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GE 15298530 Owner's Manual

Caller id & digital messaging system


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Caller ID & Digital
Messaging System
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  • Page 1 2-9991 Caller ID & Digital Messaging System We bring good things to life.
  • Page 2: Fcc R Egistration I Nformation

    FCC R EGISTRATION Your GE telephone equipment is registered with the Federal Communications Commission and is in compliance with parts 15 and 68, FCC Rules and Regulations. 1 Notification to the Local Telephone Company On the bottom of this equipment is a label indicating,...
  • Page 3: I Nstallation

    NTERFERENCE NFORMATION This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference; and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 5 EFORE EGIN ARTS HECKLIST Make sure your package includes the following items: Telephone line cord ODULAR EQUIREMENTS You need an RJ11 type modular jack, which is the most common type of phone jack and might look like the one pictured here. If you don’t have a modular jack, call your local phone company to find out how to get one...
  • Page 6 OWERING This unit must be powered by the AC adapter. Installing a battery will only ensure that time, date, user/security code and area code information are retained in the event of a power failure. NSTALLING A ATTERY Use a screwdriver or other flat tool to open the battery compartment door.
  • Page 7 NSTALLATION Connect the telephone line cord to the LINE jack on the back of the unit and then to the modular wall jack. Connect your phone’s line cord to the jack on the back of the unit marked PHONE. Connect the adapter to the POWER 9VAC jack on the back of the unit and then to an AC power outlet.
  • Page 8 EATURES AND ONTROLS ANNOUNCEMENT records or plays back outgoing announcements ANS ON/OFF turns answer function on or off enters Caller Identification mode CODE sets security/user code DIAL calls the number on the display; sets area code DELETE erases voice/caller ID information MEMO records a memo PLAY...
  • Page 9 IQUID RYSTAL Number of Time Date calls/new calls 12:24 4/30 CALL 317-555-1234 SMITH JOHN Number of Name of caller caller You will encounter the following messages while using this unit: incoming call from a private or blocked PRIVATE number ERROR (flashes) caller ID information is invalid PICK UP PHONE number has been successfully dialed...
  • Page 10 ETTING TARTED NOTE: During these processes, if no button is pressed for approximately one minute, the unit will return to the Idle mode. ETTING THE ATE AND Hold the TIME SET button until the unit announces " Monday ." Press the REVIEW or SKIP buttons to scroll through the days.
  • Page 11 IGITAL ESSAGING ETTING THE UTGOING NNOUNCEMENT There are three types of outgoing announce- ments. All three have default greetings - as shown below - that can be recorded over. ANNOUNCEMENT 1: "Please leave your message after the tone." ANNOUNCEMENT 2: "Please leave your message after the tone."...
  • Page 12 TO DELETE AN ANNOUNCEMENT Select the announcement. Press the ANNOUNCEMENT button. Press the DELETE button while the announcement plays. NOTE: If in the default announcement mode, the unit continues to play after you press the DELETE button. The unit confirms " announcement erased. " The default announcement replaces the erased announcement.
  • Page 13 ISTENING TO ESSAGES The unit plays memos before messages. If there are no new memos, the unit starts playing new messages. If there are no new memos or new messages, the unit announces " you have no new messages " and plays all old memos before playing all old messages.
  • Page 14 Tap the SKIP ( ) button to advance to the next memo, message or caller ID entry. ELETING To delete the voice part of a memo or message but not the caller ID information, tap the DELETE button during playback. To delete both voice and caller ID information of the current memo or message, press the DELETE button during playback.
  • Page 15 • While the unit is receiving caller ID information, you cannot access the Memo mode. EMORY When the unit's memory is full, it picks up after 10 rings. After a two-second delay, it emits three beeps. A 20-second waiting period follows, allowing the caller to enter your security/user code.
  • Page 16: D Igital M Essaging

    Digital Messaging System Dial phone number of the answerer. Press the # key to enter the Remote Access mode. Enter 3-digit security code. Enter touch-tone command. Hang up. Write 3-digit security code in boxes. 2-9991 Play/pause messages Play menu Hang up Play previous message (during message playback) Repeat current message...
  • Page 17 ALLER Caller ID information is retrieved between the first and second ring. In the display, the unit shows the number of calls, the caller's name, the caller's telephone number, the day and time. The name, telephone number, time and day of a call are recorded.
  • Page 18 DELETING INFORMATION To erase an individual entry, tap the DELETE button while viewing the caller ID information. Hold the DELETE button to delete an entry that has both caller ID information and a voice message. To delete all new and old caller ID entries, press the DELETE button after you have reached the "...
  • Page 19 If the unit encounters a busy signal, you can end the call by pressing the ANS ON/OFF button or wait four seconds for the unit to disconnect itself. INFORMATION DISPLAY DURING MESSAGE PLAYBACK During playback, the display shows the number of calls, the message number, the name and telephone number of the caller and the day and time the call was received.
  • Page 20: Roubleshooting T Ips

    ROUBLESHOOTING Doesn't answer or messages are incomplete • Make sure answerer is on. • Memory is full; erase some messages. • Caller left a message longer than the time limit allowed. Incoming calls are answered on the 10th ring • Memory is full; erase some messages. Unit won't respond to remote commands •...
  • Page 21: A Nswering C Alls

    NDEX ANNOUNCEMENT 8, 9, 11 ANS ON/OFF 8 ANSWER OFF 9 Answering Calls 12 AREA CODE 9, 17 Battery 6 Call screening 12 Caller ID information 17, 18, 19 CALLS 9 Check an announcement 11 CID 8 CODE 8 Date 10 DELETE 8 Delete an announcement 12 Deleting 14...
  • Page 22: R Eading The M Essage C Ounter

    Microphone 8 Modular jack requirements 5 NEW CALLS 9 Outgoing announcement 11 Parts checklist 5 PAUSE 8, 9 Pausing 13 PICK UP PHONE 9 PLAY 8 Playback 13, 19 Power failure 6 Powering up 6 PRESS DELETE TO ERASE MSGS 9 PRIVATE 9 Reading the message counter Record an outgoing announce-...
  • Page 23: Ervice

    ENERAL RODUCT To keep your unit working and looking good, follow these guidelines: • Avoid putting the unit near heating appliances and devices that generate electrical noise (for example, motors or fluorescent lamps). • DO NOT expose to direct sunlight or moisture. •...
  • Page 24 • Include in the package a copy of Model 2-9991 15298530 (Rev. 1, E) 97-10 Printed in Hong Kong the sales receipt or other evidence of date of original purchase. If the unit was a gift, provide a statement specifying the date received.

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