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    BB•SLING user’s manual...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Worn up next to you, your baby can participate in your activi- Twins ties. This interaction with the outside world will enhance his Other Babylonia Products language and social development. Thank You © copyright Babylonia 2005 This book, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission.

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    BB•SLING > User’s Manual Want to read more about the benefi ts of carrying your baby? Please read through carefully before starting! Here are a few of our favorites. Granju, Katie Allison Attachment Parenting: Instinctive care for Babies Yearn for Skin your baby and young child.

  • Page 4: Frequently Asked Questions

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Is this type of carrier safe for the development of my baby’s spine? of course, no problems starting later as well. Your back will strengthen The basis of good posture begins with the pelvis. If this is well sup- as you carry your baby and his weight gains will go mostly unnoticed.

  • Page 5

    close means you can often read his body language well before he Will my baby be able to breathe tucked into a sling? starts to cry or tell you something is wrong. Tucked snuggly into the sling, your baby is still able to move. If he is uncomfortable in any way, he can turn his head or wiggle his body in Will I spoil my baby and make him dependent on me? protest.

  • Page 6: Getting Started

    > TYING TIPS > GETTING STARTED When you use the sling for the first time you may feel a bit awkward or unsure. The best time to try the sling is when your baby is calm, having just eaten and is ready to fall asleep. Once you have placed your baby in the sling, walk around to distract your baby while she adapts to a new way of being car- ried.

  • Page 7: Threading Your Sling

    > THREADING YOUR SLING 1. Gather the fabric 2. Place the end through 3. Pass over the top ring without twisting the rings. and thread it through keeping the seams on the bottom ring. the outside. 4. Put the sling on and 5.

  • Page 8: To Begin For All Positions

    > TO BEGIN FOR ALL POSITIONS 1. Determine which hip you wish 2. Tighten the sling through the to place the baby on, and place rings, leaving just enough slack to the sling over the opposite shoul- place the baby inside. der with the ‘tail’...

  • Page 9: Cradle

    > CRADLE See page 8 to begin. This position is ideal for carrying a new- born baby and for hands free breastfeed- ing. Some babies may feel lost in the fab- ric and will prefer the upright position of the Heart-to-Heart. 1.

  • Page 10

    8. or looking out. 9. While supporting the baby 6. The baby can be placed fac- 7. or looking upwards with one hand, tighten the out- ing your stomach er rail until it is snug. 10. In either position, the The baby should be held tightly Make sure the baby is resting The baby should remain snug...

  • Page 11: Heart To Heart

    > HEART TO HEART Many babies appreciate being carried upright and on your chest. This position can be used with all ages, but is especially comfortable for a newborn or a baby under a year old. When they get older and heavier, you’ll find it more comfortable for them to sit on your hip.

  • Page 12

    > HEART TO HEART OPTION 2: WEARING THE BABY WITH LEGS OUT See page 8 to begin. 1. Resting the baby on your free 2. and spread it out under the 3. Pull the top rail up to the 4. Supporting the baby with one shoulder, lift the band up over baby’s bottom.

  • Page 13: Facing Out - Buddha

    > FACING OUT - BUDDHA Curious babies enjoy facing out for full interaction with the outside world. Use this position once your baby can hold his head up alone. Always keep one arm free to support your baby. He could risk falling out if he leans forward. See page 8 to begin.

  • Page 14: Hip

    > HIP Once your baby can sit up on her own, you’ll probably find the hip position to be the most comfortable. The baby straddles your hip which helps distribute the weight better. The sling should be worn snug so that the baby does not lean back or move around too much.

  • Page 15

    7. Tighten the top rail so that 8. Make sure the bottom of 9. The baby can leave her arms the baby is pulled in snug next the fabric is spread out to her inside the fabric to you. knees. 10.

  • Page 16: Back

    > BACK An older toddler will enjoy riding on your back. You will enjoy the freedom of movement without a large child in front of you. See page 8 to begin. 1. Start with the rings in the 2. Open the band on your hip. 3.

  • Page 17

    7. Leaning forward, pass your 8. Grab the tail in your other 9. In one movement, slide the 10. Pull the fabric through the arm over and in front of your hand. baby to your back and the tail rings until it is tight. baby, while resting on your hip.

  • Page 18: Twins

    > TWINS Your babies spent nine months on top of one another in the womb, so they will often be very happy to find themselves close together again! Carrying two babies can be very handy when needed. Carrying just one baby at a time can also make a big difference. A fussy baby can go in the sling and free your hands to tend to the other.

  • Page 19: Other Babylonia Products

    > OTHER BABYLONIA PRODUCTS TRI•COTTI TRICOT•SLEN BB•SLEN BB•BACKPACK THANK YOU!! If your baby could talk, he would thank you for buying a sling. But since he probably cannot talk yet, we’re happy to thank you on his behalf as well as ours! We sincerely hope you will enjoy your BB•SLING and get many years of use out of it.

  • Page 20

    Always keep hands available to protect we recommend washing it in 40 degree water and the baby from any possible danger. Babylonia is not responsible for injuries or hang to dry. loss of life incurred while using this product.

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