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  • Page 1 GMC-1 User Manual...
  • Page 2 ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. (“ASUS”). Products and corporate names mentioned in this manual may or may not be registered trademarks or copyrights of their respective companies, and are used for identification purposes only.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents .........................2 Safety ..........................3 Notes for This Manual ....................4 Package Contents ......................5 Knowing Your Eee Stick....................6 Button Introduction ....................6 Battery Installation ....................7 Method of Usage ....................8 Eee Stick Game Menu....................11 Mouse Mode ........................12 Scenario of Application ..................12 Operation Method....................12 Other Functions ....................13 Joystick Mode ......................15 Scenario of Application ..................15...
  • Page 4: Safety

    Safety To prevent a risk of electric shock, never expose the Eee Stick to rain or moisture. Never try to open the Eee Stick case. The dangerous high voltages inside the Eee Stick may result in serious physical injury. If you encounter technical problems with the Eee Stick, contact a qualified service technician or your retailer.
  • Page 5: Notes For This Manual

    Notes for This Manual To make sure that you perform certain tasks properly, take note of the following symbols used throughout this manual. WARNING: Vital information that you MUST follow to prevent injury to yourself. IMPORTANT: Instructions that you MUST follow to complete a task.
  • Page 6: Package Contents

    Package Contents Check your Eee Stick package for the following items: Eee Stick USB Dongle Warranty Card Support DVD Controller E e e S t i c k Quick Start AA Battery x4 Guide If any of the above items is damaged or missing, contact your retailer immediately.
  • Page 7: Knowing Your Eee Stick

    Knowing Your Eee Stick Button Introduction USB Dongle Status LED Binding Button Eee Stick Controllers Front View Top View...
  • Page 8: Battery Installation

    Battery Installation Installing the batteries Remove the battery cover. Install the batteries into the slots in the correct orientation. Slide back the battery cover. Removing the batteries Remove the battery cover. Pull the edge of the battery in the right battery slot until it is released.
  • Page 9: Method Of Usage

    Method of Usage To Enable your Eee Stick Plug the USB Dongle into your computer. It would be entered Eee Stick Game Menu. Press on the power Button on the two Controllers for one second and then release the power Buttons; the Status LED on the Dongle will simultaneously blink rapidly, and this represents that it is in the connection-searching process.
  • Page 10 Rebinding your Eee Stick When two Status LEDs on the Activation/Navigation Controllers blink at the same time, it indicates connection failure. Please execute rebinding your Eee Stick at this time. Please press down the Button on the Dongle first, and then press the power Button + Button 7 on Activation Stick for 1 second (for Navigation Stick, power Button + Button 11).
  • Page 11 Turning off your Eee Stick Under the condition that the machine is in operation, press the power Buttons on the Activation/Navigation Sticks for over two seconds; the Activation/Navigation Controllers will automatically shut off the power. When two Status LEDs blink alternatively, it indicates power insufficiency. Please change batteries as soon as possible.
  • Page 12: Eee Stick Game Menu

    Eee Stick Game Menu Game Menu Game Menu Game Menu Game Menu Advanced Setting Advanced Setting Advanced Setting Advanced Setting Help Help Help Help Exit Exit Exit Exit Back Back Back Back Next Next Next Next Energy Volume Energy Volume Energy Volume Energy Volume Page NO.
  • Page 13: Mouse Mode

    Mouse Mode Ensure that the USB Dongle is properly installed to your PC before using the Eee Stick. Scenario of Application Activation Stick could simulate 3D mouse for usage, and it fits to control Window Operating System and also fits to operate in coordination with mouse-controllable games.
  • Page 14: Other Functions

    Other Functions Mouse Sensitivity Eee Stick Game Menu> > > > Advanced Setting > > > > Adding Eee Stick Game Setting or Modifying Eee Stick Game Setting> > > > Stick control setting> > > > Button control setting> > > > Select Mouse Mode> > > > Click Mouse Sensitivity User could set up three levels of Mouse sensitivities;...
  • Page 15 Please use MODE Button + Button 2 to switch among the three levels of sensitivities; when doing switch operation, it will start from sensitivity shift 1 by pressing MODE button and Button 2 once; press MODE button and then Button 2 twice to switch to sensitivity shift 2; press MODE button and then Button 2 three times to switch to sensitivity shift 3;...
  • Page 16: Joystick Mode

    Joystick Mode Scenario of Application By swinging the Controllers or controlling Game Button/Analog Stick, it could replace the functions of keyboard and traditional gamepad. In Joystick Mode, user can use motion and button function simultaneously to play games. Operation Method Eee Stick Game Menu>...
  • Page 17: Tilt Mode

    Tilt Mode Scenario of Application In flying simulation or racing games, Eee Stick Activation Stick could be fixed on certain supporting point to simulate the operations of traditional flight joystick or racing wheel. It should be advised that the now pose will be the original point of the pose for following operations;...
  • Page 18 Activating Tilt Mode will replace the moving up/down/left/right of the Analog Stick.
  • Page 19: Game Advanced Setting

    Importing Eee Stick Game Setting If the game has been installed and one has acquired Eee Stick Game Setting from friends or the ASUS website; it is able to play the game with Eee Stick by importing Eee Stick Game Setting.
  • Page 20: Deleting Eee Stick Game Setting

    Deleting Eee Stick Game Setting User could use Deleting Eee Stick Game Setting functions to delete the established Eee Stick Game Setting. Eee Stick Game Menu> > > > Advanced Setting > > > > Deleting Eee Stick Game Setting> > > > following the instruction steps to complete the configuration.
  • Page 21 Under keyboard mapping setting, user can input 1 to 3 Buttons to correspond to any Button on the Eee Stick; under traditional gamepad mapping setting, user can select 1 pad to correspond to any button on the Eee Stick. Keyboard Mapping Setting Traditional gamepad Mapping Setting Define the button function name in the right column.
  • Page 22 Traditional gamepad Mapping Setting Define the button function name in the right column. When completed, please click OK. Switching between Keyboard and traditional gamepad mapping setting would clear the previous setting and then switch to the other mapping setting.
  • Page 23: Faq

    Operation Method Q: : : : When it is in Mouse Mode, how will be most handy to operate the Controllers? A: : : : It is advised that use wrist to swing the Activation Stick will make cursor movement very smooth and easy. Q:...
  • Page 24: Operation Configuration

    Q: : : : When the Cursor is off position or could not be rightly positioned, how could I do the Cursor adjustment? A: : : : Please refer to Help > > > > Mouse Mode> > > > Other Functions> > > > Cursor Adjustment.
  • Page 25: Other Troubles

    Q: : : : Where could I get the Eee Stick Game Setting or Eee Stick Application Program? A: : : : Advanced Setting >Adding Eee Stick Game Setting>Live Update. ASUS worldwide website provides Eee Stick Game setting and Application Program, and users could download and install by themselves.
  • Page 26 Q: : : : What does it represent concerning the Status LED signals on the Controllers and Dongle? A: : : : Please refer to Help >Knowing your Eee Stick>Method of Usage >Instructions of Status LED. Q: : : : After the connection fails, how performs Eee Stick rebinding? A:...
  • Page 28: Trouble Shooting

    Press the power Buttons of two Controllers 1 second and then release; both Status LEDs on the Controllers and Dongle begin to blink. If the Status LED fails to respond, please contact ASUS maintenance sites. Both Dongle and Sticks work normally, but it still could not build...
  • Page 29: Could Not Open The Games In The Eee Stick Game Menu

    Could not open the games in the Eee Stick Game Menu 1. Please confirm whether the game has been installed properly. 2. If it is caused by the system resources insufficiency, please shut off the programs not in use. Dongle has been properly connected to the computer, but it fails to display the Eee Stick Game Menu 1.

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