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Epson PowerRIP Stylus Pro XL Installation And Operation Manual

Epson printer installation $ operation manual.
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Version 3.1
Windows 3.11 Windows 95
Windows NT 3.51 (Intel)
EPSON Stylus Color
EPSON Stylus Pro
EPSON Stylus Pro XL


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   Summary of Contents for Epson PowerRIP Stylus Pro XL

  • Page 1

    Version 3.1 Windows 3.11 Windows 95 Windows NT 3.51 (Intel) EPSON Stylus Color EPSON Stylus Pro EPSON Stylus Pro XL INSTALLATION & OPERATION MANUAL...

  • Page 2

    PowerRIp” The Software Program That Turns Your Printer Into A True Adobe PostScript” Level 2 lmager Gila Adobe PostSaipt...

  • Page 3

    U.S.A. and other countries. Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. EPSON and EPSON Stylus are registered trademarks of Seiko Epson Corporation. This program was written for Windows based systems and makes no warranties whatsoever, either express or implied, regarding this product, including warranties with respect to its merchantability or its fitness for any particular purpose.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Installation Section 1 System Requirements Operational Overview PANTONE Birmy Technical Support Installing the Software Windows 3.11 Printer Driver Windows 95 Printer Driver Windows NT Printer Driver Operating PowerRIP Printing from a Network Registering your Software Customizing PowerRIP Section 2...

  • Page 5: Installation

    A. Ensure that printer port (LPT) is installed and active. B. Ensure that 40 MB free space is avail- able on your hard drive before starting the installation of PowerRIP. C. Set up the EPSON printer according to the documentation that came with it. Birmy Graphics Corporation...

  • Page 6: Operational Overview

    PowerRlP processes PostScript code and drives the EPSON Stylus series printer. Text, EPS, tiffs and applica- tions files must be sent to PowerRIP through applica- tions, like Pagemaker, using the PowerRlP PostScript Driver in Windows when printing.

  • Page 7: Pantone

    PANTONE Colors for the EPSON Stylus Pro and Pro XL models. The file is a self-extracting zip file. Just copy it to any desired directory and type Epalete -d from the DOS prompt and it will extract itself and make its own subdirectories.

  • Page 8

    When calling for technical assistance, be ready to identify your system and its configuration, the serial number of your copy of PowerRIP, and a description of the problems you are encountering. Please refer to the Troubleshooting Section for solutions before calling Technical Support. Birmy Graphics: Voice Email...

  • Page 9: Installing The Software

    32 Bit (WIN32S) Windows libraries if not already loaded PowerRlP software User manually installs PowerRIP Windows Printer Drivers To install PowerRIP 1. Turn on the computer and start Windows. 2. Insert the floppy disk labeled PowerRlP Disk 1 into the floppy drive (either A or B).

  • Page 10

    4. In the command line type A:\SETUP and click OK. (If you are loading from drive B type B:\SETUP.) NOTE: If you are loading from Windows 95 click on Start, select Run, then type A:\SETUP (or B:\SETUP); or use the Add software option in Windows 95.

  • Page 11

    6. The program will then ask you to choose the drive and directory you want PowerRlP to be installed on. The default is C:\PowerRIP. You may leave the default directory or change it if desired and then click NEXT. Note: If you choose not to install PowerRlP at this time, click CANCEL to stop the installation.

  • Page 12

    9. This completes the loading of the PowerRlP application. Remove Disk 4 from the floppy drive. 10. You must now install the Printer Driver using Windows Print Manager. See the next section on how to do this. Note: PowerRlP needs your screen saver turned off.

  • Page 13: Windows 3.11 Printer Driver

    Line: A:\SETUP.EXE 0 Run Minimized Click on OK, then the Adobe Printer Installer will ask if you would like to read the Read Me file. This file contains useful information about printing. You can print this Read Me file later.

  • Page 14

    With the PowerRIP Windows 3.11 Drivers disk in drive A or B click on Drives and select that drive. Then select your EPSON printer and click on install. Your printer should successfully install. Now close and go to Control Panel and select Printers and select PowerRIP as your default printer.

  • Page 15

    Select FILE. PowerRIP Fen Stylus Cdor ‘I r,rw:rai.: :kr, Ewtrv Fast Printina Direct to Port Then select OK. The program installation is now complete. PowerRIP must be registered before you can use it. Go to the section Registering your Software. When you print from an application it will ask you for a file name.

  • Page 16: Windows 95 Printer Driver

    PowerRlP Windows 95 Printer Driver Installation Click on Start, Settings, Printers section of Windows 95. Click on Add Printer, then Next. Birmy Graphics Corporation...

  • Page 17

    Click on Local Printer, then Next. Note: You may not see this screen if you are not on a network. Click on Have Disk. Birmy Graphics Corporation...

  • Page 18

    Put the PowerRlP Windows 95 Printer Driver disk in drive A or B. If drive B, you must change to that drive designation. Click OK. Note: You may need your Windows 95 CD or master diskette #1 0 to install the Windows 95 PostScript drivers.

  • Page 19

    The program installation is now complete. PowerRlP must be registered before you can use it. Go to the section Registering your Software. If you would like to share your printer on a network com- plete step 12 and the section about printing on a network.

  • Page 20

    PowerRlP was installed. Output File Name: C:\BIRMYUOB If you would like to share your printer on a network, you just have to share on your computer the C:\BIRMM directory or the drive letter where PowerRIP is installed. You should refer to your Windows user manual on how to do this.

  • Page 21: Windows Nt Printer Driver

    PowerRlP Windows NT 3.5.1 Printer Drivers Installation Click on Print Manager in the Main Folder. Select Printer and Create Printer. Enter PowerRlP under printer name and go to driver and select Other. Printer tima: PWWRIP Glher.. Qtir: D~miplian: LPTl hint ,o: You will then be prompted to put the PowerRlP Windows NT drivers disk into drive A.

  • Page 22

    Select your printer and click OK. Prinlar Drivw: Now go to Print to and select Other. Select Local Port. &ailablm Print Moniton: Digknl Nelvork Poll cnher. Type C:\BIRMY\IN.PS and click OK. If your drive is different than C, type that drive letter.

  • Page 23

    Name it LPT. Select the PowerRlP driver that is now in the system under printers. Select the Print to as LPTl port or the LPT port that your EPSON is con- nected to and click OK. Do not share this printer.

  • Page 24

    Here is where you can cancel, pause, or purge the jobs before they are sent to the printer. Note: PowerRIP sends a small 30 byte file before each print job. This 30 byte file contains _ .

  • Page 25: Operating Powerrip

    Operating PowerRIP To operate PowerRlP just click on the PowerRlP icon. PowerRlP will minimize itself at the bottom of the screen. This is the mode in which PowerRlP runs. If you double click on the Birmy PowerRlP icon at the bot- tom of the screen it will maximize itself.

  • Page 26: Printing From A Network

    Printing from Workstations on a Network After you have installed PowerRlP on the computer con- nected to the EPSON Stylus, all networked workstations running Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95 or Win- dows NT can print to PowerRlP providing the printer or directory is shared as shown on the previous pages.

  • Page 27

    C, type that drive letter. This is only at the computer running PowerRIP, workstations will setup to print to a network printer which is this printer when the sharing options is checked. This will give you two print queues, one that will write a file called and one called

  • Page 28: Registering Your Software

    Registering Your Software You must register your copy of PowerRlP before you can use it. Follow these steps. 1. Click on the registration icon. 2. When you see the prompt, insert Disk 1 into Drive A or B and click OK. Birmy Graphics Corporation...

  • Page 29

    3. Call the registration number (800) 613-3031. You will need your Serial Number and Printer Code found on the Registration Screen. Do not call this phone number for technical support. Call the numbers listed on page 3 for technical support.

  • Page 30: Customizing Powerrip

    Program Manager. Other icons may also be present. 4. Double click on the Birmy PowerRlP icon. You see the Birmy PowerRlP window shown below, which has two menus, File and Printer. See the following two sections for descriptions of these options. Birmy Graphics Corporation...

  • Page 31: Printer Menu

    Printer Menu When you click on Printer, The following pull down menu will appear. Select Allows you to select different EPSON Stylus printers. NOTE: The display shows only the printer for which you purchased PowerRIP. If you want to purchase support for additional...

  • Page 32

    Select the paper or other media you are Media Type printing on. PowerRlP has color render- ing Dictionaries to produce the maximum image quality for the individual Epson special paper stocks. A printing method in which images are Microweave printed in finer increments to reduce the possibility of banding (white lines) and produce laser-like images.

  • Page 33

    Stochastic produces more tones and has better detail than fixed screen rulings. The LPT port that the printer is con- nected to. NOTE: For the EPSON Stylus, the Stochastic Always feature should be selected. Birmy Graphics Corporation...

  • Page 34: File Menu

    File Menu When you click on File, you see the following pull- down menu: Open log and Close log allows you to keep track of PostScript messages that occur during a print job. When you select Open, an open window will appear.

  • Page 35

    Fife Name: c:\powerrip\examples ‘.PI 0 Bead Only hiyes: List Fifes of Jjpe: Postscript File[‘.PS ) Gid c: bob About gives you information about PowerRIP. The product version and revision should be included on all information sent to Birmy Graphics Corporation with support questions.

  • Page 36: Testing Powerrlp

    Testing PowerRlP 1. Set up your EPSON Stylus printer using the instructions in your EPSON User’s Guide. 2. Turn on the computer and start Windows. 3. Turn on your Stylus printer. 4. Double click on the Birmy icon in the PowerRlP window.

  • Page 37

    8. Click OK. 9. To open a PostScript file box, click on File click on Print. Birmy Graphics Corporation...

  • Page 38

    10. In the PostScript File box, click on PowerRIP. Then select examples. You should see the PostScript example in the left box. File Name: ‘.PS List Filer d Jjpe: Porttcript Filel’.PS I 11. Click on, then click OK. The program will now process the PostScript file

  • Page 39: Tips And Obtaining

    Level 2 PostScript Raster Image Processor. A true Adobe Level 2 PostScript RIP has the ability to use color rendering dictionaries when the RIP is driving a color printer. These color render- ing dictionaries are automatically accessed by the Adobe Photoshop program when printing directly to the printer.

  • Page 40

    RAM. PowerRIP will have performance increases with up to 64 MB of RAM. Once full EPSON Stylus printer speed is obtained an increase in RAM will not improve performance.

  • Page 41

    Birmy Graphics has balanced the stochastic half- tone screening and color technology to work with Epson’s inks and recommended papers. Stochastic screening is a random dot pattern as opposed to a fixed screen ruling. Stochastic screen produces more tones and has better detail than fixed screen rulings.

  • Page 42

    Cancelling a print job. Windows 3.11: To cancel a print job in Windows 3.1 you must reboot your system. Re-enter Windows and click on the Birmy Delete Pending Jobs icon or go to File Manager and go to the directory c:\Birmy and delete the files in this directory.

  • Page 43

    Windows NT: To cancel in Windows NT, go to Print Manager. Select the LPT Queue that we created when we loaded the PowerRIP Windows NT Drivers. Then delete the files in this Queue. Then run the Birmy Delete Pending Jobs icon by click on it. Now restart PowerRIP.

  • Page 44: Troubleshooting

    Also check that PowerRIP is minimized. PowerRIP only scans for files when mini- mized. On Windows NT make sure printer driver prints to the Birmy directory and not an LPT port. See Printer Driver section for more information. Problem PowerRIP not registered.

  • Page 45

    EPS files do not print. Problem EPS file are designed to be placed into other Solution documents. They cannot be processed directly by PowerRIP. Place EPS files on a page using an application and print from that application. Problem Bitmap images or clip art looks jagged. Solution Bitmap images and clip art are processed for a set resolution and size.

  • Page 46

    PowerRIP receives a error “Cannot open Problem C:\BIRMY\PRPCTEMP.PS” upon startup. Solution Run Delete Pending Jobs icon before starting PowerRIP. This will delete and files in the \Birmy directory. Printout has misplaced images or type. Problem PowerRIP may need more RAM. If you have Solution other applications open, print to the \Birmy directory, close your application, then start...

  • Page 47: Glossary

    We refer to applications in this manual as PageMaker, Photoshop, etc. Bitmap Bitmaps are images preprocessed at a fixed resolution for a certain monitor or printer. Configurable PostScript Interpreter. This Adobe CPSI Level 2 PostScript interpreter runs on a PC rather than on a hardware peripheral device.

  • Page 48

    Render The process by which PostScript language TIFF Birmy Graphics Corporation operators and operands are interpreted and a raster image is produced. Random Access Memory. Almost all PCs ship with 8 megabytes of RAM today, and many with 16 MB as minimum. You can add more RAM to most computers.

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