Emerson Research iP550 Owner's Manual

Portable ipod docking station with digital tuning stereo receiver, digital clock and remote control


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Portable iPod

Docking Station

with Digital Tuning Stereo Receiver,
Digital Clock and Remote Control
Made for all iPod
models including iPod
nano, iPod
shuffle and iPod
(Silver Color)
(Black Color)
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Emerson Research iP550

  • Page 1: Docking Station

    Digital Clock and Remote Control ® ® ® ® Made for all iPod models including iPod nano, iPod shuffle and iPod mini OWNER’ S MANUAL iP550 (Silver Color) iP550BK (Black Color) Visit our web site at www.emersonradio.com iP550_041907.p65 19/4/2007, 17:56...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

  • Page 3 ® Thank you for purchasing this Portable iPod Docking Station from Emerson Research. This compact portable unit allows you to listen to ® any dockable iPod (available as of January 2006) through the built in speakers, for those times when you want to share you music with others, or when listening through your ear buds is simply not an option.
  • Page 4: Fcc Information

    I M P O R TAN T N O T E S • Avoid installing this unit in places exposed to direct sunlight or close to heat radiating appliances such as electric heaters, on top of other stereo equipment that radiates too much heat, places lacking ventilation or dusty areas, places subject to constant vibration and/or humid or...
  • Page 5: Preparation For Use

    PREPARATION FOR USE Unpacking and Set-up • This carton contains the main unit, 5 plastic adapters to insure that all dockable iPod ® s fit securely in the docking station, and the remote control. Confirm that you have all of these items and make sure that nothing is accidentally discarded with the packing materials.
  • Page 6: Power Sources

    Power Sources This system is designed to operate on 8 “C” batteries, not included, or on normal 120V 60Hz AC house current. Attempting to operate this system on any other power source may cause damage to the unit, and such damage is not covered by your warranty.
  • Page 7: Installing The Batteries

    Installing The Batteries The battery compartment is located on the bottom cabinet. We recommend that you place the unit on a soft surface such as a carpet, on a towel or blanket before turning the unit upside down to install the batteries. This will prevent any scratches on the cabinet finish.
  • Page 8: Protect Your Furniture

    Battery Precautions • Replacement of batteries must be done by an adult. • Do not mix old and new batteries. • Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries. • The supply terminals are not to be short-circuited. •...
  • Page 9: Location Of Controls And Indicators

    LOCATION OF CONTROLS AND INDICATORS Front Panel Top Panel iP550_041907.p65 19/4/2007, 17:56...
  • Page 10 1.) Aux (Auxiliary Input) Jack. ® 2.) iPod Docking Station. 3.) Speakers. 4.) Remote Control Sensor. 5.) Docking Cradle. 6.) Phones (Stereo Headphone) Jack. 7.) Battery Compartment (Bottom Cabinet). Power Button. 9.) FM Telescopic Antenna. 10.) Carrying Handle. 11.) Sleep Button. 12.) Multi-Function LCD Display.
  • Page 11: Lcd Display

    LCD Display 1.) Volume Level (00-64), Sleep Time, Radio Channel Display. 2.) VOLUME Indicator. 3.) MEMORY Indicator. 4.) FM Indicator. 5.) SLEEP Timer Indicator. 6.) RADIO Select Indicator. 7.) iPod Select Indicator. Battery Low Indicator. 9.) AUX Select Indicator. 10.) FM STEREO Indicator. 11.) MUTE Indicator.
  • Page 12 Remote Control 1.) iPod Play/Band Button. Skip reverse / Tuning – Button. 3.) Volume + Button. 4.) Mute Button. 5.) Time / Display Button. 6.) Infrared Transmitter. Power Button. 8.) Memory Button. 9.) Function Button. 10.) Preset + Button. 11.) Preset – Button. 12.) Skip Forward / Tuning + Button.
  • Page 13: Remote Control Battery

    Remote Control The remote control supplied with this system allows you to operate all of the features and functions found on the main unit control panel. The remote control receiver is located behind the left speaker grill. The effective operating distance of the remote control is approximately 15 feet.
  • Page 14 When the operation of the remote becomes intermittent or fails completely you should replace the battery as soon as possible. The battery number is CR2025 or equivalent. To replace the battery, put the remote control face down, slide the battery holder out of the remote control as shown in the illustration.
  • Page 15: Setting The Clock

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS • Make sure that you have either installed the 8 “C” batteries or have connected the unit to your household AC outlet. • Make sure that you have removed the clear plastic battery spacer tab from the remote control. Setting The Clock NOTE: The clock can only be set while the system is in the power ‘...
  • Page 16 5.) When the correct time appears on the display press the Time/Display button once more to enter the time and start the clock running. The Minute digits stop flashing and only the colon (:) continues to flash once per second to confirm that the clock is running.
  • Page 17: Listening To The Radio

    Listening To The Radio 1.) Press the Power button on the main unit or remote control to turn the system power ‘ On’ . The display lighting comes ‘ On’ . 2.) Press the Function button on the main unit or the remote control until the RADIO indicator appears in the display.
  • Page 18 5.) Press the Volume + or – buttons on the main unit or the remote control to adjust the volume to the desired level. The VOLUME level indicator appears in the display when you adjust the volume. The indicator range is from “00” (minimum) to “64” (maximum). 6.) When you are finished listening press the the remote control to switch the power ‘...
  • Page 19: Antenna Information

    Antenna Information AM: The AM bar antenna is located inside the cabinet. If AM reception is unsatisfactory, try turning the entire unit slightly until the AM antenna is picking up the strongest possible signal. FM: The telescopic rod FM antenna is located on the left side of the cabinet. Pull it out of the cabinet as far as it will go until the swivel base is exposed.
  • Page 20 Presetting Stations In The Tuner Memories The tuner in this system has 20 preset station memories that allow you to memorize up to 10 of your favorite FM stations and 10 of your favorite AM stations for immediate recall at the touch of a button. 1.) Tune to the first station that you wish to memorize by either the Automatic or Manual Tuning method in the “Listening To The Radio”...
  • Page 21: Recalling Preset Stations

    6.) Repeat steps 4 and 5, selecting a different preset memory number each time until you have stored up to 10 FM stations in the memory. 7.) Press the Band/iPod Play band and then follow the above procedure to enter up to 10 of your favorite AM stations in the tuner memory.
  • Page 22 iP550_041907.p65 19/4/2007, 15:50...
  • Page 23 Connecting and Playing Your ‘Dockable’ iPod (Refer To Separate Instructions For The iPod IMPORTANT: To avoid any unwanted distortion when listening to your iPod through the speakers of this system we recommend that you shut ‘ Off’ the ® equalizer in the iPod before inserting it in the docking station of this system.
  • Page 24 NOTE: If you are using either the 30GB or 60GB fifth generation iPod models with video capability or the 2G (Second Generation) iPod use the adapters that were supplied with the iPod They will fit correctly in the docking cradle of this system. IMPORTANT! •...
  • Page 25 7.) If necessary, press the Band/iPod Play 8.) Press the Volume + / – buttons on this system to adjust the iPod level. NOTE: When your iPod ® control on the iPod is automatically defeated. The volume can only be adjusted with the controls on this system.
  • Page 26 Removing or Changing The iPod If you will be using different ‘ dockable’ iPod have to install the appropriate adapter in the docking area for each different iPod ® model. The procedure for removing and changing the iPod as follows: ®...
  • Page 27 Connecting and Playing A 1G (First Generation) iPod The docking station of this system includes an Apple USB connector specifically designed for the 1G (First Generation) iPod NOTE: If you have a new 2G (Second Generation) iPod connect it to the Auxiliary Input jack of this system. Please refer to the connection instructions on page 30.
  • Page 28 3.) Press the Function button on this system to select the iPod function. The “iPod” indicator appears in the display. 4.) Press the Volume + / – buttons on this system to adjust volume until the Volume Level Indicator display is showing “60”.
  • Page 29: Charging The Ipod

    Charging the iPod ® Battery IMPORTANT! The battery charging circuit in this system only functions when this system is ® being operated on AC power. This system will not charge the iPod batteries when you operating this system on battery power. When your iPod ®...
  • Page 30 Sleep To Music Timer (Main Unit Only) This system includes a sleep to music timer that allows you to fall asleep to up to 90 minutes of music from the radio or from your iPod automatically. The sleep timer function can be selected while the system is 'On' or ‘...
  • Page 31 Listening To A 2G (Second Generation) iPod Or Other External Source This system includes a 3.5mm mini stereo Auxiliary Input (Aux) jack on the left side panel so that you can easily connect any external audio source with a headphone jack or a Line Out jack and listen to your external source through the speakers of this system.
  • Page 32 4.) You should hear the sound from your external source through the speakers of this system. NOTE: If you connected the Line Out jack of your external source then you only need to adjust the volume control of this system. If you connected the headphone jack of your external source then you may need to adjust both the volume control of your external source and the volume control of this system to find the most desirable volume setting.
  • Page 33: Stereo Headphone Jack

    Stereo Headphone Jack This system includes a 3.5mm mini stereo Phones jack on the right side panel so that you can listen privately without disturbing others. When the headphone (not included) is connected to the Phones jack of this system the internal speakers are automatically shut off. IMPORTANT! Before you put on your headphones please reduce the volume control of this system to a low level.
  • Page 34: Care And Maintenance

    FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, PLEASE WRITE TO: iP550_041907.p65 TO FIND THE LOCATION AND PHONE NUMBER OF YOUR NEAREST SERVICE CENTER PERMITTED TO PERFORM WARRANTY... 1-800-695-0098 PLEASE CALL: 1-800-898-9020 Emerson Radio Corp., Consumer Affairs Dept., 5101 Statesman Drive, Irving, TX 75063. 19/4/2007, 17:56...
  • Page 35 For repair or replacement, pack your unit in a padded box, enclose your check or money order payable to Emerson Radio Corp. in the amount of $9.00 (not required by California residents) to cover shipping and handling costs, and enclose a copy of your proof of purchase.
  • Page 36 Printed in China iP550_041907.p65 19/4/2007, 17:56...

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