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Epson C83202 User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Epson C83202

  • Page 1 EPSON English 4 0 0 2 6 1 9 C O 1 - 0 0...
  • Page 2 EPSON EpsonScript™ Cartridge RI C83202* Macintosh User’s Guide...
  • Page 3 Neither Seiko Epson Corporation nor its affiliates shall be liable to the purchaser of this product or third parties for damages, losses, costs, or expenses incurred by purchaser or...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Making settings in Page Setup ....2-2 Renaming the Printer ......2-10 Running the EpsonScript Utility .
  • Page 5 Remove (button) ......3-10 Printer Options ......3-11 Printer Info (button) .
  • Page 6: Introduction 1

    Q Printing of documentations for PostScript printers. You can easily print text, line art, graphics, and so on. With this cartridge installed, your Epson printer works as if it is an Apple Laser Writer 2g. iJ 35 fonts in 11 font families: Fixed Pitch 810 Courier, Dutch 801...
  • Page 7: Before Using Epsonscript

    Please contact your dealer for details on whether you can use this cartridge with later Epson printers than those listed in this manual. 0 This cartridge does not work if the optional Epson PostScript CARD (C82609*) is installed in your printer.
  • Page 8: Applications Not Supported

    Note: 0 You cannot assign the PostScript mode to more than one channel, even if your printer has more than 3.OMB of memory. 0 When memory is insufficient for your document, the printing process is canceled. If this occurs, install extra memory in your printer.
  • Page 9: Installing The Programs

    Chapter 1 Installing the Programs This chapter explains how to install the printer software on your Macintosh computer. Before installing this software, install the EpsonScript hardware in your printer according to the instructions in your User’s Guide. You can install this software using the installer programs included in the disk packed with the EpsonScript package.
  • Page 10: Easy And Customize Installation

    Easy and customize installation The installer has two installation types; Easy Installation and Customize Installation. The characteristics of each installation are described below. Easy installation The installer copies all files which did not exist in your computer’s hard disk drive. This choice is recommended for most of the all users.
  • Page 11 Printing tools & Screen Fonts Installer EpsonScript Printer Driver PPD files for the EPSON printers. EpsonScript Printer Utility Screen Fonts 4. Click OK. The installer then shows the menu below: easy Install Click Install to place the EpsonScript Driver EpsonScript Utility Screen Fonts for System 7.1...
  • Page 12 5. Make sure the name of the hard disk on you would like to install the programs is shown below the message “on the hard disk named” (where HD-SCSI 0 appears in the example). If the hard disk 6. Click Switch Disk. Then one of other hard disk names is displayed.
  • Page 13: Customize Installation

    Installation on “HD-SCSI 0” was successful. If you are finished, click Quit to leave the Installer. If you wish to do additional installations, click Continue. To enable the printer drivers, follow the instructions in the next chapter, “Setting Up Your Macintosh.” Customize installation Note: You can copy only the files you need from the disks using this installation method.
  • Page 14 Click the items you went to select; Shift-click to select multiple items. Note: You can return to the Easy Installation by clicking Easy Install. 8. Click the item(s) you would like to install. Selected items are displayed in reverse, and the product information is shown. For example, if you click EpsonScript Driver, the window changes as follows: Click the items you want to select;...
  • Page 15 Note: You can select multiple items by dragging the mouse or clicking the next item while pressing the shift key. Product information is shown when you select a single item only. 9. After you select the items, click Install. The installer starts copying the necessary files automatically.
  • Page 16: Chapter 2 Setting Up Your Macintosh

    Chooser. After you choose the settings in Page Setup..., you can start printing using your EpsonScript printer. When you are connecting two or more Epson printers of the same model using AppleTalk, you must rename the printer to distinguish it from the other printers. In this case, follow the steps in the “Rename the Printer”...
  • Page 17: Making Settings In

    Click the AppleTalk zone your printer is connected to in the AppleTalk Zones list. If your computer is connected to only one AppleTalk zone, ignore this step. 4. Click the printer name displayed in the box on the right side of the window. Click Setup to select your printer.
  • Page 18 Paper: 1 letter Layout: Il-Up[ Reduce or Enlarge: 2. Make the settings for your printer and click OK. The meaning of each option is described below. The current settings are reflected in the paper image displayed at the left of the window.
  • Page 19 Orientation (icons) You can select the direction of the document printed on the paper. To change the orientation, click on the icon. The default value is portrait (icon on the left.) Reduce or Enlarge (box) You can reduce or enlarge your document from 25% to 400%. Enter the number of the percent you would like to reduce or enlarge.
  • Page 20 Options (button) You can change the advanced settings for your printer using this option. This option includes four menus, and each menu has several items. The items are listed below. General Banner Page, Encoding, Date/Time Stamp Banner Page The default value is None. Other options are First and Last.
  • Page 21: Invert Image

    The driver sends these patterns to the printer as colors so that the printer can print them in its own grayscale patterns. But some patterns used in graphics may not be recognized by the driver as representing color.
  • Page 22 4% from the screen size. Fonts You can manage the font environment for your printer using this button. You can see the following window after you click the Fonts button: System Fonts...
  • Page 23 Substitute Fonts (check box) Click this check box to substitute common screen fonts with similar printer fonts. By not downloading the printer fonts from your computer, you can print faster than when using screen fonts. Note that if the substituted font design is very different, your document can vary drastically from the screen.
  • Page 24 RITech setting is used according to the printers setting. Off/light/Medium/Heavy RITech is set to Off/Light/Medium/Heavy. Note: The RITech feature is supported on certain Epson printers only. This setting does not affect other brand printers that have a similar feature. Setting Up Your Macintosh...
  • Page 25: Renaming The Printer

    PostScript feature. The default value is Printer’s default. Renaming the Printer If your EpsonScript printer is the only EpsonScript printer and no other PostScript printer is connected to your AppleTalk network, you may not need to rename the printer name.
  • Page 26 ...._... Note : Not all printers change their names immediately. You may, need to wait a minute or even turn the printer off and on before clicking the ‘Update Lists’ button on the main window to update the zone/printer lists.
  • Page 27: Print Dialog

    Print Pages: @I All 0 Odd Pages Only Section Range: From: I 0 Print Hidden TeHt This menu includes the following items: Copies, Pages, Print As, Print To, Printer Prep, Paper from, Cover In, Print, Cancel, Options, Help, About 2-12 Setting Up Your Macintosh ”...
  • Page 28 Prints the image using color. This option appears if the printer’s PPD file supports color printing. Print To You can select whether the computer prints to your printer or saves the print data as a file on your disk. The default setting is Printer.
  • Page 29 Save PostScriotB File As: PostScript PostScrIpt: 1 Level 1 Compatible -1 TrueType Fonts: 1 Convert to Type 1 -1 Include Fonts: [All But PPCVlnstalled -1 First, select where to save the file using the popup menu and the list on the window. You can use the Desktop and Eject buttons if you need to change the device.
  • Page 30 The driver assumes that the printer is already prepared. Note: Q The best setting for the printer when you are using AppleTalk is to set this option to Permanent for the first printing and to None for all following print jobs.
  • Page 31 The default value is Automatic. Other options are Custom, USE SelecType’s PAGESIZE, Standard Bin, and Optional Lower Cassette. You can choose the paper source of your printer using this menu.The Automatic option uses the paper source that is selected in the Page Setup window. The Custom option allows you to sequentially take paper from different paper sources, such as Sheet 1 from the upper, sheet 2 from lower.
  • Page 32: Tips On Using Truetype Fonts

    Done at the right of the window. Tips on Using TrueType Fonts When printing documents written for PostScript printers, the printout from your printer and the PostScript printer might be different. This difference occurs because this product uses fonts that differ from PostScript standard fonts.
  • Page 33: Chapter 3 Using The Epsonscript Driver Utility

    This utility can also work with other PostScript printer(s). And, some features enable you to remove data from your printer, such as fonts in your printer’s RAM and on the hard disk. Make sure you have backup copies of this data before you delete it.
  • Page 34 Note: your printer is connected to an AppleTalk network with multiple AppleTalk zones, click the zone your printer is connected to in the AppleTalk Zones list. Then printers connected to the selected zone are then displayed in the PostScript Printers list.
  • Page 35: Utility Functions

    AppleTalk network. If you cannot find your printer, it may be connected to another AppleTalk zone. Click the name of your printers zone listed in the AppleTalk Zones. Then you should be able to find your printer’s name in the PostScript Printers list. Note: your AppleTalk network does not use the zone feature, c *>.
  • Page 36: Update Lists (Button)

    Update lists (Button) Click this button to update the PostScript Printers and AppleTalk Zones. Use this button when you cannot find a printer that might have been disconnected when you started the utility, but may be connected now. Information When you click List Fonts or Printer Info, information is displayed in this area.
  • Page 37: About (Button)

    Refer to the Printer Options section, next to the Font Options section. A bout (button) You can view information about this utility by clicking this button. To close the window, click any point on the window. Font Options This menu includes the following three buttons:...
  • Page 38 H D - S C S I 0 7 Operation outline You can download software fonts from your computer to your printer by following the steps below. Details on each item are described following these steps. 1. Select the printer using PostScript Printers and AppleTalk Zones.
  • Page 39 Path Menu in the Folder List. Font List The Font List is the list in the right of the window that shows the PostScript font name(s) selected in the File List to be downloaded to the printer. Using the EpsonScript Driver Utility...
  • Page 40 Volume that contains the directories above Desktop Popup Device Menu The Popup Device Menu shows the printer’s device to which you can download fonts. Most printers can download fonts to the memory only, so usually this menu displays Memory for the device name.
  • Page 41 Open (button) You can change the current directory to the folder in the Folder List using this button. To change the current directory, follow the steps below: 1. Click the folder in the Folder List you want to select as the current directory.
  • Page 42: Remove (Button)

    You cannot erase fonts provided as built-in ROM fonts. Fonts In The Printer (list) / Device (popup menu) The list at the left of the window is the Fonts In The Printer list. You can view the available EpsonScript or PostScript fonts for the current device in the selected printer.
  • Page 43: Printer Options

    Click this button to remove the fonts displayed Fonts to be added >>> (box) This box shows the font you selected in the Font In The Printer list. Also, you can type the font name you want to remove in this box instead of selecting the font from the list.
  • Page 44: Printer Info (Button)

    Printers list, click this button. You can see the following features of the printer. Note: The Printer Info button is disabled when any printer is selected in the PostScript Printers list. Product Name: The name of the printer registered in the firmware of its ROM is displayed.
  • Page 45 This item displays the total number of pages printed by the printer since it was manufactured. Note: If the printer’s counter reaches its limit, the counter returns to 0 and it continues counting. Startup Page Enabled: This item displays the status of the startup page of the printer.
  • Page 46: Send File (Button)

    Note: If your printer is connected by parallel converters or other such devices, the status might be false or no information. This occurs because they cannot communicate with parallel interface printers. Send File (button) You can send EpsonScript and PostScript files to the printer directly using this feature without running any word processor or DTP software.
  • Page 47: Rename (Button)

    Click Cancel to exit the current window and return to main window. Rename (button) If your EpsonScript or PostScript printer is the one printer and no other EpsonScript or PostScript printer is connected to your AppleTalk network, you may not need to rename the printer name.
  • Page 48: General (Button)

    ........................Note : Not all printers change their names immediately. You may need to wait a minute or even turn the printer off and on before clicking the ‘Update Lists’ button on the main window to update the zone/printer lists.
  • Page 49 3. Click the command line in the Select command to send list. 4. Click the Send Text button. Then the selected command line is sent to the printer and the current status of the printer is displayed in the status box.
  • Page 50 The string then appears in the Enter text to send list. Send Text (button) Click the Send Text button to send the selected command strings in the Select command to send list to the printer. Then the current status of the printer is displayed in the status box. Note: You can send any command in ASCII characters using this feature.
  • Page 51: Startup Page

    Reset Printer (button) Click this button to reset the printer. Note that this function is not completely the same as the power-on reset. The EpsonScript or PostScript interpreter is restarted by this function, but the hardware mechanism is not re-initialized.
  • Page 52 EPSON Printed in Japan 93 10-1.5...