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Panasonic AG-AF100A Manual

Panasonic AG-AF100A Manual

Avccam sony vegas pro 9 white paper
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  • Page 1 Editing AVCHD with sony vegas pro...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Transferring AVCHD Footage to Your Computer ................3 Copying AVCHD Footage to a Hard Drive ..................4 EDITING WITH SONY VEGAS PRO 9 ....................5 Transferring AVCHD Footage Directly From The Panasonic AVCCAM Cameras to Your Computer ....................8 OUTPUT OPTIONS Output to A Blu-ray Disc ........................14 Output to A DVD Disc ........................16...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Blu-ray disc from your AVCHD footage very easy. This paper presents a typical AVCHD workflow for editing with Sony Vegas Pro 9 using Panasonic AVCCAM camcorders. In addition to editing the AVCHD footage, we will examine burning a Blu-ray disc and even creating a Standard DVD disc. We also look at alternative delivery such as iPod and You Tube.
  • Page 4: Copying Avchd Footage To A Hard Drive

    (re-purposing content). NOTE: Panasonic recommends 3 party applications such as Shot Put Pro from Imagine Products for copy and verification. Shot Put Pro provides a safe backup to multiple simultaneous target locations (such as hard drives and/or...
  • Page 5: Editing With Sony Vegas Pro 9

    EDITING AVCHD FOOTAGE WITH SONY VEGAS PRO 9 STEP #1 – OPEN SONY VEGAS PRO 9 ON YOUR COMPUTER Your work space will be empty. STEP #2 – CREATE A NEW PROJECT Let’s create a new project. CLICK FILE >NEW. The New Project window opens.
  • Page 6 If you shot at 720p/60fps you won’t see a template that matches your footage. In this case, just click on the folder on the right side of the New Project Window. This will open a browser window where you can select a clip of your footage and match the settings to your footage. When you find the Private folder, click on AVCHD, then BDMV and finally on Stream.
  • Page 7 STEP #5 – CREATE SUMMARY It is a good idea to open the Summary Tab. Here you can give your project a name and add any comments you like. STEP #6 – SAVE YOUR NEW PROJECT Go to File>Save and save your project and give it a name if you have not already done so.
  • Page 8: Transferring Avchd Footage Directly From The Panasonic

    Fire Wire output. STEP #1 – CONNECT YOUR PANASONIC CAMERA VIA A USB CABLE TO YOUR COMPUTER. Note: It is recommended to connect your camera to an AC power supply, as a low battery could damage your transferring footage.
  • Page 9 STEP #3 – TRANSFER THE FILES. The camera will appear as a device on your computer. Simply copy the contents of the Private Folder as described earlier, AND make sure you verify the copy. TRANSFER USING DEVICE EXPLORER. Alternatively, you can use Device Explorer to transfer your files from your camera. STEP #1 –...
  • Page 10 STEP #2 – SELECT AND IMPORT YOUR CLIPS From here you can select the clips your wish to import. Click on the import Selected Clips icon and the clips will be placed in the Project Media Window. Once your clips are in the Project Media Window, you are now ready to begin editing.
  • Page 11 TRANSFER USING IMPORT MEDIA ICON. If you have already copied your footage to a hard drive, or if you have inserted your SDHC card into a card reader and attached it to your computer via USB, there are a couple of different methods for getting the AVCHD footage into Sony Vegas Pro 9.
  • Page 12 STEP #3 – CLICK ON PRIVATE>AVCHD>BDMV>STREAM This will show your AVCHD files. Click on the ones that you wish to import. Click Open. They will then be placed in your Project Media window. TRANSFER USING DEVICE EXPLORER. Another method for importing is to use the Device Explorer. I actually prefer this approach as it allows you to see your clips immediately before you import them.
  • Page 13 On the left side, you will see the folders or devices where your AVCHD footage is stored. In this case AVCHD Device (I:\) is actually an SDHC card that I have put in an SDHC card reader and attached to my PC via USB.
  • Page 14: Output Options

    EDIT NORMALLY No matter which way you import your footage, once it is in the Project Media window, you are editing just like you would any other project with Sony Vegas Pro 9. Naturally, you can add transitions, music, sound effects and titles. For more info on editing with Sony Vegas Pro 9, please visit the Sony website for detailed tutorials at: http://www.
  • Page 15 This will open the Burn Blu-ray Disc Window. STEP #2 – SET BLU-RAY BURN PARAMETERS Here you will need select the operation of Render Image and Burn. Next, check your selected Video and Audio formats. Choose the location of your Blu-ray drive, then pick the Burn speed and click on Eject when done. Finally, click on OK to start the Blu-ray burn, when finished your disc will automatically eject.
  • Page 16: Output To A Dvd Disc

    OUTPUT TO STANDARD DEFINITION DVD Even though you have shot your material on high definition and edited it in HD, you still might need to downconvert it to standard definition to show your movie. AVCHD footage will make dazzling standard definition DVDs. Sony Vegas Pro 9 can easily make a Standard Definition DVD from your AVCHD footage.
  • Page 17: Output To Ipod Or Iphone

    OUTPUT TO IPOD, IPHONE One of the coolest ways to display your AVCHD footage is on an iPod or iPhone. Here is how you do that with Sony Vegas Pro 9. If your goal is to display your movie on an iPod or iPhone, you should try to match the size and aspect ratio of the iPOD display as best that you can.
  • Page 18: Output To Youtube And The Web

    OUTPUT TO YOU TUBE AND THE WEB You might want to share your movie with the world on YouTube or other locations on the Web. This is easy to do. NOTE: TO USE YOUTUBE, YOU MUST HAVE A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO UPLOAD YOUR MOVIE. To prepare your movie for YouTube uploading follow these simple steps.
  • Page 19: The Avchd Workflow - Archiving

    Bernie Mitchell is President of Silver Platter Productions, Inc. an Emmy nominated Producer/Director, a Multimedia Person of the Year and member of the DVD Association Hall of Fame. Bernie is the Panasonic AVCHD Evangelist and a paid consultant to Panasonic. Panasonic provided AVCCAM cameras and Dell Computer for this white paper. Sony...

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