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AEG FAVORIT 77000 User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for AEG FAVORIT 77000

  • Page 2 AEG appliances looking spotless and working perfectly. Along with a wide range of accessories designed and built to the high quality standards you would expect, from specialist cookware to cutlery baskets, from bottle holders to delicate laundry bags… Visit the webshop at:
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents CONTENTS 4 Safety information 7 Product description 8 Control panel 10 Use of the appliance 11 Setting the water softener 12 Use of dishwasher salt 13 Use of detergent and rinse aid 14 Multitab function 14 Loading cutlery and dishes 15 Washing programmes 16 Select and start a washing programme...
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    Safety information SAFETY INFORMATION Before the installation and use, read this manual carefully: • For your safety and the safety of your property. • To help the environment. • For the correct operation of the appliance. Always keep these instructions with the appliance also if you move or give it to a different person.
  • Page 5: Frost Precautions

    Safety information • Do not fill the rinse aid dispenser with other products than the rinse aid, (dishwasher cleaning agent, liquid detergent). This can cause damage to the appliance. • Make sure that the spray arms can move freely before you start a washing programme. •...
  • Page 6: Electrical Connection

    Safety information – Do not put the water inlet hose or the safety valve in water. – If the water inlet hose or the safety valve are damaged, immediately disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket. – Contact the service centre to replace the water inlet hose with safety valve. WARNING! Dangerous voltage.
  • Page 7: Product Description

    Product description WARNING! The dishwasher detergents are dangerous and can cause corrosion ! • If an accident occurs with these detergents, contact immediately a physician. • If the detergent gets into the mouth, contact immediately a physician. • If the detergent gets into the eyes, contact immediately a physician and clean the eyes with water.
  • Page 8: Control Panel

    Control panel CONTROL PANEL On/off button Programme guide Program button Programme indicators Display Delay button Start button Indicators Option button Indicators Multitab indicator. It comes on when you activate the function. Extra-Hygiene indicator. It comes on when you activate the function. Washing phase indicator.
  • Page 9: Programme Guide

    Control panel Indicators Door indicator. It comes on when the door is open or not closed correctly. 1) When the salt container and/or the rinse aid dispenser are empty, the related indicators do not come on while a washing programme operates. On/off button Press this button to activate or deactivate the appliance.
  • Page 10: Use Of The Appliance

    Use of the appliance Option button Multitab Extra-Hygiene Press three times ACTIVATED ACTIVATED Press four times DEACTIVATED DEACTIVATED Functions Multitab If you use the combi detergent tablets ('3 in 1', '4 in 1', '5 in 1'), use the multitab function. Refer to 'Multitab function'.
  • Page 11: Setting The Water Softener

    Setting the water softener SETTING THE WATER SOFTENER The water softener removes minerals and salts from the water supply. These minerals and salts can cause damage to the appliance. Adjust the level of the water softener if this does not agree with the water hardness in your area.
  • Page 12: Use Of Dishwasher Salt

    Use of dishwasher salt 3. Press and hold the Delay button and the Start button at the same time until the pro- gramme indicators AUTO, PRO and SILENT flash. 4. Release the Delay button and the Start button. 5. Press the Program button, •...
  • Page 13: Use Of Detergent And Rinse Aid

    Use of detergent and rinse aid USE OF DETERGENT AND RINSE AID Use of detergent To help the environment, do not use more than the correct quantity of detergent. Obey the instructions on the detergent packaging. How to fill the detergent dispenser: 1.
  • Page 14: Multitab Function

    Multitab function You can set the rinse aid dosage between position 1 (lowest dosage) and position 4 (highest dosage). Turn the rinse aid selector to increase or decrease the dosage. MULTITAB FUNCTION The multitab function is for combi detergent tablets. These tablets contain agents as detergent, rinse aid and dishwasher salt.
  • Page 15: Washing Programmes

    Washing programmes • Mix the spoons with other cutlery to prevent them to bond together. • When you put the items in the baskets, make sure that the water can touch all surfaces. • Put light items in the upper basket. Make sure that the items do not move. •...
  • Page 16: Select And Start A Washing Programme

    Select and start a washing programme Consumption values Energy (kWh) Water (litre) Programme 0,9 - 1,7 8 - 15 1,5 - 1,6 13 - 14 1,1 - 1,2 9 - 11 0,9 - 1,0 9 - 11 1,0 - 1,2 10 - 11 1) The display shows the programme time.
  • Page 17: End Of The Washing Programme

    Select and start a washing programme • The delay indicator is on. 6. Press the Start button, the countdown starts automatically. • The delay start time flashes no more in the display. • The phase indicators of the set washing programme go off. •...
  • Page 18: Care And Cleaning

    Care and cleaning 2. Open the appliance door. 3. For better drying results, keep the appliance door ajar for some minutes. Remove the items from the baskets • Let the dishes become cold before you remove them from the appliance. Hot dishes can be easily damaged.
  • Page 19: What To Do If

    What to do if… 7. Put the filter (B) to its initial position. Make sure that it assembles correctly in the two guides (C). 8. Put the filter (A) into position in filter (B). Turn the filter (A) clockwise until it locks. To clean the spray arms Do not remove the spray arms.
  • Page 20: The Washing Results And Drying Results Are Not Satisfactory

    What to do if… Malfunction Possible cause Possible solution The water inlet hose is dam- Make sure that the water inlet aged. hose has no damages. The appliance does not drain There is a blockage in the sink Clean the sink spigot. the water.
  • Page 21 What to do if… Problem Possible cause Possible solution The spray arms could not turn Make sure that an incorrect po- freely. Incorrect position of the sition of the items do not cause items in the baskets. the blockage of the spray arms. The filters are dirty or not as- Make sure that the filters are sembled and installed correctly.
  • Page 22: Technical Data

    Technical data The rinse aid dispenser is off. The rinse aid dispenser is on. 6. Press button Option to change the setting. 7. Deactivate the appliance to confirm. TECHNICAL DATA Dimensions Width 596 mm Height 850 mm Depth 625 mm Water supply pressure Minimum 0,5 bar (0,05 MPa)
  • Page 23: How To Remove The Appliance Worktop

    Installation Make sure that the dimensions of the recess agree with the dimensions in the picture. How to remove the appliance worktop 1. Remove the rear screws (1). 2. Pull the worktop from the behind of the appliance (2). 3. Lift the worktop and move it from the front slots (3).
  • Page 24 • A stand pipe with vent-hole. The internal di- ameter must be minimum 4 cm. max 85 cm Remove the sink plug when the appliance drains the water to prevent that the water goes back into the appliance. min 40 cm The drain hose extension must not be longer than 2 m.
  • Page 28 117937570-B-312010...

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