Russell Hobbs RHM2063B User Manual

20 litre microwave oven.
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20 Litre microwave oven
User manual
Model number: RHM2063B
Important safety instructions , please read carefully and keep them for future reference
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  • Page 1

    20 Litre microwave oven User manual Model number: RHM2063B Important safety instructions , please read carefully and keep them for future reference For Customer Services & Spare Parts please call 0845 209 7461 Opening times: Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm & Saturday 9am – 1pm...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Page About this microwave oven........Unpacking your microwave oven......Safety instructions............ Microwave oven installation........Feature diagram............Turn table installation………………….……………….……… Control panel............How to use your microwave oven......Cleaning and care............ Important utensil information......... Connection to the mains supply......Problem solving.………..........Guarantee……………………………………….......

  • Page 3: About This Microwave Oven

    About this microwave oven Microwaves are high-frequency electromagnetic waves similar to radio waves. While radio waves may vary in length from one metre to many kilometres, microwaves are very short (less than 12.5 centimetres). Microwaves do not make any heat themselves but only cause water molecules in food to vibrate.

  • Page 4: Unpacking Your Microwave Oven

    Unpacking your microwave oven Before you use your microwave oven 1. Remove all the packaging. Do not remove the small piece of card from the right hand side of the cavity wall. This is called a wave-guide cover and allows the microwaves to pass through to cook the food.

  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    Safety instructions Do not use the oven for any reason other than preparing food, such as for drying clothes, paper or any other non-food items, or for sterilising purposes. ➢ Do not use the oven when it is empty. This could damage the oven. ➢...

  • Page 6

    Safety instructions ➢ Heat from the contents of a container may be transmitted to the container itself, so please be careful when removing it from the oven. Please remember that the food or liquid inside will be releasing some steam or will be spitting. Never cover any container fully, always leave a gap for steam to escape.

  • Page 7

    Safety instructions ➢ Food containing a mixture of fat and water (for example, stock) should stand for 30 to 60 seconds in the oven after it has been turned off. This is to allow the mixture to settle and to prevent it from bubbling when a spoon is placed in it, or a stock cube is added.

  • Page 8

    Safety instructions To reduce the risk of fire in the oven cavity: ➢ Do not overcook food. ➢ Do not leave the microwave oven unattended while you are using it and if using paper or plastic containers check regularly to ensure they do not ignite. ➢...

  • Page 9

    Safety instructions Warning: it is hazardous for anyone other than a competent person to carry out any service or repair operation which involves the removal of a cover which gives protection against exposure to microwave energy. Warning: if the door or door seals are damaged, the oven must not be operated until it has been repaired by a competent person.

  • Page 10: Microwave Oven Installation

    Microwave oven installation ➢ Select a level surface that provides enough space for the outlet vents. ➢ A minimum clearance of 7.5cm is required between the oven and any adjacent walls. One side must be open. Leave a minimum clearance of 30cm above the oven.

  • Page 11: Feature Diagram

    Feature diagram Control panel Turntable shaft Turntable ring assembly Glass tray Observation window Door assembly Safety interlock latches Waveguide cover Oven cavity Ventilation slots Warning - do not use the oven when empty or for warming plates. Always keep the oven cavity, door assembly and waveguide cover clean For Customer Services &...

  • Page 12: Turn Table Installation

    Turn table installation ➢ Before first use, check that any securing tape has been removed from the glass tray and turntable ring Hub (underside) assembly. These parts must never be restricted from rotating. ➢ Never place the glass tray upside down. Glass tray ➢...

  • Page 13: Control Panel

    Control panel MENU ACTION SCREEN Cooking time, power, auto, and the clock time are displayed. POWER Press to select the power level for microwave cooking WEIGHT/TIME DEFROST Press this button to input weight for defrosting. Weight/Time Power Defrost CLOCK/TIMER Press this button to set the clock and use the kitchen timer Stop/Clear Clock/Timer function.

  • Page 14: How To Use Your Microwave Oven

    How to use your microwave oven Clock Setting When the microwave oven is first turned on, the oven will display "0:00", the buzzer will ring once. 1) Press “ CLOCK/TIMER ” to choose hours or minutes for alteration. The hour figures will flash. 2) Turn the “...

  • Page 15

    How to use your microwave oven Microwave Cooking 1) Press the “POWER “ button once, and “P100”will display and flash. 2) Turn the “TIMER/WEIGHT” to select the microwave power. "P100", "P80", "P50","P30", "P10", will display in order. 3) Press “POWER " to confirm. 4)Turn the “TIMER/WEIGHT”...

  • Page 16

    How to use your microwave oven Speedy Cooking Press the "START/+30SEC" button to microwave cook with 100% power level for 30 seconds. The microwave will start cooking immediately. Each press on the same key can increase the cooking time by 30 seconds. The maximum cooking time is 95 minutes.

  • Page 17

    How to use your microwave oven Defrosting by Time 1) Press " WEIGHT/TIME DEFROST " button twice, the oven will display "dEF2“. 2) Turn the “TIMER/WEIGHT” dial to select the defrosting time., the maximum is 95 minutes. 3) Press "START/+30SEC" key to start defrosting. The defrosting power is 30%, and cannot be changed.

  • Page 18

    How to use your microwave oven Kitchen Timer 1) Press " " twice , LED will display 00:00. CLOCK/TIMER 2) Turn " TIMER/WEIGHT "dial to adjust the cooking time ,the maximum is 95 minutes. 3) Press " START/+30SEC " to confirm setting, clock indicator will be lighted. 4) When the kitchen time is reached, he buzzer will ring 5 times.

  • Page 19

    How to use your microwave oven Auto Menu 1) Turn the " TIMER/WEIGHT . AUTO MENU “ dial clockwise, so that "A-1" displays on the screen. Continue to turn for the other auto selections up to A-8. 2) Press " START/+30SEC " to select the chosen auto , A-1-A-8. 3) Turn the "...

  • Page 20

    How to use your microwave oven Meat 100% Pasta 50 (add 450ml water) 100(add 800ml water) Potato 100% Pizza 100% Soup For Customer Services & Spare Parts please call 0845 209 7461 Opening times: Monday - Friday 9am – 6pm & Saturday 9am – 1pm or visit us at

  • Page 21

    How to use your microwave oven Inquiring Function (1) During the cooking cycle, press the “POWER" button and the current power will be displayed for 2-3 seconds. (2) During the cooking cycle, press the " “ button to check the current time. It will CLOCK/TIMER be displayed for 2-3 seconds.

  • Page 22: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care ➢ Before you clean the oven, turn it off and unplug it. ➢ Keep the inside of the oven clean. When food or liquids stick to the oven walls, wipe with a damp cloth. We recommend that you do not use harsh detergent or abrasives. ➢...

  • Page 23

    Cleaning and care ➢ Regularly remove the glass turntable to clean it, and wash it in warm soapy water. ➢ Regularly clean the turntable support and oven floor. Simply wipe the bottom surface of the oven with mild detergent and water, then dry. You can wash the turntable support in mild soapy water.

  • Page 24: Important Utensil Information

    Important utensil information ➢ Do not use metal pans or dishes with metal handles. ➢ Do not use anything with a metal trim. ➢ Do not use paper covered wire twist-ties on plastic bags. ➢ Do not use melamine dishes as they contain a material which will absorb microwave energy.

  • Page 25: Connection To The Mains Supply

    Connection to the mains supply WARNING- THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED This appliance is designed to operate from a mains supply of 230-240V ~ 50HZ. Check that the voltage marked on the product corresponds with your supply voltage. This product is fitted with a 13A plug complying with BS1363. If this plug is unsuitable or needs to be replaced, please note the following: Important: The wires in the mains lead are...

  • Page 26

    Connection to the mains supply For UK use only – Plug fitting details (where applicable): As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows: The GREEN/YELLOW wire is the EARTH and must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter E or by the earth symbol or coloured GREEN or GREEN/YELLOW.

  • Page 27

    Non-rewireable mains plug If your appliance is supplied with a non-rewireable plug fitted to the mains lead you will find that it incorporates a fuse, the value of which is indicated either on the base of the plug or on the fuse carrier. Should the fuse need replacing, you must use an ASTA approved fuse (conforming to BS1362) of the same rating.

  • Page 28: Problem Solving

    Problem solving The microwave oven may cause interference to your radio, TV or similar equipment. If it does, you can get rid of the interference by moving the radio, TV or equipment as far away from your microwave oven as possible. If the oven doesn’t work - ➢...

  • Page 29: Guarantee

    Guarantee This product is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of the original purchase. If any defect arises due to faulty materials or workmanship the faulty product must be returned to the place of purchase. Refund or replacement is at the discretion of the store. The following conditions apply: •...

  • Page 30: Technical Specification

    Technical Specifications Rated Voltage: 230V – 240V ~ 50Hz Rated Input Power(Microwave): 1200 -1270 W Rated Output Power(Microwave): 750-800 W Oven Capacity: 20 L Turntable Diameter: 255 mm External Dimensions(LxWxH): 495mmX395mmX315mm Net Weight: Approx. 11 kg...

  • Page 31: Spares

    Spares The following spare parts are available from Glass turntable Turntable coupling Wave Guide cover...

  • Page 32

    For Customer Services & Spare Parts please call 0845 209 7461 Opening times: Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm & Saturday 9am –1pm or visit us at Revision 1 This symbol is known as the 'Crossed-out wheelie bin Symbol'. When this symbol is marked on a product/batteries, it means that the product/batteries should not be disposed of with your general household waste.

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