pan with a stiff
bristle brush while flushing with running water.
Do not soak in porcelain container. Vinegar
can damage porcelain.
Do not exceed 180°F. (82°C. ) or filter pan
may warp.



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