NexxTech Desk Calculator Owner's Manual

12-digit dual-power metal-top desk calculator.
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12-Digit Dual-Power
Desk Calculator


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  • Page 1

    12-Digit Dual-Power Metal-Top Desk Calculator...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Constants ....................9 Care ........................ 10 Replacing the Battery ................10 Specifications ....................11 Features Your Nexxtech 12-Digit Dual Power Your calculator’s features include: Metal Top Desk Calculator can be Large 12-Digit Display — makes powered from two different sources, calculations easy to read.

  • Page 3: A Look At Your Calculator

    Backspace Key — deletes the last in, and clear all numbers from memo- number entered. Mark-Up Key — helps you easily de- Automatic Shut-Off — conserves termine cost, final price, and profit battery power by automatically turn- margin. ing off your calculator about 8–10 minutes after the last entry.

  • Page 4: Operation, Turning On The Calculator, Using The Special Function Keys, Clearing Entries, Rounding

    Operation TURNING ON THE To clear an incorrect operator key ( ) entry during a calculation, sim- – × ÷ CALCULATOR ply press the correct operator key and continue your calculation. Press to turn on the calculator. ON/AC The calculator automatically turns off after about 9 minutes if you do not ROUNDING press any key.

  • Page 5: Calculation Errors, Estimating Calculation Results

    before the last two digits (for financial • You attempt to divide by 0. calculations). • You attempt to calculate the With the switch set to , or , the square root of a negative num- display shows the selected number of ber.

  • Page 6: Calculation Examples, Square Root, Percent, Grand Total

    Grand Total example, 923.476988618. appears, (grand total) lets you perform cash approximate answer register calculations simply 923,476,988,618,000. quickly. Every time you press , the 31.9703468367 appears, the displayed number is memorized and approximate answer appears. Press to display the 31,970,346,836,700. sum of all memorized numbers.

  • Page 7: Memory Calculations, Mark-up Calculations

    Add 6% sales tax and display the to- Example: (53 + 6) + (23 –8) + (56 × 2) tal amount. + (99 ÷ 4) = 210.75 You Press You See You Press You See 5.49 × 9 = 53 + 6 M+ GT 49.41 M 59.

  • Page 8

    The Gross Profit Margin (GPM) is the item’s final price with sales tax, and percentage of the sales price that is the profit. profit. Example 3: What is the final price of an item costing $70 with 5% sales Price – Cost –––––––––––...

  • Page 9: Constants

    CONSTANTS Example 3: 14 ÷ 7 = 2 When adding, subtracting, or dividing, the last operation and number you enter are held in memory as the con- You Press You See stant function, allowing easy calcula- tions with repetitive numbers. Each 21 ÷...

  • Page 10: Care, Replacing The Battery

    Care Your Nexxtech 12-Digit Dual Power icals, cleaning solvents, or strong Metal Top Desk Calculator is an ex- detergents to clean the calcula- ample of superior design and crafts- tor. manship. The following suggestions Modifying or tampering with the cal- will help you care for your calculator culator’s internal components can...

  • Page 11: Specifications

    1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to 4. Snap the case halves back remove the two screws on the together. back of the calculator, then pull 5. Reinsert and tighten the screws. apart the front and back case halves. If you do not plan to use the calculator for a long period of time, remove the 2.

  • Page 12

    • Orbyx Electronics, LLC (“Orbyx), as the distributor of from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of this Nexxtech product (your “Product”). one (1) year from the date of purchase. Within this period, What Does This Warranty Cover? simply take the product and your proof of purchase to any •...

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