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Loading; Trash Bag Installation; Using The Trash Compactor - GE 165D4700P385 Owner's Manual

General electric trash compactors owner's manual
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Using the trash compactor.

What It Does and How It Works
Your compactor reduces household trash to as little as one-fourth of its original volume.
It compacts most refuse, including paper, cans, bottles, jars, plastic containers, wrappings,
sweepings and some food wastes.
Drop trash into the disposable bag (designed for compactor use) that lines the compactor
trash drawer and close the drawer. When you start the compactor, an electrically-operated
ram moves down into the drawer, compacts trash, moves back up again—and the compactor
shuts off automatically.
NOTE: The trash drawer must be at least 1/2 full before you will notice compaction because
the ram does not travel all the way down into the drawer. By adding trash, compaction is
transferred to the items below until all trash is compacted.
The removable knob is provided for your
protection as a safety measure. When the
knob switch is in the OFF position, the
compactor will not operate.
Drawer Safety Switch
The compactor has two safety switches to ensure that the drawer is in its fully closed position
for operation. The compactor will not cycle without the drawer being fully closed.

Trash Bag Installation

Before installing a new bag, be sure that:
The drawer side is securely locked.
The container is clean and free of sharp
debris that may puncture the bag.
Reinforced plastic bags came with your
compactor and are ready to be installed.
You must use the specially designed
heavy-duty trash bags included with your
compactor. These bags are available from
your dealer or Factory Service Center. Ask for
catalog number WC60X10005.
To order bags, call toll-free:
National Parts Center
800.626.2002 (U.S.)
800.661.1616 (Canada) (U.S.) (Canada)


Slightly lift and pull the compactor door
handle or press the foot pedal and pull
the drawer out.
I To help keep the ram clean when
compacting messy food waste, place a
couple of folded sheets of newspaper
on top of the load to be compacted.
I Items too bulky to go into the drawer can
be folded to fit. If it cannot be folded to fit
into the drawer, do not attempt to force it.
Child Lockout Instructions:
Lock the compactor when it is not in use, by
removing the knob. This will keep children
from operating the compactor and prevent
anyone from tampering with it.
To install a new bag:
Place the bag into the drawer. Open
the bag and pull the top edges over
the drawer top.
Lock the bag in place by pulling the
four prepunched holes over the bag
retainer buttons. Holes will expand over
the buttons without harming the bag.
Press inside of bag against the
drawer bottom, sides and corners
for a smooth fit.
I Folded newspaper is also helpful when
compacting a large glass bottle, or several
bottles or jars, or any other items that
might shatter.
I Although it is not necessary to compact
until the drawer is full or nearly full, we
suggest that, for maximum compaction,
you start the compactor each time a
significant amount of trash is added.


Table of Contents

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