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  • Page 1 I C411 0000 RS2501/A180/A185 RS2502/RS252KM/A280/A285 RS2503/RS253TK/A380/A385 RS2505/RS255KM RS2506 RS2507/A580...
  • Page 2: Fccinformation

    For Your Safety RCA Information TheACpowerplugispolar- ized(onebladeiswider Thisdevice generates and usesradio frequency(RF) thanthe other)andonlyfits energy, and if not installedand usedproperly,this intoACpoweroutletsone equipment maycause interference to radio and tele- way.If the plugwon'tgo vision reception. intothe outletcompletely, Thisequipment hasbeen type tested and found to turn the plug over and try to insert it the other way.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    FCCInformation ..Creating an ATS Program . .9 Editing an ATSProgram ...9 Installation ..Skipping a Disk ... Searchingthrough a CD ...9 Safety Approval ..Tuner ....Controls & Indicators . .5 Tuning to a Station ..CD Player .. : ..... Using Presets ...
  • Page 4: Installation

    RCA Models Altima Models JUUUUUUU_UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ]00000000000000000000000000 1DOOOQDOODDDO000000_O000000 1QUDOOOOOOOODOOBDOOO_QQO000 l_nonnnnnnnnnnonn_nnnnnnnnn _000 1. Optical Output (MD, DVD) 1. AM Loop Antenna (A280, A285, A380, A385, A580 models) 2. FM Antenna 2. AM LoopAntenna 3. Auxiliary Device(TV, Video) 3. FM Antenna 4. Main and Surround Speakers 4.
  • Page 5: Safety Approval

    Toensure sufficient ventilation, keep the spacingsshown below free from other surfaces: tOcrn I lOom lOom 5 ¢rn x ;_ _ _i _r III I fl T800AS UL1270for U.S.A. FCC pert 15for U.S_,. CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 1-94for Cana_la EN60065 f or European Safety EN55013, EN55020 for European EMC Precautions Have a Blast-JustNot in...
  • Page 6 T_n (.)to t_rease or(-) to decrease nume_ valu_...
  • Page 7: Tape Player

    Look at the display hghts to ident'fy the cur- rent mode. Tip: Depending o nyoursystem model, y our tape drive is either 6+2 or 6+5 tons located below the decks, or log- ically by using the multi-function jog...................................."...
  • Page 8: Display

    Showing the Demonstration Not operational in TUNERmode for Atlima models. 1. PressDEMOIDIMMER to turn on/off RS2501 demonstration mode. The demonstration A180/A185 scrollsthrougkall displayoperations. ALARM/CLOCK Settingthe Time 1, In STANDBY mode, press ALAP._IICLOCKuntil the time flashes on the display(12-hour clock,24-hour RS2502iRS252KM/RS2505/RS255KM clockAltima models).
  • Page 9: Sound Features

    Using Preset Equalizer Curves Reproducing DigitalSound-DSP (DSPfor A380, A580, RS2503,RS2S3TK, POP,JAZZ, or ROCK are toggles for pre- RS2506,RS2507) Repeatedly pressDSPto select onceto selectthe corre- one of a variety of reproduced set equalizer levels• Press sponding preset.The soundsbasedon digital sound display momentarily processor(DSP)technology, the selection.
  • Page 10: Setting Up A Cd Program

    AutomaticallySkippingTracks Setting Up a CD Program (ATS) You can program the CO playerto play up to any 32 trackson the CDs in the tray. Creating an ATSProgram 1. While the CDplayer isstopped,pressSET to enter PROGRAMmode. The 1. Press STOP. system displaysthe 2.
  • Page 11: Tuner

    iil i Tuningto a Station 1. PressPRESET/TUNEto selectTUNE mode. 2. Either rotate the jog or pressINCREASE or DECREASEto tune in the desiredstation. iW_iiii! ..i;_!ii_'_!i_! _ UsingPresets 1. PressI_NER to selectthe radio. 1. Press PRESET/TUNEto 2. PressTUNER again to selectthe next radio band. Choicesare: selectPRESETmode.
  • Page 12: Radio Data System (Rds)

    Altima models Tip: RDS stations broad- cast on FM only When the tuner detects an RDS signal, the RDS Toggle RDS DEMO/DIMMER to displaythe frequen- light turns on cy,stationname (PS),station type (PTY),clocktime (CT),or radio text (RT).In CTmode, pressROS TIMF, J INTRO key to replace the displayedtime by RDS Tuningto an RDSStation stationtime.
  • Page 13: Playinga Tape

    From CD 1. Insert a tape into deck 1. record from any auxiliary 2, PressCD. device, such as a televi- Tip: Your player can 3. insertthe disc(s)to be recorded. ion, VCR,tuner, satellite, 4. Selectthe track, CD, or program to be recorded. 5.
  • Page 14: Maintenance

    Solution Solution Switch to anotherfunction (TAPE, RADIO) Check power cord for a secureconnection, andthen back to CD, Unplug the unit for a moment, and then plug into power sourceagain. Checkthe outlet by plugging in another increasethe volume setting. Checkconnection to speakers. Check that you have selectedthe appropri- ate function: CD, TAPE,RADIO,AUX.
  • Page 15: Us Wa_Anty

    What your warranty covers: • Anydefectin materials orworkmanship. Forhow longafter yourpurchase: • Oneyear. (Thewarrantyperiodfor rentalunitsbegins with the first rentalor45 days from dateof shipment to the rentalfirm,whichever c omes first.) What we will do: • Provid_you with a new,or at ouroption,a refurbished unit. •...
  • Page 16: Canadian Wa_Anty

    Thomson ConsumerElectronicsCanada, inc.warrants to the purchaser or gift recipientthat if any manufactur- ing defect becomesapparent in this product within 1year from the original date of purchase,it will be replacedfree of charge, including return transportation. Thiswarranty doesnot include damage to the product resultingfrom accidents,misuse or leaking batteries. Shouldyour product not perform properly during the warranty period, either: 1.Return it to the sellingdealer with proof of purchasefor replacement, 2.

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