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   Summary of Contents for AEG 115DD-M

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    Your New Appliance Thank you for purchasing an AEG appliance. To enable you to use your new hob efficiently and safely, please read this instruction book carefully before installing or using the appliance, and retain for future reference. Should the hob be transferred to a new owner please...

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    How to read the operating instructions: 1... 2...Step by step Hint and tips Safety information Environmental information...

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    Any electrical malfunctioning. Contact your local installation work must be undertaken AEG Service Force Centre. by a qualified electrician/ competent person. Do not alter the specifications or attempt to modify the appliance in any way.

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    The air is sucked through the grease filter and then blown via the vent hose to the vent duct and out into the atmosphere. Top cabinet As opposed to an ordinary extractor, the worktop extractor is placed next to the cooker. The worktop extractor can be adjusted to two heights, the lower and upper positions.

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    Pilot light The pilot light is located on the front of the product. The pilot light comes on when the product is switched on and extinguishes when the product is switched off. The extraction capacity of the worktop extractor The extraction capacity is 370m³/h at the high extraction speed and 211m³/h at the low extraction speed.

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    Never leave the worktop extractor unattended while deep fat frying or heating fats and oils. Do not flambé in immediate vicinity of an operating worktop extractor. Adjust the height and extraction speeds of the worktop extractor as follows: Worktop extractor disconnected Worktop extractor in lower position.

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    Worktop extractor in upper position. Low extraction speed Switched off High extraction speed Select the extraction direction as follows: Extraction from both the right and the left Extraction from the right Extraction from the left...

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    Before carrying out any maintenance or cleaning isolate the extractor from the mains supply. The extractor must be kept clean as build up of grease or fat can be a fire hazard The splashguard can be removed to make it easier to clean the surface. What to do: 1.

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    Clean the appliance after use with a soft cloth well wrung out in warm water, use a small amount of liquid detergent for stubborn soiling. Stainless steel parts may become straw coloured with use, use a proprietary stainless steel cleaner to remove this straw discolouration.

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    To maintain optimum extraction capacity of the worktop extractor and to avoid fire hazards, the grease filter should be cleaned at least once a month. Proceed as follows: 1. Place the worktop extractor in the upper extraction position. 2. Lift off the top cabinet. The top cabinet can be washed in ordinary washing up liquid or in a dishwasher.

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    The worktop extractor can be fitted in any type of kitchen worktop with a thickness of between 28 and 40 mm. Location It is recommended that you install the worktop extractor in continuation of the hob. If two or more hobs are installed, the worktop extractor should be placed between the units so that you can take full advantage of the variable...

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    Fitting reinforcement beams The capacity is also reduced in proportion to any increase in the length All 145 mm and 290 mm units come of the vent hose/duct. The less with a reinforcement beam. A resistance the exhaust air meets, the reinforcement beam must be fitted better the extraction capacity and the between each unit.

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    This extractor unit must be installed according to the instructions supplied. Any electrical installation work must be undertaken by a qualified electrican/competent person. Do not alter the specifications or attempt to modify the appliance in any way. The ducting system for this appliance must not be connected any existing ventilation system which is being used for any other...

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    The connection must be completely tight regardless of the connection chosen. To install cable, remove front cover as shown. Connection Min. cable dimension: 0.75 mm² Cable type: HO5VV-F IMPORTANT Installation next to a gas unit To install the work top extractor next to a gas hob, proceed as follows: Disconnect the wires from settings 1, 2, 4, 5 (blue, green, yellow, orange) of...

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    If the appliance is not working correctly, please carry out the following checks before contacting your local AEG Service Force Centre. IMPORTANT: If you call out an engineer to a fault caused by incorrect use or installation, a charge will be made even if the appliance is under guarantee.

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    This information can be found on the rating plate. Customer Care For general enquiries concerning your AEG appliance, or for further information on AEG products, you are invited to contact our Customer Care Department by letter or telephone: Customer Care Department...

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    AEG offer the following guarantee to 6. The purchaser's statutory rights are the first purchaser of this appliance: not affected by this guarantee. 1. The guarantee is valid for 12 months commencing when the appliance is handed over to the first...

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    Before you move please contact your nearest Customer Care centre, listed below, to give them details of your new home. They will then ensure that the local service organisation is aware of your move and able to look after you and your appliances.

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    325 88-1550 Rev. 3-018...

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