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Hitachi CML170SXW User Manual

Colour lcd monitor
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For future reference, record the serial number of your colour monitor.
The serial number is located on the rear of the monitor.
This monitor is E
computer equipped with VESA DPMS.
The E
emblem does not represent EPA endorsement
of any product or service.
As an E
Partner, Hitachi,Ltd. has determined that this
product meets the E
compliant when used with a
guidelines for energy



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  • Page 1 The E emblem does not represent EPA endorsement NERGY T A R of any product or service. ® As an E Partner, Hitachi,Ltd. has determined that this NERGY T A R ® product meets the E guidelines for energy NERGY T A R efficiency.
  • Page 2: Why Do We Have Environmentally Labelled Computers

    TCO’99 STATEMENT Congratulations! You have just purchased a TCO'99 approved and labelled product! Your choice has provided you with a product developed for professional use. Your purchase has also contributed to reducing the burden on the environment and also to th e further development of environmentally adapted electronics products. This product meets the requirements for the TCO'99 scheme which provides for an international environmental and quality labelling of personal computers.
  • Page 3 Below you will find a brief summary of the environmental requirements met by this product. The complete environmental criteria document may be ordered from: TCO Development SE-114 94 Stockholm, Sweden Fax: +46 8 782 92 07 Email (Internet): Current information regarding TCO'99 approved and labelled products may also be obtained via the Internet, using the address: Environmental requirements Flame retardants...
  • Page 4: Limited Warranty For Usa Customers Only

    Warranty statement below. Limited Warranty For USA Customers only Hitachi America, Ltd.(HAL) warrants our Hitachi color monitor or be free from defects in material and workmanship for 36-month from the date you purchased it from your authorized HAL dealer. In the event of a defect during this 36-month period, HAL will, at its option, repair or replace the monitor at no charge except as set forth below.
  • Page 5 Company is authorized to change, modify, or extend its terms in any manner whatsoever. Hitachi Canada Inc. shall not be responsible for any damages or loss of any kind attributed to the product rendered defective during usage, or attributed to incompatibility problems of any linked equipment including software.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Colour Monitor CML170SXW USER MANUAL Congratulations on your selection of the HITACHI Colour Monitor. Read the instructions inside carefully, and keep this user manual for future reference. NOTE: * The information in this manual is subject to change without notice. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this manual.
  • Page 7 UK....................16 OR THE USTOMERS IN THE CHAPTER 1 INSTALLATION....................... 19 ..........................19 NPACKING ....................19 IEWING NGLE DJUSTMENT ........................20 ABLE NSTALLATION ..............22 ONNECTING THE ISPLAY TO YOUR OMPUTER AC P ....................23 ONNECTING THE OWER ....................24 ONNECTING THE UDIO ABLE LCD M ....................24 ETTING P THE...
  • Page 8: Using This Display Safely

    Using this Display Safely Common Safety Precautions Please read carefully and make sure you fully understand the following safety precautions: Operations should be done according to instructions and procedures described in this manual. Make sure to heed all warnings displayed on the device and manual. Neglecting to do so may result in fire or damage the device.
  • Page 9: Warning

    Do not handle or operate in ways other than what is depicted in the manual. If there are any problems with the device, turn OFF the power, unplug the cord then notify the dealer where the product was purchased or call a service person.
  • Page 10 Placing Objects in Device DO not put paper clips, pins, metallic objects or combustible items in the ventilation holes. Using the device in this condition may result in electrical shock or fire. Removing the Case Cover DO not remove the case cover. There are many high voltage parts inside and are very dangerous.
  • Page 11 plug. Pulling on the power cord may cause a partial breakage resulting in fire. When taking a holiday or vacation and leaving the device unused for prolonged periods, unplug the power cord. Leaving it plugged in may result in fire. When unplugging or plugging in the power cord, insure that your hands are dry.
  • Page 12: Caution

    TO not attach multiple extension plugs into one outlet. This may result in fire and overloading lines will activate the circuit breakers causing data loss or damage to the product. Usage in Humid or Dusty Areas DO not use or store in areas that are humid, dusty or have abundant moisture such as a bathroom.
  • Page 13 Contact with Metal and Other Edges When moving the computer be careful when coming in contact with the plastic and metal edges. It is possible to be injured. Use in Unstable Places DO not place on sloping or narrow areas that are unstable. The device may drop or fall and cause injury.
  • Page 14 When disposing of this product, confer with the dealer where this product was purchased or refer to laws of the local government or regulations regarding disposal. Electronic Interference If used in the vicinity of other electronic devices, they may interfere with each other’s performances.
  • Page 15: Fcc Statement Warning

    FCC Statement Warning digital WARNING : This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 16: For The Customers In Canada

    Declaration of Conformity According to 47CFR, Part 2 and 15 for Class B Personal Computers and Peripherals; and / or CPU Boards and Power Supplies used With Class B Personal Computers: H I T A C H I A me r i c a , L t d . Located at: 2000 Sierra Point Parkway, Brisbane, CA 94005-1835 U.S.A.
  • Page 17 never use the plug with the cover omitted. If a replacement fuse cover is required, ensure it is of the same colour as that visible on the pin face of the plug. Fuse covers are available from your dealer. DO NOT cut off the mains plug from this equipment. If the plug fitted is not suitable for the power outlets in your home or the cable is too short to reach a power outlet, then obtain an appropriate safety approved extension lead or consult your dealer.
  • Page 18 The wire which is coloured GREEN and YELLOW must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter E or by the earth symbol or coloured GREEN or GREEN and YELLOW. The wire coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal marked with the letter N or coloured BLUE or BLACK.
  • Page 19: Chapter 1 Installation

    Chapter 1 Installation Unpacking Before unpacking the LCD Monitor, prepare a suitable workspace for your Monitor and computer. You need a stable and clean surface near a wall power outlet. Make sure that the LCD Monitor has enough space around it for sufficient airflow.
  • Page 20: Cable Installation

    + 1 5 + 4 5 Figure 1-1 WARNING Do not force the LCD Monitor over the maximum viewing angle settings as stated above. In such an event, you will damage the Monitor and an Monitor stand. Cable Installation Please follow these instructions to install the cables. Remove the back panel from the rear of the monitor.
  • Page 21 Figure 1-2 Figure 1-3...
  • Page 22: Connecting The Display To Your Computer

    Connecting the Display to your Computer Power off your computer. Connect one end of the signal cable to the LCD Monitor's VGA port. (See Fig. 1-4) Connect the other end of the signal cable to the VGA port on the PC. Make sure both connections are secure.
  • Page 23: Connecting The Ac Power

    Connecting the AC Power Connect the power cord to the AC adapter. (See Fig. 1-5) 10. Connect the AC adapter's DC output connector to the DC Power Jack of the monitor. 11. Connect the power cord to an AC power source. DC Power Jack Power Cord Figure 1-5...
  • Page 24: Connecting The Audio Cable

    Connecting the Audio Cable 12. Connect the audio cable to the " LINE OUT " jack on your PC's audio card DVD Rom or to the front panel's “AUDIO OUT” jack of your CD ROM drive. (See Fig. 1-6) 13. Connect the other end of the audio cable to the LCD Monitor's " LINE IN " jack. Figure 1- 6 Setting Up the LCD Monitor 14.
  • Page 25: Chapter 2 Display Controls

    Chapter 2 Display Controls User Controls A brief description and the location of all LCD Monitor function controls and indicators: Figure 2-1 Stereo Speakers PC Audio Stereo output. Speaker Volume Increase Volume Turn knob Clockwise Decrease Volume Turn knob Counter Clockwise Control Press the power switch to switch the monitor DC Power Switch...
  • Page 26 Press the left button to decrease the value or the right Adjustment button to increase the value of the chosen OSD Control Buttons setting. External The monitor speakers will be disabled when using an external headphons or external speakers. Headphone Jack...
  • Page 27: Adjusting The Monitor's Display

    Adjusting the Monitor's Display This LCD monitor features an "Intellectual-AUTO" function, which stores up to 16 user's settings. When a new timing is input, this function will check whether this setting has been Auto-adjusted before. If so, this monitor will use those settings.
  • Page 28: Function Descriptions

    Function Descriptions Auto Adjustment This function let's you adjust the display size, clock and phase to obtain the best viewing settings. This process will take 3 ~ 5 seconds to complete. ATTENTION After Auto Adjustment, the display might display wrong position or size, if it has received a pattern which has no screen border.
  • Page 29 Brightness 256 scales of brightness are available to choose from (0 to 255). Contrast 100 scales of contrast are available to choose from (0 to 99). Horizontal Position This function will adjust display's horizontal position.
  • Page 30 Vertical Position This function will adjust vertical position. Sharpness This function let's you select the images sharpness. Five selections are available. A smoother setting is more suitable for pictures, while a sharper setting is more suitable for text. Transparency This function set the transparency of the OSD menu.
  • Page 31 Phase A total of 32 scales (0 to 31) are available to adjust the focus and clarity of the display. Clock This function carries a frequency-tracking feature that offers user better stability and clarity. 127 scales (from -63 to +63) are available on the mode that is currently running.
  • Page 32 Zoom This function allows the user to adjust the zoom (magnification) of video information. The magnification is adjustable from 1 to 20. If user enables the zoom function, the enlarged image can be panned both horizontally and vertically. OSD Horizontal Position This function moves the OSD menu window horizontally.
  • Page 33 OSD Vertical Position This function moves the OSD menu window vertically. Graphics Text Because the H and V-Freqenties of both 640 x 400 70Hz, and 720 x 400 70Hz, are the same, this function let's you manually select either 640 x 400 (graphics mode), or 720 x 400 (text mode).
  • Page 34 Language Five OSD language options are available: English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. Press the left or right adjustment control button to select another language. Icon Function Description CIE coordinate Color Sets the CIE coordinate color 9300 Temperature of 9300°K temperature to 9300°K 6500 CIE coordinated Color Sets the CIE coordinate color...
  • Page 35: Chapter 3 Technical Information

    Chapter 3 Technical Information Specifications LCD Panel Size 17.0" (43 cm) Display Type Active matrix color TFT LCD Resolution 1280 x 1024 Display Dot 1280 x (RGB) x 1024 Display Area (mm) 337.92 x 270.34 (H x V) Display Color 16.7M Brightness 200 cd/m...
  • Page 36 Digital Brightness Digital Contrast Digital Horizontal Position Digital Vertical Position Digital Phase Digital Clock Uses EEPROM to save settings in Display Mode Setup memory Power Management Mode Power Consumption* AC Input LED Color 54W maximum 240 VAC Green Standby** 5W maximum 240 VAC Yellow Suspend**...
  • Page 37 Sync Input Separate TTL compatible horizontal and vertical Signal synchronization Polarity Positive and negative Plug & Play Supports VESA DDC1 and DDC2B functions External Connection Power Input (DC input) +12 Vdc / 5A max. input through AC/DC adapter Video Cable 1.5M with 15-pin D-sub connector Audio Cable 1.5M with Stereo Jack...
  • Page 38: Standard Timing Table

    Pin Assignment Signal Signal Description Description Green Digital GND Blue No Pin Digital GND Hsync Red Rtn Vsync Green Rtn Blue Rtn Standard Timing Table If the selected timing is NOT included in table below, this LCD monitor will use the most suitable available timing. Resolutio H –...
  • Page 39 640 x 480 37.861 72.809 31.500 VESA – 480 – 72Hz VESA – 480 – 75Hz 640 x 480 37.500 75.000 31.500 720 x 400 31.469 70.087 28.322 VESA -400-TEXT 832 x 624 49.725 74.550 57.283 APPLE-MAC-800 800 x 600 35.156 56.250 36.000...
  • Page 40: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting This LCD Monitor has pre-adjusted using factory to standard VGA timings. Due to the output timing differences among various VGA cards in the market, users may initially experience an unstable or unclear display whenever a new display mode or new VGA card is selected. ATTENTION This LCD Monitor Supports Multiple VGA Modes.
  • Page 41 Fax: +46 (0) 8 562 711 13 Tel: +39 02 38073415 Servizio Clienti Email: Fax: +39 02 48786381/2 Email: HITACHI EUROPE S.A.S HITACHI EUROPE LTD (Norway) AB Lyon Office STRANDVEIEN 18 B.P. 45, 69671 BRON CEDEX 1366 Lysaker FRANCE...