Alcatel One Touch Mpop 5020 User Manual

Alcatel mobile phone user manual.
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For more information on how to use the phone, please go to and download the complete
user manual. Moreover, on the website, you can also find answers to frequently asked questions, upgrade the software
via ONE TOUCH Upgrade, and so much more.

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   Summary of Contents for Alcatel One Touch Mpop 5020

  • Page 1

    5020A 5021E 5020D 5020E 5020 For more information on how to use the phone, please go to and download the complete user manual. Moreover, on the website, you can also find answers to frequently asked questions, upgrade the software via ONE TOUCH Upgrade, and so much more.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Note: Getting connected ............77 This is a shared user manual for one touch 5020A/one touch 5020D/one touch Connecting to the Internet ..............77 5020E/one touch 5020X/one touch 5021E specifying SIM information where Browser .......................80 relevant. Connecting to Bluetooth devices ............87 Table of Contents Connecting to a computer ..............89 Sharing your phone's mobile data connection ........89 Connecting to virtual private networks ..........91...

  • Page 3: Safety And Use

    10.3 Radio ......................118 Safety and use ......10.4 Setup Wizard ...................119 10.5 Alcatel Help .....................120 10.6 Other applications .................120 We recommend that you read this chapter carefully before using your phone. The manufacturer disclaims any liability for damage, which may result as a consequence of 11 Settings ................121...

  • Page 4

    Do not let children use the phone and/or play with the telephone and accessories - If you continue to have sore hands, wrists, or arms during or after playing, stop the without supervision. game and see a doctor. When replacing the cover please note that your phone may contain substances that When you play games on your phone, you may experience occasional discomfort could create an allergic reaction.

  • Page 5: Radio Waves

    Tests for SAR are conducted using standard operating positions with the device This symbol on your telephone, the battery and the accessories means that transmitting at its highest certified power level in all tested frequency bands. The these products must be taken to collection points at the end of their life: highest SAR values under the ICNIRP guidelines for this device model are: - Municipal waste disposal centres with specific bins for these items of equipment...

  • Page 6

    • Regulatory information Body-worn SAR testing has been carried out at a separation distance of 1.5 cm. To meet RF exposure guidelines during body-worn operation, the device should The following approvals and notices apply in specific regions as noted. be positioned at least this distance away from the body. If you are not using an approved accessory ensure that whatever product is used is free of any metal and 5020A: that it positions the phone the indicated distance away from the body.

  • Page 7

    5020D: 5020E:...

  • Page 8

    5020X: 5021E:...

  • Page 9: General Information, Your Mobile

    This number allows your mobile telephone to be blocked preventing a third You may download the source codes from person from using it, even with a different SIM card. projects/alcatel/files/. The provision of the source code is free of charge from internet. Contact your network operator to check service availability.

  • Page 10: Keys And Connectors

    Disclaimer Your mobile ......There may be certain differences between the user manual description and the phone’s operation, depending on the software release of your telephone or specific operator services. TCT Mobile shall not be held legally responsible for such differences, if any, nor for Keys and connectors their potential consequences, which responsibility shall be borne by the operator exclusively.

  • Page 11

    Camera Back key • Touch to go back to the previous screen, or to close a dialog box, options menu, the notification panel, etc. These keys are visible when the screen lights up. Volume up Power key Micro-USB • Press: Lock the screen/Light up the screen Volume down connector •...

  • Page 12: Getting Started, Set-up

    Getting started To install, insert SIM1 into the slot on the right side with SIM chip facing downwards, and then insert SIM2 into the slot on the left side with SIM chip facing downwards. To remove the card, gently press it out. 1.2.1 Set-up For dual SIM models, both SIM1 and SIM2 can support 2G and 3G...

  • Page 13: Home Screen

    Charging the battery Set up your phone for the first time The first time you power on the phone, you should set the following options: Touch Get started..., then select the phone's language. • • The device will search for service by itself. The process of activation will take a few minutes •...

  • Page 14: Home Screen

    Home screen Touch and Hold You can bring all the items (applications, shortcuts, folders and widgets) you love or use most frequently to your Home screens for quick access. Touch and hold the home screen to access the available options for setting Touch the Home key to switch to the Home screen.

  • Page 15

    Status icons Notification icons For dual SIM model, status icons referring to either SIM1 or SIM2 will be identified by a colour which you have defined. New text or multimedia Missed call message GPRS connected Roaming Problem with SMS or MMS Call on hold delivery GPRS in use...

  • Page 16

    1.3.3 Search bar Notification panel Touch and drag down the Status bar to open the notification panel. Touch The phone provides a Search function which can be used to locate and drag up to close it. From the Notification panel, you can open items information within applications, the phone or the web.

  • Page 17

    1.3.4 Lock/Unlock your screen To unlock phone screen Press the power key once to light up the screen, draw the unlock pattern you To protect your phone and privacy, you can lock the phone screen by have created or enter PIN or password to unlock the screen. choosing slide or creating a variety of patterns, PIN or password.

  • Page 18: Applications And Widgets List

    1.3.6 Application tab Reposition Touch and hold the item to be repositioned to activate the Move mode, Touch on the Home screen to enter applications and widgets list. drag the item to the desired position and then release. You can move To return to the Home screen, touch the Home key.

  • Page 19: Text Input, Using Onscreen Keyboard

    Applications and widgets list Text input ......This list contains all pre-embedded and newly installed applications and widgets. To access the list, touch from Home screens. Using Onscreen Keyboard Touch the Home key or the Back key to return to a Home screen. Onscreen Keyboard settings Slide left and right to view all applications and widgets.

  • Page 20: Text Editing

    2.1.1 Android keyboard Text editing You can edit the text you have entered. • Touch and hold or double-tap within the text you would like to edit. • Drag the tabs to change the high-lighted selection. • Options list will show as below, icons from left to right mean Select all Touch to enter text or Touch to switch , Cut...

  • Page 21: Phone Call, Call Log And Contacts, Phone, Call Log

    International call Phone call, Call log To dial an international call, touch and hold to enter “+”, then enter the international country prefix followed by the full phone number and and Contacts ......finally touch Emergency call Phone ............If your phone has network coverage, dial emergency number and touch to make an emergency call.

  • Page 22

    Touch to hold the current call. Touch this icon again to • Slide the icon upward to reject the call by sending a preset message. retrieve the call. To mute the incoming calls, press the Volume up/down key or turn the Touch to display Dialpad.

  • Page 23

    • IP prefix number • Outgoing video Touch to display local video when you place a call call. Touch to set prefix number, touch OK to confirm, touch Cancel to cancel. • Incoming video Touch to display local video when receiving an •...

  • Page 24: People

    Call log Other settings • Fixed Dialing Numbers You can access your call memory by touching from the Dial screen. Touch on the right side of contact/number to place a call directly. Fixed Dialing Number (FDN) is a service mode of SIM, where outgoing There are three kinds of calls in Call log: calls are restricted to a set of phone numbers.

  • Page 25

    3.3.2 Managing contact groups Touch to view your Touch to view your favourite contacts. The contact group helps you to improve the organization of your contacts. contact groups You can add, remove and view groups in the Contact group screen. Touch the icon to view local groups.

  • Page 26

    3.3.5 Communicating with your contacts Add to/remove from Favourites To add a contact to favourites, you can touch a contact to view details From the contacts list, you can communicate with your contacts by making then touch to add the contact to favourites (the star will turn yellow a call or exchanging messages.

  • Page 27

    3.3.6 Contacts importing, exporting and sharing 3.3.8 Joining/Separating contacts This phone enables you to import contacts from SIM card/microSD card To avoid duplication, you can add any new contact information to existing and export contacts to a microSD card which can then be used to back contacts in a single action.

  • Page 28: Messaging, Email, Messaging

    Turn on/off the sync & Auto-sync Messaging, Email ....Touch an account to enter the account screen, mark/unmark the checkbox(s) to turn on/off the account’s auto-sync. When activated, all changes to information on the phone or online will be automatically synchronized to each other.

  • Page 29

    Attach options: For saved contacts, touch the photo to open the Quick Contact panel to communicate with the contact. For unsaved contacts, Pictures • Access Gallery application or File manager to touch the photo to add the number to your Contacts. select a picture as attachment.

  • Page 30

    Touch and hold a SMS in message details screen. The following message options are available for selection: Copy message • This option displays when the message is an SMS. text Copy the current message content. You can paste Touch to go to previous or next slide. it to the enter bar of the new message you are Touch to preview the current slide.

  • Page 31

    4.1.3 Adjust message settings Multimedia (MMS) Messages You can adjust a set of message settings. From Messaging application Delivery reports • Select to request a delivery report for each screen, touch Menu icon and touch Settings. multimedia message you send. •...

  • Page 32: Gmail/email

    Gmail/Email Notifications The first time you set up your phone, you can select to use an existing Notifications • Select to display message notifications in status Gmail or to create a new Email account. bar. • Select ringtone Touch to select a ringtone as a new message 4.2.1 Gmail ..............

  • Page 33

    • If you do not want to send the mail out right away, you can touch Menu Managing Gmails by Labels icon and Save draft or touch Back key to save a copy. To view the To conveniently manage conversations and messages, you can organize draft, touch the icon , then select Drafts.

  • Page 34

    Gmail settings Touch an account, the following settings will show: To manage Gmail settings, touch Menu icon and Settings in Inbox screen. Priority Inbox • To set this inbox as the default one. General settings • Notifications Select to activate notification when a new email arrives.

  • Page 35: Google Talk

    • Touch Next. If the account you entered is not provided by your service To sign out, touch Menu icon from Friends list to display options, then provider in the phone, you will be prompted to go to the email account touch Sign out.

  • Page 36

    4.3.4 To manage your friends 4.3.5 Settings Besides adding new friends to your friends list, the following actions are A series of settings are available for your selection by touching Menu icon available for your choice: and Settings from Friends list screen, and choose an account. To view all friends/ Mobile indicator •...

  • Page 37: Calendar & Alarm Clock & Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Calculator

    5.1.2 To create new events Calendar & Alarm clock & You can add new events from any Calendar view. Calculator ......• In portrait mode, touch Menu icon and New event from Calendar screen; or in landscape mode, touch the icon to access new event edit screen.

  • Page 38

    5.2.1 To set an alarm Touch and drag down the status bar to open the notification panel, touch event name to view Calendar notification list. From Clock screen, touch to enter Alarms screen, touch to add Touch Snooze all to turn off all event reminders for 5 minutes. a new alarm.

  • Page 39

    5.2.2 To adjust alarm settings To switch between panels, select one of the following two ways: • Touch and drag the basic screen to the left to open the Advanced panel. Touch Menu icon from Alarms screen, then touch Settings. The •...

  • Page 40: Getting Connected, Connecting To The Internet

    To activate/deactivate Data roaming Getting connected ....When roaming, you can decide to connect/disconnect to a data service. • Drag down notification panel and touch to access Settings. SIM management\Roaming. • To connect to the internet with this phone, you can use GPRS/EDGE/3G Mark/Unmark the Data roaming checkbox to activate or deactivate •...

  • Page 41: Browser

    To activate notification when a new network is detected Browser............When Wi-Fi is on and the network notification is activated, the Wi-Fi icon Using Browser, you can enjoy surfing the Web. will appear on the status bar whenever the phone detects an available To access this function, touch Application tab from the Home screen, then wireless network within range.

  • Page 42

    6.2.1 Viewing web pages To open a new window/switch between windows Multiple windows can be opened at the same time for your convenience. When opening a website, you can navigate on web pages by sliding your finger on the screen in any direction to locate the information you want •...

  • Page 43

    Manage bookmarks Touch on the left of the URL, you can view more information about the current page. To bookmark a web page 6.2.2 Manage links, history, downloads • Open the web page you want to bookmark. • Touch Menu icon and Save to bookmarks, or from the History To manage a link, phone number or address displayed on a web screen, touch the star beside the URL.

  • Page 44

    6.2.3 Settings • Remember Mark to save usernames and passwords for passwords websites. A series of settings are available for your adjustment. To access Browser settings, touch Menu icon from Browser screen, and touch Settings. • Clear passwords Touch to clear all saved passwords. General Accessibility •...

  • Page 45: Connecting To Bluetooth Devices

    To disconnect/unpair from a Bluetooth device • Touch the Settings icon beside the device you want to unpair. You are recommended to use ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Bluetooth headsets, Touch Unpair to confirm. • which have been tested and proved compatible with phone. You can go to for more information about ALCATEL ONE...

  • Page 46: Connecting To A Computer, Sharing Your Phone's Mobile Data Connection

    Connecting to a computer To share your phone's data connection via USB With the USB cable, you can transfer media files and other files between Use the USB cable that along with your phone to connect the phone to a your microSD card/phone's internal storage and the computer.

  • Page 47: Connecting To Virtual Private Networks, Configuring Internet (sip) Calling

    Connecting to virtual private networks To edit/delete a VPN To edit a VPN: Virtual private networks (VPNs) allow you to connect to the resources inside a secured local network from outside network. VPNs are commonly • Drag down notification panel and touch to access Settings.

  • Page 48: Google Play Store, Locate The Item You Want To Download And Install, Download And Install

    To edit/remove an internet calling account Google Play Store ..To edit: • Touch the Application tab from the Home screen and then select Phone. • Touch Settings\Call settings\Internet call\Accounts. Google Play Shop is an online software store, where you can download and install applications and games to your Android Powered Phone.

  • Page 49: Download And Install

    Touch a category on Google Play Shop screen to browse its contents. Be especially cautious with applications that have access to many You can also select a subcategory if there is any. Within each category you functions or to a significant amount of your data. Once you accept, can select to view items sorted by Top paid, Top free, Top grossing, etc you are responsible for results of using this item on your phone.

  • Page 50: Manage Your Downloads

    To request a refund Update notification If you are not satisfied with the application, you can ask for a refund within On Google Play Shop screen, touch Menu icon and My apps. Touch 15 minutes of the purchase. Your credit card will not be charged and the Menu icon and Settings\Notifications to enable update notification.

  • Page 51: Multimedia Applications, Camera, Gallery

    To take a picture Multimedia applications The screen acts as the viewfinder. First position the object or landscape in the viewfinder, touch the screen to focus if necessary, touch icon to take the picture which will be automatically saved. Camera ............To shoot a video Switch Camera mode to Video mode.

  • Page 52

    8.1.1 Settings in framing mode Gallery ............Before taking a photo/shooting a video, touch the icon to adjust Gallery acts as a media player for you to view photos and playback videos. a number of settings in framing mode. In addition, a set of further operations to pictures and videos are available Camera settings for your choice.

  • Page 53

    To view a picture/play a video Touch menu icon and choose Edit to edit a picture. Pictures and videos are displayed by albums in Gallery. Touch to return to Touch to play the gallery's main screen slideshow. Touch to adjust whitebalance: Fill Lights, Highlights, Shadows, Auto-fix. Slide left or right to Touch to adjust effects: Cross-Process, Posterize, Lomo, etc.

  • Page 54: Youtube, Music

    8.3.1 Watch videos YouTube ............Touch a video to play it. In the Playing screen, you can view information YouTube is an online video-sharing service where the user can download, and video comments, and also browse links to related videos.You can also share and view videos.

  • Page 55: Video Player

    8.4.1 Playing music 8.4.2 Working with playlists Touch a song or touch Play from drop-down menu to play the song. Playlists allow you to conveniently organize all songs stored in the SD card. You can create a new playlist, add a song to the list, and delete or rename a playlist.

  • Page 56: Google Maps, Get My Location, Search For A Location, Star A Location

    To move the map, drag the map with your finger. Google Maps ....To zoom in and out of a map, pinch or spread your fingers, or you can also zoom in by double-tapping a location on screen. To clear the map history, touch Menu icon and Clear Map.

  • Page 57: Get Driving, Public Transportation Or Walking Directions

    Touch the gray star at the top of the screen to star the location. (Or touch • Touch enter bar or the triangle to edit your start point by one of the a gold star to unstar that location.) following methods: entering an address, using My Location, selecting a start point on a map, selecting a starred item, selecting an address from your contacts or using search history.

  • Page 58: Arrangement Of Layers, Join Latitude To See Your Friends' Locations And Share Yours With Them

    9.4.3 Search for locations along your route Join Latitude to see your friends' locations and share yours with them Please refer to “9.2 Search for a location” for detailed information. With Google Latitude, you can: Arrangement of Layers • see your friends' locations on a map or in a list. •...

  • Page 59

    9.6.3 To view your friends' location 9.6.5 To control what you share You can view your friends' locations on a map or in a list. You can control the information you want to share with your friends. from Maps screen, then select Latitude, touch your own Touch icon •...

  • Page 60: File Manager, Sound Recorder

    10.3 Radio ............Others ......... Your phone is equipped with a radio with RDS functionality. You can use the application as a traditional radio with saved channels or with parallel visual information related to the radio program on the display if 10.1 File Manager ..........

  • Page 61: Alcatel Help, Setup Wizard

    Save channel Save the current tuned station to the channels then touch Alcatel Help. list. Alcatel Help provides help when you have questions or need assistance • Audio mode Listen to the radio using loudspeaker or headset. when using the phone.

  • Page 62

    11.1.2 Wi-Fi Settings ......Using Wi-Fi you can now surf the Internet without using your SIM card whenever you are in range of a wireless network. The only thing you have to do is to enter the Wi-Fi screen and configure an access point to Drag down notification panel and touch to access Settings.

  • Page 63

    11.1.5 Airplane mode 11.1.8 Mobile networks Mark the checkbox of Airplane mode to simultaneously disable all • Data connection wireless connections including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more. Touch to turn on/off data connection. • 3G service 11.1.6 VPN settings Touch to turn on/off 3G service and select network mode. A mobile virtual private network (mobile VPN or mVPN) provides mobile devices with access to network resources and software applications on •...

  • Page 64

    11.2.2 Audio profiles Silent This profile will silence all sounds except media & alarms. Use the Audio profiles settings to configure ringtones for different events and environments. Meeting When this is selected the phone will not ring or beep by default unless an General alarm has been set.

  • Page 65

    11.2.5 Battery Phone storage This menu displays the amount of internal phone storage in different In battery screen you can view the battery usage data since you last colours. The available space will be shown in grey, which shows the amount connected the phone to a power source.

  • Page 66

    Location & Google search Make passwords visible Mark the checkbox to let Google use your location to improve search Mark the checkbox to show passwords as you type. results and other services. Device administrators 11.3.2 Security Touch to view or deactivate device administrators. Screen lock Unknown sources •...

  • Page 67

    Spell checker • Popup on key press Mark the checkbox to enable the system to show suggested words. Mark the checkbox to popup the key that you touched. • Voice input key Personal dictionary Touch to activate/inactivate voice input key. Touch to open a list of the words you’ve added to the dictionary.

  • Page 68

    SwiftKey3 Quick “.” • Languages & layouts Mark the checkbox to enable double tapping the spacebar to inserts a period. Touch to select language installation. • Personalization AutoCaps Select to restore writing style and new words you have used, or clear Mark the checkbox to automatically capitalize words.

  • Page 69

    • How-to videos Pointer speed Touch to enter a web page on how to use Swiftkey 3. Touch to open a dialog where you can change the pointer speed, touch OK to confirm. • About Swiftkey 3 Touch to learn more information about Swiftkey 3, such as terms of 11.3.4 Backup and reset service and privacy.

  • Page 70: Ntp Server

    Factory data reset Set date Erase all of your personal data from internal phone storage, including Touch to open a dialog where you can manually set the phone’s date. information about your Google Account, any other accounts, your system Set time and application settings, and any downloaded applications.

  • Page 71

    11.5.5 Qiuck Start Large text Mark the checkbox to enlarge the screen text. Mark the checkbox to shorten boot time. Power button ends call 11.5.6 About phone Mark the checkbox to end a call by pressing Power key during the call. This contains information about things ranging from Legal information, Model number, Firmware version, Baseband version, Kernel version, Build Orientation...

  • Page 72

    • Stay awake • Show GPU view updates. Mark the checkbox to prevent the screen from dimming and locking when Mark the checkbox to flash the views in the window when drawn with the phone is connected to a charger or to a USB device that provides the GPU.

  • Page 73: One Touch Manager

    • Enable traces Making the most of your Touch to select enabled traces if available. • Background process limit phone ........Touch to change the limit for background processes. Show all ANRs • Mark the checkbox to show "Application Not Responding" dialog for 12.1 ONE TOUCH Manager background applications.

  • Page 74: One Touch Upgrade

    Using ONE TOUCH Upgrade tool you can update your phone’s software from your computer. Download ONE TOUCH Upgrade from ALCATEL ONE TOUCH website ( and install it on your computer. Launch the tool and update your phone by following the step by step instructions (refer to the User Guide provided together with the tool).

  • Page 75: Telephone Warranty

    This warranty shall not apply to defects to your phone and/or accessory Telephone warranty ..due to (without any limitation): 1) Non-compliance with the instructions for use or installation, or with technical and safety standards applicable in the geographical area where Your phone is warranted against any defect or malfunctioning which may your phone is used, occur in conditions of normal use during the warranty period of twelve...

  • Page 76: Troubleshooting

    Accessories ....... Troubleshooting ....Before contacting the service centre, you are advised to follow the The latest generation of ALCATEL ONE TOUCH mobile phones offers instructions below: a built-in handsfree feature that allows you to use the telephone from a •...

  • Page 77

    Unable to make outgoing calls this service. • Make sure you have dialed a valid number and have touched • Make sure this feature does not require an ALCATEL ONE TOUCH • For international calls, check the country and area codes. accessory. •...

  • Page 78

    Ending above actions will make your phone return to normal Settings\About phone\Advanced settings\USB debugging temperatures. • Check that your computer meets the requirements for ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Android Manager Installation. • Make sure that you’re using the right cable from the box.

  • Page 79: Specifications

    Connectivity • Bluetooth V4.0/A2DP Specifications • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n • 3.5 mm audio jack • Micro-USB Processor MTK6575 (ONE TOUCH 5020A/ONE TOUCH 5020D/ONE TOUCH 5020E/ONE Camera 5.0 megapixel back camera TOUCH 5020X) 0.3 megapixel front camera MTK6577 (ONE TOUCH 5021E) Audio supported AAC, AAC+, MP3, Midi, eAAC formats...

  • Page 80

    ALCATEL is a trademark of Alcatel-Lucent and is used under license by TCT Mobile Limited. © Copyright 2013 TCT Mobile Limited All rights reserved TCT Mobile Limited reserves the right to alter material or technical specification without prior notice. All “Signature” ringtones embedded in this phone have been composed, arranged and mixed by NU TROPIC (Amar Kabouche).

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    I like the phone and realy want to use the phone,but the network is locked and it cannot pick up. It is in SIM ME LOCK. How can i open?