Surface Cooking Settings - Frigidaire 318203624 Use & Care Manual

Frigidaire cooktop use & care manual
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setting surFace controls
the electronic surface element
control (esec)
The Electronic Surface Element Control ("ESEC") feature
includes digital display windows. The ESEC feature
provides a numeric digital setting for the radiant surface
element positions on the cooktop. These settings work
the same way as normal knob setting indicators work
except the settings are displayed in digital windows (Figs.
1 thru 4).
the available esec display settings
The ESEC control provides various heat levels from Hi
(Fig. 2) to lo (Fig. 4) and OFF (Fig. 1). The settings
between 9.5 and 3.0 decrease or increase in increments
of .5 (1/2). The settings between 3.0 and 1.2 are
Simmer settings which decrease or increase in increments
of .2 (1/5) to lo (Figure 4; lowest Simmer setting)
for more precise settings at lower heat levels. Use the
Recommended Surface Setting Chart to determine the
correct setting for the kind of food you are preparing.
esec Power Failure indicator message (PF)
When the range is first plugged in or when the power
supply to the range has been interrupted, the ESEC
control will display the message "PF" (Power Failure;
See Fig. 5). After a few seconds the "PF" message will
disappear from the display.
esec Hot element indicator message (He)
After using any of the single or dual radiant element
positions the cooktop will become very hot. Even after
turning the control knob to OFF, the cooktop will remain
hot for some time. The ESEC control monitors the
temperature of the cooktop and displays the message
"He" (hot element) warning when the cooktop is still too
hot to touch (See Fig. 6). If the He message appears in
the window, the control can still be turned ON again for
esec error indicator message (er)
An error message will be displayed (glowing "er") at
power up (or after a power failure) if ANY of the surface
control knobs were left in the ON positions (See Fig. 7).
If a power failure should occur, be sure to set all of the
surface control knobs to the OFF position. This will reset
the surface controls.
Once the surface controls have been set to the OFF
positions, the surface controls should return to normal
operation. If the surface controls do not function and
the "er" message remains in any display after following
these procedures, contact your authorized servicer for
Fig. 1
Fig. 3
Fig. 5
Fig. 7
control knobs shown are typical only.

surface cooking settings

Use the chart to determine the correct setting for the
type of food you are preparing.
note: The size and type of cookware used will influence
the setting needed for best cooking results.
recommended setting for surface element
type of cooking
Start most foods; bring water to a boil
and pan broiling.
Continue a rapid boil; frying, deep fat
Maintain a slow boil; thicken sauces
and gravies; steaming vegetables.
Keep foods cooking; poaching and
(2 - 4)
Keep warm, melting and simmering.
Radiant elements have a limiter that allows the element
to cycle on and off, even at the HI setting. This helps to
prevent damage to the ceramic smooth top. Cycling at
the HI setting is normal and can occur if the cookware
is too small for the radiant element or if the cookware
bottom is not flat.
Fig. 2
Fig. 4
Fig. 6


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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