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IDEAL -22KR User Manual

3d cooling system
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1. Installation Instructions

Suitable Installation Place
Where the floor is solid and level
Where ventilation is good
Unstable installation causes vibration and
More than 10 cm from 3 sides (left, right
noise of refrigerator.
and back) is good enough for ventilation.
Wooden floor or carpet can be discolored
Insufficient space causes the noise of
under the refrigerator.
vibration, weakening of refrigerating
power and the waste of electricity.
Doors look hanged down due to the twist
of refrigerator unless it is leveled.
G r o u n d i n g
Grounding terminal is the green one connected to the power cord in the back of refrigerator.
Grounding is necessary
water can splash easily ;
w h e r e
bathroom etc.
Grounding by using
Bury copper plate to whitch grounding wire is connected 25 cm deep in the ground.
grounding wire
Grounding by using
Short-circuit breaker is a must where the floor is always wet, for example, fish shop,
short-circuit breaker
restaurant kitchen etc.
Grounding is not necessary
in case of using side-grounded outlet.
You should not connect the
water pipe, gas pipe, telephone line,
ground wire to
l i g h t e n i n g - r o d .
There can be explosion or fire.
Correct usage of Refrigerator
Plug in the refrigerator
* See page
f o r
right after installation.
d e t a i l s .
Set the both
* When the surrounding
c o m p a r t m e n t s '
temperature is hot in
temperature to "3" to
midsummer, do not
perform preparatory run
open and shut the doors
for 2 or 3 hours.
too often after
When the inside is cold
i n s t a l l a t i o n .
enough, put the foods in.
Where there is little or no heat, moisture
Direct sun lays, side heat of stove and gas
range can weaken the refrigerating power.
Avoid location by a sink or where moisture
and water can cause rust and corrosion.
Avoid location where moisture can cause
electrical problems.
Use hard board or plank on the
concrete/cement floor.
there is much moisture ;
any wet and/or watery
basement etc.
p l a c e s .
S i d e
G r o u n d e d
o u t l e t
Grounding wire
Installation Process
Attatch the height adjustable legs to their holes in the
left and right bottom of refrigerator.
Adjust the height by turning the legs until they touch the floor.
Let the right adjustable leg touch the floor firmly, while the
left, smoothly.



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  Summary of Contents for IDEAL IDEAL-22KR

  • Page 1: Installation Instructions

    1. Installation Instructions Suitable Installation Place Where the floor is solid and level Where ventilation is good Where there is little or no heat, moisture • Unstable installation causes vibration and • More than 10 cm from 3 sides (left, right •...
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    2. Safety Instructions WA R N I N G W A R N I N G Improper use can cause physical damage - personal injury. Improper use can cause injury or material damage to the household A T T E N T I O N Never install the refrigerator Do not allow children to where there is much moisture...
  • Page 3 WA R N I N G WA R N I N G U N P L U G U N P L U G DOOR H A N D L E S FOOD STO R A G E Unplug first when exchanging the If not using refrigerator for a long Opening and shutting When you store foods in the...
  • Page 4 3. Looks Out lf Order, But, Not. Before calling for service, check the followings. Refrigerator Is Not Wrong or Out of Order In These Cases... Foods freeze in the fresh food compartment • Moisture can be formed during the rainy season or through continuous Moisture is forming on hot and humid days.
  • Page 5 4. NAME OF EACH P ART & USAGE FREEZER COMPA RTMENT SHELF • Provided to make ice or store frozen food. FRESH CASE FREEZER COMPA RTMENT POCKETS • Stores food at 0~1°C to keep it of its own natural • Use when storing..
  • Page 6: Care And Cleaning

    6. CARE & CLEANING 7. Helpful Hints When you replace the light bulbs 1. Unplug the refrigerator. Before Cleaning 2. Pull the light shield down forward, turn to take the bulb out. • When the outside(cabinet, doors) is stained with cooking oil or dirt, wipe it out quickly. Light bulb of freezer compartment 3.
  • Page 7: Cooling System

    3D COOLING SYSTEM I D E A L - 2 2 K R C O N T E N T S 1. Installation Instructions......1 Suitable Installation Place.

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