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Toshiba 23L1350U Resource Manual

Resource guide for l1350u series tv's.
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Integrated High Definition LED Television
Resource Guide
Keep this Resource Guide in a convenient place to access important
information about your television. To obtain additional information,
consult the comprehensive electronic User's Guide at
If you need assistance:
Toshiba's Support Web site
Owner's Record
The model number and serial number are on the back and side of
your television. Record these numbers whenever you communicate
with your Toshiba dealer about this television.
Model name______________________________________
Serial number_____________________________________
Register your Toshiba Television at
Note: To display a High Definition picture, the TV must be receiving a High Definition
signal (such as an over-the-air High Definition TV broadcast, a High Definition digital
cable program, or a High Definition digital satellite program). For details, contact your
TV antenna installer, cable provider, or satellite provider.
24) When selecting a location for the TV,
29) Always leave a space of at least 4 (four)
• NEVER allow any part of the TV to hang over
inches around the TV. The slots and
the edge of the supporting furniture,
openings are provided to protect the TV
• NEVER place the TV on tall furniture (for
from overheating and to help maintain
example, entertainment centers or bookcases)
reliable operation of the TV.
ithout anchoring both the furniture and the TV
30) Never allow anything to rest on or roll over
to a suitable support,
the power cord, and never place the TV
• Never place cloth or other material between the
where the power cord is subject to wear or
TV and the supporting furniture,
• NEVER allow children to climb on the TV.
25) To avoid damage to this product, never place or
31) Never overload wall outlets and extension
store the TV in direct sunlight; hot, humid
areas; or areas subject to excessive dust or
32) Always operate this equipment from a 120V
AC, 60Hz power source.
26) Always place the TV on the floor or a sturdy,
33) Always make sure the antenna system is
level, stable surface that can support the weight
properly grounded to provide adequate
of the unit. Secure the TV using one of the
protection against voltage surges and
following methods:
built-up static charges (see Section 810 of
(1) Secure the TV with a mounting screw
the National Electric Code).
• Place the TV on a sturdy surface that has a
Antenna lead-in wire
sufficient thickness and screw the unit on the
Antenna discharge unit
surface securely by using the mounting screw
(NEC Section 810-20)
and the fall-prevention screw hole.
Ground clamp
(2) Secure the TV with a sturdy strap to a wall
Grounding conductors
stud, pillar, or other immovable structure.
Electric service
(NEC Section 810-21)
When connecting the strap:
- attach the strap to the TV using the hooks on
Power service grounding
electrode system
the back of the TV, the clips on the pedestal, or
Ground clamps
(NEC Art 250 Part-H)
the hole in the base of the pedestal as available.
- make sure the strap is tight, secure, and
parallel to the floor.
Sturdy strap (as short as possible)
4" min.
• Use extreme care to make sure you are
never in a position where your body (or any
TV top
item you are in contact with, such as a
TV side
Note: The 23L1350U does not include a hook on
ladder or screwdriver) can accidentally
the back of the TV.
touch overhead power lines.
27) The product shall not be exposed to dripping
Never locate the antenna near overhead
or splashing, and that no objects filled with
power lines or other electrical circuits.
liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on
the apparatus.
• Never attempt to install any of the following
28) Never block or cover the slots or openings in
during lightning activity: a) an antenna
the TV cabinet back, bottom, and sides.
system; or b) cables, wires, or any home
Never place the TV:
theater component connected to an antenna
• on a bed, sofa, rug, or similar surface;
or phone system.
• too close to drapes, curtains, or walls; or
• in a confined space such as a bookcase,
For better performance and safer operation of
built-in cabinet, or any other place with
your TOSHIBA TV, follow these
poor ventilation.
Dear Customer,
Thank you for purchasing this Toshiba LED
It Makes A Difference How and Where
TV. This guide will help you use the many
You Use Your Flat Panel Display
exciting features of your new LED TV. Before
Congratulations on your purchase! As you
operating your LED TV, carefully read this
enjoy your new product, please keep these
guide completely.
safety tips in mind:
Safety Precautions
The Issue
• The home theater entertainment experience
is a growing trend and larger flat panel
displays are popular purchases. However,
flat panel displays are not always supported
on the proper stands or installed according
to the manufacturer's
• Flat panel displays that are
inappropriately situated on
dressers, bookcases, shelves,
The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol,
desks, speakers, chests, or
within an equilateral triangle, is intended to
carts may fall over and cause injury.
alert the user to the presence of uninsulated
"dangerous voltage" within the product's
enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude
• The consumer electronics industry is committed
to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.
to making home entertainment
enjoyable and safe.
The exclamation point within an equilateral
Tune Into Safety
triangle is intended to alert the user to the
presence of important operating and
• One size does NOT fit all.
maintenance (servicing) instructions in the
Follow the manufacturer's
literature accompanying the appliance.
recommendations for the safe
installation and use of your flat
WARNING To prevent injury, this apparatus
panel display.
must be securely attached to the floor/wall in
• Carefully read and understand all enclosed
accordance with the installation instructions.
instructions for proper use of this product.
See instructions on item 26).
• Don't allow children to climb on or play with
furniture and television sets.
WARNING If you decide to wall mount this
television, always use a mounting bracket
that has been Listed by an independent
laboratory (such as UL, CSA, ETL) and is
This is a reminder to call the CATV system
appropriate for the size and weight of this
installer's attention to Article 820-40 of the
television. The use of inappropriate or
U.S. NEC, which provides guidelines for
non-Listed mounting brackets could result in
proper grounding and, in particular, specifies
serious bodily injury and/or property damage.
that the cable ground shall be connected to
See "To Display your LED TV using a Wall
the grounding system of the building, as close
Bracket:" below.
recommendations and precautions:
40) For added protection of your TV from
35) If you use the TV in a room where the
lightning and power surges, always unplug
temperature is 32° F (0° C) or below, the
the power cord and disconnect the antenna
from the TV if you leave the TV unattended
picture brightness may vary until the LED
warms up. This is not a sign of
or unused for long periods of time.
41) Always unplug the TV to completely
disconnect from mains power. When the
TV is turned off using the on/off switch, it
is not completely disconnected from
power and a minute amount of current is
• Never use chemicals (such as air
still consumed.
fresheners, cleaning agents, etc.) on or
42) During normal use, the TV may make
near the TV pedestal. Studies indicate that
occasional snapping or popping sounds.
plastics may weaken and crack over time
This is normal, especially when the unit is
from the combined effects of chemical
being turned on or off. If these sounds
agents and mechanical stress (such as
become frequent or continuous, unplug
the weight of the TV). Failure to follow
the power cord and contact a Toshiba
these instructions could result in serious
Authorized Service Provider.
injury and/or permanent damage to TV
and TV pedestal.
• Always unplug the TV before cleaning.
Gently wipe the display panel surface (the
TV screen) using a dry, soft cloth (cotton,
Never strike the screen with a sharp or
flannel, etc.). A hard cloth may damage
heavy object.
the surface of the panel.
44) • The LCD screen of this product can be
Avoid contact with alcohol, thinner,
damaged by ultraviolet radiation from the
benzene, acidic or alkaline solvent
sun. When selecting a location for the
cleaners, abrasive cleaners, or chemical
television, avoid locations where the
cloths, which may damage the surface.
screen may be exposed to direct sunlight,
Never spray volatile compounds such as
such as in front of a window.
insecticide on the cabinet. Such products
• Never touch, press, or place anything on
may damage or discolor the cabinet.
the LCD screen. These actions will damage
37) Never hit, press, or place anything on the
the LCD screen. If you need to clean the
back cover. These actions will damage
screen, follow the instructions in item 36).
internal parts.
Never spill liquids or push objects of any
Never attempt to service the TV yourself.
kind into the TV cabinet slots.
Opening and removing the covers may
39) During a lightning storm, do not touch
expose you to dangerous voltage or other
the connecting cables or product.
• Don't place flat panel displays on furniture
Important Safety Instructions
that can easily be used as steps, such as a
1) Read these instructions.
chest of drawers.
2) Keep these instructions.
• Remember that children can become excited
3) Heed all warnings.
while watching a program, especially on a
4) Follow all instructions.
"larger than life" flat panel display. Care
5) Do not use this apparatus near water.
should be taken to place or install the
6) Clean only with dry cloth.
display where it cannot be pushed, pulled
7) Do not block any ventilation openings.
over, or knocked down.
Install in accordance with the
• Care should be taken to route all cords and
manufacturer's instructions.
cables connected to the flat panel display so
8) Do not install near any heat sources
that they cannot be pulled or grabbed by
such as radiators, heat registers, stoves,
curious children.
or other products (including amplifiers)
Wall Mounting: If you decide to wall mount
that produce heat.
your flat panel display, always:
Wide blade
9) Do not defeat the safety
• Use a mount that has been recommended
purpose of the polarized
by the display manufacturer and/or listed by
or grounding type plug.
an independent laboratory (such as UL,
A polarized plug has two blades with one
wider than the other. A grounding type
• Follow all instructions supplied by the display
plug has two blades and a third
and wall mount manufacturers.
grounding prong. The wide blade or the
• If you have any doubts about your ability to
third prong are provided for your safety.
safely install your flat panel display, contact
If the provided plug does not fit into
your retailer about professional installation.
your outlet, consult an electrician for
• Make sure that the wall where you are
replacement of the obsolete outlet.
mounting the display is appropriate. Some
10) Protect the power cord from being
wall mounts are not designed to be mounted
walked on or pinched, particularly at
to walls with steel studs or old cinder block
plugs, convenience receptacles, and the
construction. If you are unsure, contact a
point where they exit from the apparatus.
professional installer.
11) Only use attachments/accessories
• A minimum of two
specified by the manufacturer.
people are required
12) Use only with the cart,
for installation. Flat
stand, tripod, bracket, or
panel displays can
table specified by the
be heavy.
manufacturer, or sold with
the apparatus.
to the point of cable entry as practical. For
When a cart is used, use caution when
additional antenna grounding information,
moving the cart/product combination to
see 33) and 34).
avoid injury from tip-over.
13) Unplug this apparatus during
lightning storms or when unused for
long periods of time.
hazards. Failure to follow this WARNING may
2) Unplug and remove any cables and/or
result in death or serious injury. Refer all
other component connectors from the rear
servicing not specified in this manual to a
of the TV.
Toshiba Authorized Service Provider.
3) Remove the screws of the VESA Mounting
46) If you have the TV serviced:
Pattern shown in the table below.
• Ask the service technician to use only
CAUTION: Do not use the screws removed
replacement parts specified by the
from the back cover to attach the wall
mount bracket to the TV.
• Upon completion of service, ask the
4) Always use the screws supplied or
service technician to perform routine
recommended by the wall mount
safety checks to determine that the TV is
in safe operating condition.
5) Follow the instructions provided with your
wall bracket. Before proceeding, make
Choosing a location for your LED TV
sure the appropriate bracket(s) are
To Display your LED TV on the included
attached to the wall and the back of the TV
Pedestal Stand:
as described in the instructions provided
Observe the following safety precautions:
with the wall bracket.
1) Read and follow the pedestal assembly
6) After attaching the appropriate bracket(s)
instructions included with the pedestal.
to the wall and the back of the TV, remove
CAUTION: Before beginning pedestal
the pedestal stand from the TV, as
assembly, carefully lay the front of the LCD
described on this instruction document.
Panel face down on a flat, cushioned
7) VESA Mounting Pattern
surface such as a quilt or blanket. Leave
the bottom of the unit protruding over the
TV Size
Hole Pattern (HxV) Screw Size
edge of the surface and assemble the
100x100 mm
pedestal as indicated below.
200x100 mm
Note: Extreme care should always be used
200x200 mm
when attaching the pedestal stand to avoid
200x200 mm
damage to the LCD panel.
400x400 mm
2) Place the TV on a sturdy, level surface that
(unit in mm)
can support the weight of the TV.
Removing the Pedestal Stand
3) Be sure to secure the TV to a wall stud,
1) Carefully lay the front of the unit face down
pillar, surface, or other immovable
structure. See item 26) for additional
on a flat, cushioned surface such as a quilt
or blanket. Leave the stand protruding
over the edge of the surface.
To Display your LED TV using a Wall Bracket:
Note: Extreme care should always be used
If you decide to wall mount your LED TV,
when removing the pedestal stand to avoid
always use a wall bracket Listed by an
damage to the LCD panel.
independent laboratory (such as UL, CSA,
2) Remove the screws shown in the below
ETL) that is appropriate for the size and
diagram. This will allow removal of the
weight of the TV:
pedestal stand.
1) CAUTION: Two people are required for
14) Refer all servicing to qualified service
personnel. Servicing is required when
Do not let water or other liquids come into
the apparatus has been damaged in any
contact with the product, as it may result
way, such as power-supply cord or plug
in damage.
is damaged, liquid has been spilled or
objects have fallen into the apparatus, the
• To prevent the spread of fire, keep candles
apparatus has been exposed to rain or
or other open flames away from this
moisture, does not operate normally, or
product at all times.
has been dropped.
• Keep the product away from direct sunlight,
fire or a heat source such as a heater. This
Additional Safety Precautions
may reduce the product lifetime or result in
14a) CAUTION: If the TV is dropped and the
cabinet or enclosure surface has been
Installation, Care, and Service
damaged or the TV does not operate
normally, take the following precautions:
Follow these recommendations and
• ALWAYS turn off the TV and unplug the
precautions and heed all warnings when
power cord to avoid possible electric shock
installing your TV:
or fire.
• NEVER allow your body to come in contact
the batteries to excessive
with any broken glass or liquid from the
heat such as sunshine,
damaged television. The LCD panel inside
fire, or the like.
the TV contains glass and a toxic liquid. If
20) ALWAYS plug the product into an outlet
the liquid comes in contact with your mouth
that is located in such a manner that it
or eyes, or your skin is cut by broken glass,
can be easily unplugged in case the
rinse the affected area thoroughly with water
product requires service.
and contact your doctor immediately.
21) NEVER route the product's power cord
• ALWAYS contact a service technician to
inside a wall or similar enclosed area.
inspect the TV any time it has been
22) Never modify this equipment. Changes or
damaged or dropped.
modifications may void: a) the warranty,
and b) the user's authority to operate this
• To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not
equipment under the rules of the Federal
use the polarized plug with an extension
Communications Commission.
cord, receptacle, or other outlet unless the
blades can be inserted completely to
prevent blade exposure.
• To prevent electric shock, match wide blade
of plug to wide slot; fully insert.
Never place the TV on an unstable
cart, stand, or table. The TV may
Do not let children swallow any small parts
fall, causing serious personal
included on or with the product or play with
injury, death, or serious damage to
the plastic bag. Keep the small parts and the
the TV.
plastic bag out of the reach of children.
3) Once you have removed all screws holding the pedestal stand in place, remove the
pedestal stand from the TV.
CAUTION: Always place the TV on the floor or a sturdy, level, stable surface that can support
the weight of the unit. Secure the TV as described in item 26) of the Important Safety
Instructions in this document.
Note: The 23L1350U does not include a hook on the back of the TV.
23" TV
29" TV
32" TV
VESA Mounting Pattern
39" TV
50" TV
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