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Operating Instructions
© 1993 by Sony Corporation


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  • Page 1 FMStereo/FM-AM Receiver Operating Instructions STR-D611 STR-D511 © 1993 by Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 Never use the plug without the fuse cover. If you should lose the fuse cover, please contact your nearest Sony service This symbol is intended to alert the user tO the station.
  • Page 3 Introductio=_ 1he SI R-D611/Dbl 1 is at_ t-M :Stereu/I-IV/-AM receiver and Overview control center. Precautions ................You can listen to various audio/video program sources with this unit. Chapter I Getting Started TV/video programs Unpacking ................• You can enjoy TV or CATV programs with FM simulcast. Checking the supplied accessories .......
  • Page 4 RM-U232 ........Before making program source connections, be sure to • Sony batteries SUM-3 (NS) ..........turn the power switch off and unplug the unit. On cleaning the cabinet Clean the cabinet, panel and controls with a soft cloth lightly moistened with mild detergent solution.
  • Page 5 At first, this section describes about the connection with the other equipments, the antenna connection, speaker connection and then the AC power connection. • Do not connect the power cord to an AC outlet nor press the POWER switch before accomplishing other connections.
  • Page 6 The AM reception is adequate with the supplied AM loop Though the wire antenna is supplied with this unit, the higher antenna. However, the connection of insulated wire is also quality sound will be obtained with 75-ohm coaxial cable. available for areas with difficult AM reception. (optional) •...
  • Page 7 Center speaker Approx.15 (9/16 inches) Twist. FRONT EUE O-,== _::! ii:;!i : i_i;i i¸:_! to the second speaker system Fle_a_r _ Speaker (k) Speaker (R) speaker (R) speaker (L) Note As the speakers A and B are connected in series, the sound volume will be slightly decreased with both speaker systems driven.
  • Page 8 _i ¸_ (The illustration shows the STR-D611 .) TUNING DIRECT button (See page 12.) POWER switch SUR (surround) ON/OFF button SUR (surround) mode Indicators (See page 17.) (See pages 19 and 20.) SUR (surround) MODE button (See pages 19 and 20.) FM MODE button (See page 12.) PRO LOGIC MODE button (See pages 18 and 19.) DELAY TIME selector (STR-D611 only) (See page 20.)
  • Page 9 SHIFT: Select the memory page (A, B or C) only in the tuner mode. Normal operation can be expected about a half year using Sony SUM-3 (NS), and a year using Sony AM-3 (NW) TV/VIDEO selector: Selects the program to see ; IV or alkaline batteries.
  • Page 10 List of operative buttons in SYSTEM mode (When setting Before operating the equipments with the remote the SYSTEM/TV selector to SYSTEM) commander, be sure to set the receiver to the desired mode by pressing one of the FUNCTION buttons. Operating _NER" CD I DAT equipment The FUNCTION...
  • Page 11 MASTER VOLUME pOWER-- ON I DBFB MUTING l° o© o BI] I]rl I I :_: L___A SPEAKERS BASS and BALANCE Select SPEAKERS TREBLE :" "] A and/or B. [,,co p ayerI Tape deck or L,..DAT deck ,] 2 LD player To adjust volume Turn MASTER VOLUME.
  • Page 12 TO correct the entered frequency Repeat steps 3 to 4. For entering AM frequencies You need not enter the last "0". (except U.K. and Australian models) [POWER "-* ON I However, if you have changed the AM tuning interval to 9 kHz, enter all the digits.
  • Page 13 Quickly tuning in a roughly known frequency Proceed as the following example. Example: The station between AM 700 and AM 800 kHz. When you do not know the frequency of the station, proceed TUNING TUNING as follows. AM DIRECT AM DIRECT IPOWER--O.I I--I1- "_ l l_- aaJ,J,.
  • Page 14 _[,._ Press the desired numeric button (1 to 0), while the MEMORY indicator is displayed. A total of 30 FM/AM stations can be memorized in any desired sequence. I POWERI • -,-ON _t-' 'v "_ Repeat above steps for presetting other desired stations.
  • Page 15 l Method B: Scan tuning I here are two ways to perform the preset tuning. In method A, the direct tuning, select by designating IPOWER - -* ON desired preset station number directly with the numeric button. In method B, the scan tuning, select the preset station with the PRESET TUNING +/- button.
  • Page 16 IPowe -.o l POWER ---* ON I "!LI- L" © • c_'_' oooooi I:_::®::_ o nDDDI L.____ '0" TAPE/DAT to VIDEO 1 £ to TAPE/DAf AUDIO OUT :_:' ,--Tuner :"_ 4, 3, DAT deck (for playback) Select the desired program source with the Insert the recorded tape into tape deck B (or the function selector.
  • Page 17 fl;_d b_J l_tAl_d 1 Press SUR ON/OFF to ON. 2 Press SUR MODE to select the surround effect. Each time the button is pressed, the HALL, SIMULATED (STR-D611 IPOWER - -. only) or DOLBY mode is selected cyclically and the respective indicator lights up.
  • Page 18 3CH. (Channel) LOGIC mode Select this mode when you play back a Dolby surround program source only with the front and center speakers. The sound of the rear channel is output from the front (L and The Dolby Pro Logic Surround Decoder has the same R) speakers.
  • Page 19 Adjust the level of rear and center speakers. Ioel_joy thesunound sound tothemaxlmu_h onplaying To adjust the level of rear speakers anyprogram sources, adjust thefront, r ear, a nd center ( if Press REAR LEVEL + or - to adjust the level of rear connected )speakers tothesame volume l evel.The level speakers.
  • Page 20 Press SUR ON/OFF to ON. Press SUR MODE to select DOLBY. Press DELAY TIME on the front panel or DELAY on the remote commander to adjust the delay time. To turn off the surround effect Press SUR ON/OFF to set it to off. The normal sound without surround effect will resume.
  • Page 21 Should any problem persist after you have checked the following items, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Solution Problem Cause The STEREO indicator flickers or does A very weak FM station or a noisy FM Adjust the antenna or connect an external FM antenna.
  • Page 22 PROTECTOR indicator flickers in the again. If there is no short-circuit display window. problem, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Surround effect cannot be obtained. Press SUR MODE to set the surround The unit is in a wrong mode.
  • Page 23 AM loop antenna (1) REC OUT, VIDEO 1 Voltage 200 mV Remote Commander RM-U232 (1) Impedance 10 kilohms (AUDIO) OUT Sony batteries SUM-3(NS) (2) HEADPHONES Accepts low and high impedance headphones Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Tone controls...
  • Page 24 Approx. 6.4 kg (14 Ib 2 oz) (STR-D511) Accessories supplied FM wire antenna (1) AM loop antenna (1) Remote Commander RM-U232 (1) Sony batteries SUM-3(NS) (2) Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Note This appliance conforms with EEC Directive 87/308/EEC regarding interference suppression.

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