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    TRACTOR Model 425014X92E (96014000100) INSTRUCTION BOOK Read and keep this book for future reference. This book contains important information SAFETY, ASSEMBLY, OPERATION, MAINTENANCE & STORAGE. PRODUCT INFORMATION The owner must be certain that all the product information is in- cluded with the unit.

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    For assistance in making such adjust- ments, consult your Instruction Book. To make a claim under this Murray, Inc. Two (2) Year Limited Warranty, return the unit (or if authorized in advance, the defective part) along with your proof of purchase...

  • Page 3

    This instruction bookis written for a person unit is correctlyassembled.The ownermust with somemechanicalability.Likemostser- carefully checkthe unit accordingto the in- structionsinthis manualbeforeitisfirst used. vice books, not all the steps are described. Steps on how to loosen or tighten fasten- RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER ers are steps anyone can follow with some The responsibility of the owner is to...

  • Page 4

    II. SLOPE OPERATION • Never direct discharged material toward anyone. Avoid discharging Slopes are a major factor related to loss of material against a wall or obstruction. control and tip-over accidents, which Material may ricochet back toward result in severe injury or death.

  • Page 5

    • Remove gas-powered equipment from • Nevercarry children,evenwith the the truck or trailer and refuel it on the bladesshut off. They may fall off and ground. If this is not possible, then be seriously injuredor interferewith refuel such equipment with a portable safe machineoperation.Children who container, rather...

  • Page 6

    • Be sure the area is clear of bystand- • Be alert and turn machine off if a child ers before operating. Stop machine enters the area. anyone enters the area. • Before and while backing, look behind • Never carry passengers. and down for small children.

  • Page 7

    Steering Wheel Steering (1) 5/16 Wheel Insert Lock Washer (1) Large Flat Washer Extension (1) Hex Bolt 5/16-18 x4 Shaft Steering Steering Wheel Boot Steering Adapter ,._j Seat (1) Washer @ 17/32 x 1-3/16 x 12 Gauge (1) Lock Washer 1/2 ) Bolt Slope Sheet (1) Oil Drain Tube...

  • Page 8

    Your new tractor has been assembled at the factory with the exception of those parts left unassembled for shipping purposes. To ensure safe and proper operation of your tractor all parts and hardware you assemble must be tightened securely. Use the correct tools as necessary to insure...

  • Page 9

    7. Slide seat until a comfortableposition (See TO ROLL TRACTOR SKID is reachedwhich allowsyou to press Operation section location clutch/brakepedal all the way down. controls) function 8. Get off seat without movingits ad- Press lift lever plunger and raise justed position. attachment lift lever to its highest 9.

  • Page 10

    CHECK TIRE PRESSURE J CHECKL IS T The tires on your tractor were overin- Before you operate your new tractor, flated at the factory for shipping purposes. wish to assure that you receive the best Correct tire pressure is important for best performance and satisfaction from this...

  • Page 11

    These symbols may appear on your tractor or in literature supplied with the product. Learn and understand their meaning. I',,I SLOW REVERSE NEUTRAL HIGH CHOKE FAST IGNITION SWITCH ENGINE OFF REVERSE ENGINE ON ENGINE START PARKING BRAKE PARKING BRAKE PARKING BRAKE OPERATION LOCKED UNLOCKED...

  • Page 12

    KNOW YOUR TRACTOR READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR TRACTOR Compare the illustrations with your tractor to familiarize yourself with the locations of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. Attachment Clutch Lever Ignition Switch "ON"...

  • Page 13

    The operation of any tractor result in foreign objects thrown into the eyes, which can result in severe eye damage. Always wear safety glasses or eye shields while operating your tractor or performing any adjustments or repairs. We recommend a wide vision safety mask over spectacles standard safety glasses.

  • Page 14

    • The average lawn should be cut to ap- REVERSE OPERATION SYSTEM (ROS) proximately 2-1/2 inches during the cool Your tractor is equipped with a Reverse season and to over 3 inches during Operation System (ROS). Any attempt months. For healthier and better look- the operator to travel in the reverse...

  • Page 15

    TO OPERATE ON HILLS BEFORE STARTING ENGINE _I:_WARNING: Do not drive up or down CHECK ENGINE OIL LEVEL hills with slopes greater than 15 ° and do The engine in your tractor has been not drive across any slope. Use the slope shipped, from the factory, already...

  • Page 16

    TO START ENGINE MOWING TIPS • Tire chains cannot be used when When starting the engine for the first time mower housing is attached to tractor. or if the engine has run out of fuel, it will • Mower should be properly leveled take extra cranking time to move fuel from...

  • Page 17

    AS O U C OM P LE T E ..REGULAR SERVICE /_q_/'%qy_'_" SERVICE DATES _hh;;kk T_irr_rO_ae_i °n Check Operator Presence ROS Systems Check for Loose Fasteners Sharpen/Replace Mower Blades 11_3 Lubrication Chart Check Battery Level Clean Battery and Terminals Check Transaxle Cooling Check V-Belts...

  • Page 18

    TRACTOR ROS "ON" Position Engine "ON" Position Always observe safety rules when per- (Normal Operating) forming any maintenance. BRAKE OPERATION If tractor requires more than five (5) feet to stop at highest speed in highest gear on a level, dry concrete or paved surface, then...

  • Page 19

    4. Reassemble blade bolt, lock washer • Keep small vent holes open. and flat washer in exact order as • Recharge at 6-10 amperes for 1 hour. shown. NOTE: The original equipment battery 5. Tighten blade bolt securely (27-35 Ft. your tractor is maintenance free.

  • Page 20

    CLEAN AIR SCREEN Change the oil after every 25 hours of op- eration or at least once a year if the trac- Air screen must be kept free of dirt and tor is not used for 25 hours in one year. chaff to prevent engine damage...

  • Page 21

    ARNING: TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY, BEFORE PERFORMING ANY SER- VICE OR ADJUSTMENTS: Depress clutch/brake pedal fully and set parking brake. Place gearshift lever in neutral (N) position. Place attachment clutch in "DISENGAGED" position. Turn ignition key to "STOP" and remove key.

  • Page 22

    To obtain the best cutting results, the Connect anti-sway bar to chassis mower housing should be adjusted so bracket and secure with retainer spring. that the front is approximately 1/8" to 1/2" Push clutch cable housing guide into lower than the rear when the mower is in bracket, slide collar onto guide and...

  • Page 23

    TO REPLACE MOWER BLADE DRIVE TO CHECK AND ADJUST BRAKE BELT Your tractor is equipped with an adjustable The mower blade drive belt may be re- brake system which is mounted on the placed without tools. Park the tractor right side of the transaxle. level surface.

  • Page 24

    TO REPLACE MOTION DRIVE BELT TRANSAXLE GEAR SHIFT LEVER NEU- TRAL ADJUSTMENT Park the tractor on level surface. Engage The transaxle should be in neutral when parking brake. For assistance, there is a belt installation guide decal on bottom side the gear shift lever is in neutral (N) (lock of left footrest.

  • Page 25

    TO REMOVE WHEEL FOR REPAIRS TO REMOVE CABLES, REVERSE ORDER Block up axle securely. BLACK cable first from chassis Remove axle cover, retaining ring and washers to allow wheel removal (rear then from the fully charged battery. RED cable last from both batteries. wheels have a square key - Do not...

  • Page 26

    TO REPLACE HEADLIGHT BULB TO REMOVE HOOD AND GRILL SEMBLY Raise hood. Pull bulb holder out of the hole in the 1. Raise hood. backside of the grill. Unsnap headlight wire connector. Replace bulb in holder and push bulb Stand in front of tractor.

  • Page 27

    blended fuels (called gasohol or using Immediately prepare your tractor for stor- ethanol or methanol) can attract moisture age at the end of the season or if the trac- which leads to separation and formation tor will not be used for 30 days or more. acids during storage.

  • Page 28

    TROUBLESHOOTING CHART PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION Will not start Out of fuel. Fill fuel tank. See "TO START ENGINE" Engine not "CHOKED" properly. Operation section. Wait several minutes before Engine flooded. attempting to start. Bad spark plug. Replace spark plug. Dirty air filter. Clean/replace air filter.

  • Page 29

    TROUBLESHOOTING CHART PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION Clean underside of mower Loss of power Build-up of grass, leaves and trash under mower. (continued) housing. Dirty air filter. Clean/replace air filter. Low oil level/dirty oil. Check oil level/change oil. Faulty spark plug. Clean and regap or change spark plug.

  • Page 30

    TROUBLESHOOTING CHART PROBLEM CORRECTION CAUSE Mower blades will 1. Remove obstruction• Obstruction in clutch not rotate mechanism• Worn/damaged mower drive Replace mower drive belt. belt. Frozen idler pulley• Replace idler pulley. Frozen blade mandrel• Contact a qualified service center/department. Place throttle control 1.

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) ELECTRICAL - --T r ..

  • Page 33

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) ELECTRICAL PART DESCRIPTION 163465 Battery 74760412 Bolt Hex Hd 1/4-20 unc x 314 176689 Box Battery Fender 176138 Switch, interlock 175688 Harness Asm Light W/4152j 4152J Bulb Light #1156 4799J Cable Battery 6 Ga. 11" red 146147 Cable Battery...

  • Page 34

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) CHASSIS AND ENCLOSURES Chassis-AFpha Stlt 3...

  • Page 35

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) CHASSIS AND ENCLOSURES PART DESCRIPTION 174619 Chassis Stamping 176554 Drawbar 155272 Bumper Hood/Dash 193510X010 Dash 72140608 Bolt, Carriage 3/8-16 174996 Panel, Dash, L.H. 172105X010 Panel, Dash, R.H. 17490608 Screw Thdrol 3/8-16 x 1/2 187559X505 Hood Assembly 184921...

  • Page 36

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) GROUND DRIVE drive-fender.stlt...

  • Page 37

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) GROUND DRIVE PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION Transaxle Peerless 206-544C 8883R Cover, Pedal (Order parts from transaxle 175410 Pulley, Engine Bolt Hex 7/16-20 x 4 x Gr. 5 manufacturer) 173937 Washer Lock 146682 Spring Brake Return 10040700 123666X...

  • Page 38

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) STEERING ASSEMBLY 15 • ..steering pllt...

  • Page 39

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) STEERING ASSEMBLY PART DESCRIPTION 186780 Steering Wheel 175131 Axle Assembly 169840 Spindle Assembly, L.H. 169839 Spindle Assembly, R.H. 6266H Bearing, Race, Thrust, Hardened 121748X Washer 25/32 x 1-518 x 16 Ga. 19272016 Washer 27/32 x 1-1/4 x 16 Ga.

  • Page 40

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) ENGINE OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Spark Arrester engine-bs=lcyF...

  • Page 41

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) ENGINE PART DESCRIPTION 170551 Control, Throttle/Choke 17720408 Screw, Hex Head, Thread Cutting 1/4-20 x 1/2 Engine, Briggs Model No. 282H07 (Order parts from engine manufacturer) 137352 Muffler 165291 Gasket 148456 Tube Drain Oil Easy 169837 Shield Brn/Dbr...

  • Page 42

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) SEAT ASSEMBLY seat_It.knob_9 KEY PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 188705 Seat 121248X Bushing, Snap 180166 Bracket, Pivot, Seat 72050412 Bolt, Carriage 1/4-20 x 1-1/2 71110616 Bolt 134300 Spacer, Split .28 x .88 19131610 Washer 13/32 x 1 x 10 Ga.

  • Page 43

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) DECALS PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 193308 145005 Decal, Battery Dngr/Psn Eng Decal Oper. instr. 184769 138311 Decal, Lift Handle Decal HP Engine 198348 179768X428 Pad, Footrest LH Decal Hood 194691 179769X428 Pad, Footrest RH Decal Hood Replacement 198339...

  • Page 44

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) LIFT ASSEMBLY 18 2O...

  • Page 45

    TRACTOR - -MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) LIFT ASSEMBLY PART DESCRIPTION 159460 Lift Lever Inner Wire Assembly 159471 Shaft Assembly, Lift 105767X Pin, Groove 12000002 E-Ring 19211621 Washer 21/32 x 1 x21 120183X Bearing, Nylon 109413X Grip, Handle 122365X Button, Plunger, 139865 Link, Lift, L.H.

  • Page 46

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) MOWER DECK 42 deck man-t-path...

  • Page 47

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 425014X92E (96014000100) MOWER DECK PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 165892 Bolt Carr. Sh. 3/8-16 x 1-1/2 Gr. 5 Mower Deck Assembly, 42" 72110612 72140506 Bolt 5/16-18 x 3/4 131494 Pulley, Idler, Flat 138017 Bracket Assembly, Sway Bar, Front 73900600 Nut Lock Fig.

  • Page 51

    SUGGESTED GUIDE FOR SIGHTING SLOPES FOR SAFE OPERATION ONLY RIDE UP AND DOWN HILL, NOT ACROSS HILL 15 DEGREES MAX. down the face of slopes, never across the face. Do not mow ARNING: To avoid serious injury, operate your tractor up and slopes greater than 15 degrees.

  • Page 52

    This product has been expertly engineered and carefully manufactured to rigid quality standards. As with all mechanical products, some adjustments or part replacement may be necessary during the life of your unit. For Parts and Service, contact our authorized distributor: call 1-800-849-1297 •...

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