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    Harmony Touch™ User Guide...

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    � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � Connecting your Harmony Touch to your Computer � � � � � � Setting up Devices to Control � � � � � � �...

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    � � � � � � � 30 � � � � � � 30 To Access Your Delay and Speed Settings From Your Harmony Touch Resetting your Remote � � � � � � � � � � �...

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    Harmony Touch is not Detected by my Computer � � � � � � � � � � � � 38 Devices do not Respond to Harmony Touch at All � � � � � � � � � � � �...

  • Page 5: Harmony Touch At A Glance

    Harmony Touch is an activity-based Infrared (IR) universal remote control. Using the myharmony.com web- based setup, you can control up to 15 different devices. Using its Smart State technology, the Harmony Touch keeps track of the devices it controls, which allows it to always know which devices are on and off, and what input each device is currently set to.

  • Page 6: Myharmony.com, Know Your Harmony Touch

    Harmony Touch. By connecting your Harmony Touch to your Mac or Windows computer and following the instructions at myharmony.com, you can enter your device information, create activities and choose your favorites. With this information, myharmony.com will configure your Harmony Touch to control your entertainment system.

  • Page 7: Harmony Touch First Time Setup, Your Myharmony.com Account

    * Windows 7 and 8 support both 32 and 64 bit browsers Your Myharmony�com Account To use your Harmony Touch, you will need an account where you can enter the details for your devices, activities and favorites. Using your web browser, go to http://myharmony.com If this is your first time using myharmony.com, click the Create an Account button on the left.

  • Page 8: Installing The Setup Plugins, Connecting Your Harmony Touch To Your Computer

    3. When both plugins are installed, your browser will automatically refresh and continue the set up process. Connecting your Harmony Touch to your Computer Whether you are creating a new account or adding Harmony Touch to an existing account, you will be asked to connect Harmony Touch to your computer using the USB cable provided.

  • Page 9: Setting Up Devices To Control

    Logitech Harmony Touch Setting up Devices to Control The first step to setting up Harmony Touch is to tell myharmony.com what devices you have in your entertainment system that you want to control. Using the Setup Guide that came with your Harmony Touch, gather the manufacturer, model and connection information for each device.

  • Page 10: Copying Setup Information For An Existing Remote, Adding Devices

    If you have a previous Harmony remote such as Harmony One, Harmony 1100 or Harmony 880, you can reuse the device and activity settings from that remote to program your Harmony Touch. To copy a previous Harmony remote’s settings, click the Copy button shown here. You will be asked to enter the ID and password for your previous account.

  • Page 11: Using The Teach Commands Function To Add A Device, Adding An Unknown Device

    5. Prepare to use your original device remote to teach your Harmony Touch a few commands.Point the end of the original remote at the sensor on the back of your Harmony Touch, as shown.: 6. F ollow the instructions to push buttons on the original remote to teach commands on the Harmony Touch. Adding an Unknown Device CAUTION: This process should only be used if you cannot find a match for your device.

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    Logitech Harmony Touch 1. Click the button to confirm the Manufacturer and Model Number for the device and click OK. 2. Click Select your device type to display a list of device types. 3. Select the device type that best describes your device and click Next. Based on your selection, another page displays to get more information about your device.

  • Page 13: Setting Up Activities, Adding A Watch Tv Activity

    Logitech Harmony Touch Setting up Activities After you have added devices, you can create activities. Use activities to manage how you use your devices together. For example, if you have a TV, AV receiver, and Cable or Satellite box, you will want to control all of these devices when you watch TV.

  • Page 14: Setting Up Favorites

    Logitech Harmony Touch 9. Choose the TV input from the list displayed. 10. Choose the AV receiver input from the list displayed. 11. Confirm that the devices and inputs are correct for your Watch TV activity and click Finish. Following is an example of the completed Watch TV activity setup.

  • Page 15

    Use this page to arrange your favorites in the order you want to see them on your Harmony Touch screen. You can drag and drop each channel icon to move or remove it from the screen as desired.

  • Page 16: Setting Up Favorites When Your Provider Is Not Listed

    Logitech Harmony Touch Setting up Favorites When Your Provider is not Listed In some cases your provider will not be listed in the favorites setup pages. You can still set up favorites using the channel list and assigning a channel number for each channel manually.

  • Page 17: Setting Up Favorites Manually

    Logitech Harmony Touch Setting up Favorites Manually If no channel provider or channel list is available for your area, you can still set up favorites manually. 1. Select your country. 2. If channel information is not available for your country, the page will remain as is, and Next will be enabled.

  • Page 18: Syncing Your Harmony Touch, Upgrading Your Harmony Touch Firmware, Testing Your Setup

    Upgrading your Harmony Touch firmware When a new firmware is available for your Harmony Touch, it will automatically be applied the next time you sync your remote. The remote may reboot multiple times during this process. Once the firmware update is complete, your Harmony Touch will sync with myharmony.com as usual.

  • Page 19: Changing Your Setup, Syncing Your Remote Back To Myharmony.com

    After completing the first time setup process, you can return to the myharmony.com website to make setup changes and sync them on your Harmony Touch. You can also change basic settings directly on your remote. Follow these steps to manage your remote setup on myharmony.com 1. Login to your myharmony.com account.

  • Page 20: Adding Or Deleting Devices, To Delete A Device, Modifying Device Settings

    Modifying Device Settings You can also modify the way your Harmony Touch will control each of your devices. These topics are covered in the Settings and Advanced Features of this guide.

  • Page 21: Adding Or Deleting Activities, To Add An Activity, To View Activity Settings

    6. Click Browse to choose an icon from your system or accept the displayed icon. This icon will also be used to represent your activity on your Harmony Touch. 7. Click Next. The list of devices available for this activity is displayed, with suggested devices checked.

  • Page 22: To Change Activity Settings, To Delete An Activity, Managing Your Favorites

    Logitech Harmony Touch To Change Activity Settings 1. Click Activities. Your list of Activities displays. 2. Select the activity to change settings. 3. Click Change your settings. The Rename Activity page displays. This is the first page in the process for changing the activity settings.

  • Page 23: Adding, Modifying And Reordering Favorites

    On the Manage Favorite Channels screen, you can drag and drop your current favorites into the exact order you want them to appear on your Harmony Touch. Here you can also drag a favorite to the trash can icon to...

  • Page 24

    Logitech Harmony Touch To add a favorite channel that does not appear in the list on the previous screen, select Add a favorite channel to manually enter the name and number for that channel. Optionally, you can upload an icon for that channel from your computer’s file system:...

  • Page 25: Channel Tuning Settings, Sync Your Remote

    Logitech Harmony Touch Channel Tuning Settings If your favorite channels aren’t working properly, you may need to adjust how your remote sends the channel tuning commands to your TV or cable/satellite set top box. Click the Adjust how you change channels link on the main Favorites screen in your myharmony.com account.

  • Page 26: Using Your Harmony Touch, Using Your Activities, Switching Between Activities

    For example, to Watch TV, Harmony Touch will turn on your TV, turn on your cable set top box, turn on your AV receiver, set the input on your TV to HDMI 2, set the input on your AV receiver to HDMI 1.

  • Page 27: Activity Commands, Number Entry

    Logitech Harmony Touch Activity Commands When your activity starts, all the buttons on Harmony Touch are now configured to control that activity. For example, the volume button will control your AV receiver while the Play and Pause buttons and the directional navigation will control your cable or satellite set top box.

  • Page 28: Gesture Control

    Logitech Harmony Touch Gesture Control Each activity will include an option to control your devices using simple swipes and taps on the Harmony Touch screen. 5 different gestures are supported: • Swipe up • Swipe down • Swipe left •...

  • Page 29: Using Favorites, Managing Your Favorites

    Tap any favorite to tune to that channel. TIP: If your entertainment system is off or if you are in another activity when you select a favorite, Harmony Touch will automatically start the Watch TV activity and tune to the selected channel. Managing Your Favorites Tap the edit button at the bottom right of the Favorites screen to manage your favorites.

  • Page 30: Using Devices, Turning Your System Off

    Turning your system off The Off button has a special use on the Harmony Touch. Instead of using the Off button to turn off each device separately, you use the Off button to turn off all of the devices for an activity. For example, in a Watch TV activity that uses a TV, Cable Box, and AV Receiver, pressing the Off button will turn off all three devices at the same time.

  • Page 31: Using Help, Advanced Help, Charging Your Remote

    When you pick up the Harmony Touch from the dock, it turns on automatically. Place the remote back in the dock to charge the battery again after use.

  • Page 32: Settings, Remote Settings, Activity Settings

    After completing the first time setup process, many settings can be changed on the remote that let you personalize your Harmony Touch or affect how it controls your entertainment system. On the Harmony Touch home screen, swipe all the way to the right, to access the Settings menu.

  • Page 33: Inputs, Reorder Activities, Set Icons

    Choose a different input and tap the “back” arrow. Reorder Activities If you want to rearrange your activities on your Harmony Touch, you can do that here. Tap and hold on each activity, then drag up or down on the screen to move it to a new position.

  • Page 34: Device Delay Settings, To Access Your Delay And Speed Settings From Your Harmony Touch

    Logitech Harmony Touch Device Delay Settings Delays and speed settings can be changed to alter the speed with which the Harmony Touch sends commands to your devices. They can be changed from within your myharmony.com account, or on your remote.

  • Page 35: Resetting Your Remote

    Logitech Harmony Touch To Access Your Delay and Speed Settings From Myharmony�com 1. Click Devices 2. Click the device for which you would like to view or modify delays and speed settings 3. Click Change Device Settings. The Device Settings page opens. 4. S elect Device Delay Settings and click Next. The Device Delay Settings page opens.

  • Page 36: Advanced Features, Activity Sequences

    Logitech Harmony Touch Advanced Features This section covers more advanced settings of your Harmony Touch that let you perfect how it controls your entertainment system. Activity Sequences Adding steps to an activity allows you to customize, for example, your Watch a Movie activity to automatically send the Play command to start your movie.

  • Page 37: Button Sequences

    Logitech Harmony Touch Button Sequences A button sequence is a set of commands that can be grouped together and assigned to one button on your remote, helping to automate certain tasks. They are very similar to Activity Sequences above except you can perform them any time within the activity by pressing the assigned button whereas Activity Sequences are only performed when starting or stopping the activity.

  • Page 38: Device Settings, Adding/fixing Device Commands

    Device Settings Adding/Fixing Device Commands If your Harmony Touch is missing a specific command for one of your devices, it is possible to “teach” this command to your Harmony Touch, using a remote control on which this command is present.

  • Page 39: Device Power Settings

    Device Power Settings The power settings feature allows you to modify the way Harmony Touch powers devices on and off, or to configure your remote to leave certain devices on all the time. Certain devices such as projectors may need additional commands to power up properly—you can add or modify these here as well.

  • Page 40: Device Input Settings, Changing Or Fixing Button Operations, To Change Or Fix Screen Options

    Logitech Harmony Touch Device Input Settings The input settings feature allows you to modify the way Harmony Touch accesses inputs on your devices. Input settings also allow you to modify the number and order of inputs for the devices that Harmony controls.

  • Page 41

    Logitech Harmony Touch To Change or Fix What a Button Does 1. Click Buttons. The change or fix button operations page displays. 2. Under Change or Fix what a button does, point to Select an activity or device—the remote buttons are highlighted to show that the button options will be modified.

  • Page 42: Support, Troubleshooting Harmony Touch, Harmony Touch Is Not Detected By My Computer

    Support Troubleshooting Harmony Touch Harmony Touch is not Detected by my Computer If you’ve connected your Harmony Touch, but it does not appear to be connected, try the following steps. After each step, try plugging in the device again. •...

  • Page 43: Harmony Touch Does Not Control Devices Properly, Solving Common Problems Using Your Harmony Touch

    Always exclusively use your Harmony Touch to control your devices. Do not use other remotes to control your devices, or manually turn them on or off or change inputs. The Harmony Touch is unable to track changes that it does not make and will continue to assume your devices are in the state that it has left them in.

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