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Craftsman 390.307060 Owner's Manual

Battery operated backup sump pump


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Sears, Roebuck and Co., Haffman Estates, IL 60179
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(Rev 4/19/04)



Summary of Contents for Craftsman 390.307060

  • Page 1 SEARS OWNER'S MANUAL Model No. 390.307060 I:RRFTSMRN° CAUTION: Read and Follow BATTERY OPERATED All Safety Rulesand Operating Instructions BACKUP SUMP PUMP Before FirstUse of ThisProduct. • Safety Instructions Save ThisManual For • Operation Future Reference. • Installation • Troubleshooting • Repair Parts Sears, Roebuck and Co., Haffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
  • Page 2 CONTENTS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUC- for BATTERY CHARGER TIONS Introduction/Warranty ............[AWARNING] Risk of electrical shock, fire, or explo- Safety ................... sion. Read all instructions in owner's manual and on Performance ................ charger, pump, and battery before using battery charger. Charger Operation ............... 1.
  • Page 3 BATTERY BACKUP SYSTEM [_, WARNING IHazardous voltage. Can cause severe INSTALLATION fatal electrical shock. Do not plug in or unplug battery charger while standing on a wet floor or in water. Be sure OPERATION one hand is free when plugging in or unplugging charger.
  • Page 4 5. Hold the coupling (Key No. 6, Page 9) with the channel [A CAUTION] Risk of pinching hands or fingers. To avoid locks, insert the screwdriver into the tee for leverage a band injury from a collapse of plumbing, support the pipe tighten the tee with the screwdriver.
  • Page 5 4.Take the tee assembly off of the primary discharge pipe. Trial Assembly of Double Pump Assembly in Do not take the tee off of the threaded assembly. Sump Pit: 5. Clean an the PVC pipe ends with the PVC cleaner. 1.
  • Page 6 CHARGER/BATTERY 4. With the charger properly connected and plugged in, the panel on the front of the charger will show one of the fol- INSTALLATION lowing conditions (See Figure 6). NOTICE: An alarm, located in the junction box, automati- call)" sounds when the system runs if the alarm is in the "Enable"...
  • Page 7 3. Continuous Yellow LED llglht: C0nstant voltage charge Test the Assembly: stage. Cells are being equalized. 1. Plug the primary pump into a properly grounded 3-prong 4. Green LED light: Roat charge stage. Battery terminal outlet. voltage has been regulated and system is ready for use. 2.FLU the sump with water to start the primary pump.
  • Page 8 Figure 7 - Battery Hold-down Strap Threading BATTERY MAINTENANCE [_,WARNING ] Severe burn hazard. A filled battery contains sulfuric acid. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. NOTICE: To protect battery ease from chipping and goug- ing, do not let battery sit on concrete floor.
  • Page 9 Craftsman Battery Backup Sump Pump Model 390.307060 9A 9B 3465 0799 SRS REPAIR PARTS LIST Key No. Part No. Part Description U74-72 Hose Insert U74-68 Rubber Hose Coupling and Clamps U78-846P PVC Tee 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 Slip x 1-1/4 FNPTW/1-1/4...
  • Page 12 SEARS CRAFTSMAN° OWNER'S BATTERY OPERATED MANUAL BACKUP SUMP PUMP Model No. 390.307060 For the repair or replacementpartsyou need Call7 am - 7 pro, 7 days a week 1-800-366-PART (1-800-366-7278) Foris-homemajorbrandrepairservice Call24 hoursa day,7 daysa week t -8OO-4-REPAIR The model number of...