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Power amplifiers
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Power, control and intensity.
The ECLIPSE Premium Amplifiers feature no
current limiting and completely unregulated power
supplies for a neutral, clean sound quality with
virtually unlimited dynamic power on demand.
Separate power supply and signal
amplifier sections.
The ECLIPSE 34230 has separate and independent
amplifier power supply and signal sections. The
benefit of having separate power and driver stages
are greater in a car audio environment, with its
significant electrical current, vibrations and
various sources of distortion. The ECLIPSE 34230
has no noise interference between the power and
driver stages such as switching distortion and
radiated noise for sonic purity and effortless
Symmetrical layout.
The ECLIPSE 34230 utilizes a symmetrical
component layout to achieve superior channel
separation. The right and left channels are
physically isolated to eliminate intermodulation
and achieve excellent separation, resulting in
vastly improved system imaging capability.
Massive bus bars.
The massive bus bars allow high current to flow to
the PC board more efficiently and keeps unwanted
heat and resistance to a minimum.
High voltage input.
ECLIPSE engineered very high input voltage
capabilities into its amplifiers to take advantage of
the high signal voltage output from the head unit.
Able to handle input signals of up to 8 volts, these
amplifiers easily cope with competition-use
ChannelFlex Crossover.
There are effectively two separate and distinct
crossovers with a variable subsonic filter in the
34230 and switchable slope control for the
PA4212. The selectable slope allows for more
precise control of bandwidth limited output power,
which means more sonic accuracy in subwoofers,
midbass drivers, and midrange drivers without
distortion. The variable subsonic filter in the
34230 and switchable slope control for the
PA4212 will make speakers last longer and sound
audibly better.
Preamp outputs.
The 34230 also features crossover preamp level
outputs, for adding additional amplifiers. Signal
purity is maintained throughout due to common
signal reference grounds and high signal voltages.
It perfectly complements the simplicity of total
system design using ECLIPSE amplifiers.
Intelligent 7-way discrete protection
Seven-way protection circuitry protects the
amplifiers from accidental misconnections or short
circuits in the audio system. There is thermal
protection (up to 90°C), DC offset, protection
against excessive current on the output side,
voltage output overload, excessive current in the
power supply, reverse polarity power input and
shorted speaker leads. A servo system monitors
each of these circuits and measures them against a
reference. If a condition is determined to be
outside of reference tolerances, the amplifier enters
a protection mode, preventing damage to the amp
and audio system. The protection circuitry is
never in the audio signal path, keeping the audio
signal free of interference, coloration or noise.
Noise reduction with low distortion and
ultralow negative feedback.
ECLIPSE amplifiers use very high-quality amp
devices and the circuit makes minimal use of
negative feedback for better sound. The higher-
quality components in ECLIPSE amplifiers and
their advanced circuits make "bandaid" fixes like
too much NFB unnecessary.
High-current, high-speed output
The output devices are capable of generating high
current at high speed to improve both frequency
response and amplifier damping.
High-efficiency, high-energy MOSFET
power supply.
The ECLIPSE power supply uses current draw
from the car' s electrical system more efficiently
to produce higher power.
Double-sided printed circuit boards.
ECLIPSE Premium Amplifiers employ 70-micron
copper circuit board traces (twice the thickness of
a conventional copper trace) for superior sound
quality. This technology provides lower distortion
and improved low frequency performance.
Audiophile-grade component selection.
High-quality components and parts designed
exclusively for quality audio applications are
employed for a difference that is easily heard.

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