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RCA AH55N Instructions

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1. Set the voltage selector switch to the proper setting for
your device. Refer to the device's user manual for the
correct voltage requirement, or determine the voltage
by multiplying the number of batteries required by 1.5
(Example: 4 batteries x 1.5=6 volts).
NOTE: Voltage setting may also be found next to DC jack
or on device information plate.
2. Select the adapter plug tip that best fits device.
3. Before inserting the plug tip into the car power adapter
receptacle, you must first determine the correct polarity
of your device. Polarity is represented by the following
NOTE: Polarity information may be found next to DC jack, in the user
manual or on device information plate. The adapter plug tips have a
positive (+) symbol on one side and a negative (-) symbol on the other
side. The car power adapter receptacle says "TIP" on one side.
Negative Tip
4a. If your device has positive polarity, align the word "TIP" on the car power adapter
receptacle with the (+) symbol on the adapter plug tip.
4b. If your device has negative polarity, align the word "TIP" on the car power adapter
receptacle with the (-) symbol on the adapter plug tip.
5. Connect adapter plug tip into DC jack of your device.
6. Plug car power adapter into the vehicle's cigarette lighter and operate device as usual.
7. If your device does not work, IMMEDIATELY unplug the car power adapter and recheck
the instructions carefully, particularly the voltage and polarity settings.
8. If the LED power indicator does not come on when plugged into the cigarette lighter
outlet, the fuse may need to be replaced. Unscrew the tip of the plug, being careful not
to lose any of the parts. Replace the fuse only with a fuse of the same type and rating.
1. Never attempt to power a device for which the voltage or polarity is unknown.
Improper voltage or polarity settings may result in severe damage to the device or
car power adapter.
2. This car power adapter should never be used with any device that requires more than
1200mA of current.
3. Disconnect car power adapter from cigarette lighter outlet when not in use.
Limited 1 Year Warranty
Audiovox Electronics Corporation warrants that for 12 months from date of
purchase, it will replace this product if found to be defective in materials or
workmanship. Return it to the following address for a replacement with a current
equivalent: Audiovox Electronics Corporation, 150 Marcus Blvd., Hauppauge, New
York 11788. This replacement is the company's sole obligation under this warranty.
IS DISCLAIMED. This warranty excludes defects or damage due to misuse, abuse, or
neglect. Incidental or consequential damages are disclaimed where permitted by law.
This warranty does not cover product purchased, serviced or used outside the United
States or Canada.
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