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    Changing Entertainm¢ _nt.

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    Prod uct Registration Please fill out the product registration card {packed separately) and return it immediately. For US customers: Your RCAConsumer Electronics product can also be registered at www.rca.com/tdevision. Reg storing this product allows us to contact you if needed.

  • Page 3

    iinf@r atii@n IMPORTANT SAFETY ;INSTRUCTIONS Read before operating equipment Read these instructions. _e power supply cord or the plug has bea_ damaged; Objects have faiien or liquid has been sp_ned into the appliance; Keep these instructions. The appliance has been ex_sad to rai_; Heed ell warnings.

  • Page 4

    TV r_.*sotution Integrated HDTV Tuner with QAM RCA was the fir,_ to offer an _ntc.gn_ted _:uner with its ttl)T\,'s (no nccd for another box to receive digital programming). Now, weve gone one be{ter_ your HDTVs tuner is ready t);_rdigital cable...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    ÷hi÷ @f ¢@nten s Chapter 1: Connections & Setup Things to Consider Before You Connect ................Protect Against Power Surges ..........Protect Devices from Overheating ................Position Cables Properly to Avoid Audio Interference ..........5 Use indirect Light ........................5 Get the Picture ........................... 6 Receiving Digital Channels ..................

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    ÷,bii÷ @9 C@nt÷nts Blocking Age_Based Ratings ....................25 Blocking Specific Content Themes ................... 26 Blocking VoChip Movie Ratings ................V-Chip Exempt Program Block .................. A_ivate KidPass......................Block Channe_ .................... Front Panel Lock ....Future Ratings (Rating Region)..................29 Change Your Password ....................Resetting the Password ..................

  • Page 7: Things To Consider Before You Connect, Protect Against Power Surges

    Things to Consider Before You Connect Protect Against Power Surges • Connect all devices betT)re you p]ug mLv of lheh: power cord,_ into _hc w_li outleL Tt!rll oft the 1%;and/or device before you cormec't or disconnuc any cables, • lJsing a sLlrl{c prolcdor eail help...

  • Page 8: Get The Picture, Receiving Digital Channels, What You Need, What You Need To Know

    C@nn+ct+@++ N++up Get the Picture TEe first p_r_ of connecting your TV is to get a sigl_a]. The back pa+l of your TV alows yo++to receive analog channels by using the AN17::NN:\iCABI,E ANALOG iNP{ +1 ' and digital channds by _+sing the ANTI NNA!CABLE DIGIT,\L tNPIZ l'he grapl_ic to the left shows these inputs.

  • Page 9: Receiving Analog Channels, What You Need, What You Need To Know

    C@nnecti@ns Ne ;up Receiving Analog Channels What You Need • Antem'm ("rabbit cars _') or outdoor antenna wid_ ('oa_iM cable. Pk_g OK• antenna coa×ial ca)le lion? tiie aa]] outlet into the AN I"ENN,\,.(]ABI E ANAL(IG INPNT to Coaxial cable • Coaxial cable from a cable outleL Plug the coaxial cable horn the souict _,outlet into the ANTENNAiCAi3LE ANAI£)G INPUT _o receive...

  • Page 10: Choose Your Connection

    _vil[ visit Fof_r /_ome for a /'ce to m._taH 3'o_r {4#ctr*mfc emcrlc_mm_';¢t .'{}:_lvma*zd to i*tslrg_ct .yo*_ in its opt,,wlioa_. P':: dclaf[s about tbLs" ._g,a_::c< ca[[I-_?,_1&20(5-:::) 59 For add:tio,mla._:sist_'mcc u&fle ,_sf_:_ yo_:r RCA prods,el, p leam_, visit u'ww.rca.com/_:z_ston:_,r._(/_po_. Jacks Used Y Pb Pr page 9-10 Video Cables Audio R and t...

  • Page 11: Y Pb Pr Connection

    C@nnecti@ns Ne :,up Go to page 6 for instructionson getting a signal Player Y Pb Pr Connection Connecting the Device Tllis connection allows you to connect at device tlmt has Y Pb Pr jacks, k_r example, a I)VD player If the device y;a_ are com_ecting a]so has S Video or composite...

  • Page 12

    C@nnect @ ns Ne :up Connect y(mr audio cables. Compeer d_e audio (_v}_ite red) canes to the AUDIO R _md L (VIDE() IN mpt_t) jacks on the back of die TV and to d_e aud}o outpt:it jacks tt_e DVD playcr, Just {he colors, match...

  • Page 13: Video Connection

    C@nnecti@ns NeW,up Video Connection Go to page 6 for instructions on getting a signal Device Connecting the Device This cormecdon altows you _o com_ect a dcvke such as a video game console, tha_ has Audio/Video lacks. Rck'r to the illusm_tion which uses audF_ and video cables_ Using the example of a vide() game...

  • Page 14: Using The Side Jacks

    C@nnect[@ ns Se up Using the Side Jacks ® Go to page 6 for instructions on Side of TV geeing a signal. iNPUT OUTPUT v_o .........._;D_ ..Device Connecting the Device This con_%c'c_ionalk)v,,s _.<>_i to connect a de_ke that has a,t 5Vidc _ jack.

  • Page 15: Put Batteries In The Remote, Use The Remote Control To Complete The Initial Setup

    C@nnecti@ns Ne_:,up in the TV Plug the end of the i)ower cord into a grom_ded wali oufleL ]nse_ the ph_g compk_te_ 3 inK)the outlet, Put Batteries in the Remote • Remove the bakery compamnent cover hom the back of _:he remo_e by pushing d<_w_ and sliding off the (oven °...

  • Page 16: Complete The Initial Setup, Choose The Menu Language, Tuning To A Channel

    C@nnect @ ns Ne :up Complete the Initial Setup AI70 CTIA>d\7_Z57L.IRCI! is the menu you should see when you t:mst turn on the 'I'V_h allows the TV to search ik}raH ehannds view able th*_mgh your digital and analog connections. This is sometimes ¢...

  • Page 17: What To Expect, Watching Tv

    C@nnecti@ns Se :,u@ Tuning to a Channel (continued) Some c|mn*_els might havL' been f_tmd dtu'b_g the channel search thzlt me tmavailable view and you might want to get rid of these so they don't appear as you change channels. "[o do this go to Main Mem:/Set_q: tnea_#,Zist & LabeIs_ No_e that removing channels f_x:m_ yot_r channel...

  • Page 18: Remote Buttons

    C@nnecti@ ns Ne :up Remote Buttons ANTENNA Toggles to digilaI or an:dog charred inputs. Refer to p _ge 6 for a 0N,0h full description. @@@@ _row buttons (A _,) Use to highlight different items in the T% menu system........ s_._P i@ @ @ o (,I, ll>}Adjusts the menu...

  • Page 19: Component Function Buttons

    Guide is avaihfl_e on b on s{m_e models. Component fun¢_o_ bu_on$ Toturnoff _tt theRCA, G&andPro_an component_ that are coone¢ted to the TV, pre_s ON*OFF twice within two seconds. This feature only works with most RCA, GE, and Pro,can products Chapter...

  • Page 20: Programming The Remote To Operate Other Components

    Other Components +lhe universal remote can be programmed _o operate mosl bJands of remole conn:oilable comp<mems. The Jxmlot:uis ;dready programmed lo operatu most RCA, GE, and Proscan componems, Find Out If You Need to Program the Remote whether the 'Ii) deiermine...

  • Page 21: Using The Input Button

    C@nnecti@ns Ne :up Using Automatic Code Search (continued) Continue pressing PLAY nnti_ the compotlent turns off or the component button (II)VD, \.CR) light on the remote turns off. if the comp®nent button ligh_ tun_s off, thc'n MI codes f_r that partic@ar component ha_e been tested once.

  • Page 22: Remote Code List 2

    C@nn+ct+@+n+ N+ :up Remote Code List VCR Codes JVC ....2¢,/09.2111/!,2011, 2018, 2111, 2123 S:ms_[ ......20]0, 2092 211I, 2123 :h_m imal_k' 10_ d_u V<R bu o_l Ke+_wood ............ 2009 S:lrbo ......... 2_i1I 20[3, 2!123 Admb_+/..........2132 ....20!0. 21111, 2¢,11¢,> 2 018. 2/11, 2123 Scoff ..........

  • Page 23

    C@mnecti@ ms Ne :up Explanation of Jacks 'Ibis section dea;rix_s {he a(ks tls¢_ _o make conne<tio_s There several combinations av rikd_le to connect de'_ ices to }(}tit T\. _¢IDEO I _li)# _UDIQ tt II Iii _i_lalNll, i Iii ANTIINNA/CABLIE AN'_OG INPUT Lets you connect a coaxial (RF) cable _o receive anabg ANALO_...

  • Page 24: Front/side Input Jacks, Front/side Buttons

    C@nnect @ ns NeW,up VIDEO you connect your TV to external devices with inputs such as VCRs, VIDEO digit_il recorders or secondary monitors. Audio/video co npos:ite cables are t_sed ]i.>_this connection Impo_ant: D(q&d st_,aL_ _zot az,ai]ah/c fb,'o,¢gb tba, VI!)EO OU71. BlJf DIGI721L t)VPU]9 and :be component irg:_lts (g PIZ P_ ).

  • Page 25: Parental Controls And V-chip

    Channel Banner Channel Banner menu for an analog signal, There arc several _tems that migh_ appear on screen when you press the INF() burro _ or_ tl,_ remote. Tills d splay is called the CSanne] Batmer, The _bllowing list describes the items on the Chai3nel Bam'_er screen.

  • Page 26: How V-chip Works

    U siing Features How V-Chip Works V-< hip reads the program's age-based rating ('tT'-_IA '7W-!4 etc.) and contc>nt themes (t:7olencP (VL AdMI La_Dg_¢a<qc (L), etc,). If you have blocked the rating and/or content themes that tl_e program contains, you will receive the message: 75is cbattnLq has not !'_e,_ gg]4oro_edfi_r z,i'euw(g.

  • Page 27

    U si[i,ng tlhe Features The V-Chip Rating Screen f'oHowing is an example of '0,here items are k;K:_tcd within the TVRATZ'_,'G "LIMIT so'teen i/Content Themes Liststhe content themes you can block or view. Refer to chart at of next page. Lets you select which content themes 1:o view for the selected rating and whether...

  • Page 28

    Osiin@ Features Blocking Specific Content Themes You can bkwk programs based on _heir content (Content is repvcsen_,ed by fl_e IZ g & Vand FV o_ your scrcert.) When you block a content Adu!t !anguage theme lbr a particular ra[ing, y{m autommfcal_y bk)ck that contem theme h>r higher rated programs as wall.

  • Page 29: V-chip Exempt Program Block

    Usi[i,n@ tlh@ %% F atur@s Blocking Canadian V-Chip Movie Ratings ff yol_ retch e Canadim_ programs yon can Not!-: Canadia_ E_qlisb [grt'HC5 b*-(J._fp rtttflqgs. Whert you bkxk a particular rati_g, )_m aulomatica[_y Mock die higher rated programs as well. To block Cnnadi;m English al_d French...

  • Page 30: Block Channe

    U siing Features Activate KidPass This feature allows you to specKy how much TV you want a child to watch, choices a briet explanation are as foIiows Curre,tt Shows the cun'en[ day such a.s M_mdaj4 7)¢e.,//2*y... or SmMtO,. The value o4 Cu_'ent l)_!t_ changes at tomatica]Iy...

  • Page 31: Front Panel Lock, Future Ratings (rating Region), Change Your Password

    O siii,ng tlh @ %% F atur@s Front Panel Lock Select ng this option lets you h?ch {disable) or _;_d(_ch (enable) the TV_s front panel b_ttons The remote, still tunes to any (hanneL so remember to remove access [o any remote that c:m operate the television From the I'AR-bSVI21L COA:7"I;'OL menu,...

  • Page 32: Format Options

    U siing Nys e,m Additional Feature Format Optkms is an addit onal t_'ature avaiIabk_ b} using thu remote control. Format Options The {'ormatbutton on the rcm_te/uts you (hange the _rmat wit}_ a _mc..bu_ton press ra[]lcr than nav[ga[ing to the FORMAT'menu. Difl;er_ttl[ k)rmaLs available ff)r your model arc 4:3, t5:9 arid Stre{ch.

  • Page 33

    Sound Menu _lk_access the _,oHt_d menu, press MENU on the remote mrd selec_ ,_()bWD fi;om the Mah_ ,<fhn'm. Depending o_ the kind of sigf_aI you're watching, the _S?_nd metlu will bate difl}.'rent kems awdlabie tor you to adjust. Treble Press tile _ight allow but{(m to in(nease Ihe outpost a,qd the ]eft airow decrease.

  • Page 34: Picture Menu, Setup Menu

    Usiin@ Nys e,m Cut: Language (Current Digital Channel Audio Language) Press the right arrow button Io choose the attdo hmgrmge avai[ab c l:or the program yot_ re watching. language you choose becomes your preferred at clio language :for all channels on the digital tuner until you turn the TV off.

  • Page 35

    Using ÷nu Nyst m , Digital Choose if you are cormectcd to the A_i'A%5¢:CABLE DIGI751L t.\fq/Tjack+ S( a)ches J_)rdigilal channels o_Jy • attalog Choose il-you are connecR:d to the AN77:_:¥APVC?UH.EA.._ALOG L\7TTjack. Searches lor analog channels only, Now use the down arrow butlon to choose a sigtm] type. •...

  • Page 36

    Usiin@ Nys e,m Closed Caption MaI_ pr'ogn:uns are encoded with closed-captioning information which Jets you dispmay the audio portion of a program as text on d_e TV screen. Closed captioning is not available on all channds at aH times. Only specific programs encoded with closed-captioning information When a program is closed captioned_ CC is displayed...

  • Page 37

    Using ÷nu Nyst m You have many choices avaiIable to ct_stomize the digital closed-caption display. In oMer {o help you decide which view yoL_ like, try this: In the Setup menu for C/r.:,ed (,?q:4ic, n , turn your CC I)isplay ON. In the same mc'nu, go to t)@ <.C:_'tiqe and change any setting.

  • Page 38: Parental Control Menu, Time Menu

    U sing Nys e,m Auto i_uning This feature corresponds t<) the device buttons on the remote and the way yon have each device connecled to your TV. Youre telling d_e TV what channe_ or input to tune to when you press the component (VCR.

  • Page 39: Notepad Menu

    Using ÷nu Syst m Wake.L_p 71me lmts you set fl_e dine you want the TV to turn itself on lVakeUp Ch (l#"ake_Up Channe 0 Le_s you sdect a specific channel _he TV tm_es to when the _[,_tbe,_p 7Ymer is set. Recurrence Lets yot_ se*ect how o{ken the _V_#ke U]_7kmer teatme takes effect: Once or l)ai(F AddL (Additional)

  • Page 40

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What's the quickest way to, view High Definition (HD) video? Connect an off-air :mterma to the ANTENNA/CABLE DIGUAL INP[T to view kx'al digital channels. Yot_ might need purchase an antenna= Go to page 6 for more in{_(_rmadon, How do I tell an analog channel from a digital channel? "lhere are three differem ways to tell if your channel...

  • Page 41

    Other Iin @rm, a i@n Most proHen_s you encounter witt_ your TV can be cor_'cted by consulti_g the io Iowi1_g trotibleshoo!:ing TV won't turn on Make s_'c. the TV is plt_gged ii_. :Press either _he "I_"button or the ON/OFF bt_ttor_ (wl tie the remole is ir_ TV model to co_mecE the TV to tll,e power sot.in_e_...

  • Page 42

    TV; a_d see if Q_e problem is fixed. I_ the problem _emains. then piease visit www.rea_eomitelevision t_:,r t_pdatcd FAQs or _ont3ct RCA Customer S¢_pport at the s_q)lx>rt number provided in your \Vairanty unde_ tiow "12)Get Service. °...

  • Page 43: Usa V-chip Rating System, Canadian English V-chip Rating System

    Other In @rm, a i@n USA V-Chip Rating System ll_=/I_A (Mature Audience Only) SpedficaHy designed to be viewed by adults and may be unsuitaMe for children ur_der 17. It contains one or naomi' of tl_e following coment themes: crude indecent _anguage (L), explicit sexual activity (S), or grap[_ic violence (V).

  • Page 44: Canadian French V-chip Rating System

    Other linf@r at ion Canadian English V-Chip Rating System (coot nuod) (General At_dienee) Programmialg c<msi0ci_e0 acceptable fl)r all age g_oups. Wllilc re)l: desig_ed spedfica/iy/_or childrem i{ is u_'_derstood younger viewers may be part of the aud en<e. vi{)]ence Guideli_les: Wili col_min ve W lit*le violence, either physica] or verbal or emotkmaL Will be sensi_Ne to themes whic_ could _righte_ a yotmger child, will r_o_depid malisdc scenes of violence whiclh ,:nilJmize o_:gh)ss...

  • Page 45: Limited Warranty

    Ac_sof nature, such as but not limited to lightning damage How you get service: • For sc_:'en sizes of 26' and smaller: Take you_ ° RCA television 1I:)any At]_h_fized RCA Tek, visinr_ Service Cemer and pick up when repairs aR. complete.

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  • Page 47: Care And Cleaning, Fcc Information

    @thor In @rm, a i@n Care and Cleaning CAUTION: Turn OFF your TV befor_ _ cleaning, You can clean the TV as required, using a soft lint-tree cloth. Be sure to occasi(mal_y dust the ventilation sk)ts in the cabinet to hdp assure adequate ventilation.

  • Page 48

    Visit the RCA website at www.rca.com/television Please do not send any products to the indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. TTE Technology, Inc. 101 West 103rd...

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