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Frigidaire 316495062 Installation Instructions Manual

Frigidaire over the range microwave oven installation instructions



Over The Range Microwave Oven


Save these instructions for local
inspector's use.
Observe all governing codes and
instructions with the Consumer.
future reference.
– Installation of this appliance requires
basic mechanical and electrical skills.


This Microwave Oven/Hood requires a mounting space on
a wall as shown in Figure 1. It is designed to be used with
standard 12" wall cabinets.
At least 2"
As a guide to installation, see page 8 for Mounting
Template Information.
Read these instructions completely and carefully.
– Be sure to leave these
– Keep these instructions for
30" or more
from cooking
66" or more
from floor
Figure 1
Proper installation is the responsibility of the installer.
Product failure due to improper installation is not covered
under the Warranty.
Please read all instructions thoroughly before installing
the Over the Range Microwave Oven. Two people are
recommended to install this product.
If a new electrical outlet is required, its installation should be
completed by a qualifi ed electrician before the Microwave
Oven is installed. See 3 ELECTRICAL GROUNDING


This Microwave Oven/Hood should be mounted against and
supported by a fl at vertical wall. The wall must be fl at for
proper installation. If the wall is not fl at, use spacers to fi ll in
the gaps. Wall construction should be a minimum of 2" x 4"
wood studding and ³⁄
" or more thick dry wall or plaster/lath.
The mounting surfaces must be capable of supporting weight
of 110 pounds—the oven and contents—AND the weight of
all items which would normally be stored in the top cabinet
above the unit.
The unit should be attached to a minimum of one 2" x 4"
wall stud or two 2" x 3" wall studs.
To fi nd the location of the studs, one of the following methods
may be used:
A. Use a stud finder, a magnetic device which locates the
nails in the stud.
B. Use a hammer to tap lightly across the mounting surface
to find a solid sound. This will indicate stud location.
The center of the stud can be located by probing the wall with
a small nail to fi nd the edges of the stud and then placing a
mark halfway between the edges. The center of any adjacent
studs will normally be 16" or 24" to either side of this mark.
For customers in the United States and Canada
United States: 1-800-944-9044
Canada: 1-800-265-8352
February 2011
Printed in Thailand



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Summary of Contents for Frigidaire 316495062

  • Page 1: Installation Instructions

    Product failure due to improper installation is not covered under the Warranty. • Please read all instructions thoroughly before installing the Over the Range Microwave Oven. Two people are recommended to install this product. • If a new electrical outlet is required, its installation should be completed by a qualifi...
  • Page 2: Electrical Grounding Instructions

    3 ELECTRICAL GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS This appliance must be grounded. This oven is equipped with a cord having a grounding wire with a grounding plug. It must be plugged into a wall receptacle that is properly installed and grounded in accordance with the National Electrical Code and local codes and ordinances.
  • Page 3: Installation Hardware

    5 TOOLS RECOMMENDED FOR INSTALLATION • Phillips Screwdriver • Electric Drill • ", " and " Drill Bits • " Wood Bit or Metal Hole Cutter (if metal cabinet is used) • Saw to cut exhaust opening (if needed) • Protective Drop Cloth for product and range - you may also use carton for protection •...
  • Page 4: Ventilation System

    8 VENTILATION SYSTEM (PREPARING OVEN FOR INSTALLATION) This microwave oven/hood is designed for adaptation to three types of hood ventilation systems. Select the type required for your installation. RECIRCULATING — non-vented, ductless. Follow installation procedure (A). Recirculating requires the use of the Charcoal Filter, which has already been installed in the oven.
  • Page 5: Ventilation System

    Tapping Screw Figure 10 8 VENTILATION SYSTEM (PREPARING OVEN FOR INSTALLATION) (C) VERTICAL EXHAUST: OUTSIDE VENTILATION 1. Remove and save 2 screws from back edge and 1 screw from the top center of the Fan Cover Bracket. Remove Fan Cover Bracket by sliding it in the opposite direction of the arrow on the Fan Cover Bracket as shown in Figure 2.
  • Page 6: Mounting Oven To The Wall

    Wall Figure 13 MOUNTING OVEN TO THE WALL Two people are recommended to attach the Microwave Oven/ Hood to the Mounting Plate. 1. Thread the power supply cord through the hole made in the bottom of the top cabinet.
  • Page 7: Checklist For Installation

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CHECKLIST FOR INSTALLATION 1. Make sure the unit has been installed according to all of the Installation Instructions and the Wall and Top Cabinet Templates. 2. Plug in the power cord. 3. Keep the Operation Manual.
  • Page 8: Domensions

  • Page 9: Espacio De Montaje

    INSTRUCCIONES DE INSTALACIÓN ANTES DE COMENZAR IMPORTANTE • Guarde estas instrucciones para uso por parte del inspector local. IMPORTANTE • Cumpla todos los códigos y ordenanzas vigentes. NOTA PARA EL INSTALADOR • entregar estas instrucciones al Consumidor. NOTA PARA EL CONSUMIDOR •...
  • Page 10: Instrucciones De Conexión A Tierra Eléctrica

    3 INSTRUCCIONES DE CONEXIÓN A TIERRA ELÉCTRICA Este aparato debe conectarse a tierra. Este horno está equipado con un cable que tiene un alambre de tierra y enchufe con pata de tierra. Éste debe enchufarse en un tomacorriente de pared instalado apropiadamente y conectado a tierra de acuerdo con el Código Eléctrico Nacional, y los códigos y ordenanzas locales.
  • Page 11: Herramientas Recomendadas Para La Instalación

    5 HERRAMIENTAS RECOMENDADAS PARA LA INSTALACIÓN • Atornillador Phillips • Taladro eléctrico • Brocas de ", " y " • Broca para madera de 1 "" ó Cortador de orifi cios en metal (si se utiliza gabinete metálico) • Scie pour couper l’ouverture d’évacuation (s’il y a lieu) •...
  • Page 12: Sistema De Escape

    8 SISTEMA DE ESCAPE (PREPARACIÓN DEL HORNO PARA INSTALACIÓN) Este Horno Microondas / Campana Extractora está diseñado para adaptación a tres tipos de sistemas de escape para campanas. Seleccione el tipo requerido para su instalación. RECIRCULACIÓN — sin escape al exterior, sin ducto. Siga el procedimiento de instalación (A).
  • Page 13: Instalación Del Horno

    Tornillo Auto-perforante Figura 10 8 SISTEMA DE ESCAPE (PREPARACIÓN DEL HORNO PARA INSTALACIÓN) (C) ESCAPE VERTICAL: VENTILATION EXTÉRIEURE 1. Remueva y guarde los 2 tornillos del borde trasero y 1 tornillo de la parte central superior de la Cubierta del Ventilador. Remueva la Cubierta del Ventilador deslizándola en dirección opuesta a la fecha indicada sobre la Cubierta del Ventilador según se muestra en la Figura 7.
  • Page 14: Montaje Del Horno En La Pared

    9 INSTALACIÓN DEL HORNO sufi ciente espacio, la Tuerca de Anclaje no podrá abrirse en el otro lado de la pared. Además, una vez que la Tuerca de Anclaje se abre, ésta no puede retirarse del orifi cio; por lo tanto asegúrese que todos los Anclajes están en la posición correcta antes de la inserción.
  • Page 15: Lista De Verificación Para Instalación

    LISTA DE VERIFICACIÓN PARA INSTALACIÓN 1. Asegúrese que la unidad ha sido instalada de acuerdo con todas las Instrucciones de Instalación y las Plantillas de Pared y las Plantillas del Gabinete Superior. 2. Enchufe el cable de energía. 3. Guarde el Manual de Operación. INSTRUCCIONES DE INSTALACIÓN...
  • Page 16 NOTAS...
  • Page 17: Instructions D'installation

    INSTRUCTIONS D’INSTALLATION AVANT DE COMMENCER IMPORTANT • Conservez ces instructions pour l’inspecteur local. IMPORTANT • Respectez toutes les réglementations applicables. NOTE POUR L’INSTALLATEUR • ces instructions chez le consommateur. NOTE POUR LE CONSOMMATEUR • ces instructions comme référence ultérieure. EXPERTISE MINIMUM •...
  • Page 18: Instructions De Mise À La Terre

    3 INSTRUCTIONS DE MISE À LA TERRE Cet appareil doit être mis à la terre. Ce four est équipé d’un cordon d’alimentation avec fi l de mise à la terre, et d’une fi che de mise à la terre. Il faut le brancher dans une prise murale qui a été...
  • Page 19: Outils Recommandés Pour L'installation

    5 OUTILS RECOMMANDÉS POUR L’INSTALLATION • Tournevis Phillips • Perceuse électrique • Forets de ", " et " (13 – 16 – 8 mm) • Mèche à bois de 1 " (38 mm) ou coupe-trou dans métal (si un coffret métallique est utilisé) •...
  • Page 20: Système De Ventilation

    8 SYSTÈME DE VENTILATION (PRÉPARANT LE FOUR POUR L’INSTALLATION) Le four à micro-ondes à hotte intégrée est conçu pour s’adapter à trois types de systèmes de ventilation par hotte. Choisissez le type nécessaire pour votre installation. RECYCLAGE — Hotte absorbante, à recyclage. Suivez la procédure d’installation (A).
  • Page 21 Vis autotaraudeuse Schéma 10 8 SYSTÈME DE VENTILATION (PRÉPARANT LE FOUR POUR L’INSTALLATION) (C) ÉCHAPPEMENT VERTICAL : 1. Enlevez et conservez les 2 vis du bord arrière et 1 vis du centre supérieur du support de couvercle du ventilateur. Enlevez le support de couvercle du ventilateur en le faisant coulisser dans la direction opposée à...
  • Page 22: Montage Mural Du Four

    9 INSTALLATION DE FOUR 4. Alignez soigneusement la plaque de fixation et tenez-la en place pendant que vous serrez les boulons à ailettes. Tirez les boulons à ailettes vers vous et vissez dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre. Le schéma 14. MONTAGE MURAL DU FOUR Il recommandé...
  • Page 23: Pense-Bête Pour L'installation

    PENSE-BÊTE POUR L’INSTALLATION 1. Assurez-vous que l’appareil a été installé en suivant toutes les instructions et en utilisant le gabarit mural et de plafond. 2. Branchez le cordon d’alimentation secteur. 3. Conservez le mode d’emploi. INSTRUCTIONS D’INSTALLATION...
  • Page 24 REMARQUES...