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ModeJ ABM621)_
Hous bLD, u seo_


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    Hous bLD, u seo_ ModeJ ABM621)_...

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    :lOBS ..! oto,, !ilic Do not touch 41 Close supervision is necessary when any: appl lance is used byor near childre n, Unpl caning foie oibe!o_e cleaoiog th a I ooe: po_iog ooor og an *i_h Cafefu llyun pac k the bread maker andre.moVe a II packag! ng mhteria! s: To remove functions he ne authorized servicefa...

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    i :/ /)i: i! i _ )i/ ii ii{BackiView)i// :i i i ! i iiiii}ii7 { i { i iiii i : i))ii!il )iii/ii i _ _ i/i;/_III: !!ii [ !iili i i ! i!ii iiii/i i!iiii ! !iii i il_iiiii! i /i!ii i ! /!ii ii i_iiill iii i i!il ..

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    Your bread machine four bread cycles plus a dough program choose from. appear in the display window. *BASIC BREAD cycle - This cycle is great for most bread varieties, including ©_ and white During machine will knead twice, rise the dough nice, shape it and bake it to perfection.

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    This is he stages of the bread making process: Knead During all knead stages, the dough is manipulated cont nuouslyfor Check to make sure the kneading blade is secured on the threaded shaft inside about 10_30 minutes. Kneading develops the gluten (elastic sub- the machine.

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    The: ewill remain !n the bottom of the ]oafi:Remove the knead ng blade us_n the ,,st.:' :off tool p vided_:To avoid ..cond rm:i g,round: the: b!ade remove while is stili hot: Hold th an ovenm .:. . _( ed area of thek_ _andl , stra recipes cal ling for perishable ingredients, such as eggs_ fresh _iik...

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    ", h h'gh qua!'ty' [n re [en_, a uset hem' !n ro er ro omon. yea_;t ,,ead machine, This machine w![ also accept fasbr:isi ng ol bre:ad machine yea sl; :see c:onversion c?art below: ' ,, of sugar, honey or molasses to a recipe is important because it Fats pr...

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    , i iiotor i : ii :: 2/3 :: il :co!p 4¸¸¸¸¸¸, 1 i, c ps¸ sugar Z: ¸¸¸: : isp_,:i fl Tb_p,_, ,:/ : : 2T, bsPi _ ,/_'_: :¸¸:8o ¸_r :, L:_: :: i,L ¸¸ :¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸2 Tb_p: ::_: _ 3Tb_p_ B re_d F Iou r 2Cu p+ 31/+ ups...

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    :::, Poood ¸ : :2: ood ¸/, wa i : ¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸! cup+2 Tbsp:¸ l! c,ipS !: :i ii [ _i_: _ i !:_/i_:_ _ !:_:_:! i_!_)__v :i_i _!_ ZI Tbsp'i_ii _ _i_,:L _/_ _:i_ ,i_ii_:_i _ :_! _i_ _i_i_i_ __!i_ _!:_!,_ _:i_)_,_%_ii_i_:_ ii ¸...

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    rise once, Timer ma ..i red _ rol!! _ .._s L!(,i ,t eggs lee_ are )_ all4 iveD_ Yeast 1_/:2 tsp. 2tsp. Use Basic Light cycle _i!i /! filliP! ii_ _ iii !_ili_ii: i_i!:i _...

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    ::::)j :: iil i !ii ¸ ¸¸¸ ¸¸¸ : Dough cyc :( :::: ,Z:: _I : :: i: :!i::i i i_i:C_ _::L::i::::ii !ilil _ I : (!:i:7 U!IIiZ:::ii: _ il ! 7117:i!:: !:Li i!III:L:::I:Li:I: i i!!i i ::: :i i :: When :[e (.nds remove _JoLi[,h irom...

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    yi ¸[ei: { :; L; : Z:i:/}2¸/¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸//:/;?_/}/:://}::;? iiiilil iiiiiii_i_i!i!i!1 ,I{I_ ill i } ii iiiiii_ Afte iiii r{/i _ !i_i_ iii i/!_: i{ i_i_ ilb€ gJ n n i ng dough bet¢i_ill i I i} i /}i i:ii! i !_!!_} _ i ii i _ii!i!i i l i _ ! }:i_/i i _ i } { _} i_ _ _ii ! i!/ii_}_/i Cycie i _o![ )_cu _I } ii i I _I !il _ I i}il iii_ }! !iii_ i iii!! _ i _! i;_! i ii!i :iii i ii! ii i fill iiii iii i }i/i_ _ i}!i_i _ ii i i!il i ii!_ i!ii! _i !i i iII! i: !i _ii _: t3/VOislheetS...

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    ii_i _ i_!_,i_ ii _:_ii_!:_i:gl, III_,:!I_I_:I: _i_ili_;_f_i_ii_:_i,f,!!;_,:_i_,_:;!ifi, :!ii _!!! i:, i ,_:_i i_!i!_: _I_I_III: I: _i i i__ _ii!iiil i :_i _ !_ !iii _ UCe a! ;weeteners ..)n a:,ei 3.if ro rammed P g, baki ShOuld ..with l iqu S Ugar o r Sai Cause.

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    ? : :Z : £ :f k ¸: ;::: orig! hal retaiJ purchaser Of this Welbilt@ product] ..... We wi.!i _epai r or _eplac r di scre m ec h. a n ic alore Iectr ic a l.pa_ Wh ic h proves...

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    WELBIL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION CENTER for assistance Phone: 1_800-872-1 656. Please read instructions before using this product. WELBILT® APPLIANCE CORP. OF AMERICA P.O. Box 220709 Great Neck, New York ! 1021...

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