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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    The material in this document is for information only and is subject to change without notice. While reasonable efforts have been made in the preparation of this document to assure its accuracy, Entone, Inc. assumes no liability resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

  • Page 3: Vudu Movies, Activating Vudu

    OK. The VUDU HD Movies screen will display. Select “Sign Up” and Press OK. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate a new account. Select “New Account” if you are new to VUDU. If you already have a VUDU account from...

  • Page 4: Exploring Vudu, New On Vudu

    VUDU Main Menu page offers you the easiest way to navigate VUDU. The movies on the home screen are selected by VUDU to be some of the most interesting, most talked about, and biggest box office movies new to the VUDU Movies streaming service.

  • Page 5: Browsing Vudu Catalog, Collections, My Vudu"

    See a list of movies or shows that are most popular on  VUDU. Filter this list to see just the movies you want. For more information on filtering, go to the “Browse” section of this guide. Type: Sorts by Movies or TV shows.

  • Page 6: Info & Settings, Network Speed Test, Parental Controls

    My VUDU Network Speed Test In order to use the VUDU service, your Internet bandwidth will need to be at least Find all of your VUDU movies and TV shows that you have rented or own. User Guide User Guide 1Mbps. The table below will help to determine the best bandwidth required for...

  • Page 7: Setting Parental Controls, Account Info, Overscan Settings

    This setting allows you to ensure you are using the optimal amount of your purchase any title by selecting “NR”. HDTV screen for watching movies on VUDU. You will only need to use this if you experience image cropping when watching movies on VUDU. Please follow the...

  • Page 8: System Info, Watching Movies On Vudu

    Share your rating with the VUDU community.  NOTE: The VUDU Community rating lets you know what other VUDU viewers think of the movie/show and ranges from like (5 stars) to dislike (0 stars). The Tomato Meter tells you whether reviewers thought the movie/show was fresh (100%) or rotten (0%).

  • Page 9: Vudu Movie Player, Chapter Navigation Screen

    Once you know what you want to watch, you’ll be enjoying your movie in the User Guide User Guide VUDU Movie Player. Please read the directions for getting the most out of your movie viewing experience. The movie player menu will disappear a few seconds into your movie. Press to bring it back at anytime while watching a movie.

  • Page 10: Vudu Apps, Facebook, Flickr

    User Guide application enables you to experience your photo albums on your TV. This VUDU Apps supports many types of web media application directly from the VUDU interface. Managing accounts can be done directly from the Entone application will allow you to save a User ID, set up with or without a password.

  • Page 11: Pandora

    NOTE: You are allowed two Flickr profiles, one with a password and one without. Your previous profile is located on the right, and the new profile for VUDU is on the left. Enter the email address for your Pandora account.

  • Page 12: Picasa, Twitter

    “Tweets”). Using Twitter requires an existing Twitter account. If you do not  have a Twitter account, go to to create an account before continuing. Press the blue button on the remote or from the Main Menu select “VUDU”  and press OK. ARROW KEYS to select “Twitter”...

  • Page 13

    Controls section of the VUDU chapter. What is the VUDU Movie Service? In short, VUDU is one of the world’s largest video stores right in your living room. The VUDU Movie Service is a leading provider of on-demand HD video available directly on your FusionTV device. VUDU gives you access to over 30,000 movies and TV shows on-demand, including the world’s largest catalog...

  • Page 14

    This indicates your account has not been activated. To activate your account, go to Activate VUDU Account. If you have previously been able to rent or buy movies on VUDU, this may indicate that your payment information is no longer valid. Logon to your account at in order to confirm or update your payment...

  • Page 15

    Information contained in this document is provided on an as is basis. In no event will Entone be liable for damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of the information...

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