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    Your HTC One mini User guide...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Transferring content from an Android phone Transferring content from an iPhone Transferring contacts from your old phone through Bluetooth Getting contacts and other content into HTC One mini Transferring photos, videos, and music between your phone and computer Home screen...

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    Contents Rearranging application tabs Customizing the lock screen style Hiding missed calls and messages on the lock screen Securing HTC One mini with a personal touch Phone calls Making a call with Smart dial Dialing an extension number Returning a missed call...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Data connection Managing your data usage Wi‑Fi Connecting to a virtual private network (VPN) Using HTC One mini as a wireless router Sharing your phone's Internet connection by USB tethering Connecting to the Internet through a computer Wi‑Fi printing Wireless sharing...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Playing a sound when selecting onscreen items Changing the display language Accessibility settings Magnifying your phone's screen Working with certificates Protecting your SIM card with a PIN Protecting HTC One mini with a screen lock Checking your phone's HTC Sense version Trademarks and copyrights Index...

  • Page 6: Conventions Used In This Guide

    Conventions used in this guide Conventions used in this guide In this user guide, we use the following symbols to indicate useful and important information: This is a note. A note often gives additional information, such as what happens when you choose to do or not to do a certain action. A note also provides information that may only be applicable to some situations.

  • Page 7: Htc One Mini

    10. Proximity sensor 11. Tray eject hole/SIM card tray § HTC One mini is available in either a 3G or LTE version, depending on your region and mobile operator. You need an LTE plan to use your operator's 4G/LTE network for voice calls and data services. Check with your operator for details.

  • Page 8: Microsim Card

    Unboxing microSIM card HTC One mini uses a microSIM card. The microSIM card contains your phone number, service details, and memory for storing phonebook contacts and/or text messages. Inserting the SIM card Use a standard microSIM only. Inserting other types (such as nanoSIM with an adapter or a modified SIM) may cause the card to not fit properly or damage the card slot.

  • Page 9: Removing The Sim Card

    Unboxing Removing the SIM card Make sure to switch off HTC One mini before removing your SIM card. 1. Hold the phone face up and the top panel facing you. 2. Insert the tip of the SIM eject tool (or a small bent paperclip) into the small hole next to the SIM card tray slot.

  • Page 10: Charging The Battery, Switching The Power On Or Off

    Switching the power on Press the POWER button. When you turn on HTC One mini for the first time, you’ll need to set it up. Switching the power off 1. If the display is off, press the POWER button to turn it back on. If your screen is protected with a lock screen, you need to unlock it.

  • Page 11: Want Some Quick Guidance On Your Phone

    Want some quick guidance on your phone? Exploring HTC One mini Tips & Help lets you get the most out of HTC One mini in seconds. § Ever have the feeling that you're not getting the most out of your phone? Browse through the friendly walkthroughs on Tips &...

  • Page 12: Setting Up Your New Phone For The First Time

    § If you have content from an old phone, you can choose to do a direct phone-to- phone transfer. § To make it easier for you to back up and restore content from HTC One mini to another HTC phone in the future, select Back up phone daily.

  • Page 13: Transferring Content From An Android Phone

    Some settings can also be transferred. § You need Android version 2.3 or later to use the HTC Transfer Tool on your old phone.

  • Page 14: Transferring Content From An Iphone, Transferring Contacts From Your Old Phone Through Bluetooth

    HTC phone. Use HTC Sync Manager to transfer more types of content from an iPhone. 1. Do one of the following: §...

  • Page 15: Getting Contacts And Other Content Into Htc One Mini

    Go to Settings, and then tap Accounts & sync > to check first what online storage accounts are available on HTC One mini and sign in to the one you want to use. Use the Gallery app to access media in your online storage.

  • Page 16: Home Screen, Getting To Know Your Settings

    Your Home screen is where you make HTC One mini your own. § After you've turned on and set up HTC One mini, you'll see the Feeds view as the main Home screen. Customize it to show posts from your social networks, headlines from your favorite news media, and more.

  • Page 17: Updating Your Phone's Software

    Setting up your phone Updating your phone's software HTC One mini can check and notify you if there’s a new update available. You can also manually check if there's an available update. Installing a software update When Internet connection is on and there's a new software update available, the update notification icon appears in the status bar.

  • Page 18: About Your Phone

    By using HTC Sync Manager, you can even migrate content from an iPhone. See Transferring iPhone content to your HTC phone on page 106. § Back up HTC One mini to the cloud so it'll be a lot easier to restore your content to a new phone next time. See Using HTC Backup on page 102.

  • Page 19

    § In our HTC Music app, you'll see a visual animation while you're playing a song. And if lyrics are available, they'll show onscreen. HD entertainment on the go Use HTC Media Link HD to wirelessly share your media from HTC One mini to your HD TV. See Sharing on a big screen on page 89.

  • Page 20: Basics

    Your first week with your new phone ™ § The 23 GB offer is available only on HTC phones that use HTC Sense 4.0 or later and have Dropbox preinstalled. § On HTC phones that don't have Dropbox preloaded, you can download it from Google Play and still enjoy Dropbox integration with apps such as Gallery and Mail.

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    Your first week with your new phone Swipe or slide Quickly swipe your finger vertically or horizontally across the screen to go to other Home pages, scroll through documents, and more. Drag Press and hold your finger with some pressure before you start to drag.

  • Page 22: Pinch And Spread

    Your first week with your new phone Press and flick On the Home screen, you can easily move a widget or icon from one screen to another. Press and hold the widget or icon with one finger, and flick the screen to the new location with another finger. Pinch and spread In some apps, like Gallery, Messages, Mail, or the web browser, spread your fingers...

  • Page 23

    § HTC gestures is enabled by default, which makes the three-finger gesture work only when sharing content or using HTC apps. § You need to hook up the HTC Media Link HD (sold separately) to your HDMI TV to share content.

  • Page 24: Motion Gestures

    Can't use multi-finger gestures in your apps? That's because HTC gestures is enabled by default. This makes the three- finger gesture exclusive for sharing content or for use with HTC apps. You won't be able to use multi-finger gestures (gestures that use three fingers or more) for other purposes.

  • Page 25: Sleep Mode

    Sleep mode Sleep mode saves battery power by putting HTC One mini into a low power state while the display is off. It also stops accidental button presses when HTC One mini is in your bag. Switching to Sleep mode Briefly press the POWER button to turn off the display and switch to Sleep mode.

  • Page 26: Unlocking The Screen

    § When there's a notification or info shown on the lock screen such as a missed call or new message, you can drag it up to directly go to its app. If you've set up a screen lock, you'll be asked to provide your credentials first before HTC One mini opens the app or folder.

  • Page 27: Switching Between Recently Opened Apps, Using Quick Settings

    Your first week with your new phone Switching between recently opened apps When you're multitasking and using different apps on HTC One mini, you can easily switch between the apps you've recently opened. Double-tap to see recently-opened apps. § To switch back to an app, just tap it.

  • Page 28: Home Screen Feeds

    Your first week with your new phone Capturing your phone's screen Want to show off your high game score or write a blog post about HTC One mini features? It's easy to take a picture of the screen and share it from Gallery.

  • Page 29: Your Social Networks

    Your first week with your new phone Your social networks When you sign in to your social network accounts and authorize HTC Sense to access them, you can: § Post status updates from the Home screen when using the Feeds view.

  • Page 30: Notifications

    Notification LED The notification LED shows a: § Solid green light when HTC One mini is connected to the power adapter or a computer and the battery is fully charged. § Flashing green light when you have a pending notification.

  • Page 31: Notifications Panel

    Your first week with your new phone § Solid orange light when the battery is being charged. § Flashing orange light when the battery level reaches very low. Notifications panel Notification icons inform you of new messages, calendar events, alarms, and activities in progress such as files downloading.

  • Page 32: Working With Text

    The HTC Sense keyboard Typing is fast and accurate with the HTC Sense keyboard. § Turn on the Trace keyboard so you can type words by just sliding your finger from one letter to another. See Using the Trace keyboard on page 35.

  • Page 33: Entering Text

    Choose a keyboard layout that suits your typing style. 1. Go to Settings, and then tap Language & keyboard. 2. Tap HTC Sense Input > Keyboard selection. 3. Tap Keyboard types, and then select the keyboard layout that you want to use.

  • Page 34

    Your first week with your new phone Choosing and switching between keyboard languages If multiple keyboard languages are available on HTC One mini, you can choose which languages to enable in the onscreen keyboard. 1. Go to Settings, and then tap Language & keyboard.

  • Page 35: Using The Trace Keyboard

    Using the Trace keyboard Instead of tapping the keys on the onscreen keyboard, you can "trace" to type words. You need to turn on the Trace keyboard in Settings > Language & keyboard > HTC Sense Input. 1. Slide your finger from one letter to the next to enter a word.

  • Page 36: Battery

    1. Go to Settings, and then tap Power. 2. Tap History. 3. If you've used HTC One mini for a long time since the last charge, swipe left or right to scale the graph that details battery usage over time.

  • Page 37: Getting The Battery To Last Longer

    How long the battery can last before it needs recharging depends on how you use HTC One mini. HTC One mini power management helps to increase battery life. In times when you need to extend the battery life more, try out some of these tips:...

  • Page 38

    Your first week with your new phone Manage your apps § Install the latest software and application updates. Updates sometimes include battery performance improvements. § Uninstall or disable apps that you never use. Many apps run processes or sync data in the background even when you're not using them.

  • Page 39

    If power saver mode's Data connection option is selected, HTC One mini automatically disconnects from the mobile network after 15 minutes when the screen is off and the data connection is idle (no download activity, streaming, or data usage).

  • Page 40: Camera

    Open the Camera app to capture that perfect moment. While waiting to take your next photo, switch HTC One mini to Sleep mode. When you're ready to take more photos and videos, just press POWER again to use the camera.

  • Page 41: Taking A Photo, Recording Video

    Camera and Gallery Choosing an effect Use the available camera effects to make your photos look like they’ve been taken through special lenses or filters. You can also apply certain effects to videos. 1. Tap 2. Scroll through the available effects and tap one that you like. Setting the video resolution 1.

  • Page 42: Taking Continuous Camera Shots

    Camera and Gallery Taking a photo while recording a video (VideoPic) Make sure that you're in Normal scene to use this feature. While you're recording video using the main camera, tap to capture a still shot of your subject. Turning off auto focus You can only turn off auto focus before you start recording with the main camera.

  • Page 43: Improving Portrait Shots

    3-second video at the same time. In the Gallery app, HTC Zoe photos appear as a video clip and a cover photo. You can also choose a photo from the series to edit or share.

  • Page 44: Taking A Panoramic Photo, Recording Videos In Slow Motion

    (or pan up or down in portrait view). 4. Pan HTC One mini as smoothly as you can to automatically capture frames. You can also tap to stop capturing anytime.

  • Page 45: Gallery

    2. Browse to an album or a group of photos. 3. Tap a photo or video to view it in full screen. HTC Zoe photos appear as moving images when viewed in Gallery or in full screen mode.

  • Page 46

    Camera and Gallery Watching and trimming a video You can capture a snapshot while watching a video, trim the video to remove unwanted scenes, and more. 1. In the Gallery app's Album or Events view, go to the video that you want to watch.

  • Page 47: Viewing Photo Highlights, Viewing The Highlights Of An Event, Organizing Your Photos And Videos

    The highlight video will include HTC Zoe photos, still photos, and video clips. Your most viewed or most shared content from an event are the top highlights.

  • Page 48

    Some albums, like Camera shots and All photos, cannot be renamed. Working with event photos Photos and videos that you captured using HTC One mini are grouped together in Events view according to the time and location they were taken. You can combine photos from two events.

  • Page 49: Viewing Photos In Your Social Networks, Editing Your Photos

    Camera and Gallery Viewing photos in your social networks Right in the Gallery app, check what you and your friends have uploaded to your social networks or photo sharing sites. Log on to your accounts and add them in Gallery before you start viewing online photos.

  • Page 50

    Hop, skip, or jump. Create a sequence shot to stitch a series of actions in one photo. You can use this feature when editing HTC Zoe photos. This feature is only available for continuous shots that are saved as a batch.

  • Page 51: Editing A Group Shot, Removing Unwanted Objects In A Photo

    To capture a precise moment in an HTC Zoe photo, while viewing the HTC Zoe photo, drag the slider on the progress bar until you see the image you want. You can then remove unwanted objects.

  • Page 52: Sending Your Photos And Videos, Sharing Your Photos On Social Networks

    You can send several photos, videos, or both in an email message. They are added as file attachments in your email. 5. If you selected an HTC Zoe photo, you can choose to send it as a still image or video.

  • Page 53

    Camera and Gallery 4. Select the items you want to share and then tap Next. If you selected an HTC Zoe photo, you can choose to share it as a still image or video. If you choose to share it as a still image, the cover photo (the shot that was captured when the shutter was pressed) will be shared.

  • Page 54

    Managing collections in HTC Share Want to share photos to more friends or delete those you have already uploaded to HTC Share? 1. On the screen that allows you to upload photos to HTC Share, tap > My HTC Shares.

  • Page 55: Making Htc One Mini Truly Yours, Changing Your Wallpaper

    Personalizing Making HTC One mini truly yours Make HTC One mini look and sound just the way you want it. Personalize it with a different wallpaper and ringtone, and you can also choose notification sounds for events such as incoming text, email, and calendar reminders.

  • Page 56

    Personalizing 3. Tap > Widgets. You can: § Swipe to browse through the widgets. § Tap to search for specific widgets. Some widgets are available in different styles and sizes. 4. Press and hold and then drag a widget to a home screen thumbnail where you want to add it.

  • Page 57: Adding Apps And Other Shortcuts On Your Home Screen

    Personalizing Adding apps and other shortcuts on your Home screen Place apps you often use on your Home screen. You can also add shortcuts to frequently used settings, bookmarked webpages, and more. 1. Go to Settings, and then tap Personalize. 2.

  • Page 58: Personalizing The Launch Bar, Grouping Apps Into A Folder

    Personalizing 3. Release the widget or icon. 4. To move the widget or icon to another position on the panel, just press and hold and then drag it. Removing a widget or icon 1. Press and hold the widget or icon you want to remove, and then drag it to 2.

  • Page 59: Adding A Home Screen Panel

    Personalizing 3. Tap 4. Select one or more apps that you want to add to the folder. 5. Tap Done. § You can also add shortcuts to settings or information. Add a shortcut first to the Home screen, and then drag it over to the folder. §...

  • Page 60: Changing Your Ringtone, Notifications, And Sounds, Rearranging Application Tabs, Customizing The Lock Screen Style

    Personalizing Changing your ringtone, notifications, and sounds 1. Go to Settings, and then tap Personalize. 2. Under Sound, change the ringtone, notification sound, and alarm. Go to the Messages, Mail, Calendar, and Tasks apps to choose sounds for new messages, email, calendar, and task reminders respectively. Want alarms to ring louder but notifications to be more discreet? In Settings, tap Sound >...

  • Page 61: Hiding Missed Calls And Messages On The Lock Screen

    HTC One mini to recognize your face in different situations, such as when you're wearing glasses or sporting a beard. You'll be asked to unlock the screen every time HTC One mini is turned on or when it’s idle for a certain period of time.

  • Page 62: Making A Call With Smart Dial

    HTC One mini is available in either a 3G or LTE version, depending on your region and mobile operator. You need an LTE plan to use your operator's 4G/LTE network for voice calls and data services.

  • Page 63: Dialing An Extension Number, Returning A Missed Call, Using Speed Dial

    Phone calls Dialing an extension number To skip voice prompts when dialing an extension number, do one of the following: § After dialing the main number, press and hold * . The letter p is added to the number you are dialing. Enter the extension number, and then tap Call. You will be connected to the mainline and then to the extension number.

  • Page 64: Calling A Phone Number In A Text Message, Calling A Phone Number In An Email

    3. Tap Call. Making an emergency call In some regions, you can make emergency calls from HTC One mini even if you don’t have a SIM card installed or your SIM card has been blocked. If you don't have a network signal, you won't be able to make an emergency call.

  • Page 65: Receiving Calls

    § Press the VOLUME DOWN or VOLUME UP button. § Press the POWER button. § Place HTC One mini face down on a level surface. If HTC One mini is already facing down, it will still ring when there are subsequent incoming calls. Look who's calling Every time you make a call or your friend gives you a ring, you get to see your friend’s...

  • Page 66: What Can I Do During A Call?

    2. To switch between the calls, tap the person you want to talk to on the screen. Turning the speakerphone on or off during a call To decrease potential damage to your hearing, do not hold HTC One mini to your ear when the speakerphone is on.

  • Page 67: Setting Up A Conference Call, Checking Calls In The Call History

    Phone calls Setting up a conference call Conference calling with your friends, family, or co-workers is easy. Make the first call (or accept a call), and then simply dial each subsequent call to add it to the conference. Make sure your SIM card is enabled with conference calling service. Contact your mobile operator for details.

  • Page 68: Changing Ringtone Settings

    Making HTC One mini ring louder in your pocket or bag To help avoid missing incoming calls when HTC One mini is in your pocket or bag, the pocket mode feature gradually increases the ring volume and vibrates when you receive a call.

  • Page 69: Home Dialing

    Phone calls Home dialing When you're on a trip abroad, it's easy to dial friends and family from home. Your home country code is automatically added when you call your contacts while roaming. But when manually entering a phone number to call, you need to enter a plus (+) sign and country code before the number.

  • Page 70: Sending A Text Message (sms), Sending A Multimedia Message (mms)

    Messages Messages Sending a text message (SMS) 1. Open the Messages app. 2. Tap 3. Enter a contact name or mobile number in the To field. 4. Tap the box that says Add text, and then enter your message. 5. Tap , or press to save the message as a draft.

  • Page 71: Creating A Slideshow

    Messages 8. After adding an attachment, tap to see options for replacing, viewing or removing your attachment. 9. Tap , or press to save the message as a draft. Depending on the resolution of your photo or video attachments, they may be displayed as cropped thumbnails in your multimedia message.

  • Page 72: Sending A Group Message

    Similar to a group chat, sending a group MMS lets your recipients join the conversation you've started. HTC One mini also organizes message replies in a single conversation thread. If this is your first time to send a group MMS, you may need to enter your mobile phone number.

  • Page 73: Resuming A Draft Message, Replying To A Message

    3. Tap Replying to a contact's other phone number When a contact has multiple phone numbers stored on HTC One mini, you can select which phone number to reply to. Keep in mind that your response will be sent to the phone number of the latest message you’ve received from this contact.

  • Page 74: Saving A Text Message In The Tasks App, Forwarding A Message

    Messages Saving a text message in the Tasks app Save a text message in your Tasks list so you can remind yourself when to reply. 1. On the Messages screen, tap a contact (or phone number) to display the exchange of messages with that contact. 2.

  • Page 75: Moving Messages To The Secure Box, Blocking Unwanted Messages

    Messages Moving messages to the secure box You can move private messages to the secure box. You will need to enter a password to read these messages. § The secure box does not encrypt messages. § Messages stored on your SIM card cannot be moved to the secure box. 1.

  • Page 76: Wap Push Messages, Copying A Text Message To Your Sim Card, Deleting Messages And Conversations

    Messages WAP push messages WAP push messages contain a web link. Often, the link will be to download a file that you have requested from a service provider. Open only links from sources that you trust. When you receive a WAP push message, a notification icon is displayed in the status bar.

  • Page 77

    Messages How do I protect a message from being deleted? You can lock a message so that it will not be deleted even if you delete the other messages in the conversation. 1. On the Messages screen, tap a contact (or phone number) to display the exchange of messages with that contact.

  • Page 78: Searching Htc One Mini And The Web

    Search and web browser Search and web browser Searching HTC One mini and the Web You can search for information on HTC One mini and on the Web. Start your search by entering a keyword or by using Google Voice Search ™...

  • Page 79: Getting Instant Information With Google Now

    4. To see all available information cards, tap Show sample cards. More information cards will appear on the Google search screen as you use HTC One mini to search the Web, create appointments, and more. Changing card settings You can easily customize the settings of Google Now cards to suit your information needs.

  • Page 80: Browsing The Web

    Refreshing Google Now Refresh Google Now to update the information cards or show relevant cards for information that you've just added on HTC One mini, like an upcoming event in Calendar. 1. Open the Google app. Or press and hold 2.

  • Page 81

    Search and web browser Switching to Read mode Want to read a Web article without distractions? Read mode removes menus, banners, and backgrounds from a webpage. Read mode may not be available on certain webpages. While viewing a webpage, tap before the URL address.

  • Page 82: Bookmarking A Web

    Watch list so you can quickly find and watch them whenever you like. HTC One mini saves webpage text and images only. You will need Internet connection to open linked pages and play video clips.

  • Page 83: Using Your Browsing History

    4. Select the Internet option. Using your browsing history HTC One mini keeps a record of webpages you've visited. If you don't want HTC One mini to keep your browsing history, browse using an incognito tab. See Private browsing on page 84.

  • Page 84: Clearing Your Browsing History

    Search and web browser Clearing your browsing history 1. While viewing a webpage, tap > Settings > Privacy & security > Clear history. 2. Tap OK. All webpage entries in the History and Most visited tabs are deleted. If you want to delete a single webpage entry, go to the History or Most visited tab, press and hold the webpage entry, and then tap Remove from history or Remove from most visited.

  • Page 85: Music

    Music Listening to music Enjoy your favorite songs on HTC One mini using the Music app. When you open the Music app for the first time, you'll be asked if you would like to automatically download related content, such as album covers and artist photos, to HTC One mini.

  • Page 86: Creating And Working With Playlists

    Entertainment Making your music sound better Turn on Beats Audio for an enhanced sound experience. Songs and videos sound rich and authentic, especially when played in Music and Gallery apps. To turn the Beats Audio profile on or off, go to Settings, and then tap the Beats Audio On/Off switch.

  • Page 87: Updating Album Covers And Artist Photos

    > Delete playlists to remove several playlists. Adding a song to the queue While playing a song, you can also browse other tracks stored on HTC One mini. Add a song or an album to the queue so it plays when the current playlist has finished playing.

  • Page 88

    Searching for lyrics, music videos, and more Viewing song lyrics Love a song so much that you want to sing along? HTC One mini gives your music an extra kick with song lyrics and cool music visualizations. To save on data usage, you might want to connect to a Wi‑Fi network when downloading lyrics.

  • Page 89: Wireless Display

    HTC One mini to your TV. About HTC Media Link HD You can plug in HTC Media Link HD to any TV with HDMI port, and use it to display content wirelessly to your TV.

  • Page 90

    Web, or send email on HTC One mini. Turns your TV into a digital photo frame Use the TV screen saver feature to store up to 30 photos from HTC One mini on HTC Media Link HD, and display them as a slideshow on your TV.

  • Page 91: Phone Storage

    Save and close your files before copying them from your computer to HTC One mini, or vice versa. 1. Connect HTC One mini to the computer using the supplied USB cable. You'll see options for viewing or importing files on the computer screen.

  • Page 92: Making More Storage Space, Manage Photos And Videos

    In Camera settings, tap Video Quality to change the resolution. Back up apps data Keep only the most recent data from apps on HTC One mini. You can back up calendars, contacts, and bookmarks or export text messages, and personal dictionaries.

  • Page 93: Dropbox Integration

    § Set a lock screen PIN or password before encrypting your data. § Fully charge the battery and keep HTC One mini connected to the power adapter during encryption. The encryption process takes about an hour.

  • Page 94

    § To get the additional 23GB of Dropbox storage free for two years, please sign in to your Dropbox account from HTC One mini (and not from your computer or other non-HTC devices), and complete the getting started guide on the Dropbox website (

  • Page 95

    Your new camera shots will be uploaded automatically, if you turned on the Camera Upload feature when you set up your Dropbox account on HTC One mini. If you didn't turn it on before, you can enable it in the Dropbox settings.

  • Page 96

    Keeping your documents in Dropbox Saving an Office document to Dropbox You can open an Office document on HTC One mini and save it to your Dropbox. 1. Open an Office document, such as one that's attached to an email.

  • Page 97

    > Save as. Saving a PDF document to Dropbox You can open a PDF document on HTC One mini and save it to your Dropbox. 1. Open a PDF document, such as one that's attached to an email. If you have more than one PDF viewing app installed, select PDF Viewer.

  • Page 98

    Under Online storage, you'll see your available Dropbox storage. Unlinking HTC One mini from Dropbox You can remotely unlink HTC One mini from your Dropbox, if you lost your device. 1. On your computer's web browser, log in to the Dropbox website (

  • Page 99: Online Sync

    Sign in to your Google Account to see your Gmail, contacts, and calendars, and to use Google apps on HTC One mini. If you add more than one Google Account, you can switch between accounts in apps such as Gmail and choose which account to back up your settings to.

  • Page 100: Removing An Account

    If you have forgotten your Google Account password, you can try to recover it by going to the Google website. 1. On HTC One mini or on your computer, open your web browser 2. Go to 3. Select the option for retrieving your password, and then enter the email address or username that you use to sign in to your Google Account.

  • Page 101: Backup

    Use the built-in HTC Backup to back up your accounts, apps, settings, and more to the cloud so that it will be easier to restore them on HTC One mini (after a factory reset) or newer phone. For details, see Using HTC Backup on page 102.

  • Page 102

    On HTC One mini, use HTC Backup to do a daily backup to the cloud so you can easily restore your content and settings next time.

  • Page 103

    Using a Wi‑Fi connection is recommended. 1. When you turn on a new HTC phone for the first time or after a factory reset, choose to restore content, and then select Restore from HTC Backup on the Set up phone screen.

  • Page 104: Backing Up Your Contacts

    3. Enter your email address. 4. Compose your email message, and then send it. To restore your text messages to HTC One mini, open the email message with the backup file attachment from the Mail app. Tap the attachment to download it first, and then tap it again to open the backup file to import.

  • Page 105: Htc Sync Manager

    HTC Sync Manager Syncing your media and data with HTC Sync Manager With HTC Sync Manager, enjoy the same rich media whether you're at your computer or on the move. Use it also to store your same contacts, important documents, and other data on both your HTC phone and your computer.

  • Page 106: Transferring Iphone Content To Your Htc Phone

    Sync, backup, and reset Installing HTC Sync Manager on your computer § You need to have administrator rights if you're installing HTC Sync Manager on ® Windows Vista or later versions. § If you have problem in installing HTC Sync Manager, close all your running programs and reinstall.

  • Page 107: Copying Or Removing Media On Your Phone, Syncing Data Between Your Phone And Your Computer

    Manager always keeps the bookmarks from your computer. 5. Click if this is your first time to sync. To allow HTC Sync Manager to auto sync your data and files (such as documents and media) next time, select Sync automatically whenever the phone connects.

  • Page 108: Syncing Playlists Between Your Phone And Your Computer

    Sync, backup, and reset Syncing music, photos, and videos from your phone to your computer Set HTC Sync Manager to import all music, photos, and videos from your phone to your computer. 1. Connect your phone to your computer. 2. Do any of the following: §...

  • Page 109: Reset

    Reset Restarting HTC One mini (Soft reset) If HTC One mini is running slower than normal, is unresponsive, or has an app that is not performing properly, try rebooting and see if that helps solve the problem. 1. If the display is off, press the POWER button to turn it back on. If your screen is protected with a lock screen, you need to unlock it.

  • Page 110

    Performing a factory reset from settings 1. Go to Settings, and then tap Backup & reset. 2. Tap Reset phone. 3. If you also want to delete media and other data on HTC One mini, select Erase all data. 4. Tap OK.

  • Page 111: Your Contacts List

    People People Your contacts list The People app lists all contacts you've stored on HTC One mini and from online accounts you're logged in to. Use the People app to easily manage communications with people that matter to you. 1. Open the People app.

  • Page 112: Setting Up Your Profile

    People Finding people Search for contacts stored on HTC One mini, your company directory if you have an Exchange ActiveSync account, or social networks you've signed into. 1. Open the People app. 2. On the People tab, you can: § Find people in your contacts list. Tap the Search people box, and then enter the first few letters of the contact name.

  • Page 113: Adding A New Contact

    People Adding a new contact 1. On the People tab, tap 2. Tap the Name field, and then enter the contact name. if you want to separately enter the contact's first, middle, and last name. Depending on the contact type, you may also be able to add other info such as a name suffix (for example, "Jr.").

  • Page 114: Editing A Contact's Information, Getting In Touch With A Contact, Importing Or Copying Contacts

    People Editing a contact’s information Social network contacts cannot be edited. 1. On the People tab, press and hold the contact, and then tap Edit contact. 2. Enter the new information. 3. Tap Save. Getting in touch with a contact 1.

  • Page 115: Merging Contact Information

    Accepting contact link suggestions When HTC One mini finds contacts that can be merged, you’ll see a link notification when you open the People app. 1. On the People tab, tap the Link suggestion notification when available. You'll see a list of suggested contacts to merge.

  • Page 116: Sending Contact Information, Contact Groups

    We’ve also set up the Frequent group to automatically add the contacts you dial or get calls from the most. HTC One mini also syncs with groups you've created in your Google Account. Creating a group 1.

  • Page 117: Editing A Group

    People 3. Select the contacts you want to add, and then tap Save. 4. When your group is complete, tap Save. Sending a message or email to a group You will be charged for each text message sent. For example, if you send a message to a group of five people, you will be charged for five messages.

  • Page 118: Gmail

    Email Email Gmail Viewing your Gmail Inbox All your received email messages are delivered to your Inbox. Open the Gmail app. Display drafts, sent Tap Inbox at the top bar and then messages, and tap another label (such as Sent, other labels Drafts, or your created label) to view its messages and...

  • Page 119: Mail

    The Mail app is where you read, send, and organize email messages from one or more email accounts that you’ve set up on HTC One mini. 1. Open the Mail app. The inbox of one of your email accounts appears.

  • Page 120

    Email Organizing your inbox Do you have a big pile of email messages in your inbox? Organize your email messages into tabs and quickly find the messages you want. 1. Switch to the email account that you want to use. 2.

  • Page 121: Managing Email Messages

    Email 3. In the email account inbox, tap the email message or conversation you want to read. If you want to read a particular message inside an email conversation, tap expand the conversation, and then tap the email message. 4. Tap Reply or Reply All. for more actions for the email.

  • Page 122

    Working with Exchange ActiveSync email Enjoy the powerful email features of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync right on HTC One mini. Flag important email messages, set your out of the office reply, or send invites to your next team meeting while you're on the go.

  • Page 123: Adding An Email Account

    4. Enter the email address and password for your email account, and then tap Next. Some email accounts allow you to set the sync schedule. By default, HTC One mini uses Smart Sync to save battery power. See What is Smart Sync? on page 123.

  • Page 124: Location Settings, Google Maps

    Location settings Turning location services on or off In order to find your location on HTC One mini, you need to enable location sources. 1. Go to Settings, and then tap Location. 2. Select or clear the location sources you want to turn on or off.

  • Page 125: Searching For A Location

    Travel and maps Checking the details of a location 1. Press and hold a location on the map. A balloon opens over the location, with the name of the location, a part of the address, and a thumbnail from Street View (if available).

  • Page 126: Getting Directions

    Travel and maps Searching for a place of interest near you ™ Use Google+ Local to find places of interest near your current location. Google+ Local uses Google Maps to search common places that you would want to find, such as the nearest gas station or ATM kiosk.

  • Page 127: Downloading Offline Maps, Viewing Offline Maps

    Travel and maps Finding your friends with Google Latitude (available by country) ® Google Latitude user location service lets you and your friends share locations and status messages with each other. It also lets you get directions to your friends’ locations, send your location details by email, and more.

  • Page 128: Htc Car

    HTC Car On the road with HTC Car Now when you drive, you can easily use HTC One mini to reach your destination, keep you entertained, and help you stay in touch with the people that matter to you. Access music, phone calls, maps, and more with HTC Car.

  • Page 129: Listening To Internet Radio With Tunein

    For example, say "Listen to comedy". § To ensure smooth playback, TuneIn preloads audio data (buffering) on HTC One mini before playing your selected station. To set the amount of audio to preload, tap...

  • Page 130: Staying Connected To Your Contacts

    Travel and maps Finding your way with HTC Car HTC Car helps you to find your way to where you want to go. Easily find nearby restaurants and more on your weekends. HTC Car gives you the information you need so you won't get lost.

  • Page 131

    § Tap Speak and say "Call" and the person's name. For example, say "Call Jennifer Singer". Customizing HTC Car § To change the default behavior of HTC Car, tap Settings. § To add more apps to HTC Car, tap and select an app.

  • Page 132: Getting Apps

    Google Play and other apps Getting apps Getting apps from Google Play Google Play is the place to go to find new apps for HTC One mini. Choose from a wide variety of free and paid apps ranging from productivity apps, entertainment, to games.

  • Page 133: Downloading Apps From The Web, Uninstalling An App

    2. Follow the website's download instructions for the app. Before you can install the downloaded app, make sure that you've set HTC One mini to allow installation of third-party apps in Settings > Security > Unknown sources.

  • Page 134: Essential Apps

    Essential apps Using the Clock Get more from the Clock app than just the regular date and time. Use HTC One mini as a world clock to see the date and time in cities across the globe. You can also set alarms or track your time using the stopwatch or timer.

  • Page 135: Viewing The Calendar

    Google Play and other apps Viewing the Calendar Use the Calendar app to view your events, meetings, and appointments. If you've signed into your online accounts, related events will also appear in Calendar. 1. Open the Calendar app. 2. Tap , and then choose a calendar view.

  • Page 136: Scheduling Or Editing An Event, Choosing Which Calendars To Show

    Google Play and other apps Scheduling or editing an event You can create or edit events on HTC One mini, and also sync events with your Google or Exchange ActiveSync calendars. Editing events is not supported for all accounts. 1. Open the Calendar app.

  • Page 137: Accepting Or Declining A Meeting Invitation

    Google Play and other apps Why aren’t my calendar events showing up? If you can't find events from your email accounts or social networks in Calendar, check whether the Calendar sync is turned on in Settings. 1. Go to Settings, and then tap Account & sync. 2.

  • Page 138: Fun Apps

    3. When you find the video that you like, tap it. 4. While watching a video, you can: § Turn HTC One mini sideways to watch the video in full screen. § Tap the video screen to pause or to resume playback, or drag the slider to jump to a different part of the video.

  • Page 139

    Tune in and listen to your favorite radio stations using the FM Radio app. You need to connect a headset first to the audio jack of HTC One mini to use FM Radio. FM Radio uses the stereo headset as the FM radio antenna.

  • Page 140: Switching To Kid Mode

    Worried that your kids might wander off to inappropriate web sites or mess with your important work files while using HTC One mini? Use Kid Mode to let your children enjoy fun and age-appropriate games and more, while helping to protect your important data from accidental deletion.

  • Page 141: Productivity Apps

    Google Play and other apps Productivity apps Keeping track of your tasks Use the Tasks app to organize and track to do and task lists. Create tasks on your phone or sync them with your Google and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts. You can also see your tasks in Calendar.

  • Page 142: Taking Notes

    New notebook. 3. Type in a notebook title. 4. Tap Local notebook to save the notebook on HTC One mini or tap Synchronized notebook to sync your notes with your Evernote account. 5. Tap Create.

  • Page 143

    Google Play and other apps Composing a note 1. With a notebook opened, tap 2. Type in a note title. 3. Compose your note: § Tap on the note, and then start typing in your text. § Tap to start audio recording. Tap to stop recording.

  • Page 144

    You can choose whether to automatically or manually sync your notes between HTC One mini and your Evernote account on the Web. You need to log in to your Evernote account from HTC One mini to start syncing notes. 1. Open the Notes app.

  • Page 145: Recording Voice Clips

    3. Tap to start recording a voice clip. Voice Recorder can run in the background while you do other things on HTC One mini, except when you open other apps that also use audio functions. 4. Tap to stop recording.

  • Page 146: Data Connection

    Internet connections Data connection When you turn on HTC One mini for the first time, it will be automatically set up to use your mobile operator's data connection (if the microSIM card is inserted). HTC One mini is available in either a 3G or LTE version, depending on your region and mobile operator.

  • Page 147: Managing Your Data Usage

    . The Mobile network settings screen opens. 4. Select or clear the Data roaming option. Select the Data roaming sound option if you’d like HTC One mini to play a sound so you’ll know when it’s connecting to a roaming network.

  • Page 148: Wi‑fi

    6. Drag the vertical line markers to see how much data you've used during a particular time interval. If you're connecting HTC One mini to another portable Wi‑Fi hotspot, tap > Mobile hotspots to restrict background data from downloading that may incur extra data fees.

  • Page 149

    . Detected Wi‑Fi networks will be listed. 4. You can: § Tap the wireless network that HTC One mini is connected to, and then tap Disconnect. § If you want to remove the settings for this network, press and hold the...

  • Page 150: Connecting To A Virtual Private Network (vpn)

    4. Tap a Wi‑Fi network to connect to it. Logging into a public Wi‑Fi network automatically (WISPr) You can set HTC One mini to automatically log into a public Wi‑Fi network that you regularly use. This saves you the trouble of going through the Wi‑Fi provider's web authentication every time you connect to their Wi‑Fi network.

  • Page 151: Adding A Vpn Connection, Disconnecting From A Vpn

    § Enter your login credentials § Download and install a required VPN app on HTC One mini Contact your network administrator for details. Also, HTC One mini must first establish a Wi‑Fi or data connection before you can start a VPN connection.

  • Page 152: Using Htc One Mini As A Wireless Router

    HTC One mini as a wireless router. 5. Select the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot option to turn on the wireless router. HTC One mini is ready to be used as a wireless router when you see on the status bar.

  • Page 153: Sharing Your Phone's Internet Connection By Usb Tethering

    No Internet connection available for your computer? No problem. Use the data connection of HTC One mini to connect to the Internet. § To make sure that the USB drivers for HTC One mini are up-to-date, install the latest version of HTC Sync Manager on your computer.

  • Page 154: Connecting To The Internet Through A Computer, Wi‑fi Printing

    Connecting to the Internet through a computer If you temporarily don’t have Internet access on HTC One mini, you can still go online by using your computer’s Internet connection. § To make sure that the USB drivers for HTC One mini are up-to-date, install the latest version of HTC Sync Manager on your computer.

  • Page 155: Printing A Photo

    Internet connections 4. If there's more than one page to print, set the page range that you want. Tap Advanced to set the page size, print layout, and page orientation, and choose if you want to print in color or black and white. 5.

  • Page 156: Connecting A Bluetooth Headset

    § To listen to music with your headset, the headset must support the A2DP Bluetooth profile. § Before you connect your headset, make it discoverable so HTC One mini can find it. Refer to your headset manual for details. 1. With two fingers, swipe down from the status bar to open Quick settings.

  • Page 157: Unpairing From A Bluetooth Device, Where Sent Information Is Saved

    Wireless sharing 3. Tap . The Bluetooth screen opens. 4. Tap the headset’s name in the Paired Devices section. 5. If prompted to enter a passcode, try 0000 or 1234, or consult the headset documentation to find the passcode. If you still cannot reconnect to the headset, follow the instructions in Unpairing from a Bluetooth device on page 157, and then follow the steps under...

  • Page 158: Receiving Files Using Bluetooth

    5. On the sending device, send one or more files to HTC One mini. 6. If asked, accept the pairing request on HTC One mini and on the sending device. You may also be prompted to enter the same passcode or confirm the auto- generated passcode on both devices.

  • Page 159: Turning Airplane Mode On Or Off, Turning Automatic Screen Rotation Off

    1. Go to Settings, and then tap Display, gestures & buttons (or Display & buttons). 2. Tap G-Sensor calibration. 3. Place HTC One mini on a flat and level surface, and then tap Calibrate. 4. After the recalibration process, tap OK.

  • Page 160: Adjusting The Time Before The Screen Turns Off, Adjusting The Screen Brightness Manually

    Settings and security Adjusting the time before the screen turns off After a period of inactivity, the screen turns off to conserve battery power. You can set the idle time before the screen turns off. 1. Go to Settings, and then tap Display, gestures & buttons (or Display & buttons). 2.

  • Page 161: Magnifying Your Phone's Screen, Working With Certificates

    To exit magnification mode, open another app or triple-tap the screen again. Working with certificates Use client and Certificate Authority (CA) digital certificates to enable HTC One mini to access VPN or secured Wi-FI networks, and also to provide authentication to online secure servers.

  • Page 162: Protecting Your Sim Card With A Pin, Protecting Htc One Mini With A Screen Lock

    HTC One mini without your permission by setting a screen lock pattern, face unlock, PIN, or password. You'll be asked to unlock the screen every time HTC One mini is turned on or when it’s idle for a certain period of time.

  • Page 163: Checking Your Phone's Htc Sense Version

    If you’ve forgotten your screen lock pattern, you have up to five attempts to try and unlock HTC One mini. If this fails, you can unlock HTC One mini by entering your Google Account user name and password. 1. On the unlock screen, enter your lock pattern.

  • Page 164: Trademarks And Copyrights

    © 2013 HTC Corporation. All Rights Reserved. HTC, the HTC logo, HTC One, HTC BlinkFeed, HTC Sense, HTC Watch, and HTC Zoe are trademarks or service marks of HTC Corporation. Google, the Google logo, Android, the Android logo, Android Market, Google Apps,...

  • Page 165

    No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or storing in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form without prior written permission of HTC.

  • Page 166

    - zooming Bluetooth Capture screen - connecting a Bluetooth headset - received file location - about - receiving information - handling calls Browser - HTC Car Kit - bookmarks - Internet radio 83, 84 - history - navigation - incognito tab...

  • Page 167

    - screen rotation - custom effects - Sleep mode - editing group shots DLNA - editing photos Driving - HTC Share See Car - photos in Dropbox Dropbox - photos in social networks - about - removing objects in photo...

  • Page 168

    See Location settings Group messaging Keyboard - dictionary - entering text Hands free - entering text by speaking Hard reset - HTC Sense keyboard See Factory reset - layout HDMI - multi-language keyboard - predictive text Headphones - shortcuts See Bluetooth...

  • Page 169

    Index Low battery - group MMS Low storage - sending See Phone storage Music Lyrics - adding a song to a queue - album covers - artist photos - Beats Audio profile Mail - listening - attachments - lyrics - carbon copy, blind copy (cc, - playing music from the Lock bcc) screen...

  • Page 170

    Index - filtering your contacts - saving power - groups - sleep mode 15, 114 - importing contacts Print screen - merging contact information See Capture screen - personal profile Printing - sending contact information PUK (PIN Unblock Key) 15, 114 - transferring contacts Phone calls - blocking a call...

  • Page 171

    Index Security Sync - encrypting data - HTC Sync Manager - protecting phone with screen - syncing with computer lock - protecting SIM card with PIN - security certificates Tasks Settings - about - About - creating a task - Accessibility...

  • Page 172

    Index - connecting via WPS - turning on Widgets - adding - changing settings - removing - resizing Wireless display Wireless router Word prediction - bilingual prediction YouTube - finding videos of songs - preloading - watching...

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