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    INDEX The Fiat Bravo LPG version (Petrol- LPG) is dealt with in this appendix. KNOWING YOUR CAR ..........4...

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    KNOWING YOUR CAR WHAT IS LPG? LPG MULTIPOINT INJECTION SYSTEM LPG (the abbreviation of liquefied petro- leum gas) is a mixture of gas used as an This product is produced in strict collab- INTRODUCTION economical and safe primary energy oration with prestigious suppliers in the The LPG version of the car features two source.

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    SELECTING THE When running on LPG, when TYPE OF FUEL SUPPLY the last red LED on gas quan- tity indicator (visible on the The car is configured for running inde- switch) comes on, refuelling is pendently on either petrol or LPG. advisable.

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    LPG injection system spare wheel housing) have been designed It should be pointed out that designed specifically for the to exceed the Fiat safety standards for im- in some countries (including car: it is therefore strictly pact tests. Italy) there are legal restrictions in...

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    SYSTEM FUNCTIONAL DIAGRAM DESCRIPTION OF THE SYSTEM FUNCTIONAL DIAGRAM fig. 2 1 LPG tank - 2 Multivalve assembly and safety devices - 3 LPG refuelling filler - 4 LPG piping - 5 Pressure regulator - 6 LPG injec- tors - 7 LPG in gaseous state filter element - 8 LPG injection system electronic control unit - 9 LPG-petrol switch and LPG gauge 10 Petrol tank.

  • Page 8: Lpg Tank

    In any case, when the time – nominal tank capacity in litres; limit in the individual country has run out, go to a Fiat Dealer to have the – canister manufacture date (month/year); tank replaced. – canister serial number.

  • Page 9: Solenoid Valves And Safety Devices

    SOLENOID VALVES The multivalve assembly fitted on the tank – a manual tap, upstream of the solenoid includes: valve, that separates the tank from the AND SAFETY DEVICES LPG system to allow maintenance opera- – a valve that automatically stops the sup- tions;...

  • Page 10: Piping, Regulation Unit

    PIPING REGULATION UNIT The piping for the LPG in a liquid state The regulation unit fig. 4 includes: (from the filler to the tank and from the – cut out solenoid valve with gauze filter; tank to the pressure regulator) is made from copper and coated in plastic.

  • Page 11: Paper Filter, Lpg Injectors

    PAPER FILTER LPG INJECTORS The filter fig. 5, located on the pressure There are four injectors fig. 6, specially regulator outlet pipe, has the task of fil- designed for LPG, mounted on the intake tering the LPG in a gaseous state during manifold near the cylinder head, one for the LPG injectors supply stage.

  • Page 12: Electronic Control Unit, Lpg/petrol Switch

    ELECTRONIC LPG/PETROL SWITCH CONTROL UNIT The LPG/petrol switch fig. 7 is located on the centre console near the handbrake The vehicle has a dedicted electronic con- lever and includes: trol unit for the LPG system; it uses the incoming signals from the petrol injection A.

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    SWITCH FROM PETROL TO LPG Switching from LPG to petrol LPG used up When running on petrol: press the button When running on LPG: press the button If the LPG runs out, switching to petrol A - fig 7, the switch to LPG will take place A - fig.

  • Page 14: Fuel Cut Off Switch, Starting The Engine

    (excluding the LPG fu- el system). To stop the buzzer, press button A: the green ON LED will go out and the yellow OFF LED will remain on constantly. Go to a Fiat Dealer as soon as possible to have the system checked.

  • Page 15: Refuelling The Car, Wheels

    REFUELLING THE CAR WHEELS LPG FILLER The car does not have a spare wheel but a tool box that contains the “Fix&Go au- The gas filler is located next to the petrol tomatic” quick tyre repair kit, the tow filler cap. It has a one-way valve, located hook and a screwdriver.

  • Page 16: Fuse Replacement, Scheduled Servicing Plan

    FUSE REPLACEMENT The LPG system components are protected by the following fuses: – Additional 20A fuse located to the outside of the engine compartment junction unit: LPG control unit power supply (battery positive); – 7.5A F16 fuse located in the engine compartment junction unit: LPG control unit power supply (ignition-controlled positive) and coil relay for gas solenoid valve power supply.

  • Page 17: Engine

    ENGINE ENGINE CODE - BODYWORK VERSIONS Engine code Bodywork version 192B2000 198AXA1B G00C INTRODUCTION IDENTIFICATION PLATE (STAGE 2) Engine identification code 192B2000 Following the installation of the LPG sys- Cycle Otto tem components, a plate (Stage 2) is fitted Number of cylinders and position 4 in line to the engine compartment front cross- Piston diameter and stroke...

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    LPG FUEL SYSTEM IGNITION Electronic injection with special LPG injec- Static advance, electronic, integrated with tors. the injection. Type: Phased, sequential, multipoint. Stoichiometric metering of the air/gas mix- ture. WARNING Modifications or repairs to Engine idle speed: 750 ± 50 rpm the fuel feed system that are The LPG injection system is controlled by not carried out properly or do not...

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    Loads not to be exceeded. The user is responsible for arranging goods in the luggage compartment and/on load carrying plat- form within the maximum permitted loads. Lineaccessori Fiat range roof racks, maximum capacity: 50 kg.

  • Page 20: Dimensions

    DIMENSIONS Dimensions are expressed in mm and re- fer to the vehicle equipped with its origi- nal tyres. Height is measured with vehicle unladen. Luggage compartment volume Capacity with vehicle unladen (V.D.A. standards): ..365 dm Capacity with rear seat backrest folded over: .

  • Page 21: Capacities

    CAPACITIES It should be remembered that when using If, when refuelling with LPG, a fuel like LPG, the range is very variable the tank is filled with more because, in addition to the vehicle driving than the 41 litres, seek assis- Petrol and maintenance conditions, it also de- tance immediately from a Fi-...

  • Page 22: Fuel Consumption

    FUEL CONSUMPTION The fuel consumption figures given in the table below are determined on the basis of the homologation tests laid down by specific European Directives. FUEL CONSUMPTION ACCORDING TO DIRECTIVE 2004/3/CE (litres x 100 km) Petrol Urban 10.6 Extraurban Combined The range (when running on LPG), referring to combined consumption, is 494 km.

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    Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A. - Customer Services - Technical Services - Service Engineering Largo Senatore G. Agnelli, 5 - 10040 Volvera - Torino (Italia) Print no. 604.39.936 - 01/2009 -1 Edition...

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