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Pair To Your Bluetooth Phone - Haier PAROS-10 User Manual

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3. Pair to your bluetooth phone

Before you use your headset for the first time, you should pair your headset with the device that you want to use with, such as your
Bluetooth phone.
Ensure the
headset is off.
Important: When the headset is paired with mobile phone, the LED will flash two times every 5 seconds. If failed, the blue
LED will flash one time every 5 seconds
Press and hold the Multi-Function
Button until you see the LED
blinking blue and red
(approx. 6 seconds), then release.
Our phone will find
your headset and ask
if you want to pair
with it. Confirm this
by pressing "yes" or
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Set your Bluetooth phone to
"discover" the headset by following
your phone´s instruction. Typically,
"Bluetooth" menu on you phone and
then selecting the option to
"discover" a Bluetooth device.
*Auto connection
Once you pair the headset
with a device, the headset will
be automatically connected to
the device whenever you turn
Enter passkey or
the headset on.
PIN = 0000 (4 zeros),
then press "yes" or
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