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User's Manual
Digital Video Player


   Summary of Contents for Haier HEC HV3A

  • Page 1

    Theatre User’s Manual Digital Video Player HV3A...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Main Functions................5 Important Safety Information ............. 6 The Theatre’s battery.............. 7 Theatre Earphones and Volume Control......... 7 Improper Surroundings for Using the Theatre......8 Hearing Loss Symptoms ............9 Prevent Infections from Theatre Headphones ......9 Prevent Seizures, Blackouts, and Eye Strain ......10 Protecting the Theatre Device ..........

  • Page 3

    Care of Cable and Cord ............12 Use and Cleaning of Theatre ..........12 Using a Connector and a Port..........12 Theatre Radio Feature ............12 Theatre Headphones ............. 13 Disposing of the Theatre Device .......... 13 About the Player................14 Display Description..............

  • Page 4

    EBook................... 29 Record ..................31 Radio .................... 32 EXTRAS ..................34 EXPLORER ................. 35 USB and Charge................36 Arcsoft Media Conversion Tool ........... 37 Firmware Update................41 Troubleshooting................42 Technical Specifications............... 45 Theatre Warranty ................46 ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS ..........50 GOVERNING LAW ............

  • Page 5

    Patent Information..............51 Customer Service and Support ..........51 In the United States, call: Haier America, New York, NY ... 51 For Customers in the United States ........52 Declaration of Conformity ........... 53...

  • Page 6: Main Functions

    Main Functions 3.0 inch true color TFT touch screen display, resolution : 400*240 Supports MP3 / WMA /FLAC/APE/AAC music formats, also supports PLAY FX Supports MPEG-4 (AVI) RM,RMVB,FLV video formats Supports JPG/BMP/GIF picture formats Supports portrait and landscape toggling utilizing the integrated accelerometer Energy-saving setting, brightness control, auto power off Built-in MIC for voice recording Supports multi-languages, choose from up to 20 languages...

  • Page 7: Important Safety Information

    Important Safety Information Read and keep these guidelines. Follow all warnings and instructions carefully. Do not use the Theatre in or near water. To clean, wipe with a soft dry cloth only. Use only in accordance with this manual and the Theatre User Guide. Do not use near heat sources such as ovens, radiators, etc.

  • Page 8: The Theatre's Battery

    The Theatre’s battery Batteries: The Theatre has a built-in battery. If used incorrectly, this battery could explode and cause physical harm. Do not open or alter the battery, or expose it to heat. Puncturing or mutilating the battery is dangerous. Do not throw the battery or Theatre device into fire.

  • Page 9: Improper Surroundings For Using The Theatre

    Minimize the amount of time spent listening to loud sounds. The more exposure to loud sounds, the more likely you are to damage your hearing. Your hearing can be damaged in as little as 15 minutes when exposed to very loud music or sounds. Even when volume is lower, your hearing can still be damaged after a long period of time.

  • Page 10: Hearing Loss Symptoms

    We strongly advise that you do not use headphones with your Theatre while driving. Use of headphones while driving is illegal in some states. Stop using the Theatre if it distracts you or is disruptive while you are operating any type of vehicle, or performing any task that requires your concentration and full attention.

  • Page 11: Prevent Seizures, Blackouts, And Eye Strain

    Prevent Seizures, Blackouts, and Eye Strain If you have ever had a seizure or blackout, or if these symptoms exist in your family’s medical history, please speak with a doctor before using the video functions on the Theatre device (if available).

  • Page 12: Guidelines Of Use

    Warning! Failure to follow the guidelines for setup and use for this product can lead to serious injury or death, or harm to the device. Make sure you read this guide carefully and follow all instructions. Keep this guide in a safe place. If you need to replace this guide, contact Haier customer service or visit

  • Page 13: Care Of Cable And Cord

    Follow all directions in this manual and the Theatre User Guide for proper use of the Theatre. Do not use near any source of heat, such as fire or ovens. Use only accessories and attachments provided or recommended by Haier. Clean gently with a soft, dry cloth.

  • Page 14: Theatre Headphones

    Theatre Headphones The Theatre headphones have low intensity magnets in them. This magnetic charge may disrupt pacemakers, or erase magnetic storage data in certain devices, including credit cards and ATM cards. Keep the headphones several inches away from these items, and anything that is sensitive or could be affected by a magnetic field.

  • Page 15: About The Player

    About the Player...

  • Page 16: Display Description

    Display Description Music Video Record E-BOOK...

  • Page 17: Basic Operations

    Basic Operations Power On/Off Power On: Push power switch toward the red dot and hold for 3 seconds, the player will start and display the main interface. Power Off: a. Push power switch toward the red dot and hold for 3 seconds to power off. b.

  • Page 18

    If the player works abnormally, reset it by pushing the power switch towards the red dot and hold for about 8 seconds until the player turns off. Turn on the player again and it will resume normal operation. Connecting to a Computer and File Transfer Player support USB2.0 interface.

  • Page 19: Settings

    Settings Setting From the main menu, touch and scroll left or right to the Settings icon to enter the setting interface. The different setting option are: Backlight time, Brightness , Light Mode, Keyboard lock time, Auto shut time, Restorable, Language, system information, Time setting, Auto Shut, and G- Sensor. Touch and scroll up or down the middle of screen to select your required option and touch again to enter and set.

  • Page 20

    Adjusting these settings will impact on battery duration. Select your preferred option, then Click on the icon to exit this interface. Key Lock Time Key lock time can be set at 10Seconds, 30 Seconds, 5Minutes, 10 Minutes, and No Locking. Select your preferred option then click on the icon to exit this interface.

  • Page 21

    Touching "System Information" screen will display information about the machine: product name, Version ID, and Local Memory Size. Click the icon is to exit this interface. Time setting Touching this sub item will give you options to set the clock. You can adjust year, month, date, hour, and minute by touching the corresponding icon or icon, then click the...

  • Page 22: Music

    Music Detailed Operation From the Main Menu scroll left or right of the screen to select and touch [Music] icon to enter Music operations. Once selected the following options are available: Current Play/Resume PLAY, All music, Dir list, My Favorites, Artist, Album, Genre, Record, and Medialib Update.

  • Page 23

    Touch icon once to select Previous or next music file to play. Touch and hold icon to fast forward or fast reverse through the current file. In play mode, touch icon to stop playing Music, touch icon to resume playing music. Touch icon will show a volume control icon, click + or –...

  • Page 24

    EQ Sel: ● ● ● ● Select from 7 preset equalizer settings: Normal/User EQ/Rock/Pop/Classic/Bass/Jazz. Loop repeat function. Touch the icon at the start of the loop. The icon will display confirming the starting repeat point. Touch the icon again to end the loop. The icon will display confirming the ending repeat point.

  • Page 25

    When the G-Sensor function is active in the setting menu, the user can shake the unit to the left and right to select the previous or next music file to play. 3. Dir List In the music Media Library menu, click Directory listing to show the entire local directory file in the player.

  • Page 26

    Note 1: The Theatre also supports lyrics. Refer to your media converter/player’s user manual to ensure the lyrics are transferred to the unit. Note 2: A very small number of very special MP3/WMA encoded audio files may not play on the unit.

  • Page 27: Video

    Video From the main menu, scroll left or right of the screen to touch [Video] icon to enter the video explorer interface. Touch and scroll up or down the middle of screen to select the video file and touch to play the selected file. Touch icon to start to play the last file played.

  • Page 28

    f) Touch icon will showing “Select time play” block , then touch icon to select “Hour” or “Minute” options, touch icon to set the elapsed time for playback and touch YES option to confirm to play or NO option to exit. g) In video playing mode, touch icon will exit Player interface.

  • Page 29: Photo

    PHOTO From the main menu, scroll left or right of the screen to touch [Photo] icon to enter the photo explorer interface. Drag up or down the middle of the screen to view all file folders or picture files. Select and touch preferred file for playback.

  • Page 30: Ebook

    EBook From the main menu, scroll left or right of the screen to touch [eBook] icon to enter the eBook explorer interface. Drag up or down the middle of screen to select your required folder or the eBook file and touch to play the selected file.

  • Page 31

    d) Touch icon to toggle between portrait or lanscape view. e) Touch icon to exit to main menu. e) Touch icon to view the ebook playback options (Page Jump, Load Mark, Flip Time). Drag up or down the middle of the screen to select and touch desired option. Page Jump: ●...

  • Page 32: Record

    Note: This player supports files saved as “.TXT” or “.LRC” files in ANSI code. Files with other formats will not be displayed. Format codes should be removed from file prior to being copied to the player. Record From the main menu, scroll left or right of the screen to touch [Record] icon to enter the record interface.

  • Page 33: Radio

    c) When recording has been completed, touch icon to show the save record files dialog box, touch YES to save, touch NO to exit to the previous menu without save. d) Recorded files can be played back using the Music Playback feature by selecting Record sub item in the main MediaLib menu.

  • Page 34

    Touch this sub item to change the receiver frequency manually. Auto search: ● ● ● ● When selected, the unit will automatically search for radio stations broadcasting in your area. Each station found will be saved. Preset mode: ● ● ● ● Touch this sub item to enter Preset mode, touch icon to select the channel previous saved.

  • Page 35: Extras

    ◆ When recording has been completed, touch icon to save the file and to exit. Files names are generates automatically and in sequence. Touch icon after recording will show save record file dialog, touch YES to save, touch NO to exit without save. ◆...

  • Page 36: Explorer

    Touch Calendar icon to display the Calendar interface. Touch the Year icon to show a year setting block, then touch < or > icon to select your required year to set. Touch the Month icon to show a month setting block, then touch < or > icon to select your required month to set.

  • Page 37: Usb And Charge

    In the explorer interface, drag up or down the middle of screen to select the desired folder and file, then touch icon to show the “Delete File” dialog box, select and touch YES option to delete selected file or NO option to cancel. USB and Charge USB Display Mode This player has a high-speed USB2.0 port, with standard portable storage function for...

  • Page 38: Arcsoft Media Conversion Tool

    Playback duration is approximately 3 to 3.5 hours for Video and 12 hours for Audio playback. Battery duration is dependent on several factors including backlight brightness and duration, Auto off settings, and battery condition. Note: It is recommended that for the first 2 charges, to charge the unit for 8 hours. Arcsoft Media Conversion Tool Installing the Software ArcSoft MediaConverter 3 is a powerful all-in-one multimedia file converter.

  • Page 39

    To add media, you can click and drag media files to the device icon, or click on the “+” icon to select media files from your computer. Conversion automatically starts after file loading finishes. The progress bar appears, indicating the conversion progress. Click the triangle button when rolling over the converted file to preview the video while converting.

  • Page 40

    Preview the video Before starting to convert files, you need to while converting. setup the file format, destination, quality, etc. for the converted files.

  • Page 41

    To add media files, drag and drop media files to the device icon, or click “+” when rolling over the device...

  • Page 42: Firmware Update

    Please download the missing codecs from the Internet if necessary. Firmware Update 1. Users can download the latest firmware (Haier HV3A) at the download center of our website ( 2. You can download the HV3A firmware copy into the flash disc of the machine.

  • Page 43: Troubleshooting

    Note: During the installation, the power should not be cut off directly. Troubleshooting to be played. The player cannot be turned on. 3. Confirm the earphone is properly Check if the battery is low or flat recharge connected. the play if required by connecting to your PC with the USB cable.

  • Page 44

    Incorrect language displayed. the correct language. Set language in (Settings) => (Language Selection) Please make sure that you have selected Files cannot be downloaded. 1. Make sure the proper connection between computer and player. Please check that the video files 2.

  • Page 46: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Technical Specifications Screen Type 3.0-inch TFT, resolution: 400*240 (WQVGA) Display Resolution Input/Output High speed USB2.0 mini socket Formats MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, APE MAX Output (L) 10mW +(R) 10mW (32 ) Audio SNR / Distortion S/N : ≥85dB Playback Freq Response 20HZ~20KHZ...

  • Page 47: Theatre Warranty

    If the product is defective, Haier will, at its option, (1) repair the product using new or refurbished replacement parts, (2) replace the product with a new or re-manufactured equivalent product at no charge to the purchasing consumer, (3) refund to the purchaser up to the price of the product.

  • Page 48

    Haier in the user manual, (4) damage caused by service, including expansion and upgrade, that was performed by anyone who is not a representative for Haier, (5) to the appearance of the product or the exterior of the product, which has been damaged or defaced, altered or modified in design or...

  • Page 49

    In no event shall Haier be liable, or in any way responsible for any damages or defects in the product which were caused by repairs or attempted repairs performed by anyone other than an authorized service center or dealer;...

  • Page 50

    How to obtain service from your warranty: Ship or carry in your product to a Haier authorized service center. You must have the proof of purchase with you. If you ship this product to a service center, make sure that it is carefully packaged. Remove or delete any private or personal files and data before you send the Theatre device to Haier or bring it in for service.

  • Page 51: Additional Conditions

    Theatre accessories or devices that are not manufactured by or for Haier. ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS The software that comes included with this Theatre product is licensed to you only, and is not sold to you. You are licensed to use this software in your Theatre product only. You are not permitted to reverse engineer it, except as is specifically permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation.

  • Page 52: Governing Law

    For information about Theatre, read all documentation included with the product. If you still have a question, go to to search the information base, and to get support using chat or e-mail. In the United States, call: Haier America, New York, NY 1-877-337-3639...

  • Page 53: For Customers In The United States

    For Customers in the United States This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

  • Page 54: Declaration Of Conformity

    Responsible Party: Haier America Trading LLC Address: 1356 Broadway, New York, NY 10018 USA Telephone No.: 877-339-3639 Warning: Changes or modifications to this device that are not expressly approved by Haier America may void your authority to operate this equipment.

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