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    Meritor Axle & Brake Service Manual TE Series Axle...

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    TE9000 / 93000 Service INDEX Section Description Page THE MERITOR WARRANTY THE AXLE IDENTIFICATION PLATE Identifying the Axle Type, Identifying the Serial Number INTRODUCTION TO THE TE9000 AND TE9300 SERIES AXLES AXLE INSTALLATION Limitations of Use, Stresses and Welding MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Torque Recommendations, Recommended Lubricants SERVICE PROCEDURES AXLE ANNUAL SERVICE AND SERVICE AFTER 3 YEARS OR 300,000 KM...

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    TE9000 / 93000 Service MERITOR HVS Limited Warranty Warranty Procedure Should any MERITOR equipment fitted to your trailer become 1. AXLES, MECHANICAL AND FLEXAIR SUSPENSIONS, unserviceable within the warranty period, contact the trailer INDAIR, OTHER MERITOR ACCESSORY PRODUCTS manufacturer or MERITOR Service Department who will advise on the 24 MONTHS PARTS AND LABOUR appropriate action.

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    TE9000 / 93000 Service The Axle Identification Plate Every axle leaving the ROR factory is fitted with an identification plate which contains all the information needed to ensure the correct replacement parts are obtained. AXLE TYPE P4 1 ABS 15 S T VZO APPROVAL No B999999 G94 0000 SERIAL No.

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    TE9000 / 93000 Service Introduction to the TE9000 & TE9300 The direction of welding should be as near the horizontal as possible and welding around the corners of brackets or spring seats should be avoided. Series Axles Separate drawings exist on request from the Meritor Technical Sales Department detailing seat welding procedures for both air and mechanical The TE9000 &...

  • Page 6: Maintenance Schedule

    TE9000 / 93000 Service Maintenance Schedule HUB & BEARING GREASE FILL VOLUMES For suspension service intervals and maintenance procedures refer to the relevant suspension manual. Hub Cavity Fill ......325-375 gm Specific service intervals must be determined by each fleet operator Inner Bearing Fill .

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    TE9000 / 93000 Service Straighten locking tab on tab washer using hammer and chisel (fig. 2). SECTION 1 Remove axle end nut (55mm A/F), and tab washer (fig. 3). Service Procedures Install wheel dolly. Axle annual service and service after 3 years or 300,000 Km The following step by step instruction details the essential operations required for these services.

  • Page 8: Remove Brake Shoes, Remove Anchor Pins

    TE9000 / 93000 Service Install hub puller (Meritor part no. 21221512) and dismount hub, drum and wheel assembly (fig. 4). Remove hub, drum and wheel assembly and plug the inner bearing bore with a clean cloth. FIG. 4 3. REMOVE BRAKE SHOES IMPORTANT: If the brake linings do not need to be replaced, mark the brake shoes before removing them to ensure that they will be FIG.

  • Page 9: Clean Cam Rollers And Anchor Pins, Assemble Anchor Pins, Clean Spindle, Inspect Brake Linings

    TE9000 / 93000 Service 5. CLEAN ANCHOR PIN BUSHES, ANCHOR clips from the cam rollers and inspect for damage to the retaining tabs, if they have cracked, broken off or failed to spring out the clip it must be BRACKET AND CAM HEAD replaced.

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    TE9000 / 93000 Service 13. INSPECTION OF CAMSHAFTS AND The camshaft can be removed along with the bearings with the hub assembly in place using the key hole slot in the anchor bracket to allow CAMSHAFT BEARINGS FOR PLAY the cam head to pass through it. To proceed in this manner, unfasten the M10 retaining screws securing the head and spline end bearings to the Place a lever between the camshaft and axle beam close to the cam head brackets (figs 11 and 12).

  • Page 11: Refit Brake Shoes

    TE9000 / 93000 Service If the hub has been removed from the axle, clean any debris from the locating faces on the anchor and cam brackets and fasten both bearings in place with the M10 screws. Do not fully tighten at this stage. Pass the camshaft through the head bearing and slide the rubber boots onto the camshaft.

  • Page 12: Grease Camshaft Bearings, A. Routine Annual Hub Service, Inspect Brake Drums, Remove Oil Seal

    TE9000 / 93000 Service 17. GREASE CAMSHAFT BEARINGS If the oil seal has remained on the spindle journal lever it off taking great care not to damage the spindle. Clean the area around the oil seal journal Grease camshaft bearings using grease gun (fig. 14), it is possible to see as detailed in paragraph 6.

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    TE9000 / 93000 Service Inspect the rollers, bearing cage and raceway for damage and debris. Re-grease the inner bearing to supplement the grease lost during the removal of the oil seal. Be certain to work the grease deep into the cage and rollers.

  • Page 14: Apply Anti-fretting Paste To Spindle, Refit Hub, Drum And Wheel Assembly

    TE9000 / 93000 Service Dry the bearings of any solvent used for cleaning the bearings. Thoroughly re-pack the inner and outer bearings with grease. Work the grease deep into the rollers with your hands until the cages are solid packed with grease. Always place greased bearings in a clean area and protect from falling debris.

  • Page 15: Adjust Brakes

    TE9000 / 93000 Service 23. LUBRICATE BRAKE CHAMBER CLEVIS PIN ASSEMBLY Lubricate the clevis pin assembly from both sides with oil, and make sure the brake can be operated easily by pulling the slack adjuster by hand. 24. ADJUST BRAKES MANUAL SLACK ADJUSTERS: Using the manual adjustment nut on the slack adjuster adjust the brake until the wheel can not be turned by hand.

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    TE9000 / 93000 Service SECTION 2 Additional Procedures After 3 years or 300,000 km REMOVAL AND REFITTING OF WHEEL BOLTS With the hub removed from the axle, support it by placing blocks under the wheel flange. Using the wheel bolt removal tool (21205455) drive out the wheel bolts (fig.

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    TE9000 / 93000 Service The mounting block is fixed to the beam using a screw (21221521) tightened to 25/35 Nm. During tightening of the screw move the block from side to side so that it is correctly seated and is within ±2.5° to the wheel axis.

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    TE9000 / 93000 Service The hubodometer is best assembled with the hub cap off the axle. Place REMOVAL AND REFITTING OF BRAKE DRUM the hub cap on a clean, flat surface. Fit the nut to spanner (fig. 25) and The brake drum can be separated from the hub after removal of the road using a small amount of grease locate the washer on the nut.

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    TE9000 / 93000 Service REMOVAL AND FITTING OF ANTILOCK EQUIPMENT All TE axles are provided with a means of fitting antilock equipment. Every hub has a machined spigot to locate the pole wheel and axle beams are plain drilled for self tapping bolt to allow the fitting of the sensor mounting block (fig.

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    Italy Telephone: +31 (0)492 535805 Telephone: +39 045 8750399 Fax: +31 (0)492 547175 Fax: +39 045 8750640 / 8750513 ArvinMeritor South Africa Meritor HVS (Barcelona) S.A. Commercial Vehicle Systems Commercial Vehicle Systems Telephone: +27 (0) 83 602 1603 Ctra. Granollers - Sabadell Km. 13,3 Poligono Argelagues 08185 Lliçà...

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