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   Summary of Contents for Kenwood DNX690HD

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Navigation End-User License Agreements Starting a Route Previewing Multiple Routes Following a Route Getting Started Using the Navigation Map Using the Navigation System Adding a Point to a Route Help When You Need It Taking a Detour Searching Help Topics Stopping the Route Status Bar Icons Updating Speed Limits...

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    Using the Apps Traffic Information About Smartphone Link Traffic Subscription Activation Downloading Smartphone Link Understanding Traffic Connecting to Smartphone Link Traffic Data Using Smartphone Link Sending a Location from Your Phone About the Traffic Icon Disabling Calls While Connected Traffic on Your Route About Garmin Live Services Viewing Traffic on Your Route Subscribing to Garmin Live Services...

  • Page 4: End-user License Agreements

    End-User License Agreements Software License Agreement suppliers) and affiliated companies on the other hand. BY USING THE DNX890HD / DNX690HD / DNX570HD / DNX5080EX, YOU AGREE TO BE IMPORTANT: CAREFULLY READ THIS LICENSE BOUND BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT.

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    HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF addition, you are prohibited from renting or leasing SUCH DAMAGES. GARMIN’S AND ITS LICENSORS’ the Data or the Garmin products containing the Data to any other person or third party. Only those TOTAL AGGREGATE LIABILITY WITH RESPECT TO ITS OBLIGATIONS UNDER THIS AGREEMENT rental car companies that are specifically authorized by Garmin in writing to rent Garmin products...

  • Page 6

    End-User License Agreements Her Majesty and Canada Post, shall not be liable in as (i) if applicable, your subscription term is either respect of any claim, demand or action, irrespective terminated (by you or by Garmin) or expires, or of the nature of the cause of the claim, demand (ii) Garmin terminates this Agreement for any or action alleging any loss, injury or damages, reason, including, but not limited to, if Garmin...

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    and all disputes, claims and actions arising from or in connection with the Data provided to you hereunder. Government End Users. If End User is an agency, department, or other entity of the United States Government, or funded in whole or in part by the U.S.

  • Page 8

    End-User License Agreements accuracy, exhaustiveness, and completeness of NAVTEQ Traffic™ End User License the Traffic Data, which may contain inaccuracies Agreement and/or errors from time to time. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, any and all Your Garmin product may be equipped to receive warranties of any kind whatsoever with regard to traffic data.

  • Page 9

    at 48 C.F.R. (“FAR”) 2.101, is licensed in accordance with this Agreement, and the Traffic Data delivered or otherwise furnished shall be marked and embedded as appropriate with the following “Notice of Use, ” and shall be treated in accordance with such Notice: Notice of Use Contractor (Manufacturer/ Supplier) Name: NAVTEQ...

  • Page 10: Getting Started

    Getting Started The first time you use your Kenwood Navigation System, you need to set up your system. The Help menu provides additional information. Help When You Need It WARNING See "Safety Precautions and Important Information" Select Apps > Help to view information in the Quick Start Guide for product warnings and about using the device.

  • Page 11: Satellite Signals

    Adding a Shortcut Satellite Signals You can add shortcuts to the Where To? menu. A After your vehicle is turned on, the navigation shortcut can point to a location, a category, or a system begins acquiring satellite signals. The search tool. The Where To? menu can contain up to system may need a clear view of the sky to acquire 36 shortcut icons.

  • Page 12: Finding Locations

    Finding Locations The navigation system offers many methods for finding locations. The detailed maps loaded in your navigation system contain locations, such as restaurants, hotels, and auto services. You can use categories to browse for nearby businesses and attractions. Finding a Location by Category Enter a search term.

  • Page 13: Finding Fuel Stations And Prices

    Finding Fuel Stations and Prices Finding a City Before you can use this feature, you must Before you can find a city, you must add a subscribe to the Fuel Price service, and your shortcut to the cities search tool (page 11).

  • Page 14: Finding A Location Using Coordinates

    Finding Locations Finding a Location Using Coordinates Select an option: Before you can find a location using coordinates, • Select a location marker. you must add a shortcut to the coordinates • Select a point, such as a street, intersection, or search tool (page 11). address location. You can find a location using latitude and If necessary, select the location description longitude coordinates.

  • Page 15: Going Home

    Going Home Select an area on the map. Select Where To? > Go Home. The address of the location appears at the bottom of the screen. Editing Your Home Location Information Select the location description. Select Where To? > Saved > Home. Select Set Location. Select > > Edit. Saving a Location Enter your changes.

  • Page 16: Starting A Route To A Saved Location

    Finding Locations Starting a Route to a Saved Location Assigning Categories to a Saved Location You can add custom categories to organize your Select Where To? > Saved. saved locations. ⁄ If necessary, select a category, or select All Saved Places. •...

  • Page 17: Navigation

    Navigation You can create, customize, and edit your routes. Starting a Route Using the Navigation Map Search for a location (page 12). From the main menu, select View Map. Select a location. If the zoom controls are hidden, select the map to display the zoom controls.

  • Page 18: Adding A Point To A Route

    Select Where To?. safe driving judgment at all times. Garmin and JVC KENWOOD will not be responsible for any Search for the location (page traffic fines or citations that you may receive for failing to follow all applicable traffic laws and signs Select Go!.

  • Page 19: Finding Exit Services

    Finding Exit Services Adding a Custom Avoidance Area Custom avoidances allow you to avoid specific From the map, select > Exit Services. areas and sections of road. You can enable and disable custom avoidances as needed. Use the arrows to select an upcoming exit. Select Settings >...

  • Page 20: Deleting Custom Avoidances

    Navigation Deleting Custom Avoidances Navigating Off Road If you are not following roadways as you navigate, Select Settings > Navigation > Custom you can use Off Road mode. Avoidances. Select Settings > Navigation. Select an option: Select Calculation Mode > Off Road > Save. • To delete all custom avoidances, select • To delete one custom avoidance, select the The route will be calculated as a straight...

  • Page 21: The Map Pages

    The Map Pages You can customize which data appear on the map and view upcoming turns and current location information. Customizing the Map Layers Changing the Map Perspective You can customize which data appear on the Select Settings > Map & Vehicle > Driving map, such as icons for points of interest and road Map View.

  • Page 22: Viewing A List Of Turns

    Select the text bar on the top of the map. ⁄ • The Lane Assist page with Junction View is not available Select a turn. on the DNX690HD , DNX570HD, and DNX5080EX. From the map, select to view the junction, if available.

  • Page 23: Resetting Trip Information

    Resetting Trip Information From the map, select > Trip Computer. Select > Reset All. Select an option: • When not navigating a route, select Select All to reset every data field, except the speedometer, on the page. • Select Reset Trip Data to reset the information on the trip computer. • Select Reset Max. Speed to reset the maximum speed. • Select Reset Trip B to reset the odometer. Viewing Current Location Information You can use the Where Am I? page to view information about your current location.

  • Page 24: Using The Apps

    Before you can connect to Smartphone Link, you must download and install the Smartphone Link application on your phone. Start Smartphone Link on your phone. See your other Kenwood system manuals and your phone owner's manual for connection information. appears in the status bar on your device when Smartphone Link is connected.

  • Page 25: About Garmin Live Services

    About Garmin Live Services About ecoRoute The ecoRoute™ feature calculates your vehicle ⁄ fuel economy, carbon footprint, and the fuel price • Smartphone Link supports phones running Android of navigating to a destination, and offers tools for operating system version 2.1 or newer. improving fuel efficiency.

  • Page 26: Taking The Ecochallenge

    Using the Apps Taking the ecoChallenge Viewing Your Fuel Economy The ecoChallenge helps you maximize your fuel Select Apps > ecoRoute™ > Fuel Economy. economy by scoring your driving habits. The higher your ecoChallenge scores, the more fuel The graph along the bottom shows your you save.

  • Page 27: Exporting A Mileage Report

    Viewing the Weather Forecast Before you can use this feature, your device must Connect a USB mass storage device to your be connected to a supported phone running Kenwood unit. (page 24). This feature is not Smartphone Link available in all areas.

  • Page 28: Viewing Weather Alerts

    Using the Apps Viewing Weather Alerts Editing a Trip Itinerary While you are traveling with your device, weather Select Apps > Trip Planner. alerts may appear on the map. You can also view a map of weather alerts near your current Select a saved trip.

  • Page 29: Viewing Previous Routes & Destinations

    Viewing Previous Routes & Destinations Finding Parking Before you can use this feature, you must enable Before you can use this feature, you must the travel history feature (page 34). subscribe to the Dynamic Parking service, and your device must be connected to a supported You can view your previous routes and places you phone running Smartphone Link (page...

  • Page 30: Traffic Information

    Traffic information is not available on all models or in all areas. Traffic Data Using Smartphone Link NOTICE Garmin and JVC KENWOOD is not responsible for You can purchase a traffic subscription to receive the accuracy or timeliness of the traffic information.

  • Page 31: Traffic On Your Route

    Traffic on Your Route Viewing Traffic on the Map When calculating your route, the navigation The traffic map shows color-coded traffic flow system examines the current traffic and and delays on nearby roads. automatically optimizes the route for the shortest From the map, select time.

  • Page 32: About Traffic Cameras

    Before you can view a traffic camera, you must save a traffic camera. Select Apps > myCameras. Select a camera. Adding a Traffic Subscription You can purchase traffic subscriptions for other regions or countries. Go to /kenwood for more information. GPS Navigation Instruction Manual...

  • Page 33: Customizing The Settings

    Customizing the Settings You can customize the settings of your GPS navigation system. Customizing the Navigation System Changing the Navigation Settings Select Settings. Select Settings > Navigation. • Calculation Mode—sets route preference. Select a setting category. • Avoidances—sets road features to avoid on a route. •...

  • Page 34: Updating The Time Settings

    Customizing the Settings Updating the Time Settings Restoring Settings You can restore a category of settings or all Select Settings > Units & Time. settings to the factory default values. • Current Time—select Automatic to update the time Select Settings. automatically.

  • Page 35: Appendix

    Safety Cameras To update the navigation system software, you WARNING must have a USB mass storage device and an Garmin and JVC KENWOOD are not responsible for Internet connection. the accuracy of, or the consequences of using, a safety camera database.

  • Page 36: Custom Pois (points Of Interest)

    WARNING Garmin and JVC KENWOOD are not responsible for the consequences of using custom POI databases, or for the accuracy of custom POI databases. After downloading your POI database, use the Garmin POI Loader to install the POIs onto a USB mass storage device.

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    For the latest free software updates (excluding map data) throughout the life of your Garmin products, visit the Garmin Web site at © 2012 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries Garmin International, Inc. 1200 East 151st Street, Olathe, Kansas 66062, USA Garmin (Europe) Ltd.

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