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Craftsman EX3 917.270850 Owner's Manual

20.5hp electric start 42" mower 6 speed transaxle lawn tractor
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Owner's Manual.
Model No
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• Maintenance
• Repair Parts
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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman EX3 917.270850

  • Page 1 Call: Read and follow all Safety 1-800-659-5917 Rules and Instructions before operating this equipment. Sears Craftsman Help Line 5 am - 5 pm, Mon - Sat Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, II 60179 Visit our Craftsman...
  • Page 2: Operation

    Please contact your nearest service center. After 30 days from the date of purchase, warranty service is available by taking your Craftsman riding equipment to your nearest Sears Service Center. (In-home warranty service will...
  • Page 3: Slope Operation

    • Do nottry to stabilize the machine by • Turn off blades when not mowing. putting your foot on the ground. • Stop engine before removing grass • Do not use grass catcher on steep catcher or unclogging chute. slopes. •...
  • Page 4 • Never make adjustments or repairs Mower blades are sharp and can cut. Wrap the blade(s) or wear gloves, and with the engine running. • Grass catcher components are subject use extra caution when servicing them. Check brake operation frequently. Ad- to wear, damage, and deterioration, which could expose moving parts or al- just and service as required.
  • Page 5: Product Specifications

    REPAIR PARTS section of this manual). CASE SIZE:U1R BLADE BOLT 27-35 FT. LBS TORQUE: CONGRATULATIONS on your purchase of a Craftsman Tractor. It has been designed, engineered and manufactured to give you the best possible dependabil- ity and performance. Should you experience...
  • Page 6 Parts Bag contents shown full size (1) Shoulder Bolt 5/16-18 (1) Knob © (1) Washer 17/32 x 1-3/16 x 12 Gauge (2) Screws #10 x 5/8 (2) Lock Washers (2) Weld Nuts #10 (2) Washers 3/16 x 3/4 x 16 Gauge...
  • Page 7 Pe_s packed separately In ca_on Pa_s Bag contents not shown full size _ Vi_eo teering Wheel L_(=__ Cassette Insert Steering Wheel Seat Adapter Plate (2) Keys (2) I,.atch I_l_ok /_ssemDIleS Steering Wheel . Steering Extension Steering Boot Shaft SlopeSheet Manual Parts Bag...
  • Page 8: Tools Required For Assembly

    Your new tractor has been assembled at the factory with exception of those parts left unassembled for shipping purposes. To ensure safe and proper operation of your tractor all parts and hardware you assemble must. be tightened securely. Use the correct tools as necessary to insure proper tightness.
  • Page 9 • Remove banding holding discharge guard up.against tractor. Label TO DRIVE TRACTOR OFF SKID _t _ _ _~_ WARNING: Before starting, read, understand and follow all instructions in the Operation section of this manual. Be sure tractor is in a well-ventilated area.
  • Page 10 CHECK FOR PROPER POSITION Hook Points Weld Nut OF ALL BELTS Down See the figures that are shown for Lock replacing motion and mower blade drive Washer Latch belts in the Service and Adjustments Weld Nut Hook section of this manual. Verify that the belts are routed correctly.
  • Page 11 These symbols may appear on your tractor or in literature supplied With the product. Learn and understand their meaning. BATTERY CAUTION OR REVERSE FORWARD FAST SLOW WARNING ENGINE ON ENGINE OFF OIL PRESSURE LIGHTS ON OVER TEMP LIGHT FUEL CHOKE MOWER HEIGHT PARKING BRAKE UNLOCKED...
  • Page 12 KNOW YOU R TRACTOR READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR TRACTOR Compare the illustrations with your tractor to familiarize yourself with the locations of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. ht Switch Attachment Clutch Lover Ignition...
  • Page 13 The operation of any tractor result in foreign objects thrown into the eyes, which can.result in severe eye damage. Always wear safety glasses or eye shields while operating your tractor or performing adjustments or repairs. We recommend a wide vision safety mask over spectacles or standard safety glasses.
  • Page 14 • Turn knob counterclockwise (P_)to • Select desired height of cut. lower cutting height. • Lower mower with attachment lift The cuttingheight range is approxi- control. mately1-1/2' to 4". The heightsare • Start mower blades by engaging measured attachment clutch control. from the ground to the blade tip with the engine not running.
  • Page 15: Add Gasoline

    engine or carburetor cleaner products in TOWING CARTS AND OTHER. the fuel tank or permanent damage ATTACHMENTS occur. _eCAUTION: Fill to bottom of gas tank Tow only the attachments that are r neck. Do not overfill. Wipe off any recommended by and comply with spilled oil or fuel.
  • Page 16: Mowing Tips

    controlout slightly for a few seconds and then continue to push the control in slowly. This may require an engine warm-up period from several seconds to several minutes, depending on the temperature. • The attachments can be used during the engine warm-up period and may require the choke control be pulled out slightly.
  • Page 17: General Recommendations

    FILL IN DATES /_>'_-/,, _"F,_./'_, _,f_€]i_" AS YOU COMPLETE f__/,_._ _-_._.O_'_'/ REGULAR SERVICE ___P'._¥'4_'¥_F_/_VSERVICE DATES Check Tire Pressure Check Operator Presence and Intedock Systems Check for Loose Fasteners Id f Lubrication Chart Check Battery Level Shaqoen/Replace Mower Blades Clean Battery and Terminals Check Transaxle Cooling Adjust Blade...
  • Page 18 TRACTOR IMPORTANT: To ensure proper assem- bly, center hole in blade must align with Always observe safety rules when star on mandrel assembly. performing any maintenance. • Reassemble hex bolt, lock washer and BRAKE OPERATION flat washer in exact order as shown. If tractor requires more than six (6) feet •...
  • Page 19: Clean Air Screen

    BAI"rERY NOTE: Although multi-viscosity oils (5W30, 10W30 etc.) improve starting in Your tractor has a battery charging cold weather, these multi-viscosity oils system which is sufficient for normal use. will result in increased oil consumption However, periodic charging of the battery when used above 32°F.
  • Page 20: Spark Plugs

    AIR FILTER Your engine will not run properly using a Guide Cover "_[----_._. dirty air filter. Clean the foam pre-cleaner after every 25 hours of operation or Engine Coolind every season. Service paper cartridge every 1 O0 hours of operation or every season, whichever occurs first.
  • Page 21 _CAUTION: Before performing any service or adjustments: • Depress clutch/brake pedal fully and set parking brake. Race gearshift lever in neutral (N)position. • Place attachment clutch in "DISENGAGED" position. Turn ignition key "OFF" and remove key. sure moving parts i Make the blades and all have completely stopped.
  • Page 22: Side-To-Side

    • To raise front of mower, loosen nut "F" SIDE-TO-SIDE ADJUSTMENT from trunnion on both front links. • Raise mower to its highest position. Tighten nut "E" on both front links an • At the midpoint of both sides of mower, measure height from bottom edge of equal number of turns.
  • Page 23: Belt Installation

    BELT INSTALLATION - • Remove belt from stationary idler and , Install new belt in reverse order of clutching, idler. • Pull belt slack toward rear of tractor. removal. Remove belt upwards from transaxle • Make sure belt is in all pulley grooves pulley by deflecting belt keepers.
  • Page 24 TO ADJUST STEERING WHEEL If "jumper cables" are used for emer- AUGNMENT gency starting, follow this procedure: IMPORTANT: Your tractor is equipped If steeringwheelcrossbarsare not with a 12 volt negative grounded system. horizontal(leftto right) when wheelsare The other vehicle must also be a 12 volt positionedstraight forward, remove negative grounded system.
  • Page 25: Interlocks And Relays

    • ConnectBLACKgroundingcable to ENGINE negative(-) batteryterminalwith Maintenance, repair, or replacement remaininghex bolt and keps nut. the emission control devices and Tighten securely systems, which are being done at the • Close terminal access doors. customers expense, may be performed • Close hood.
  • Page 26 • Continue to hold throttle lever against Choke Closed _ idle speed screw and adjust idle speed screw to obtain 900 to 1200 RPM. Release throttle lever. ACCELERATION TEST - • Move throttle control lever from slow to fast position, If engine hesitates or •...
  • Page 27 Also, experience indicates that alcohol Immediately prepare your tractor for storage at the end of the season or if the blended fuels 9called gasohol or using ethanol or methanol) can attract moisture tractor will not be used for 30 days or more.
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING =HART PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION • Out of fuel. • Fill fuel tank. Will not start • See "TO START ENGINE" • Engine not "CHOKED" properly. in Operation section. • Wait several minutes • Engine flooded. before attempting to start. •...
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting Chart

    TROUBLESHOOTING CHART PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION Engine clicks but will • Loose or damaged • Check all wiring. wrong. mo£start (Cont'd) • Faulty solenoid or Check/replace solenoid or starter. starter. • Cutting too much Set in "Higher Cut" position/ Loss of power grass/too fast.
  • Page 30 TROUBLESHOOTING CHART PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION Mower blades will not • Obstruction in clutch Remove obstruction. rotate mechanism. • Worn/damaged mower Replace mower drive belt. drive belt. • Frozen idler pulley. • Replace idler pulley. • Frozen blade mandrel. • Replace blade mandrel.
  • Page 32 TRACTOR -- MODEL NUMBER 917.270850 ELECTRICAL ', )/ ,, i - ----_-- ::I-::--::_--::: ....
  • Page 33 121305X Switch Seat 140301 Switch Ign 4 Position 1242t 1X Nut Ignition 141226 Cover Ignition Switch 33 109310X KeyMolded Craftsman 40 169596 Harness Ign 41 71110408 Bolt BIk. Fin Hex 1/4-20 Unc x 1/2 42 131563 CoverTerminal 168327 Solenoid 73640400...
  • Page 34: Chassis And Enclosures

  • Page 35 TRACTOR - MODEL NUMBER 917.270850 CHASSIS AND ENCLOSURES KEY PAR]" NO. NO. DESCRIPTION 166819 Chassis Assembly 14O356 17060612 Screw 3/8-16 x 3/4 STD551025 Washer 13/32 x 3/4 x 16 Gauge 155272 BumperHood/Dash 165454X013 Dash 10 STD5337!0 Bolt, Carriage 3/8-16x 1 11 155927 Panel, Dash, L.H.
  • Page 36: Ground Drive

  • Page 37 TRACTOR-- MODEL NUMBER 917.270850 GROUND DRIVE PART KEY PART NO. NO. DESCRIPTION NO. NO. DESCRIPTION Transaxle (See Breakdown) 140312 Keeper, Belt, Center Span Peedess 206-545C 17060612 Screw 3/8-16 x 3/4 146682 Spdng, Return, Brake 62 8883R Cover, Pedal 123666X Pulley, Transaxle 140186 Pulley, Engine 12000028...
  • Page 38 TRACTOR-- MODEL NUMBER 917.270850 STEERING -'---'--63...
  • Page 39 TRACTOR-- MODEL NUMBER 917_270850 STEERING KEY PART NO. NO. DESCRIP'nON 139768 SteeringWheel 154427 Axle AssemblySTMP Dropped STL 156483 Spindle Assembly, LH. 157473 Spindle Assembly, R.H. 6266H Bearing, Race, Thrust, Hardened 121748X Washer 25/32 x 1-5/8 x 16 Gauge 19272016 Washer 27/32 x 1-1/4 x 16 Gauge 12000029 Ring, Klip 3366R...
  • Page 40 TRACTOR -- MODEL NUMBER 917.270850 ENGINE I OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Spark Arrester...
  • Page 41 TRACTOR-- MODEL NUMBER 917.270850 ENGINE KEY PART NO. NO. DESCRIPTION 162152 Control, Thmt Paddle 32 22 17720410 Screw, Hex Thd Cut 1/4-20 x 5/8 ..Engine, B&S, (See Breakdown) No. 461707-0145-E 1 149723 Muffler Exhaust 144069 Exhaust Asm. Left 144068 Exhaust Asm.
  • Page 42: Seat Assembly

    TRACTOR-- MODEL NUMBER 917.270850 SEAT ASSEMBLY KEY PART KTc'YPART NO. NO. DESCRIPTION NO. NO. DESCRIPTION 140123 Seat 3350 Brk/blkCraftsman 13 121248X BushingSnap BIk Nyt 50 Id 140551 Bracket Pnt Pivot Seat (blk) 14 72050412 BoltRdhd Sht Nk 1/4-20x1-1/2 STD523710 Bolt Fin Hex 3/8-16unc X 1 15 134300 Spacer Split 28 X 96 Zinc 19131610...
  • Page 43: Wheels And Tires

    NO. NO. DESCRIPTION NO. NO. DESCRIP11ON 156439 Decal, Fender Danger Sears 15 160396,Mower Drive Schematic 163200 Decal, Hood, R H.Craftsman 19 138047 Decal, Battery Diehard Sears 163202 Decal, Hood, LH. Craftsman 166887 Decal, Deck Mower EZ3 163207 Decal, Fender...
  • Page 44: Lift Assembly

  • Page 45 TRACTOR-- MODEL NUMBER 917.270850 UFTASSEMBLY K]EY PART NO. NO. DE, S CRIFnON 159460 LiftLever Inner Wire Assembly 159471 Shaft Assembly, Lift 105767X Pin, Groove 12000002 E-Ring 19211621 Washer 21/32 x 1 x 2t Gauge 120183X Bearing,Nylon 125631X Grip, Handle, Fluted 122365X Button,Plunger, Red 11 139865...
  • Page 46: Mower Deck

    TRACTOR -- MODEL NUMBER 917.270850 MOWER DECK 153 1 ;147 1, 1._,,;iF-l_ I I._ 106 J_' 103 1_5 lO3-- \/_" 101_..._ '/104 f 23 28 \\"...
  • Page 47 TRACTOR-- MODEL NUMBER 917.270850 MOWER DECK KL=Y PART KEY PART NO. NO. I_RIFI_N NO. NO. DESCRIFnON 165892 165723 Mower Deck Assembly, 42" Spacer, Retainer STD533107 Bolt 141043 Guard, TUV Idler 138017 Bracket Assembly,Sway Bar, 149846 KnobCustom Oval Front 144959 V-Belt 16546O 92 STD541437 Bracket Sway Bar 38/42"...
  • Page 49 TRACTOR -- MODEL NUMBER 917.270850 PEERLESS TRANSAXLE--MODEL NUMBER 206-545C KEY PART KEY PART DESCRIPTION NO. NO. DESCRIPTION NO, NO. 772147 Transaxle Cover 786026 Dowel Pin Flat Washer 780086A Needle Bearing 5/8" 792076A .312 ID x .059W 770128 Transaxle Case Brake Lever 776395 Countershaft 41A 790079...
  • Page 51: Engine-Model

    TRACTOR -- MODEL NUM BER 917.270850 BRIGGS & STRA'I'I'ON ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 461707, TYPE NUMBER 0145,.E1 51 q_, 447_ 305_ 51A 205 a 634A o 267 t 306 _ 307 L 865A 306A 307 ,_ 643_ _163_ 934_ 75(_ 1071 97p7 95 _ J 108_ "1_...
  • Page 52 TRACTOR -- MODEL NUM BER 917.270850 BRIGGS & STRAI"TON ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 461707, TYPE NUMBER 0145-E1 358 GASKET SET 634 _ 1770 51A ____ 569_ 163_ 20 _...
  • Page 53 TRACTOR -- MODEL NUMBER 917.270850 BRIGGS & STRA'n'ON ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 461707, TYPE NUMBER 0145-E1 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 498583 Cylinder Assembly 498542 Short Block 399265 Bushing/Seal Kit 213290 Manifold-Intake 91086 Seal-Oil 271412 Gasket-intake 493304 Sump-Engine 270884 *_l, Gasket-Intake 214517 Head-Cylinder 93970 Screw (Carburetor) 214518...
  • Page 54 TRACTOR-- MODEL NUM BER 917.270850 BRIGGS & STRATrON ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 461707, TYPE NUMBER 0145-E1 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 230674 Nut (Flywheel) 497607 Cap-End 394891 Armature-Magneto 497604 Housing-Starter 94731 Screw (Magneto Armature) 693511 Spacer 337' 802592 Plug-Spark 693497 Washer-Seal (Throttle 494705 Wire*Stop Shaft) 495868...
  • Page 55 SUGGESTED GUIDE FOR SIGHTING SLOPES FOR SAFE OPERATION ONLY RIDE UP AND DOWN HILL, NOT ACROSS HILL SIGHTING IIDE Operate your Tractor up and down the face of slopes (not greater than 15°), never across the face. Make turns gradu- i| 0 ally to prevent tipping or loss of control.
  • Page 56 For in-home major brand repair service: Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-800-4-MY-HOME" (1-800-469-4663) Para pedir servicio de reparacibn a domicilio 1-800-676-5811 In Canada for all your service and parts needs call Au Canada pour tout le service ou les pi6ces 1-800-665-4455 For the repair or replacement, parts you need: Call 6 am - 11 pm CST, 7 days a week...

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