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The Power Saving feature of the watch is turned on at the factory.
• Power Saving causes the watch to automatically enter a sleep state to save power whenever the watch is left in the dark.
• Note that the watch may also enter the sleep state if the face is blocked from light by your sleeve.
How the sleep state works
There are actually two sleep state levels, a "display sleep state"
and a "function sleep state".
• Display sleep state
The display sleep state is triggered whenever the watch is left in
the dark for three or four days.
• Alarms and the hourly time signal continue to operate normally
while the watch is in the display sleep state.
Even when the watch is in the sleep state, digital-analog time
coordination and auto signal receive are both performed.
• Function sleep state
The function sleep state is triggered whenever the watch is left in
the dark for four days after the display sleep state is triggered.
• Alarms and the hourly time are also disabled while the watch is
in the function sleep state.
In the function sleep state, analog timekeeping is disabled, so
digital-analog time coordination is not performed.
• Digital timekeeping functions continue to operate normally in
the function sleep state.
Modes and Display Screens
Each press of the C
C button sounds a confirmation tone and cycles through available modes in the sequence shown below.
Timekeeping Mode
(Illuminates display)
(Changes mode)
Switching Between Screens
Each press of the
button toggles the digital display
between the Calendar Screen and Timekeeping Screen.
Calendar Screen
Timekeeping Screen
Day of the Week
PM Indicator
(no indicator for AM)
Days of the Week
SU : Sunday
MO : Monday
TU : Tuesday,
WE : Wednesday
T H : Thursday
FR : Friday,
SA : Saturday
Operation Guide 2730
Power Saving
To recover from the sleep state
Place the watch in an area that is well-lit, press any button, or
angle the watch towards your face to illuminate the display using
the Auto Light.
• It can take up to two seconds before the display re-appears after
you place the watch in a well-lit area.
To turn power saving on and off
See the procedure under "Manually Setting the Time and Date" for
information about turning off power saving.
Leaving the watch in a drawer or anywhere else it is dark can
cause the power saving mode to trigger in order to conserve
battery power.
City Code
World Time
Hand Setting Mode
Mode Name
• The watch automatically returns to the Timekeeping Mode if you do not perform any operation for about two or three minutes in the Alarm
Mode (excluding the target alarm), e-DATA MEMORY Mode, or Hand Setting Mode.
Alarm Number
Alarm Time
Mode Name
Measured Value
Mode Name
Record Number
Time Stamp Mode
Mode Name
Standby Screen


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  • Page 1: Power Saving

    Operation Guide 2730 MA0309-EA Power Saving The Power Saving feature of the watch is turned on at the factory. • Power Saving causes the watch to automatically enter a sleep state to save power whenever the watch is left in the dark.

  • Page 2: Power Supply

    Operation Guide 2730 Charging Guide Charging Precautions Required Daily Charging Time Power Supply • The following is the daily Starting from a full charge, the Avoid charging the watch in the following locations, and anywhere amount of charging required watch should be able to continue else the watch may become very hot.

  • Page 3: Calibration Signal

    Operation Guide 2730 Reception Range How a Radio-controlled Watch Works This watch is designed to receive the standard time calibration signal of Japan (JJY) or of the United States (WWVB). The signal that is received depends on the current Home City setting.

  • Page 4: Troubleshooting

    Operation Guide 2730 Specifying the Transmitter Turning Auto Receive On and Off Viewing the Last Reception Date and Time Press the D D button to Selection Mode cycle through the available In the Timekeeping Mode, press the D D button. This displays...

  • Page 5: World Time Mode

    Operation Guide 2730 Using Summer Time (DST) City Code List World Time Mode Summer time, or Daylight Saving Time (DST) as it is called in some countries, calls for setting clocks ahead one hour during the City City Differ- City Name...

  • Page 6: Stopwatch Mode

    Operation Guide 2730 Creating an e-DATA MEMORY Data (Back) e-DATA MEMORY Mode Use the D D (+) and B B (–) Record buttons to scroll through characters at the cursor position until the one you Remaining Memory You can use the e-DATA MEMORY Mode to store e-mail addresses, Web site URLs, and other information for instant recall whenever you need it.

  • Page 7: Alarm Mode

    Operation Guide 2730 Setting an Alarm Time Minutes Alarm Mode Press the C C button to (Back) move the flashing to the In the Alarm Mode, use the minute digits. D button to display the Viewing the Alarm Time or Target Alarm...

  • Page 8: Manually Setting The Time And Date

    Operation Guide 2730 Setting the Time and Date Manually Press the D D button to toggle summer time on or off. Press the A A button to display the time setting screen. You can use the following procedure to set the current time and date of the Home City that you have selected in the Timekeeping Mode.

  • Page 9

    Operation Guide 2730 High-speed Lock Press the C C button to • While holding down the D button to start high-speed clockwise advance to setting of the movement of the hands, press the B button to lock the high- hour and minute hands.

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