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Audi TT Roadster
Dear Audi Driver,
The aim of this quick reference guide is to introduce you to the
main features and controls of your vehicle.
This quick reference guide cannot replace the information con-
tained in the Owner's Manual; it is therefore important that you
also read the notes and warnings in the Owner's Manual.
We wish you safe and enjoyable motoring
with your new Audi.
Locking and unlocking the vehicle
The central locking system locks
and unlocks the doors. It can be
operated with the remote con-
trol or by turning the key in the
Operating the radio-
activated remote control
Press the appropriate button for
about 1 second.
1 1
Unlocking button
Open one of the doors or
the boot lid within about
60 seconds, otherwise the
vehicle will lock itself again
Warning: The doors and win-
dows cannot be opened from
2 2
Unlocking button for boot lid
inside the vehicle if it has been
locked from the outside.
Press the button for at least
1 second.
Anti-theft alarm
3 3
Locking button
The alarm system is automati-
The turn signals will flash briefly
cally set when the car is locked.
when the car is locked to con-
The alarm system is switched off
firm that doors and boot lid are
automatically when you unlock
closed properly.
the vehicle with the remote
4 4
Folding out the master key
Press the release button.
Note: If you unlock the vehicle
Folding away the master key
by inserting the key in the
Press the button and fold the key
driver's door, the ignition
must be switched on within
Note: Press and hold unlocking
15 seconds, otherwise the alarm
button of remote control (or turn
will be triggered.
and hold key in lock) to open all
the windows. Press and hold
locking button of remote control
(or turn and hold key in lock) to
close all the windows.
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Adjusting the seats
1 1
Adjusting head restraints
It is only possible to adjust the
angle of the head.
2 2
Tipping backrest forwards
Lift the handle and tip the
backrest forwards.
3 3
Adjusting angle of backrest
Lean forwards and turn adjuster
4 4
Adjusting seat height
Pull the lever up to raise the
seat; press it down to lower the
5 5
Moving seat backwards or
Lift the handle and move the
Seat belts must be worn on every
journey, even on short trips in
town. To ensure that the seat
belts, belt tensioners and airbags
are fully effective, note the
following points:
Adjust seat and sit in
correct position
The front seats should not be
positioned too close to the
Wear the seat belt
steering wheel or dashboard.
Maintain a distance of at least
25 cm from the steering wheel.
Make sure that the shoulder
It is important to sit in a normal,
section of the belt is positioned
upright position and set the
over the centre of the shoulder,
backrest so it is fully against
and move the lap section as far
your back. The top of the head
down over the hips as possible.
restraint should be at eye level
The belts should always be worn
(or higher). Put your feet in a
so that they fit tightly (see
comfortable position in the
Filling the tank
Releasing the tank flap
Press the switch (with the filler
pump symbol) in the centre
console to open the tank flap.
Then unscrew the tank cap and
hook it onto the flap (see
Stickers for:
1 1
Fuel grade
2 2
Tyre pressures


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    Power-operated soft top: AUDI AG reserves the right to alter any part of the vehicle, its equipment and technical specifica- properly secured. tions. No legal commitment can be implied by the information, illustrations or descriptions in this Lift the switch in centre console publication.

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