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User's Manual
MCD2661EM 24" MicroMat-Duo -
User's Manual


   Summary of Contents for AEG 24" MCD2661EM MicroMat-Duo

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    User’s Manual MCD2661EM 24” MicroMat-Duo - User’s Manual...

  • Page 2

    AG-71+72D-EU COVER 22/11/2005 15:10 Page A MCD2660E / MCD2661E Microwave oven with grill Mikrowellengerät mit grill Four à micro-ondes avec gril Magnetronoven met grill Horno Microondas con grill Mikrobølgovn med grill Operating instructions Gebrauchsanweisung Notice d’utilisation Gebruiksaanwijzing Instrucciones de Manjo Bruksanvisning PERFEKT IN FORM UND FUNKTION...

  • Page 3: Dear Customer

    15:05 Page B Dear Customer, Thank you for buying an AEG-Electrolux microwave oven and putting your trust in the AEG-Electrolux brand name. Before using your AEG-Electrolux microwave oven for the first time, please read the instruction book thoroughly. This will enable you to take advantage of all the features that the appliance offers.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 1 Contents Important safety instructions ..........2 - 4 Oven &...

  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    To make popcorn, only use special microwave popcorn turn off and unplug the oven immediately and call an makers. authorised AEG-Electrolux service agent. Do not store food or any other items inside the oven. Do not immerse the power supply cord or plug in water Check the settings after you start the oven to ensure or any other liquid.

  • Page 6

    Do not attempt to replace the oven lamp yourself or Temperature of the container is not a true indication of allow anyone who is not authorised by AEG-Electrolux the temperature of the food or drink; always check the to do so. If the oven lamp fails, please consult your food temperature.

  • Page 7

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 4 Important safety instructions Do not use metal utensils, which reflect microwaves Do not use plastic containers for microwaving if the and may cause electrical arcing. Do not put cans in the oven is still hot from using the GRILL mode, DUAL oven.

  • Page 8: Oven & Accessories

    • To avoid turntable damage, ensure dishes or containers are lifted clear of the turntable rim when removing them from the oven. NOTE: When you order accessories, please mention two items: part name and model name to your dealer or authorised AEG-Electrolux service agent.

  • Page 9: Control Panel

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 6 Control panel 1 Digital Display 2 Indicators The appropriate indicator will flash or light up, just above each symbol according to the instruction. When an indicator is flashing, press the appropriate button (having the same symbol) or carry out the necessary operation.

  • Page 10: Before Operation

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 7 Before operation Plug in the oven. Using the STOP button 1. The oven display will flash: Use the STOP button to: 1. Erase a mistake during programming. 2. Stop the oven temporarily during cooking. 3.

  • Page 11: What Are Microwaves

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 8 What are microwaves? What are microwaves? The characteristics of microwaves Like radio and television waves, microwaves are Microwaves penetrate all non-metal objects made of electromagnetic waves. glass, china, earthenware, plastic, wood or paper. This is Microwaves are produced by a magnetron inside the why the microwaves never make these materials hot.

  • Page 12: Suitable Ovenware

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 9 Suitable ovenware Microwave cling film Metal This, or heat-resistant film, is very suitable for covering Generally speaking, metal should or wrapping. Please follow the manufacturer's not be used, since microwaves do recommendations. not pass through metal and therefore cannot reach the food.

  • Page 13: Tips & Advice

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 10 Tips & advice Before you start... Cooking times To make it as easy as possible to use the microwave All the times given in this book are guidelines, which oven we have put together a few hints and tips for can be varied according to the initial temperature, you.

  • Page 14

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 11 Tips & advice Using a food thermometer to Blanching vegetables determine cooking time Before freezing vegetables, they should be blanched. This preserves the quality and The internal temperature of food and drink can be flavour at their best.

  • Page 15: Standing Time

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 12 Tips & advice Covering Arrangement of food Covering the food retains the moisture within it and Place a number of individual portions, such as small shortens the cooking time. Use a lid, pudding moulds, cups or potatoes in their jackets, in a microwave cling film or a cover.

  • Page 16

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 13 Heating • Ready-prepared meals in aluminium containers • After heating allow the food to stand for 1-2 should be removed from the aluminium container minutes, so that the temperature inside the food and heated on a plate or in a dish. can be evenly distributed (standing time).

  • Page 17: Cooking Fresh Vegetables

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 14 Cooking fresh vegetables • When buying vegetables try to ensure that, as far as • Vegetables are usually cooked in a dish with a lid. possible, they are of similar size. This is particularly Those with a high moisture content, e.g.

  • Page 18: Microwave Power Levels

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 15 Microwave power levels Your oven has 5 power levels. To choose the power level 450 W for dense foods which require a long cooking for cooking, follow the advice given in the recipe time when cooked conventionally, eg.

  • Page 19: Microwave Cooking

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 16 Microwave cooking Your oven can be programmed for up to 90 minutes. Cooking time Increasing unit (90.00) The input unit of cooking (defrosting) time 0-5 minutes 10 seconds varies from 10 seconds to five minutes. It depends on 5-10 minutes 30 seconds the total length of the cooking (defrosting) time as...

  • Page 20: Grill & Dual Grill Cooking

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 17 Grill & dual grill cooking This microwave oven has two GRILL cooking modes: 1. Grill only. 2. Dual Grill (Grill with microwave). 1. GRILL ONLY COOKING This mode can be used to Grill/Brown food. Example: To make toast for 4 minutes.

  • Page 21: Other Convenient Functions

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 18 Other convenient functions 1. MULTIPLE SEQUENCE COOKING A sequence of 3 stages (maximum) can be programmed using combinations of MICROWAVE, GRILL or DUAL GRILL. Example: To cook: 2 minutes and 30 seconds on 630 W power (Stage 1) 5 minutes Grill only (Stage 2) STAGE 1...

  • Page 22: Check The Power Level

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 19 Other convenient functions 2. QUICK START FUNCTION The START/QUICK button allows you to operate the two following functions: a. Direct start You can directly start cooking on 900 W microwave power level for 30 seconds by pressing the START/QUICK button.

  • Page 23: Auto Cook & Auto Defrost Operation

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 20 Auto cook & auto defrost operation AUTOCOOK and AUTO DEFROST automatically work out the correct cooking mode and cooking time. You can choose from 2 AUTOCOOK, 6 AUTOCOOK plus GRILL and 4 AUTO DEFROST menus. What you need to know when using this automatic function: Menu number For example:...

  • Page 24

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 21 Auto cook & auto defrost operation Example 1 for AUTO COOK plus GRILL 1: To cook Gratinated Fish Fillet 1,5 kg using Auto Cook plus Grill 1 (A1-1). 1. Select the menu required by 2.

  • Page 25: Auto Cook & Defrost Charts

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 22 Auto cook & auto defrost charts BUTTON AUTO COOK WEIGHT (Increasing PROCEDURE Unit) / UTENSILS AC-1 Cook 0,5 - 1,5 kg* (500 g) • See recipe for “Chicken Pan with Vegetables” Chicken Pan with (initial temp Chicken 5°...

  • Page 26

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 23 Auto cook & auto defrost charts AUTO COOK WEIGHT (Increasing BUTTON PROCEDURE plus GRILL 2 Unit) / UTENSILS A2-1 Cook 0,20 - 0,40 kg (50 g) • Remove the frozen french fried potatoes from French Fried (initial temp -18°...

  • Page 27: Auto Cook & Auto Defrost Charts

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 24 Auto cook & auto defrost charts AUTO DEFROST WEIGHT (Increasing BUTTON PROCEDURE Unit) / UTENSILS Ad-1 Defrost 0,2 - 1,0 kg (100 g) • Place the food on a plate in the centre of the Steak and Chops (initial temp -18°...

  • Page 28: Recipes For Auto Cook

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 25 Recipes for auto cook CHICKEN PAN WITH VEGETABLES (AC-1) Preparation Spicy chicken fricassee 1. Mix the rice and saffron and place in the greased Ingredients dish. 2. Mix the onions, red pepper, leek and chicken. Season 0,5 kg 1,0 kg 1,5 kg...

  • Page 29: Recipes For Auto Cook

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 26 Recipes for auto cook GRATINATED FISH FILLET (A1-1) Preparation Fish esterhazy 1. Put vegetables, butter and the spices into a casserole Ingredients dish and mix well. Cook for 2-6 minutes on 900 W depending on weight.

  • Page 30: Cooking Charts

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 27 Cooking charts ABBREVIATIONS USED tbsp = tablespoon Cup = cupful g = gram ml = millilitre min = minutes tsp = teaspoon KG = kilogram l = litre cm = centimetre TABLE: HEATING FOOD & DRINK Food / Drink Quantity Setting Power...

  • Page 31

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 28 Cooking charts TABLE: DEFROSTING AND COOKING Food Quantity Power Time Added water Hints Standing time -Setting- -Min- -tbsps- -Min- Fish fillet 900 W 9-11 cover One Plate Meal 900 W 8-10 cover, stir after 6 minutes Broccoli 900 W cover, stir halfway through cooking time...

  • Page 32: Recipes

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 29 Recipes All the recipes in this book are calculated on the basis of Foods which have little moisture, such as platters of 4 servings - unless otherwise stated. food, should have the surface moistened prior to heating or cooking.

  • Page 33

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 30 Recipes Zurich veal stew 1. Slice the meat into finger-thick strips. 2. Smear the butter evenly around the dish. Add the Total cooking time: approx. 9-14 minutes onion and the meat to the dish, cover and cook. Stir Utensils: Bowl with lid (2 Iitre capacity) once during cooking.

  • Page 34

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 31 Recipes Stuffed ham 1. Cut the spinach finely, mix with the quark and the cheese and season to taste. Total cooking time: approx. 13-18 minutes 2. Place a tablespoon of the filling on each slice of the Utensils: Bowl with lid (2 litre capacity) cooked ham and roll up.

  • Page 35

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 32 Recipes Veal cutlet with mozzarella 1. Cut the mozzarella into slices. Puree the tomatoes with the puree attachment of a hand mixer. Total cooking time: approx. 24-31 minutes 2. Wash the cutlets, dry them and beat them flat. Utensils: Shallow square gratin dish with lid Distribute the oil and the garlic slices over the bottom (approx.

  • Page 36

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 33 Recipes Lasagne al forno 1. Cut the tomatoes into slices, mix with the ham, onion cubes, garlic, minced meat and mashed tomato. Total cooking time: approx. 18-25 minutes Season and cook with the lid on. Utensils: Bowl with lid (2 Iitre capacity) 5-8 min.

  • Page 37

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 34 Recipes Berry jelly with vanilla sauce 1. Reserve some of the fruit for decoration. Puree the rest of the berries with the wine. Put into the bowl and Total cooking time: approx. 8-12 minutes cook cover.

  • Page 38: Recipes

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 35 Recipes Cheesecake 1. Mix the flour and cocoa with the baking flour. Add the sugar, egg and butter and use the kneading hook on 12 portions the hand-held blender to knead. Total cooking time: approx. 21-27 minutes 2.

  • Page 39: Care & Cleaning

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 36 Care & cleaning Oven Interior CAUTION: DO NOT USE COMMERCIAL OVEN CLEANERS, STEAM CLEANERS, ABRASIVE, HARSH 1. For cleaning, wipe any splatters or spills with a soft CLEANERS, ANY THAT CONTAIN SODIUM HYDROXIDE damp cloth or sponge after each use while the oven is still warm.

  • Page 40: What To Do If

    - there has not been a power outage..the interior light is not working ? - If the fuses continue to blow, please contact - Call an authorised AEG-Electrolux service a qualified electrician. agent. The interior light bulb can be ...

  • Page 41: Service & Spare Parts

    Standard guarantee conditions We, AEG-Electrolux, undertake that if within 24 months of the date of the purchase this AEG-Electrolux appliance or any part thereof is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, we will, at our discretion repair or replace the same FREE OF CHARGE for labour, materials or carriage on condition that: •...

  • Page 42: Specifications

    Ecologically responsible disposal of packaging materials and old appliances Packaging materials AEG-Electrolux microwave ovens require effective packaging to protect them during transportation. Only the minimum packaging necessary is used. Packaging materials (e.g. foil or styrofoam) can place children at risk.

  • Page 43: Installation

    1. AG-71+72D-EU English 22/11/2005 15:05 Page 40 Installation INSTALLING THE APPLIANCE 1. Remove all packaging and check carefully for any 3. Fit the appliance into the kitchen cupboard slowly, signs of damage. and without force, until the front frame of the oven 2.

  • Page 44

    THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED The manufacturer declines any liability should this safety measure not be observed. If the plug that is fitted to your appliance is not suitable for your socket outlet, you must call your local authorised AEG-Electrolux service agent.

  • Page 45

    Canada Tel 905-829.3980 Fax 905-829.3985 email For Service & Spares: EURO-PARTS 1.800.678.8352 Important: Please record details of your purchase below and mail or fax to AEG -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------cut along line ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: TEL No Address: City : State: Zip Code:...

  • Page 46

    AEG appliances are imported and distributed in North America by Euro-Line Appliances Inc. For more information visit / 871 Cranberry Court 2912 West 4th Ave Oakville, ON L6L 6J7 Vancouver, BC V6K 1R2 Canada Canada Toll Free: 1.800.421.6332 Toll Free: 1.855.352-9378...

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