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    Getting Started ..........5 Connecting to Networks and Devices ..20 Thank you for choosing this ZTE mobile device. In order to keep your device in its best condition, please read this manual and keep it for future reference. Installing the Battery and a microSDHC™ Card ..5 Connecting to Mobile Networks ......

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Table of Contents Email ..............35 Google™ Search and Voice Search™ ..53 Sound Recorder ..........64 Editing or Deleting an Event ....... 44 Changing Calendar Settings ....... 44 Setting Up the First Email Account ...... 35 Searching With Text ..........

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    Getting Started Table of Contents Troubleshooting ..........73 Installing the Battery and a WARNING! Do not handle a damaged or leaking Li-Ion battery as you can be burned. microSDHC Card For Your Safety ..........75 3. Hold your microSDHC card with the metal contacts General Safety ............

  • Page 5: Getting Started

    • To turn it off, press and hold the Power/Lock Key to open the options menu. Tap Power off and then Screen and Keys WARNING! Use only ZTE-approved chargers and Your phone’s touch screen lets you control actions tap OK. cables. The use of unapproved accessories could through a variety of touch gestures.

  • Page 6: Getting To Know Your Phone, Key Functions

    Getting Started Getting Started Getting to Know Your Phone Key Functions Description 3.5mm Power/Lock Camera Microphone Power/Lock Key Press and hold to turn on or off Airplane mode, enable silent mode/vibration mode/sound, Headset Jack or to power off. Earpiece Press to switch your phone to Sleep mode. Press to wake up your phone.

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    Personalizing Getting Started Home Screen Extended Home Screen Changing the System 3. Tap the RINGTONE, MUSIC, or RECORD tab. Language 4. Scroll through the list and select the audio file you’d You can customize your Home Screen. Set your own Your Home Screen extends beyond the initial screen, like to use.

  • Page 8: Switching To Silent Mode, Protecting Your Phone With Screen Locks, Applying New Wallpapers

    Personalizing Personalizing Switching to Silent Mode Changing the Screen The next time you turn on your phone or wake up the 2. Charge the battery. screen, you must draw your unlock pattern or enter your Brightness 3. Keep the phone connected to the charger. You can set the phone to silent mode by using one of PIN or password to unlock it.

  • Page 9: Knowing The Basics, Monitoring The Phone Status, Managing Notifications

    Knowing the Basics Knowing the Basics Monitoring the Phone Status Managing Notifications The Status Bar at the top of the Home Screen provides phone and service status icons on the right side. The Status Bar at the top of the Home Screen provides notification icons on the left side. Below are some of Below are some of the icons you may see.

  • Page 10: Creating A Folder

    Knowing the Basics Knowing the Basics Opening/Closing the Notification Removing Shortcuts or Widgets Removing Shortcuts From a Folder Open the Notifications panel and you can find the following Quick Settings on the top of the screen. Slide Panel 1. Tap and hold a widget or shortcut on the Home 1.

  • Page 11: Entering Text

    Knowing the Basics Knowing the Basics Entering Text Opening and Switching Apps • Select text: Tap and hold or double-tap within the • Tap to use uppercase. Double-tap to lock text. The nearest word highlights, with a tab at each uppercase.

  • Page 12: Connecting To Networks And Devices

    Connecting to Networks and Devices Connecting to Networks and Devices Connecting to Mobile Change Roaming Mode When Wi-Fi is on, you receive notifications in the Status 2. Press the Menu Key > Advanced to adjust the Bar when your phone detects an open Wi-Fi network. following settings.

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    Connecting to Networks and Devices Connecting to Networks and Devices Changing the Device Name Sending Data via Bluetooth Connecting Your Phone to a Removing the microSDHC Card Computer via USB From Your Phone 1. Press the Home Key > Menu Key > System 1.

  • Page 14: Phone Calls

    Phone Calls Connecting to Networks and Devices Modifying a VPN Answering a Call be required to enter your login credentials or install You can place calls from the Phone app, the People security certificates before you can connect to your app, or other apps or widgets that display contact 1.

  • Page 15: Calling Your Contacts, Calling A Contact, Checking Voicemail

    Phone Calls Phone Calls Adding a Call Log Number as a Calling Your Contacts NOTE: To set your voicemail service, press the Menu NOTE: The call waiting and three-way call features Key > Settings > Voicemail in the dialer and tap need network support and may result in additional Contact Calling a Contact...

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    Phone Calls Phone Calls Adjusting Your Call Settings Internet Call Settings Configuring Your Phone to Receive 2. Press the Menu Key > Settings > DTMF tones. Internet Calls 3. Tap Normal or Long. Editing Quick Response to Rejected Adding an Internet Calling Account By default, your phone is configured to make Internet Setting Speed Dials Callers...

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    People People Setting Up Your Own Profile Working With Favorite You can add contacts on your phone and synchronize 3. Select the vCard file(s) in the microSDHC card and them with the contacts in your Google account or other tap OK. Contacts You can create your own name card in your phone.

  • Page 18: Deleting A Contact, Searching For A Contact, Separating Contact Information, Editing Contacts, Editing Contact Details

    People People Deleting a Contact NOTE: To send messages to the group members, 4. Tap Rename group to edit the group name. Or tap The information from the second contact is added to you can tap next to the group and select message Multi-Select to select the members you don’t need the first contact, and the second contact is no longer 1.

  • Page 19: Checking Your Emails

    Accounts Email Adding or Removing Accounts Configuring Account Sync Replying to or Forwarding an Email Press the Home Key > and select Email. Use it to read and send emails from services other than Gmail. 1. Open the email you want to reply to or forward from You can add multiple Google accounts and Microsoft Configuring Auto-Sync Settings the Inbox.

  • Page 20: Adding And Editing Email Accounts, Adding An Email Account, Editing An Email Account

    Email Email Writing and Sending an Adding and Editing Email Changing General Email Email Accounts Settings 1. Open your email Inbox and tap General settings apply to all email accounts you add. Adding an Email Account NOTE: 1. Open Email to get the Inbox screen. If you have more than one email account After setting up your first email account (see Email –...

  • Page 21: Opening Your Gmail Inbox, Replying To Or Forwarding A Message

    Gmail Gmail After you sign in to your Google account on the phone, • Reply to the sender and all recipients of 2. Enter the words to search for and tap the search key 2. Tap you can send and retrieve Gmail messages with the the original message, tap in the message header on the screen keyboard.

  • Page 22: Changing Gmail Settings

    Messaging Gmail Sending a Multimedia 3. Check or uncheck labels in the new screen and You can use Messaging to exchange text messages tap OK. (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS). Message Adding Stars to Messages 1. On the Messaging screen, tap at the bottom.

  • Page 23: Viewing Your Calendars And Events, Changing Message Settings

    Calendar Messaging Forwarding a Message Delete Message Threads Calendar on the phone works with the web-based Google Calendar service for creating and managing 1. On the Messaging screen, tap and hold one thread 1. On the Messaging screen, tap the thread that has events, meetings, and appointments.

  • Page 24: Google Talk, Creating An Event, Changing Calendar Settings, Editing Or Deleting An Event

    Google Talk Calendar Creating an Event Changing Calendar Settings Changing Your Online Status Google Talk is Google’s instant messaging service. You can use it to communicate in real time with other 1. In any Calendar view, tap at the top to open an To change Calendar settings, open a Calendar view 1.

  • Page 25

    Google+ Google Talk Using Group Chat Chatting With Contacts Google+ is a social networking service offered by Google. The Google+ application on your phone When you’re chatting, you can invite additional You can chat with your Google+ contacts through enables you to manage your data, chat with online friends to join a group chat.

  • Page 26

    Browser Browser Switching Between Tabs Use Browser to view web pages and search for 2. Press the Menu Key > Settings > General > • Go back: Tap at the bottom to return to the information. Set homepage. page you’ve viewed previously in the same window. 1.

  • Page 27: Deleting A Bookmark

    Maps, Navigation, Local, and Latitude Browser Bookmarking a Web Page Viewing Your Browsing Activating Location Services popular searches appear in a list below the search box. You can tap a suggestion to search for it. History 1. Open the web page. To use Navigation, Local, and Latitude, and to find TIP: You can also tap...

  • Page 28: Google Search And Voice Search, Sharing Location, Searching For Local Places, Searching By Speaking

    Google Search and Voice Search Maps, Navigation, Local, and Latitude Sharing Location Changing Search and Voice You can search for information on the web or on your NOTE: Press the Home Key > and select phone using Google Search. You can also search the Search Settings Navigation to use Google Maps Navigation and get Google Latitude lets you and your friends view each...

  • Page 29

    Camera Camera Customize Camera Settings Recording a Video Customizing Camcorder You can take photos and record videos. Photos and videos are stored to the phone’s memory card or to the Settings Before taking a photo, you can tap , and 1.

  • Page 30: Working With Pictures, Working With Albums

    Gallery Gallery Opening the Gallery Working With Pictures Retouching Your Pictures Sharing Your Pictures You can edit any photos you took and some other 1. Tap an album in Gallery and then tap a picture. Tap a picture in an album to view the picture in full Press the Home Key >...

  • Page 31: Playing Music, Creating A Playlist

    Music Music Viewing Your Music Library Deleting a Song Press the Home Key > and select Music to play Number Function audio files stored on your phone. Music supports a 1. Press the Home Key > and select Music to see Press the Home Key >...

  • Page 32: Playing Your Music

    Play Music Music Adding a Song to a Playlist ➐ The Play Music app works with Google Music, ➊ ➏ 1. Tap next to the song in the music library. Google’s online music store and streaming service. You can stream via mobile data or Wi-Fi and listen to your 2.

  • Page 33: Playing And Controlling Videos

    Video Player Play Music Removing Songs From a Playlist Managing Video Files You can still control the music when you are not in the Use the Video Player to play various kinds of videos. playback screen. 1. Open the playlist in the Playlists tab of the Deleting Videos •...

  • Page 34: Sound Recorder, More Apps, Recording A Voice Memo, Playing A Voice Memo

    Sound Recorder More Apps Alarm Calculator Sound Recorder enables you to record voice memos and listen to them whenever you like. Set alarms or turn the phone into a bedside clock. Press the Home Key > and select Calculator. TIP: , or swipe left or right to switch Setting a New Alarm Recording a Voice Memo...

  • Page 35: System

    More Apps More Apps Full Share Play Books Timer 4. Tap the device and select a category to access its contents. Full Share offers a wireless solution to sharing media Press the Home Key > and select Play Books to Press the Home Key >...

  • Page 36: Play Store, Uninstalling An App

    Play Store Settings Managing Your Downloads Display Press the Home Key > and select Settings. The Press the Home Key > . You can buy or rent Settings app contains most of the tools for customizing music, books, movies, and apps and download them •...

  • Page 37: Security

    Settings Settings Wireless and Networks Battery Security • Voice Search – Language: Select the language you use Check how much power remains for the battery and • Screen lock: Lock the screen with long press, face Data Usage when entering text by speaking or searching what has been using the battery.

  • Page 38: Troubleshooting, Backup And Reset

    Troubleshooting Settings System • Trusted credentials: Display trusted CA certificates. If you encounter problems while using the phone, or if it performs abnormally, you can refer to the chart below. If your particular problem cannot be resolved using the information in the chart, contact the dealer where you •...

  • Page 39: For Your Safety, General Safety

    For Your Safety Troubleshooting General Safety Problem Possible Causes Possible Solution The standby time is related to your service Don’t make or receive handheld calls Don’t use at gas stations. provider system configuration. The same If you are located in an area where while driving.

  • Page 40: Radio Frequency (rf) Energy, Fcc Compliance, Using Your Phone With A Hearing Aid Device

    For Your Safety For Your Safety FCC Compliance Using Your Phone With a Radio Frequency (RF) Energy The FCC has granted an Equipment Authorization for this model phone with all reported SAR levels evaluated Hearing Aid Device This model phone meets the government’s requirements This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules.

  • Page 41: Turning On The Hac Setting, Distraction, Product Handling

    For Your Safety For Your Safety Turning on the HAC Setting Operating Machinery T-Ratings: Phones rated T3 or T4 meet FCC its accessories. requirements and are likely to be more usable with a • Do not paint your phone or its accessories. Full attention must be given to operating the machinery To turn on the HAC function, press the Menu Key >...

  • Page 42: Electrical Safety, Battery Handling & Safety

    • Do not grip the phone too tightly. • Only use the battery with a charging system that has accessories. been qualified by ZTE. Use of an unqualified battery • Touch the onscreen keyboard lightly. Take care not to touch or allow metal objects, such...

  • Page 43: Radio Frequency Interference, Explosive Environments

    For Your Safety For Your Safety Radio Frequency Interference Medical Equipment transfer or storage facilities, areas where the air contains chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust, or Switch off your wireless device when requested to do General Statement on Interference metal powders.

  • Page 44: Specifications, Notes

    Specifications Notes Handset specifications are shown in the following table. Handset Standards CDMA 800/1900 Dimensions (H × W × D) 4.96" (H) x 2.55" (W) x 0.42" (D) Weight 4.43 oz. (with battery) Display 4.0" 480 x 800 Camera 5 megapixel with flash, zoom, and auto-focus Internal memory ROM: 4 GB, RAM: 768MB Removable memory card...

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