Haier Commercial Cool CPRB07XC7 User Manual

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User Manua_
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air conditioneb please read these in@uctions completely°



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  • Page 1 User Manua_ M@d÷_ # CPRiB@TX¢7_ CPRB@TX¢7oB, CPRB@TX¢7oW_ CPRB@TX¢7oE Manual d÷_ Usuar_o CPRBOTX¢7oB, CPRBOTX¢7oE P@r@ M@d÷l@ d÷ # CPRBOTX¢7_ ¢_TX¢7°rwI this Befo_e ope;x:_ting air conditioneb please read these in@uctions completely°...
  • Page 2 Thank you for buying a dependable, energyosaving and _sy_toooperate CommericaU Cod air conditioner. This manual contains use@Jinformation for you to maintain, operate, in, s tall and safdy use your air conditioner. Your air conditioner deans, cools and dehumidifies the air in your room to provide you with the ultimate Jevd of comfort.
  • Page 3 Air conditioner must _ connected to proper eJectricai outlet with He correct dedricd supply. (s_ table previous page) Proper grounding must be ensured to reduce the risk of shock and fire. DO NOT CUT OR REMOVE THE GROUNDING PRONG. If you do not have a three-prong elecwic: receptacle outlet in the wall, have a certified eiectrician in4aH the proper receptacle.
  • Page 4 • Phase keep this manual in a sa_ place. • Do not use liquid or a spray to dean this product. Use a damp cloth. o Do not place the product on an unstabJe surface or devoted place as it may fall and cause damage or injury.
  • Page 5 1. This model is easy to operate. The electronic contrd panel has a timer, thermostat, three speed coding spas, three fan spe_s and one spe_ dehumidification function (dry). 2. This portable air conditioner does not require water added. 3. The unit has a unique design which thus avoiding the need to empty the 4_ EasyotoqnstalJ w indow kit is indudd, which consistsof the exhaust hose, 2 hose adaptors, the window panel kit and window panel adapton...
  • Page 6: Parts And Features

    ]. Contrd Pand 2. Air OutWet (To be opened manually] 3. Handle Hole 4_ Caster 5. Air Filter 6. Air OutJet (Heat Exhaust_ 7. Air intake (Condenser) 8. Remote Contrd Storage FaciJi? 9. Water OutJet Drain 10. Power Supply Cord k TEST: WHEN THiS BU_ON iS PRESSED OR WHEN THE_ _S iA CURREN_ LEAK,...
  • Page 7: Assembly And Installation

    Accessories include © i. Plastic panel ° 3 pieces ® From 20" (50°5cm)u,p to 46" (1 i 6.8cm) 2. Window Pond adapter ° i piece ® 3. Screws° 4 pieces 4_ Heat Exhaust hose connector - 2 pieces. 5. Heat Exhaust hose o 1 piece ,£...
  • Page 8: Control Panel

    ¢@n_r@!Pan÷J Temp and time setting Receiving sensor Mod_ light Power Control (Eme_ency) Warning Light Power ¢ont_J Tempo and Time Setting Jndica_t The power control turns the unit on and off_ During operation, the unit dispJays "present When you press power controJ, the unit begins to room temperature."...
  • Page 9: Remote Control

    Dehu_idi_ Mode Air is dehumidified as it passes through air conditioner, without being in fuji coding mode_ if room temperature is greater than 77°B fan speed can be adjusted; otherwise fan speed is fixed to "bw." Fan Mode Air is circulating throughout the room with no coding.
  • Page 10: Specifications

    @ _@ Voltage and Frequency 1t5V / 60Hz input: Power 800 W Cooling Capacity 7000 BTU Moisture Removal (pints/day) R-22/12.70z° Timer 24 Hours Operating Temperature Range 61 °F- 100°F Unit Dimensions (WxDxH) 17-15/16"x 13-_/8,'x 24-3/8" Net Weight (approximate) 55.1 Ibso Exhaust Hose 5 Feet Always unplug your air conditioner...
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    If air conditioner does not o o Check if unit _i plugged in,_The pUug may have come _oos_i_ o Press "Reset" bu#on on €he plug fo resume opera_iono _' Check if the ebctrical wall receptacle is of proper voltage_ ei Check if the circuit breaker needs to be reset or if the fuse needs to be replace& oi Check if the unit is in "Off"...
  • Page 12 [imitation may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific 1. Contact your nearest Haier Ameri_ Authorized Jegd rights, and you may also have other rights, Service Depot. For the name of the Service...