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Eden Navigator WP-100 Operation Manual

World tour series preamplifier bass preamplifier
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Eden Electronics Operation Manual
World Tour Series Preamplifier
Navigator WP-100
Bass Preamplifier
Professional Bass Guitar Preamplifier
for live performance and direct Studio
Recording interface applications.
Revised 3-30-03
Two Year limited Warranty



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  • Page 1 Eden Electronics Operation Manual World Tour Series Preamplifier Navigator WP-100 Bass Preamplifier Professional Bass Guitar Preamplifier for live performance and direct Studio Recording interface applications. Revised 3-30-03 Two Year limited Warranty...
  • Page 2 Forward Congratulations, on the purchase of your new Bass Guitar Preamplifier. This unit is all carefully hand built by Eden Electronics and is of the finest Professional Bass Preamplifiers available today. The WP-100 offers a unique combination of Vacuum Tube and FET electronics. The WP-100 offers a warm but well controlled studio quality sound.
  • Page 3: Input Jack

    DESCRIPTION OF THE FRONT PANEL CONTROLS Input Jack The input is routed directly to the Vacuum Tube (7025) and will operate properly with any input signal level up to a maximum (+21 dBm) input level from the Bass Guitar. This eliminates the need for a separate input pad. Gain Control The Gain control is used to set the relative gain level requirements and to adjust the signal input level to match your Bass Guitar's output level to the...
  • Page 4: Compressor Bypass Switch

    Enhance Bypass This switch allows the Enhance control to be turned on and off by panel or foot switch. It's a great feature for doing a quick tone change while playing. As with the other controls the panel switch overrides or takes control from the foot switch.
  • Page 5: Bass Control

    Studio Quality Compressor The Navigator's internal studio quality compressor uses a dBx style, state of the art compressor chip with a fully adjustable Ratio and Threshold. The recommended starting point for control settings is around 1:00 for the Threshold control and around 11:00 for the ratio control. A good general setting for the overall compressor operation is to match the Compressor operating LED (located between the Ratio and Threshold controls) to go on at the same time as the level set indicator.
  • Page 6: Treble Control

    Treble Control The Treble control is also a shelving type filter and boosts or cuts the Treble by +/- 15 dB. Flat position is at 12:00 o'clock. Semi-Parametric Tone Controls (Quasi-Parametric) Quasi-Parametric controls are similar to fully parametric controls with the exception that they do not have an adjustable bandwidth control.
  • Page 7: Crossover Frequency Control

    Side Chain Effects loop Level Control The side chain loop is configured to operate in parallel with the tone controls. This allows a special effect or signal to be added across or blended with the internal tone controls. The return level control allows the Artist to blend the exact amount of effect desired.
  • Page 8: Master Level Control

    Master Level Control This is the final output level control. It controls both the Main outputs, and the left and right D.I. outputs. For normal use the Master should run from around the 9:00 position to about the 12:00 position on the control. It is possible to put enough extra gain on the output section to induce some clipping in the final part of signal chain if you crank up both the input and output to near maximum with a very loud Bass.
  • Page 9: Front Panel Lights

    Mains On / Off This is the master power switch. It is always advisable to turn the Master Level Control down during turn on and turn off. Automatic Master Muting Systems On your Navigator the Main D.I.s left and right, and the Left Right 1/4" outputs are muted.
  • Page 10: Auxiliary Inputs

    Fuse holder AC Inlet This is a standard IEC connector interface. The Fuse should be replace only with the same size and type. The correct fuse is 1 amp for the USA @ 120V. Contact you local distributor for all Foreign voltage applications. The Navigator is set up to work with most International Voltages.
  • Page 11 Tuner Output Send The tune output send is direct from the Vacuum tube and is not muted during any of the automatic or manual muting modes. It allows for a tuner to be plugged in at all times. This output is at the same relative level as the output of the instrument times 1 or unity Gain.
  • Page 12 Normal set for the USA 120V 60Hz : White (Neutral )to P9, Black to (AC Hot ) P11. Japan 100V 60Hz: White to P10 (20V) Black(AC hot ) to P11. Western Europe most EC counties and Italy 240/230V 50Hz: White (Neutral) to P9 0V Black (AC Hot)to P12.
  • Page 13 Good Luck and enjoy playing with your new Navigator. Service– In the event of amplifier malfunction, or questions about your unit’s operating features, you should contact the your Dealer, the factory, or one of our authorized service centers for assistance. Call Customer Service @ 1-847-949-0444 Your EQ Settings...
  • Page 14 Eden Electronics Division of US Music 444 E Courtland Rd. Mundelein , IL 60060 847-949-0444 847-949-8444(fax) Please Ship Authorized returns for service to : Eden Electronics 115 Second St. Montrose, MN 55363 763-675-1890 763-675-3777 (fax) Email @ Web Sight @...