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Filtrete 3M-50 Operation Manual

3m filtrete wireless thermostat. Uploaded by: Carlos Tillman  
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Operation Guide 3M-50
To turn your 3M-50 ON, press the MODE button on the right side.
This cycles the 3M-50 through HEAT, COOL, AUTO and OFF modes.
The 3M-50 programmable communicating
thermostat operates via a high-quality, easy-to-
use touch screen. To program or adjust your 3M-
50, simply touch your finger firmly to the screen.
The screen will automatically light up and you will
hear a "beep." The screen will respond differently
to different types of touches, so you may want to
experiment by touching it different ways, finger,
fingernail, etc. Do not use a sharp or metallic
device; it will scratch the screen.
Statement of use: 100% Compatible with all popular
residential HVAC systems; 24VAC single, two stage
conventional heating systems (gas/oil/electric), heat
pumps, single stage or with auxiliary heat (electric
or fossil), zoned forced air and zoned hot water (2
or 3 wire), millivolt systems (with a 12-24 AC or DC
source), one or two stage cooling, and hybrid systems.
top cover
Power Grid
Touch screen


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  • Page 1

    Operation Guide 3M-50 To turn your 3M-50 ON, press the MODE button on the right side. This cycles the 3M-50 through HEAT, COOL, AUTO and OFF modes. The 3M-50 programmable communicating top cover Reset thermostat operates via a high-quality, easy-to- button use touch screen.

  • Page 2: Home Screen, Control Screens

    HOME Screen Control Screens Before you operate the 3M-50 please get familiar with these basic control screens. All the 3M-50 functions are accessed through these screens: HOME, MENU, PROGRAM and MANUAL. The 3M- 50 touch screen technology allows you to select (by touching) an item and change it using the +/- arrows or the time arrows.

  • Page 3: Menu Screen

    MENU Screen The MENU screen is the gateway to many functions or settings of the 3M-50. It is displayed when you press the MENU button. [See page 10 for details] Set Time Chirp set Filter Timer set Touch this area to set...

  • Page 4: Program Screen

    PROGRAM Screen The PROGRAM screen sets the 3M-50 control for your home HVAC system. Press and hold PROG for 10 sec to access it. After that it is displayed when you press the PROG button. [See page 8 for details]...

  • Page 5: Manual Screen

    MANUAL Screen The Manual Screen control screen is where you can make temporary changes to your 3M-50’s operation. From the Full HOME screen, touch the main temperature display to use this screen. [See page 13 for details] Manual Override Indicator...

  • Page 6: Simple Home Screen

    Make this simple HOME screen the default for your 3M-50, switch the mode to OFF and hold the PROG button for 12 seconds. This Simple HOME screen gives you limited access to the 3M-50’s features, only the target temp can be changed.

  • Page 7

    Initial Settings Press MENU to access the following commands (from HOME screen). Set day of the week Touch the Day of the week area to cycle through the days of the week to select the current day. Set time of day Touch the Time of Day arrows to move the time selection forward or backward until it displays the current time.

  • Page 8

    All Days TO CHANGE THE PROGRAM: Make sure the 3M-50 mode is set to either HEAT or COOL, then press the PROGRAM button. This puts you at the PROGRAM screen [see page 4]. The programmed start time is displayed in the upper left.

  • Page 9

    PROGRAM cont. Select the day you want to program. The day of the week starts at SU - Sunday and can be advanced to the day you want to program. Touch the day of the week area to cycle through the days of the week to the desired day. Select the time slot (period) you want to program (MORN, DAY, EVEN, NITE).

  • Page 10

    (HVAC cycling rate) This feature allows you to set the desired variance in temperature between the 3M-50 setting and the room temperature required before the heating or cooling system will turn on—from 0.5° to 2.0° F (.25° to 1° C). For example, if SWING is set to 2.0° F and the 3M- 50 is set to 70°F Target Temperature, the heat cycle will start when room temperature drops to 68°F.

  • Page 11

    Set - Touch this to change the temperature display scale from o F to o C . FILTER - AIR FILTER ALERT - The 3M-50 can be programmed to remind you when the HVAC sytem’s air filter needs changing. Touch FILTER. The display will show the usage to date.

  • Page 12

    To UNLOCK , Press MENU. Touch and hold icon for 5 seconds for 2 bars (if not there already). Then touch and hold the icon for another 5 seconds. Each 5 second touch and hold must be separate. Touch to return to the Home screen. CALIBRATE Your thermostat was accurately calibrated at the factory to ±1°...

  • Page 13: Manual Screen Functions

    Recommend 2°F for very cold climates and the 4°F for warm climates. MANUAL Screen Functions The 3M-50 has 4 manual override commands. The manual screen is accessed by touching the large current temperature display in the middle of the HOME screen.

  • Page 14: Save Energy Button

    MORN, DAY and EVEN) and a different target for NITE. EMER (in HEAT PUMP type) If you set your 3M-50 for HEAT PUMP with auxiliary heat, EMER function is available on the MANUAL screen. If you touch EMER, it displays EMER|ON. Your HEAT PUMP is disabled and auxiliary heat is your sole source of heat.

  • Page 15: Mode Button, Fan Button

    The mode button sets the 3M-50 to HEAT, COOL, AUTO, or OFF modes. Press it once to step to the next mode. If the 3M-50 is in OFF and you want to return to the mode you were previously in, touch the OFF indicator on screen.

  • Page 16: Communicating Thermostat, Reset Button/compressor Protection

    RESET button The RESET button re-boots the 3M-50 processor. It does not effect the user programs that have been stored in permanent memory. Compressor Protection The 3M-50 has a minimum cycle time of 4 minutes to protect your compressor in cool and in heat pump (if you have one). The Home screen will show a small clock and A/C during this time and the compressor will not come on until the 4 minute delay is over.

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