QHT BIASI B10 Series B3-B9 Manual And Installation

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Boiler Manual And Installation
Instructions for Atmospheric Venting
Please Read Instructions Carefully
Save for Future Reference
If the information in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire or
explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or loss of
Do not try to light any appliance
Do not touch any electric switch; do not use any phone in your
Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor's phone.
Follow the gas supplier's instructions.
If you can not reach your gas supplier call the fire department
Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer,
service agency or the gas supplier.
Manufactured by:
Biasi S.p.A.
Verona, Italy
Distributed By:
PHONE: 603-334-6400
FAX: 603-334-6401
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   Summary of Contents for QHT BIASI B10 Series B3-B9

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    B10 SERIES BOILER B3-B9 Boiler Manual And Installation Instructions for Atmospheric Venting Please Read Instructions Carefully Save for Future Reference WARNING If the information in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or loss of life.

  • Page 2

    Thank you for buying a QHT BIASI B10 Series Boiler. The QHT BIASI B10 Series Boiler is a cast iron, oil or gas fired hot water boiler, using the famous BIASI B10 (3-pass) design. The boiler is light, compact, simple, rugged and engineered for maximum home heating efficiency.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS QHT BIASI B10 Series Section Page Important Information & Warnings 4,5,6 General Information Boiler Block Assembly & Explosion Diagram Boiler Location Installation of Boiler Trim Kit Components 10,11 Piping the Boiler Intake Venting 13,14 Exhaust Venting Common Exhaust Venting...

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    WARNING Any appliance that burns natural gas, propane gas, fuel oil, or coal is capable of producing carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a gas which is odorless, colorless and tasteless but is very toxic. CO is lighter than air and thus may travel throughout the building.

  • Page 6

    Homeowner Information for Gas TO START UP THE APPLIANCE 1. STOP! Read the safety information on the side of the boiler. DO NOT START THE BOILER UNLESS ALL CLEANOUT DOORS ARE SECURED AND SEALED. (Skip to step 9 for oil burning boilers) 2.

  • Page 7: General Information 1

    1. General Information The BIASI B 10-series boilers are wet base design, sectional, cast-iron boilers for forced hot water heating systems. The boilers are shipped pre-assembled from the factory in lengths from three to nine sections. They are designed for firing with oil or gas power burners, which are packed separately along with the jacket and controls for shipping purposes.

  • Page 8

    2. Boiler Block Assembly All QHT BIASI B10 Series Boilers are shipped from the factory in assembled boiler blocks. If, however, the block needs to be split into sections for ease of delivery, please read the following: To assemble split blocks, move sections into parallel and facing each other.

  • Page 9: Boiler Location 3

    3. Boiler Location The following are the minimum clearance to construction or combustible materials: 9” 1. 9” from the top, sides, 24” and rear of the boiler. 9” 2. 18” from the flue pipe in any direction. 3. 24” from the front of the boiler.

  • Page 10: Trim Kit Components 4

    USE ONLY THE ULC LISTED BOILER COMPONENTS AND UL/CSA LISTED OIL OR GAS BURNER COMPONENTS SUPPLIED WITH THE QHT BIASI B10 SERIES BOILER SYSTEM. Please refer to figures below for Barometric Damper location for either oil or gas and to the next page for the proper location of the trim components.

  • Page 11

    4. Installation of Boiler Trim Components Cont. 1. Install L4006A aquastat in upper left or right rear tapping using 3/4” immersion well. All tapings and joints should be sealed with piping compound. The L4006A can be adjusted up to 220 F, and should be set to the desired temperature by the installer.

  • Page 12

    5. Piping the Boiler All piping must conform to state and local codes. Page 11 shows the location and size of the boiler tappings. It is recommended to install unions and gate valves at the inlet and outlet of the boiler, so it may be readily isolated for service. For Canadian installations, a low water cut off is required if the boiler is installed above the level of radiation.

  • Page 13: Intake Venting 6

    6. Intake Venting 1. Be certain adequate air is available for combustion and ventilation. a.) Boiler located in unconfined space: Installation in large areas, such as basements, can usually be assumed to provide sufficient air. b.) Boiler located in confined space : (See Figure A.) If all air for combustion and ventilation is to come from within the building: Two (2) openings shall be provided with one (1) opening commencing within 12 inches of the ceiling and one (1) opening commencing within 12 inches of...

  • Page 14

    6. Intake Venting Cont. c.) Boiler located in a room under negative pressure: If the boiler is to be installed within a home where the operation of exhaust fans, attic fans, kitchen ventilation systems, clothes dryers or fireplaces may create severe negative vent pressures causing unsatisfactory combustion and venting, special provisions should be made for additional make-up air to supply the other air requirements.

  • Page 15: Exhaust Venting 7

    7. Exhaust Venting The B10 boiler is a high efficiency unit that requires proper venting. The boiler must be vented to the outdoors by means of a tile lined masonry or a approved pre-fabricated chimney of the size and height recommended by the manufacturer or by a listed "power venting"...

  • Page 16

    7.1 Common Exhaust Venting Cont. 3.Insofar as practical, close all building doors and windows and all doors between the space in which the appliance remaining connected to the common venting system is located and other spaces of the building . Turn on any appliance not connected to the common vent system.

  • Page 17

    7.3 Gas Venting For boilers connected to gas vents or chimneys, vent installations shall be in accordance with part 7, Venting of Equipment, of the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1 or Section 7, Venting Systems and Air Supply for Appliances, of the CAN/ CGA B149, Installation Codes, or applicable provisions of the local building codes.

  • Page 18: Burner Setup 8

    8. Burner Setup Good, reliable operation with a minimum of service, starts with attention to the small details: Oil: 1. Setting the nozzle position and electrodes "by the book" using the manufacturer's gauges. 2. Installing a quality micron filter at the burner. 3.

  • Page 19

    8.1 Oil Burner Setup This page is only for boilers using an oil burner. If a gas burner is being used, please refer to page 19 for the proper setup of the burner and gas lines. BURNER MANUFACTURER: Beckett NX Boiler Model Burner Model NEC-1102*...

  • Page 20

    8.2 Gas Burner Setup This page is only for boilers using a gas burner. If an oil burner is being used, please refer to page 18 for the proper setup of the burner. Natural Gas Propane Riello Boiler Model Burner Model Input Man.

  • Page 21: Gas Line Piping 9

    9. Gas Line Piping Gas supply piping is to be sized and installed properly in order to provide a supply of gas sufficient to meet the maximum demand without undue loss of pressure between the meter and the boiler. Consult with the National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z223.1 for proper sizing of gas piping for various lengths and diameters.

  • Page 22

    10. Boiler Jacket Assembly NOTE: All piping, boiler controls, gauges and valves should be installed before the jacket is assembled on the boiler. Below is an explosion view of the boiler and jacket assembly to clarify these boiler jacket assembly instructions. Insert the separate (loose) piece of insulation on top of boiler with the foil side facing in so the entire top, bottom and sides of boiler are covered.

  • Page 23

    11. Wiring The electricity to the boiler shall come from a dedicated breaker in the electric service box. A service switch should be mounted on the side of the boiler so the burner technician can service the burner and controls. The electrical wiring should be routed so as not to interfere with normal servicing of the boiler.

  • Page 24

    11. Wiring 4006A 7248U WIRING WIRING 7248U WIRING PROCEDURE If you received a Honeywell 7248U with your Biasi boiler, you will need to make the changes shown above, and described below to the wiring diagrams. 1. Run wire 1 to the L1 terminal on the 7248U instead of running wire 1 to the 4006A. 2.

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    11. Oil Burner Wiring YELLOW BROWN WHITE BLACK 7248U LINE HONEYWELL Page 25...

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    Page 26...

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    Page 27...

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    Page 28...

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    Page 29...

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    11.2 Gas Diagrams Page 30...

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    Page 31...

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    12. Commissioning Before a gas boiler may be put into operation and tested, it’s gas connection must be leak tested. After installation of oil/gas-fired boiler, operation and performance tests shall be conducted to make certain that the burner is operating in an acceptable manner and that all safety controls and devices function properly.

  • Page 33

    14. Installer Notes System Checkout: Boiler Model No._________________ Serial No.__________ Original Purchaser: Installer: _________________________ ______________________ _________________________ ______________________ _________________________ ______________________ Burner Manufacturer----------- Type of Oil Burner------------- Burner Model No.-------------- Burner Serial No.-------------- Nozzle Manufacturer------------- Nozzle Spray Angle------------ G.P.H. -------------------- Type ----------------------- Burner Performance Tests: GROSS STACK TEMPERATURE -------------------- ROOM TEMPERATURE (AMBIENT) -------------------...

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    If the B10 care or maintenance. boiler block is then found to be defective, QHT and Biasi will replace Any damage associated with corrosion or leakage due to the the original cast iron boiler block.

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