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Siemens CD 3002 Manual

Air blower for cd 3002


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Summary of Contents for Siemens CD 3002

  • Page 1 Air Blower for CD 3002 Your hell...
  • Page 2 © Siemens Laser Analytics AB Jan 2001 CD 3002 Air blower manual Document number: CID 3002-1110 Rev. 1A...
  • Page 3 LDS 3000 Content Air blower Content Purging of CD 3002 using air blower 1.1 General 1.2 Installation 1.3 Maintanance...
  • Page 4 LDS 3000 Content Air blower...
  • Page 5 In application with high dust load and ash build-up in front of the lens in CD 3002 very high purging flows may be necessary. For these applica- tions an air blower producing flow rates in the 1000 ltr/min. range can be used.
  • Page 6 LDS 3000 Purging of CD 3002 using air blower Air blower 1000 Maximum flow: Q Maximum flow: Q 900 ltr/min 900 ltr/min Length of tube [m] Flow rate vs length of the tube between the air blower and the sensor.
  • Page 7 The figure below shows a good way of setting up the sensor with an air blower. Output air tube Input air filter Air blower Example set-up of CD 3002 with air blower.
  • Page 8 The time between changes is totally dependent on the environment in which the air blower operates. The inlet under-pressure (directly after the filter) will reveal the condition of the filter and can be used to monitor this. Siemens Laser Analytics can provide suitable equippment for this.

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