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CRAFTSMAN 183.112290 Owner's Manual

9.6 volt cordless scrubber rechargeable wet and dry brush.
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Owner's Manual
Model No.
Before using this Cordless
Scrubber, read Ibis
manual and foflow all its _
Safety Rules and
Operating Instructions.
• Safety InstrucUons
• Accessories
• Operation
• Maintenance
• Parts List
• Espanol
Seam, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 USA
ParL No. 183112290001
Rev. 0 01/07/03


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   Summary of Contents for CRAFTSMAN 183.112290

  • Page 1

    Owner's Manual CRIlFTSHRN_ 9.6 VOLT CORDLESS SCRUBBER I RECI-IARGEABLE WET AND DRY BRUSH Model No. 183.112290 • Safety InstrucUons CAUTION: • Accessories Before using this Cordless Assembly • Scrubber, read Ibis • Operation manual and foflow all its _ • Maintenance Safety Rules and •...

  • Page 2

    SECTION . PAGE SECTION ?AGE Know Y0_ 6cmbt_ ......WaeranL',/ ........Pm_ct spewl_llons..... ku_rnb_'&O_,'a_ ....Lubdr..a E, on ........Scru_ S_',,,_ ......3, 4 Ro_Ir P_s ........ 9- I1 .A_Das_fitm_ ........Pi_ & Smi_::_ Ayaimb_ll_' ....Ca_c_ CQn_LI ......4, 5 FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ff rnis C_dless ,._=-ubbarlab ckJeto z d#e_'t In matedal c_ workmanship wi'_in (_e year of dale of purcl_se, Sears will at h optloJn ropalr m replaoe it flee of"charge.

  • Page 3

    [A, WARHIN6_J Before using your scrubbm', It is criU¢_l that you read and understand these s_fety rules. Failure to follow thee rules could result in sedous Injury to you or damage to the scrubber. Good =afI_prdcll_--- =._m €(m/:l_wtlan d _mraon Do r_ots_a 01' c arr'/'_ so_hol instil objects n_aytnynhnrtnnd m,_denstamdh'qp...

  • Page 4

    in "in,sn-- UNPACKI_2 AND CHINKING CARTON CON_NT8 Dono[u_ _arger lo charge any_ e4he_ 1he _bb_ _attede.._, Olhor _(ledee rreye_q_lode. _i, WARNING Ni_ md It mlMIno m'dlmngldLdomztpl=_l l xtne DOPol cperletW cha_!_r n+ cordor I_LI 9 is dlz_ Intott'_ poWi__ or _2mqpt N, um ff,,a R_lm_ d_ ::ordsand plugs_.

  • Page 5


  • Page 7

    L'_I,,'I I;I I I R [t] I_l_L,di ;;---::=- I_ Pl_.Hhedm_ngtaandnimr a 110-12,0V1_ dloctdcal Open _,n bat_epjcempadmenl_,',m_"(I) by pLdr_ L_ baHery_t:,_rlmo_L I_dt (2) ouL_ard($se FIG.2). Insell the batbeq(t) nb t_a,_l,_ stand (2) (sea F_. old ba_ bf I:ufling it out mlrlg he pull-out NOTES: k_ O_t_, _d of If'_ batlmy.

  • Page 8

    SEI.ECTmG THWCORI_CT ACC_S,_0RY USIt_ THESCRUBllm_- W.etuur_¢m _ b_ _,_Jl_bedemdammdb/_ I:m_hor SeeI_ges 4 &5 forIJlus,lT'Mion _ acce_riu. ehelm o¢oes_de¢ €, f_tlo, Mr p_d Pleoe the scmbbe" bru_ a_ padon Ihe _Jrfa=e _obe s_pJbbl_ t_lfo_olumln9s_ltclhON Io priw_lt em,mslw _,lemhleg. Son.eb i_J_ • 8,:xubbin0madlu'n Tern._,_1_,_ ONby dep.e.m_ md rdem_ stz_dm...

  • Page 9

    Scrubber --_(_...

  • Page 10

    I,AW,'u 'NO I Where q, w vlclm_u_ onlyCRA_M_d_ wmp_¢_mwm_ prom._ o4onyo_ parts mmy ©rl_ • HAZARD _ cmumm damag*to)tourScrubS. Any eteemplM repair _ repl4i_ _ on Udi Scrubb_ may _ I hl_rd _Mmm r_s_r Is _ • €_m_Hied technlclaL b_l_ _rvfoe ImO_lRable by cQn_ng y_Jr n_msl CMdmr.

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