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Kenwood DNN9230DAB Manual

2013-2014 car entertainment systems.
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Kenwood systems are made to sync with you, virtually connecting, learning your preferences and harmonising with your needs. From the moment you switch on your Kenwood system, every nuance and inflection of pristine sound reproduction is at your fingertips. You’re in the driver’s seat of your own personalised entertainment experience.
  • Page 3: Speaker Systems

    CONNECTIONS DESIGN Weave your personal music, video, and entertainment into a A Kenwood system is an extension of both your car and your seamless experience. Kenwood systems easily sync with your personality. With seamless installation, Kenwood systems iPod, iPhone, and other smart devices. Hands-free Bluetooth complement your car’s interior while augmenting your personal...
  • Page 4 SOCIAL NETWORK BY VOICE Have you ever wished to check the latest update on your social network while driving? With DNN9230DAB you can! DNN9230DAB can read aloud posts and allows you to reply using Text to Speech and Speech to Text technology. Always keep your headunit in sync with Facebook, Twitter, Email, Google Calendar and your RSS feeds.
  • Page 5: Network

    NETWORK KENWOOD WIRELESS LINK ROUTE COLLECTOR Thanks to Kenwood’s wireless technology, you can share video Route Collector is a Social and music contents between DNN9230DAB and other Wi-Fi Network Service where enabled devices such as a Smartphone, Tablet, or PC. Enjoy you can share your trip seamless entertainment while you are driving.
  • Page 6 Local Weather, Fuel Prices, etc. between your smartphone and headunit. Smartphone Link is available via Google Play as a free a higher audio quality and better reception*. Kenwood has incorpo- download app, with optional upgrade for traffic. rated DAB+ into DNN9230DAB, DNX7230DAB, DNX5230DAB and DNX4230DAB navigation headunits for boosted performance.
  • Page 7: Navigation

    BLUETOOTH AUTO PAIRING VOICE CONTROL USING SIRI When you connect your iPhone When connecting your iPhone to DNN9230DAB, you can via a USB cable, the unit will activate the Siri function and speak through the wired automatically detect and pair microphone by simply pressing the Voice Key.
  • Page 8 TV shows, movies, video playlists, etc. Kenwood’s exclusive “My Favourite Albums” feature, for all DNX navigation systems allows the user to “flick...
  • Page 9 Simply purchase the latest map online, download to a USB memory device and upload to your DNX navigation system. A microSD/SD card with a pre-loaded map can also be purchased online, upload to DNN9230DAB and DNX7230DAB by SD card and DNX5230DAB, DNX4230DAB and DNX4230BT by microSD card.
  • Page 10 Kenwood performs the ultimate synchronicity between DDX receivers and your iPhone. iPhone APP mode.* Enjoy your applications using the Kenwood iPhone APP mode. APP mode enables the headunit to play audio and video, and also offers seven command controls for various applications.
  • Page 11: Monitor Receiver

    MONITOR RECEIVER DDX4023BT 6.1” WVGA DVD Receiver with Built-in Bluetooth Variable 6.1” WideVGA Touch Panel MP3 WMA AAC WAV MPEG 1/2 JPEG Colour Illumination Multi-Language 1AVin 1AVout DivX DVD -VR/±R/RW USB x 1 Menu & Tag 1R-CAM Steering Remote 50W x 4 MOSFET 4V 3Preouts Control Ready DDX3023...
  • Page 12 MIRROR LINK If you’re using a Samsung or Nokia smartphone, Mirror Link lets you experience the ultimate in connection. Just install the Drive Mode APP on your smartphone, then you can control Navigation, Hands-free Phone, and Music Playback from the headunit. KCA-ML100 Mirror Link Unit * Compatible with DDX6023BT &...
  • Page 13 Advanced audio streaming will also add spice to your in-car system, enabling seamless music transfer. HIGH RESOLUTION VGA DISPLAY Kenwood Visual Systems have a stunning VGA display that is equipped with White LED Backlights. These combined with Dynamic Bright- ness Control create a sharp and luminous display. CMOS-310...
  • Page 14 Furthermore this unique idea gives your Android™ smartphone to a sleek look on the dashboard, by a Kenwood CD receiver with a hiding the disc slot on the front. USB cable allows you to control music playback from the unit.
  • Page 15: Top Of The Line

    Steering Remote 2.5V 3Preouts Control Ready 3 LINE FULL DOT LCD WIRED MICROPHONE Check out the stunning Full Dot LCD displays on Kenwood’s KDC-BT73DAB KDC-BT53U high-end CD receivers. You can select between three lines of equipped with rear wired Bluetooth regular-size text or two lines of large-size text.
  • Page 16 AM and FM radios, DAB delivers cleaner, crisper sound due to the noise reduction implemented. Furthermore an upgraded DAB + was released in 2007, which features a higher audio quality and better reception. Kenwood’s built-in DAB +* receivers are maximised in design quality, top-end performance and affordability.
  • Page 17 The USB terminal can be used to three at the same time, safely. With Kenwood’s Bluetooth technology input USB memory, attach a USB compatible digital audio you can enjoy hands-free service.
  • Page 18 FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a music compression format specifically designed for audio lovers, having smaller file sizes but with- out the loss of quality. Kenwood is the first manufacturer to step into the quality sound of FLAC in the car audio industry.
  • Page 19: Digital Media

    DIGITAL MEDIA KDC-4057UB iPod / USB / CD Receiver Music Control 11 Digit FL FRONT 2 Speed Search for Android Radio Data System Steering Remote MP3 WMA AAC 50W x 4 MOSFET 2.5V 1Preout Control Ready KDC-4057UR iPod / USB / CD Receiver Music Control 11 Digit FL FRONT...
  • Page 20 2.5 VOLTAGE PREOUT Kenwood is the first manufacturer to incorporate a Equipped with a single 2.5 voltage preamp output, all Kenwood USB sliding cover to the USB and AUX interface. This feature receivers offer the flexibility of system building. Build up your own prevents dust and the illumination makes it easy to music system by adding an extra amplifier, subwoofer or speaker.
  • Page 21 Android Radio Data System Steering Remote 2.5V 1Preout 50W x 4 MOSFET Control Ready KENWOOD MUSIC CONTROL FOR Android ™ DEDICATED AUDIO KEY Organise your music with The dedicated Audio Key enables the free Kenwood Music quick access to the audio settings...
  • Page 22 DPX405BT Double-DIN Bluetooth / USB / CD Receiver 13 Digit + Clock Variable Music Control Radio Data System Fixed FRONT 2 Speed Search MP3 WMA AAC WAV 50W x 4 MOSFET 2.5V 2Preouts Colour Illumination for Android Steering Remote Control Ready AHA RADIO CONTROL* BLUETOOTH AUTO PAIRING* Aha organises your favourite internet content from the web into...
  • Page 23: Din Receivers

    Control Ready QUALITY DESIGN PANEL This year, Kenwood’s double din CD receiver has been redesigned to encompass a sleek modern style. A piano black panel, big rotary knob, and illumination lighting gives an elegant look to match your car interior.
  • Page 24: Marine

    MARINE KMR-700U Marine iPod / USB Receiver iPod Music Control Radio Data System Marine Wired Flip Down 4V 3Preouts 4 Line Full Dot LCD MP3 WMA AAC WAV KME Light 50W x 4 MOSFET USB AUX for Android Remote Ready IPX5 iPod/iPhone AND USB CONNECTIVITY The KMR-700U is unique in that it features two USB ports for...
  • Page 25 ACCESSORIES CMOS-310 Universal Multi View CMOS Camera The CMOS-310 multi-view camera is equipped with an advanced image processor that is capable of altering viewing angles, increasing the number of viewing options, and adding graphical guidelines to the camera image. You can conveniently toggle between the various viewing options either from the touch screen or wired switch.
  • Page 26 Under high output, internal amp temperatures rapidly rise, and protection circuits are activated. Conventional protection systems shut down the amp to prevent damage, but Kenwood’s Thermal Management System can maintain the output signal profile while detecting and suppressing the temperature increase, successfully improving uninterrupted enjoyment of music reproduction while extending the life of components.
  • Page 27 AMPLIFIERS BASS BOOST KAC-9105D The Bass Boost circuit is provided as a way to compensate for Mono Power Amplifier deficient bass signals which our ears usually find harder to pick 1800w POWER up. By amplifying a specific frequency band, a well-balanced 4ohms 500W x 1 RATED POWER...
  • Page 28 KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Subwoofer PEAK 150w POWER RATED 4ohms 75W POWER KFC-WPS1200F KFC-WPS1000F 300mm Shallow Subwoofer 250mm Shallow Subwoofer PEAK PEAK 1400w 1000w POWER POWER RATED RATED 4ohms 350W 4ohms 250W POWER POWER KFC-W3013 KFC-W2513 300mm Subwoofer 250mm Subwoofer PEAK PEAK 1200w 1000w...
  • Page 29 SUBWOOFERS CARBON POLYPROPYLENE HYBRID CONE WITH DIAMOND-ARRAY PATTERN DUAL VENTILATION SYSTEM Etched diamond shapes all the way to the Effective heat dissipation and bass speaker edge help to reduce surface waves reproduction are achieved by cutting a on the diaphragm, decrease sectional hole in the side of the frame and magnet, vibration, and suppress distorted as well as in the centre of the back...
  • Page 30 XR-1800P 180mm Component Speaker PEAK 330w POWER RATED 4ohms 110W POWER ADVANCED HYBRID PULP CONE With an advanced sandblasted finish, the XR-1800P surface reduces unwanted distortion caused by vibration. Additionally, an optimal mixture of pulp, hemp, and glass fibre gives you both great sound quality and long term durability.
  • Page 31 SPEAKERS KFC-X712 KFC-X173 7”x10” 3-way Speaker 170mm 2-way Speaker PEAK PEAK 400w 240w POWER POWER RATED RATED 4ohms 80W 4ohms 80W POWER POWER KFC-X693 KFC-X133 6”x9” 3-way Speaker 130mm 2-way Speaker PEAK PEAK 300w 160w POWER POWER RATED RATED 4ohms 130W 4ohms 40W POWER POWER...
  • Page 32 RATED 4ohms 110W POWER KFC-M6934A SQUARE-ARRAY PATTERN 6”x9” 3-way Speaker By using a polypropylene woofer cone PEAK 360w with Kenwood’s Square-array Pattern, POWER RATED 4ohms 80W cone strength is increased and low POWER frequency performance is enhanced. KFC-E1764 KFC-E1364 KFC-E1064...
  • Page 33 KFC-E1764C KFC-E1364C KFC-E1064C 170mm 3-way Speaker 130mm 3-way Speaker 100mm 3-way Speaker PEAK PEAK PEAK 200w 150w 120w POWER POWER POWER RATED RATED RATED 4ohms 35W 4ohms 28W 4ohms 20W POWER POWER POWER KFC-E1754C KFC-E1354C KFC-E1054C 170mm Dual Cone Speaker 130mm Dual Cone Speaker 100mm Dual Cone Speaker PEAK...
  • Page 34 *1 If you want to check your mobile phone, visit *2 If you want to check your iPod/iPhone generation, visit *3 Playable audio file specification is also available on *4 Do not operate iPod or iPhone while driving. *5 1A power supply through USB is supported. *6 1A power supply through USB is not supported.
  • Page 35 Rear Front SD Card AV/AUX Input AV Output Playable Format Camera Camera Mirror Playback DAB Input Control Radio Link Box Tuner Control Ready MPEG4 / H.264 / MP3 WMA AAC FLAC JPEG MPEG1,2 DivX ® (Linear PCM Only) NAVIGATION Rear Rear AV (RCA) Rear x 2 (Video: RCA /...
  • Page 36 Kenwood Electronics UK Limited JVCKENWOOD Corporation follows a policy of continuous advancement in technical development. For this reason information contained in this catalogue and specifications may be changed without notice. Kenwood House Dwight Road Products introduced in this catalogue may not be available in some regions.

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