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ABC Office Premium 112 Owner's Manual

Abc office premium cutter owner's manual
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Thank you for selecting Dahle to be your Paper Cutter company. We trust you will be thoroughly satisfied
with your purchase. Dahle cutters are highly regarded world-wide for their precision, reliability, and
durability. In addition, all Dahle cutters are individually tested and must meet the most stringent
performance standards.
During use, please observe the following suggestions for care, maintenance and proper operations:
• Your cutter is equipped with a scale printed in inches and centimeters (#1). In addition, the cutting board
is printed with ½" grid lines (#2), which acts as an excellent visual aid in achieving a straight T-square
• Insert the material to be cut under the clamp/safety guard (#3).
• Align material at desired position on inch/cm scale (#1). Material should be flush with paperstop (#4),
and parallel to the printed grid lines (#2).
• Depress the material to be cut with the clamp. The clamp will secure the material in position, preventing
slippage. While clamping the material, lower the blade, pressing the blade gently toward the cutting
board, thereby ensuring that a consistent, smooth cut is attained even with the thinnest types of paper.
Blade - The blade should never descend by itself. If it moves too easily, it can be adjusted with the bolt
assembly located at the fulcrum (#9). In order to do so, remove the screw (#5) first and take off the lid (#6).
Then tighten the hex nut (#7) and the screw (#8) in a counter-action, thus adjusting the pressure of the upper
blade against the lower one. At last put the lid back on and secure with the screw.
Cutting Board Surface - The cutting board should be cleaned periodically, or as often as required, in order
to retain it's original lustre. A mild general household cleaner is recommended.
The blades of your Dahle cutter were lubricated at the factory and do not require any additional treatment.
Do Not lubricate the cutting blades.
• Keep fingers clear of cutting blades.
• Do not lubricate the cutting blades.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Keep handle in down position when not in use and when moving or transporting.
(800) 658-8788
Premium Cutter
Models 112, 115, 118, 124
(800) 658-8788
12112.90.1830 - 7/00



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